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Kudamon. I. Told. Ron. Nikachita. Called. An Oakland is man. Mother. Picking your sister is balloons are. From. Pandora's, box that is a channel in YouTube that goes worldwide. The. Worst people that is very weak. Consciousness. They are very open-minded, the. Pollak that with, this. Pandora's. Box YouTube. People. That are very open-minded. Because. You. Carry. A snare and, explain. Things. And if it is more to me than general, to give this a speech. The. Question, is. This. Is, reading them. All. Outside. Look. At this Donna. Life. To. Change. Reality. I. Would. Like. To know why can we put. That on the table and explain that. With. The, situation of the, suicide. Awareness. We. Always, push us to go to somewhere, where the person, is alive. Right. Now. Yeah. Gunshot material available, we gonna stop we're gonna keep the door closed don't worry mm-hmm. Okay. I'm a physicist, and I teach quantum, mechanics, and I teach the, shoulders your cat problem, to, our PhD. Students you see on physic, okay and, Cena we're gonna do it simultaneously, how. Many it's just a question how many people speak English here, one. Two three. Okay, because if I do it simultaneously you. Will miss the English version because, you will hear on your Spanish, Escudero. Mio is notional, Daniel austronesians, patella yeah yes pero no okay you're, scarin cortisol. Impious, perfecto. So you will speak and I will translate mm-hm, right after yeah so. LD technician professor the free, shi Kai ki, soo estudiantes. USD say sorry. I'm thinking yeah. The. Cat, paradox is, the greatest. Paradox, in all, of science. Let's. Split, the physics community right, in half, para. La casa la Cotte, Oh es, una, vez. Mas complicado, secrecy. Reported. Llama taught. There. Are two, ways to, resolve. The cat paradox is. For most para ver esto para la a, cat. In a box. Is. Neither. Dead. Or, alive. We got you in like I understand, him even immortal. Until. You open. The box and, make an observation. I study, Torres la caja, yup service el gato one.

Way To. Resolve the paradox the, format Sylvester, para digna is to assume that observation. Determines. Existence. Is a miracle of, Salafi, on the terminal existence, iya this. Goes against. 2,000. Years, of, science, mr., Wang contrast, the Lafayette. Illusion. That. Existence. Depends. On humans. This oak goes against. 2,000, years of science. Existential. Dependable. Assume honest Oh BA. Houston contractors. To manage the Houston contra, el, paradis no but. That, is what we teach in our physics, classes. And, quantum. Mechanics is based on, that principle that. Observation, determines. Existence, pero, esto consumption. Versus glasses, a which. Will did you juice biochemist. What, is the word you have used biochemist, goes, against, these how observation. Determines. Existence. Seelix, aarathi undetermined, la estancia. However. There's. A second, way to resolve. The cat paradox which, is gaining more, popularity. A, uniformly. Chauvinist. A paradigmatic so, in the former case. What. Is the second, form you said the second way is, that the universe splits in half excuse, me mr. C dividend dose in. One universe the cat is dead and you never saw a gutter, stormwater in. The other University, cat is alive in a universe. So L got to stay vivo in other words we have a multiverse, a multiverse. Of universes in at reform attics Picaro tenemos. Mutiny. Versa different. There's nibblers this. Is what I believe and, my, friends, who are Nobel Prize, also. Agree that, the many-worlds or the multiverse idea is, the simplest, way to explain how, cats can be dead and alive simultaneously. Estas, loca Europeans relocate, mis amigos and other is the premise, novel piensan. A cremeux squeeze la única forma explicar. Que este moodini / Salonika. Forma de dilution. Dear. Alex. Pragathi encash pregunta, so. The rottens, rather Makaha history before summer to depend a reported fee on and, one day the world economy. Will, depend, on this question en, una momento. La Colonia mundial, a dependence of Rwanda one. Day silicon. Computers, will, become obsolete and, be found only in museums. Moment. And in futuro Northern. Irish actor minitest emotionally, Thunder stands, Valentino's, masseuse, the. Future, belongs to quantum, computers, where.

Electrons, Can be either up or down in. Fatu. Depended. Ellos. The. Future depends, on their any quantum, computers, where. Electron, one tickers them they'll be either Oscars. So. The world economy, can. No longer depend on, silicon, and so will depend upon the, cat problem. She's. Come under the. A. Living, area mozzarella. Silicon. Silicon. Valley you mean yeah, silicon. Violation, ok Dipendra as well phytolacca. So. No Meah mundial defender alcohol interlock aha so, one day Silicon, Valley will become a Rust Belt of obsolete. Technology. So. In a one ocassional, future Allah, Silicon. Valley will become absolutely. Absolute. Oh. And. Quantum. Computers, will, take over which, depend, upon the cat problem. Eelinators. Quantico's, to Morano poder, 'party. Donde la vache Delgado. Dentro de la caja. Vegetarian. But, remember that we. Physicists, are still split. Einstein. Did, not believe in the cat, maril for example, they like where the killer's physical, stamina stammers, the video saying simple simple knock day and that theory I will go through and like. Everyone. Time it. Is. Mozzarella. Si. Pero que alguien brookey's estar estar you know Tommy sharing, gear stuff what are you got theater. He. Shall forces. Pain medicine. Food. Experimenting. Affair electro, Kanoa a super, silly. Question. For. You the. Universidad. Proportional. Has a meaning, make, any sense at all to, have the universe making sense at all to have a universe, as, in meaning. Einstein. Was asked this question. Instantly. Preguntaron estimation, Arunta, writing, my, son said the universe had, a beginning it. Had an evolution. But. He didn't understand, the meaning of the universe and. Human terms dijo. Que university, intensity. On deSario, pertinent india l significative. A loose. Amano's, we. Just know that physics, has a direction. It becomes, simpler, and more powerful. Every year, Samos.

Chios Loosey-goosey katene in. Soon. Significant. Yes after las casas simplice kalanjiam, and. The guiding principle, of the evolution, of physics is beauty, and symmetry. La. Vache principal, de leurs Fiskars, is the. Beauty, and samishii. See, mercy sinner here synergy, symmetry. Symm. Or symmetry oxidant rear, bfac. Metria that, is we, know that at the beginning of time the universe. Was perfect, in, perfect harmony in, perfect, symmetry, Simoes, captain de luniversité after, a victim by a thin symmetry, and, then there was a bang and the. Universe broke, into, many pieces and, we, see a very broken, universe, today it, is possible bound. Universal. Service trophy. Enters the immunity, business case unless God of emotion Universal so. The purpose of physics is to try to reassemble. All, these broken pieces to. Reassemble, the original, universe, ashes. Que es lo que hacemos visi, cosas de el concepto la dia que tienen el significant, ways Tauruses, pitas, Costanza, videos and rotas portal never so pinellas, Countach, para de nouveau Rathod illudium, hooniverse, total qualia an tidal Punk so. At the beginning of time we, think that there was perfect, symmetry, in, the. God equation, as, cake ramos k principio, todo, we, are un asymmetry exacta, in, la pasión videos, like. Einsteins. Equation, e equals MC, squared is, 1, inch long. Easy. Mm. Square yeah it. Won't kill institution. Right yeah, Einstein's equation, 1 kilogram the, instant. Is in. A quadratic. We. Think that, there's, a God equation, there, is also one inch long that. Created, the universe Time, Inc Ramos Cuyuna path you knew your schedule, okay creo a universal. Then. The question, is where, did the guard equation, come from is there a god that created the, guard equation, in, the Sahara la pregunta is pure didn't, Davina. I mean, they you do speak their own apathy own requesting. Their views that, we don't know, now, personally I, think that we, find our own meaning, in the universe Europe. Bramante, no Solaris pasta pero creo que nosotros en contra Minister proposition if you color then through the universal, I personally. Think it's too easy for. Someone to give, you the meaning of the universe okay. In. The vicinity. Color Universal we, have to struggle we. Have to fight we. Have to fight, to understand. The meaning of our universe. HMOs. Run into Palmas para entender considered, significant, Universal, so. Our, universe. Has a meaning, but it's a meeting that we struggle, to find for ourself, entonces. El loves pushed our city okay and we were so Clara getting more significant, pursue significant, okay kissing, if you can okay Kailua nosotros, with jumbo, in. Other words there's, no equation, in the sky which. Says this is the meaning of the universe notice. Pilar as no una cuestión que, nos diga estás. A significant. Del universe or esta casa que tenemos, escrita. Yeah. Thank you very much see. Martin. Tinea from a program, called alternative. If. There are a Christian, use yeah this artificial. Technology. Will.

Get Lucky. Don't. Disappear. To. Which point is very severe have no pain he's. Gonna enter the robot, genre changer. Today. Our most. Advanced, robots, have. The intelligence of, an, insect all loose robots, getting immersed in and lengthily han sido new sector but, eventually they. Will become as smart as a mouse a rat and, a rabbit pero, no ho momento an assert an intelligent, is common raton un. Conejo. After. That they will become as smart as a dog and, a cat and a monkey después, de esto said untangle offenders commune gato, pero. Umaña. When. They become as smart as a monkey, they, are dangerous. A. Sequin. A cuando Santana, DiLaurentis come on oh and I still believe roasters. Monkeys. Have, self-awareness. They. Know they are not human. Los, Manos. De capacidad. De altura connoisseur second notional, Manos now. Dogs, are, confused. Illustrators. Duncan some dudes don't. Think, that we are a dog. There's. Better spin sank in a circular saw little Pedro. Dogs. Think, that we are the top dog the leader of the pack, there's. Better fierce and conservatively that is it of pitiless. Monkeys. Know, that. We, are not the leader of the fact they know that they are monkeys there's. Manu Sanjana, so there's not so much lovely that is Allah - Hank a alias, for those mooners so. When robots become. As smart as monkeys, we. Have to put a chip in their. Brain to shut them, off if they have murderous, thoughts Isis. Kick on the lures revolt. Santana, della gente como los Manos tendremos que poner Lucy pack en esta Rivero press connect Carlos a sycamore temperent, booting and his thin tears as a sinners this. Will happen perhaps, around. 2100. About a hundred, years from now monkeys. Will become so smart that they might be dangerous. Stokeley. Immersed in an approximate, I mean Taylor's Manas and dandruff in this case and peligrosos. Eventually. Robots. Will become so smart that they, will remove all, the safety chips, we put in their brain in, a removing to the smooze when I said there's, robots massive talent elephant, this case, waunakee 30 years mismo still cheap parameter, disconnect, as promoters, this. Means that maybe in 200, years we. May have to merge. With, Isis. Case me possible kenderson, dos Anjos nosotros tenemos que Fortuner nosecone ellos. Machines. Can, become smarter, and smarter, until. Eventually they, become smarter, than us in, about a hundred two hundred years, louis.

Las Meninas pudding said in question defenders. Into Sonya's mustn't innocent this includes ok nosotros, uh manager so, if we encounter. Aliens. From outer space, they, will probably be part, cybernetic. See. Nosotros encontramos, aliens, the for Adela spark my, elements, and severe medical, space. Travel, is so dangerous that it. May be better to be partly, cybernetic. In order to travel between the stars. Beyond, imposed on peligroso. K. S Cosima, horse level theoretical, para por el Viajero city otro and it is possible, right so I think it, is inevitable, we. Have no choice there. Eventually we will become supermen, and superwomen with. Perfect, bodies that. Are part, cybernetic. As, kiss inevitably i was super-embarrassed. Super hombres que, vamos a. Time in theoretical. Giunta's. For i'ii get, a small veteran time. After. Would you have said right now or salons me. Hoping. Says that everything, is, seeming. McKenna's. Within. Within it be porcelain, as humans, are the product. Of those machines. They. Put our feet. On my Tivo. What. Will be the point of. The robots of this magnetic. Items. Create, as what is they means that and what is the finality in the world, well, I do not, believe that, the, universe is a simulation, I do not believe that this meeting is in, somebody's, computer you, know creo que esta standard another day I am no creo que universal, she, won't see me lyrically affion it's, Apple is putting. You for, example this. Glass has so many atoms, that. No computer, on the earth can, simulate it for. Perfume. Ejemplos esto, tiene su, me Adam she said yes ma adams st. Washington, DC no sato knows canada-wide intro marcelo, casein, pour cela que cualquier programa, de granada buddha recreo yo voy de hacer lo oke the. Smallest computer, that, can simulate the, weather is. The, weather itself. Must. Be tinium makino la única machina alum unico algo que puede crear el clima, SL. Clements in islam and, if. We include the quantum, principle, they. Are infinite. Number, of possibilities. For this class far. Beyond, the ability, of any digital computer. Aseema, demos lapis lazuli upon. Tika a leafy toe in a Kabbalah, numeral a opciones. Antes, que crea antes, que creer que estas ago creado. Por, unsupported. Technical, Oh. And. People. Ask why. Would an alien civilization, want, to create us anyway, la. Gente pregunta bueno is also much particularly, Alan Kramer's, pretty clear IANA still Italian alienation a career nurse and shoulders, humans. Are sometimes so silly that is hard to believe that an, advanced civilization. To. Create human, beings. Políticas. Perfectly, okay. Traditionally. When. Physicists. Were asked, about. Extraterrestrials. They. Were giggle, their, eyes would go rolling, into the heavens and they would laugh a. For. Simplest, physical. Kondylis pregunta on projects. That erase this again. Syrian. Forgetting, theological uh-huh yeah. But. That's because they, assumed, that. Aliens. Going between stars. It. Would take so long to, go between stars, pero esta página 7. De parler Sally sealed a solid silver nest reauthorized, mayapan, to tiempo, but. The mistake, they make is to assume that these aliens are. Only a hundred, years ahead of us Yeller Kakuma theorem Footwear gets too solid Esteban, Athena. Pensioner shudders imagine. That. They could be a hundred thousand. Years more advanced than us, Vince. A distant. Memory few they intelligently. Another kill America European, cyclists, animal units they I knew the distance annual, English and Spanish literature then. New, laws of physics, began, to enter, into the, picture new laws of physics in este momento Clint. Remove, Ashley Estella física, de. Los críticos also. We reached the turning point I think usually. The. Believers. Have. The burden of proof they have to prove it. Interesting. Emotion Punto, Salida, del que estaban. The. Believers, right no they believer some forty. Crayon. Disagree, anticipate, the Traverse is new for the Libyan. Okay. So they. Need Usenet, Easton approve understand, provoked, a crystal, relics improve us constitute, an healing yeah now, the burden. Of proof is on the government to, disprove, that. They're. Not from outer space, yeah, una. Starla, private and hilly you know gobierno, sin cara de desmond, teary they know a certain criminy, Rialto, gusto, you see. Science is based on things that are testable. Reproducible. And. Falsifiable. Physical. Part. In the logic a Trekkie, sito's uno. Case a case a tangible a otro, case a reproducible. A yacht, Roque SIA, okay. You said you can touch I don't. Marry the falsifiable. Classically, clasificado. Now. For, the first time we. Have testable. Evidence, from the United States Navy hora, por primera vez tenemos provost.

And He will release - della navier. We, have studied, these. Military. Videotapes, and we, now can measure how. Fast they move how, high they are how. Can they maneuver, we now have, numbers we can play with, mostly, artists videos podemos m'dear, podemos, hey Kleber are yella, tenemos numerous, damage, caused by Alison goodness. We. Now have testable. Evidence, but. We don't yet, have. Reproducible. Evidence, that is evidence that we can touch, nosotros. Tenemos, evidences. Que, podemos m'dear. Pero tenemos evidence. Es que podamos reproduce, here therefore. I tell everybody, who, may be kidnapped. Or abducted by flying. Saucer, people that. Please steal. Something, when, you are kidnapped, a siscaly. Diva la gente que CWC, de e, various, days ago he made up of whole system, ra la próxima, vez que tiempo, de robar algo mas, que nada por que necesito, approve. Of algo para blues here we. Need you to steal as much as you can, alien. Chips, alien. Paper clips alien. Forks, knives anything, from, a flying saucer tamarisk. A quality. Raft imitate reverse lo que puede smoothly. Footin aid or local, PDS poor accrue to ravallo, if. You have dandruff, or hear from an. Alien, that, would be enough to settle, the question of, reproducibility. In, greasy, polyester, state algorithms, enviable eskimo speaker un caballo serious. Written de para nosotros en la opera reproduce, it and that, would end the debate right, there yes, - finally feral devata couch - nice memento. Yoky, Cena for anything context, Oh, Orson. Where is the princess especially holla I want to game. Vienna. Very. Innocently, with the masses not bear that. Emotional. Eaters we. Have a miracle at first but I've sent up the syllabus as, you did okay last question because I know quantities, and Allison oils you know you're. Seven. Minutes left and we have one, more question oh yeah, so, you talked about a, possibility. So, you. Talked. About. In. The future we, will digitize. Ourselves. Info. To donors digitally famous, already. In Silicon, Valley they. Can digitize, your, digital, fingerprint. Emails. Instagram. Photographs. Everything can be digitized, in, Silicon, Valley act, to amend the upon digitally, faloona William wanted to email to Instagram, a. Hundred. Years we will digitize the, brain in, sign language the heat Alicia Ramos la cabeza and cerebral and. We, will put it on a laser beam and shoot, it into space you know ponder emotional similar mos apparent endure no silly ol unfair emotional espacio, in one second, ear on the moon inner soul under stress in la Luna no, booster, rockets, no accidents. No radiation. Nora. Traffic. Owner, Aradia CEO nor an accident, is in 20, minutes you're on Mars inventing, meters doesn't matter in eight hours you're, on Pluto in, a hrs. Is that in blue tone so. On, the, moon your, laser will, be downloaded. Into a mainframe computer in. La luna allah says this. Corrado, in or, another principle, and, your, digitized, personality. Will be put into an avatar, el. Pasad. Digital, etheric asymmetry. Honesty, wears, away, Saddam, et de dentro de una bottle. The. Avatar, can live on any planet breathe. Any, atmosphere. Have. In gravitational, field a lot our puede vivir en cualquier planet, ah no tenía ningún problema con la cravate Navidad, Y polar spell called que tipo de ambiente and, what will be Avatar look like anything. You want equal. Say a la policía de, lavit arsenal a paintig to elihas, this. Is the most efficient. Way for, a, civilization.

To Explore, the universe in about a hundred years, Estela, form a mass efficient, but. What. Gives a polar explorer, universo, in Murcia niosh aproximadamente, in. Fact there could be a highway a, highway. Next to the earth carrying. Millions, of, digitized, souls on, the, lasers de Cho podría ver como una Otto be. Annatto pista, directed. On the societal, stunts amenities Quran de estas, digital is Athena's, condition in fiallo this. Means you can explore the solar system, in one day on the, moon in the morning then. You go to Mars for lunch then. You go to Jupiter in the afternoon, and, come back at night esto. Significa que sólo, de aporia's, esta por todo el universo Padilla's, y por la mañana a la luna más, tarde, comer n Marte tiene, un bonito table ascend Jupiter, in opera la noche volver akia planta Tierra and this. Is not thousands. Of years from now no, we, will digitize people. In about a hundred years used to knuckle into a median, as new meters they are adjustable pavilion erection to understand language in, fact this will give us digital. Immortality, they. Chose to Nevada in, more calidad digital, we. Will live forever, digitized. Form, vamos. Ahora para simply not formally heated and, already, in Silicon, Valley they're. Offering, to digitize, your parents. Jock. Tournament in Silicon. Valley Stan, of Athena digitally hard to spot us I would. Love to talk again Stein Mick. And Ariel are insane, you. May want to talk to Winston Churchill, or some great leader or novelist. Nokia, Harkin mr. Churchill. Okokok, a novelist iboga artista, and, you. May talk to your great-great-great. Great-great-great. Grandchildren this, way yopo. De que al azhar subpoena, Cinda meters. So. We have to realize that if we do reach. If, we do visit aliens, from outer space they, could take many forms one. Form is digital haces. Que tem, cuenta, que estamos, Teresita. Brosephine. Esta vez it apoyan podemos, pueden, tomar qualcare, forma, siempre, cuando personally, hit ELISA thank you yeah thank you which. Is myself yes no tenemos tiempo para mas por que tenemos que. Todos. Since, we have things that this seems like and have to go somewhere else. You.

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Si te digitalizas solo se va a guardar la información que estaba en ti antes de morir, al momento de hacer la copia de tu mente hay 2 tú... La copia en ordenador y el que esta en el cuerpo es el verdadero osea tu... una vez que mueres pues.. Moriste y la copia que esta en Internet digitalizada es una mera copia con todos tus recuerdos por así decirlo un clon de tí, tú ya estarás muerto.. eso es lo que pienso de esto. A menos que lográramos entender al 100% como funciona el alma y el cerebro no seremos inmortales... al menos de nuestra forma carnal pasándonos a la digital no lo seremos porque abremos muerto... solo podríamos ser inmortales si creamos conciencias 100% digitales. o transferencia de alma a otro cuerpo.

In ALL universes, Dr. Kaku lied about the missile off the coast of California, he called it an airplane. Utterly preposterous. Have a carafe of cat urine, Dr. Kaku.

Gracias a todos, pero no a Kaku...? Muy mal...!

OMG! Tengo verguenza ajena...! El ya esta incomodo porque se dio cuenta q no se esta traduciendo buen, y eso es peligroso y de muy mal gusto!!! Muy mal por la organizacion!!!

No solo es la traduccion, sino q se nota q la chica tampoco conoce el tema!!!

Siento decir que la traduccion es muy mala. En esta oportunidad, se debio buscar un traductor idoneo para no perder el sentido y el valor de los conceptos de tan famoso personaje. Una pena, y muy mal por los organizadores! Que en cuentren un buen traductor en sumerio seria muy dificil... Pero un@ en ingles... Medio mundo habla buen ingles! Reprochable!

tradução horrivel!

¡Madre mía con la traducción! Cortando continuamente al Dr. Kaku, cambiando su discurso debido a deficiencias lingüísticas científicas de comprensión, una pronunciación ahí ahí y cierta ignorancia sobre ciencia. Es el único o uno de los pocos científicos asistentes al The Ufology World CONGRESS, es uno de los padres de la Teoría de Cuerdas, no un científico cualquiera, ni más ni menos que el Dr. MICHIO KAKU y... ¿son incapaces de tratarlo como se merece con un perfil de traducción acorde al nivel del ilustre que invitaron? Resumiendo, TRATARON AL DR. MICHIO KAKU COMO TRATAN HABITUALMENTE A LA CIENCIA , Mal. La culpa es de la organización. No se puede exponer a una persona que seguramente es muy buena en su contexto y con las herramientas adecuadas pero no era el perfil adecuado para la ocasión. Hizo lo que bien pudo.

Un reto para la traductora. Cada palabra del Dr tiene mucho peso.

Otra traductora bier sido mejoró , alguien profesional no actúa así

La traducción es muy mala

Ella no se tomó muy en serio la rueda de prensa (y no lo digo por la traducción) no paraba de reírse sin venir a cuento.

Tapensé la boca al toser! No dejan escuchar! Quiero escuchar cada palabra del Sr Kaku.

Si es el se refiere así a un abducido...lo sabe todo...jamás nadie puede traer el cuerpo queda donde esté es que es abducido..EN CUERPO NO ES..SEÑOR KAKU por tanto nada pueden traer.

Asi es...cree que somos tontos? Cómo vamos a surgir como esclavos? Mmmmm...como Fisico...debe sobrevivir..lo entiendo..quién sabe cuántas experiencias tiene a través de su carrera...pero debe callar..

33 horas..actualmente..vean los videos de Corey Goode. Y a él creanle

Pero hay que reconocer que una traductora así como ella, es mas agradable que un traductor informático...

Para traducir a una eminencia en Física aparte de tener buen nivel de Inglés y Español hay que tener CULTURA CIENTÍFICA.

La traductora lo intenta hacer lo mejor que sabe, pero en una traducción simultanea hay giros del idioma que no pueden ser bien traducidos, lo que repercute en la comprensión de los contenidos del conferenciante. Hay aplicaciones que no hacen necesarios a los traductores y es lo que se debió emplear para el Dr. Kaku. En otros casos puede ser interesante poner un traductor.

Tan inteligente ese viejito y no sabe español.

La traductora española da pena ajena. Malísima! Varias veces en el vídeo el Dr Kaku, se ve que lo pasa mal. Se le olvida lo que tiene que traducir, agrega comentarios que no ha dicho el Dr y demuestra una gran incapacidad. Ojalá que en otros congresos consigan mejores traductores y se desarrolle una rueda de prensa con un mejor ritmo.


Él ha venido a convertir a las personas espirituales en la corriente mainstream científica. Una ciencia que ha sido manipulada mucho tiempo por los reptiles. Mi propuesta sería hacer lo contrario explicarle a Michio kaku muchas de las propuestas espirituales que son más reales ymás ciertas que sus ideas. Quizás así podrá contarle esas ideas a sus amigos de premios nóbeles y cambiar consciencias. Los reptiels los tienen muy bien untados pero son al final humanos y puenden desprogramarse.

So, did Kaku not realize he was saying way too much at a time for her to translate?

Qué falta de respeto a uno de los físicos más importantes en la actualidad.

¡Qué poco trato científico a uno de los científicos más importantes de la actualidad!

Eso dice que los humanos del futuro solo tendrán cabeza carne y hueso inplantadas en un robot pero ya ni eso tan solo con el cerebro ya estarían inplantando la conciencia, pero mas allá tan solo hace falta hacer una copia exacta de conciencia de un humano a un robot para enviar las primeras exploraciones a millones años luz pero con un mecanismo programado para su regreso a la tierra.

Eso estaría ya en hechos y no en proyectos .

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