Polestar 2 Reveal | 100% electric | full presentation 40 min |

Polestar 2 Reveal  | 100% electric | full presentation 40 min |

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Hi. Welcome. To pollster, headquarters, here in Gothenburg, I'm Jatin Couture the CEOs assistant, and we'll give you a quick behind-the-scenes tour, of our world here at Polestar let's get going, this. Is. Paul Starr one an electric. Performance, hybrid with. 600, horsepower and 1000, Newton meters of torque what, makes this car really special is that, you can drive up to 150, kilometers pure electric, we're, really proud of this car and this, one next to it this was the first-ever driving prototype, of pulsar. We're, in the cube now this is where we make all our big decisions for the company ah you. Can see Thomas getting ready for the big show. Hello. Kiri what are you up to. Over. Here in the lab this, is where all of our awesome, engineer sir how's it going Sofia hmm, nice. The. Guys over here are super busy creating, our customer, and commercial, office as we begin rolling out cars, we. Are bringing cars to the market with a totally new approach post. Our customers, will, never have to queue at a service reception, or, struggle, with complicated, buying processes, there's. Also a huge interest in our subscription, service the, full no hassle, Pulstar experience, on one monthly bill, check. That you have two minutes I'm really sorry guys the, show starts soon we better get a move on. This. Is the quiet selfish. The, Polestar production, center in chengdu is nearly, ready for poster wants to start rolling off the line it's, getting so exciting. This. Is where, our brand team brainstorm. And create, our oven guide identity, is everything on track season as always great, to hear and over, here we. Have a poster space retail, lab, at. Our spaces, our customers, and the general public will, be able to meet product experts and get closer to our products, and our brands. We're. In the process currently of setting, up spaces all over, the world on high streets in cities near, you. That's. All we have time for folks, enjoy. The show, please. Welcome Thomas, England lat chief, executive officer of poster. Thank, you. Thanks. Welcome. Thank you. Thank, you, thanks. A lot good afternoon welcome, welcome. To the launch of, pollster. To, knock. On to. It with you through our headquarters. So you saw the awesome, space, you. Met some of the great people working there and yes. You said hello to Kiwi, our dog. Now. This. Is where we are building the. New electric. Car brand, Polestar. Poster. Was established, to support, the change towards. Sustainable, mobility. We. Are convinced, that, this is the right way, this. Is the, right direction to, protect. This planet to. Preserve it for the future generations. We. Are, enthusiastic. About the. New technology, and, the. Fun and the joy that, it will bring with. The electric propulsion to, the, truly modern, driving, experience. Without. Standing design a. Powerful. Electric, performance, and the. Seamless integration, into. Your digital life. Poster. Will be an intriguing, addition, to, the new world of electric. Cars. We. Are digitally. Connected. To our customers. Nothing. Nobody, in between all. Communication. All interaction. Will, be between. Pulsed and you direct. We. Will offer a modern subscription. Model, we're. Just like you know it from your phone with, one monthly. Bill everything, is transparent. Hassle-free. No. Surprises. Postal. Spaces. They. Will be downtown. It's. Part, of the community, and we. Love that our, customers. Can experience, their, firsthand. Our. Products. They. Can get, the. Help that they need the personal help and, of. Course. Take. A poster for a write. The. Places they are beautiful. They are open. Inspiring. Inviting. Just like this one here the. One in Oslo that we are building right now by. 2020. We will have 60. Spaces, up and running in. Towns. Like, London. Munich. Shanghai. Los, Angeles, all, across, the globe. Now. This day I have, been looking forward to for, a really long. Time. It. Is three years ago. Where. We found a home for a design that, was truly, dear. To my heart, it, was great. Powerful, thing, anything. But, mainstream a, true. Free spirit, and as free.

Spirit, Tend to it just really, simply, did not fit in now. Luckily. We, just had invented. A brand where things that do not fit the convention, will, find their home Polestar. So. This. Great, awesome, design became, our pollster, - and we're. Gonna show it to you in a minute. But. There's another reason why this is a truly exciting day for us here today. Because. Pasta. - is our. First pure, electric, pole star a true, battery. Electric, car now. Pasta, is dedicated. To, electro. Mobility we, are the electric, performance, brand and. Here. This our, pure, electric. Pole statue. Haaa. Falsi. To. Everything. Everything. Has. Been engineered. And, designed with. Passion. And dedication on, that car each. And, every, detail has. Been. Each. And every detail has been thoughtfully. Considered, and it. Is just. Beautiful. Iconic. Graphics, the. Clear-cut. Architecture. Central. Surfaces, and. The. Confident, powerful stance, this, is the, pure, progressive, design that, the brand posta, radiates. For each in every detail. Now. Let. Us go straight, to the heart of pasta. - now. What is the heart of a electric. Car the. Battery the. Very core of posta toothed battery, is a pouch cell that, is a flat cell, that. Makes it easy, to build up multiple, layers in a. Very compact, way and. We. Are talking here lots. Of layers and, lots. And, lots, of layers. 324. Cells. We, condense, into. Pasta. To its long-range. Battery. Now. Because this, is the most crucial, criteria. A modern. Premium electric car has to deliver on range. With. A target of 500. Kilometer. Range you. Can, rely on this. Battery, power in Polster to. Now. How. Do we actually get. These, 324. Pouch cells into, our pasta - well. First. We bundle, 12, cells. In each module, three. Twenty four times. Twelve, twenty. Seven modules. Those. Modules they, transform, them ingeniously. Into the bacteria our. Engineers, they, managed to utilize. With, the highest efficiency all the, space and volume in the, flow of the pasta - so. Each. And every corner, which. Is not needed for a foot room leg room or luggage, we. Came battery. Space. Now. We slide, in the. Cooling, plates they, are there, for the high efficient, temperature management and that. Is it that, is the powerful heart of the, electric pasta -. Strong. Heart is. A strong beat. To. Protect this heart we build. A secure, case around it that is a main structure, made out of an aluminum base, and a. Steel lid and. This. Extremely, rigid enclosure. That, seals. The battery and protects, it in case, of. A crash, but. Sorry. It's. Not only a strong heart obviously it. Is let's face it the battery is heavy. Now. Let's, make, a Vantage. Out of that let's use, it for. The sake of pasta, -. We. Fit this. Battery enclosure, just. Like a Lego brick. Into. The base body. Structure, of pasta - and we. Use the, excellent, rigidity, to. Form a super, stiff car body, this. Amazingly, strong core of the pasta - that. Is not, only the foundation for superb safety, no, it's as well a crucial, and a blur for. The. Agile. Sporty. Driving, feel of pasta. Thanks. To torsional. Stiffness. And a. Wonderful, low. Center. Of gravity. The. Torsional stiffness is, increased. Compared. To a standard car by 35%. Now. Have a look at the, simulation that we're running now where the, car body is put under extreme. Torsional, stress and as. You can see the. Main floor section. Hardly. Moving it is rock. Solid. And one, more great thing about this NVH. Levels noise. Vibration. Harshness now. Why not utilize. This, high mass and stiffness of the battery and enclosure to, actually reduce. Vibration. And noise. So. Our engineers designed, this battery, enclosure to act as. Anchor. Of relevant, frequencies. Now what that really means is it's, just much more silent, and we, want to demonstrate that to you we will play a car. Driving. At, a speed like, hundred kilometers, conventionally. With the lowest level of 74. Decibel. And then, we will switch. To. The noise level, in a poster which is indeed. 3.7. Decibel, lower, than the convention, so please listen to that. That. Is amazing, it. And. Of course, that. Makes especially. Sense in an electric, pasta - since guess what there is no combustion. Engine, noise making, noise and rattling away so, enjoy, the silence, in the pasta -. Now, let us take. A look at the complete drivetrain, and the figures here, is, the long range battery, was a 78, kilo but ours capacity.

And Then. There's the electric motor in front the electric motor in the rear each 150. Kilowatt, and Freenet, 480 Newton, meters let's. Make the math do the math it, is a total. Of 300. Kilowatt, power and. 660. Newton meters of torque. 408. Horse, powers, in a, pasta - how awesome is that. And. This. Section it's 60 Newton meter of electric. Torque this immediate. Instant, never-ending, force pushing, you forward and our, engineers, they, designed, the distribution of this talk, to be adjustable, and with, all this great, ingredients. Positive, became, a truly amazing, performance. Car. Now. This. Is. The. Powerful electric. Drivetrain, in the posta 2 and, this. Was just the beginning we, are really proud that we could so many more innovations. Into posta - and I. Would love to show you some of them. Like. The LED headlights. Of posta, - they. Are not only beautiful and. They are at the same time highly, functional, in fact, these. Pixel, LED, technology we. Use is amongst, the, best and most. Advanced. Possible, there. Are 84. LED, pixels in each headlight, and they are lined, up in three rows and now of, course they project a beam with. Very high precision, but. They have as well a brain these, headlights and that brain can recognize. Up, to five cars in the oncoming traffic and then, it cuts the. Light beam, razor-sharp. Around. Those cars, which. Means we're. Supposed to you, can drive permanently. With high beam, even. With, oncoming, traffic I think, that is a major, contribution to. Your safety. And, that. Safety is dear to our heart, now. For. Your safety but as well for your comfort, we put another thing in the pasta - it comes, a standard, with a highly sophisticated, pilot. Assist system, the. Radar and the forward-looking, camera, they. Permanently, monitor, the street ahead of you and they. Support you with, a safer Drive. That. Is on, what's guard for you every, millisecond. Of your drive it's. Never, becoming tired. It. Never, would you, know glance at as a mess or answer phone call this. System, is your. Garden, angel, in, the pasta -. At. Pasta. - we believe in the power of innovation, the. Shows in major leaps, technology. Lives like the LED headlight. But. We challenge each and. Every detail and we, innovate. Even the, most simple, mechanical. Components. By, rethinking them, and, let. Me show you one of the. Amazing examples. Of that and that would be our. Sight mirror this. Is the side mirror of the pasta -. If. We had engineered. It the way we, did it the last 25, years. Driven. By legal. Requirements. Side mirrors actually have grown from car, generation, to car generation, they became bigger and, that. Is not only an, aesthetical, problem making them look like elephant, ears it's, actually. As well highly, unofficial. Making aerodynamics. Really. Worse from generation to generation so, here. Is what our engineers. Reinvented. Instead. Of adjusting, the glass within, the. Enclosure they, actually put bows together and moved both of them and doing. So we could reduce the volume, of the side mirror by 30%. That. Gives better. Aerodynamics. But. Again, priceless. The, gain in looks bye-bye. Dumbo. Next. Let me show you around inside, pasta, - now.

How Do we get in anybody's. Got, the cocky with you now. Never. Mind. This. You. Always always, have with you your phone so. Via. Bluetooth, pasta. To recognizes, you and your phone and. It. Will unlock the door when. You grab the handle. But. Think about this Bluetooth Boutrous actually, has a. Reception. Precision, of around 6 to 7 meters. That. Is not good enough in case you would be standing close by but, potentially. Out of, sight hidden behind your garden fence for example, so. What we did we. Added four. Additional antennae, in each and every corner of the pasta - and by. That. The. Precision is much higher, only. If your s close is 1.5. Meter by your car the. Car would unlock. The door when, you grab the handle we. Think that is going, to, that is really, amazing convenience. For you that does, not come with any compromise, on your security. Or safety. Once. You sit behind your steering wheel then. You ask yourself where's. The start button. Well. Guess. What you sit on it literally. Really, we. Put the start button into. The seed so. As soon, as the car recognizes. Your phone in the car you. Sitting, behind. The steering wheel it, will, switch, into, ready-to-go, mode which. Means no, key to turn no. Start button to be pushed one. More hurdle taking, away pasta, to knows. And understands, what you want. To do and it, is always a step ahead. When. You drive the, essential, information is displayed on this, gorgeous, with gorgeous clarity and brightness, and. As. Soon as you choose the. Navigation. System it takes over and the map and the directions, take, over, the full width of the screen, a beautiful. And highly, functional. Now. Let us move, over to the center display that. Is an 11, inch big. Gorgeous. Touchscreen. It's. Bigger for. More information, for richer detail and of, course for easier use. Now. We mount this in portrait. Mode, in, vertical, orientation because. This. Is the. Best for. Displaying. A map into, driving direction and handling. Lists for example, address or music. Lists. Now. This, is a real big thing here. With. Pulsar - we change, completely. The way that. We think about and we, handle, the information entertainment. In the car I. Mean. Far how many years. Have, we promised. To deliver an. Easy-to-use. Up-to-date. Navigation, and how. Terribly. Did we fail again. And again. The. Same as voice recognition I, mean just look at the. YouTube, clips, about you know, funny. Clips about. Misunderstandings. Of voice out of control, in cars, so. We, understood, that we really. Have to do something radically. Different here and we. Did. We. Teamed up with. The pros in the respective. Field, and acknowledged. That it's pointless. To think that you can do everything. Best yourself. So. We. Embedded Android, as the infotainment, system, software, bringing. Google. Assistant. Google. Maps and. The. Apps of the Google Play Store into, a pulse tattoo. That. Means that our customers, will enjoy the. Superb, artificial. Intelligence, of Google, assistants fast learning, voice, recognition and. Let. Me demonstrate, that, to you. Take. Me to pizzeria. Roma. Sure. Getting the fastest, route to pizzeria, Roma. Any. Of this you. Do not have to know the town, or the street just, put in the name of the place where you want to go and the navigation. Starts. Find. Shouting stations, nearby. Showing. Results for charging stations, nearby I'll, look at that that's quite a list. Play. At last on Spotify. At. Last, you, can navigate keep. In touch manage. Tasks and plan. Your days using. The time you are behind your steering wheel without distraction. Out. Of the Google Play Store you can, download the. Apps you, prefer, into.

Any Of the four tiles and you can swap in between them, your. Mobile isn't an Android. Never. Mind it will connect and yes. Your iPhone to. All. Posts are two cars will, be connected, to the Internet for over-the-air. Updates. For, online entertainment like, music streaming, as. Standard. The cast. Software, will, update, to. Feel. Like new on a regular base I. Think. It's good, time now to show, you a bit more of posters, beautiful, interior, please enjoy. Isn't. It gorgeous. This. This. Is from the masters of avant-garde, interior, design the. Best you, can get. Scandinavian. Style. Giving. Digital, innovation. Personality. Redefining. Premium. For the electric age, you. Know minimalism, is an art that requires, maximum. Artistry. Experience. And precision. And I. Dare to say pasta too is, the. Best designed, electric. Car period. Now. You wonder. This. Is Spock. Not. The first officer, this. Is our. Spock, poster Spock it, is the, star of a, different, movie an action movie that we shot here in Gothenburg called. The. Nasty, offset, front crash and. Spock. Place a major, role in that movie. Now. What is happening, here is that, little Spock helps. To, guide all, the heavy metal, along the outside of the car during, this collision so. Nothing. Intrudes, into, the interior. The. Spot block is helping. To protect the passengers from, being hurt and, it. Helps. Preventing. Any damage to. The battery pack, it's. A great invention from the, engineers one. Of many, that will make sure pasta, too is one, of if not the safest. Electric, car it. Is engineered and designed to. Reach the, tops course by. Writing Institute's, which, of course a test to come will proof. Now. Check out how well. It performs, as well in the frontal. Crash, was a poll again. Not. A single, crash scratch, on the. Battery pack. Here's. A complete list of safety, tech in the pasta - with. Up to nine. Airbags. Onboard. Eric's. Not only on the outside of the seat Buster but as well on the inside the so-called far, side airbag. Looking. At that list pasta, - is an electric car that makes, no compromise, when it comes to protecting your, life. Another. Topic where we take care of your verus charging. We. Understand, that for many of you the. Range, of a cart charging, is a concern. So. First. We make sure that, you get really far, with one charge offering. A high, battery. Capacity in. The post or two. Second. In. Pasta, - it is really easy to find the, charging, stations, nearby, it's. A full integration, of the infrastructure. Into. The navigation, and an intuitive, search. Functionality. Thirdly. We. Are working, together, with some major players developing. The fast-growing. Charging. Infrastructure, to, offer easy, access for, you our customers, to. The charging, stations, along your way. Our. Care. For the environment goes. Beyond, the, electric drivetrain, we're. Supposed to - we. Designed our interior. Offer to. Promote. And accelerate, the shift of the car industry to words leather. Free, interiors. And, I. Will spare you now the disturbing, video of a mass production, of leather skin again. Just. Like with the propulsion, it is, the great fun and the joy of the alternative. That. We offer that. Should convince, our, customers. So. We, designed the most beautiful. And great-looking. Vegan, interior, program ever in the premium segment and, we. Made it standard, in our offer. So. Let. Me show you some of the awesome appears that, we developed for pasta - here's. We've tech. We've. Take is a fully, vegan, material. It's. Sporty, it. Is water and dirt repellent, and, this. Crisp, and modern look actually was inspired by sports, wear scuba diving, spots where, we've.

Tagged Is 30%. Lighter than leather so for, each car, we save up to four kilo, weight. Compared, to a leather equipped. Car and, even. Lighter offer is the textile, seat, that. Saves. 8, kilos. Of weight compared. To the leather car I mean 8 kilos. Then. We have 3d. Xed. We. Created, three-edged that, with technical. Feel and the beauty of the digital aesthetics, and at. The end it is a beautiful. Piece being a pure, simple. Polycarbonate. Deco, I mean that is how much you can achieve just, simply by designing. Well. Mmm. Then we have food in our car black, ash, it. Was designed, because. We wanted to use the wood in a car in a non-traditional way. So. It. Gives not only I mean this cool and avant-garde look in the car it, also helps, us to actually safe. And, use. More, of the veneer, so. We can reduce scrap. And be, much more sustainable. Using. The wood. Pasta. To will. Come in 6. Exterior, colors, we. Have midnight. We. Have magnesium. Snow. Thunder. Moon. And. Void. And. Of course pasta too will come with or without performance. Pack and in, the performance. Pack sorry, you. Will find the aleene's, chassis technology. The. Polestar, golden seatbelts, and, the. Brembo, brake, calipers. Now. Together, with our Head. Of Design Maximilian, Missoni be produced and created a, video, about. The pasta to which, I would really love to show you now. Pasta. - is not just an electric, car, Polestar. - is a new, icon, of electric, mobility. A confident. Creature playing, to its own rules. Bold. Graphics, clear-cut. Architecture. Sensual. Surfaces, and a powerful stance, materialized. In an uncompromising. Pure, and progressive, design which. Embodies, the true DNA, of the poster. In. Its heart the, powerful 78. Kilowatt, hour battery, pack has, been carefully. Optimized, creating. Both maximum. Interior, space and a low center of gravity, this. Densely, packed powerplant, provides. Up to 500. Kilometers of range. To, powerful electric, motors generate. A combined. 300. Kilowatts, of power and. 660. Newton meters of torque, our. Engineers, designed, the power train for precise, adjustable.

Torque Distribution. Elevating. Your driving, experience and positioning. Posta - as a true, electric, performance, car. The, pixel LED headlamps, are not only beautiful to look at but also, contains, some of the most advanced. Lighting technology, on the market. We. Created a stunning crystal, light blade, incorporating. 280. Power, LEDs, an. Iconic. Rear signature, which, welcomes, you with a carefully, choreographed illumination. Sequence, unique. To the poster brand. When. You approach pole. Star to recognizes. You through your phone and unlocks. As soon as you grab the door Hank. The. Interior, combines, stunning, simplicity. With, the intricacy, of beautifully. Crafted details. And materials. Polestar. To expresses. The ultimate, blend of a, high-tech user, experience, and the sensual. Joy of a true premium, product. Finding. Your destination. Or interacting. With your car has. Never been easier, than using pollster, twos natural. Speech recognition. We. Teamed up with Google to give you the most seamless. Integration, of your digital life at. Polestar we believe in a curated custom, experience, we. Have carefully composed. Every, combination of, exterior. And interior, colors. And materials to. Reflect the highest standards. Of taste and craftsmanship. We. Take great pride in having created, vegan interiors, and have, done so taking. Inspiration from, the latest, in fashion and high-tech sportswear. In. Addition, to our mindset, to be responsible. With every, decision we take we, also serious. About. Having fun. We. Have reinvented your experience, from the, day who order your car your, commute, to work or. Your personal, adventures, to, make your, life hassle-free. And above, all to, make you love every, single mile of your journey in. The course start to. At. Launch. Pasta. - we'll start from. 39,900. Euros. And that. Launch will be offering our all-wheel. Drive 300 kilowatt. Car 450. 9900. Which. Will include the. Beautiful, Plus package that. Contains, the, panoramic, glass roof. Pixel. LED headlights, the. Weave tech vegan, seats and. An, awesome. Harman. Kardon premium, sound. Pasta. - will be available, in China. In. Canada. In. California. And in. Six, countries, in, Europe, with. Production starting, from. February, next year. The, configurator, will be available, right after, this show so. You can choose, your favorite post or two and, place. Your reservations, starting, today. With. The presentation. Of our, poster, to to you today we. Have deliberately. Not followed, a top-down. Strategy. So. We rather decided, to something, different. After. Defining the top the pinnacle, of our brand was a beautiful. Poster. 1gt. We. Followed up today with a poster, to an electric. Car that defines. The foundation. Of our brand. Why. The. Bus, around. The Tesla Model 3 showed, where. Electro, mobility is, relevant. For society, today and. Resposta. Too we. Bring an exciting. Premium, electric car that will broaden the choice and offer in exactly. This segment, and we. Truly, hope that, we will contribute with this to success, of sustainable. Electric. Mobility. Now, making, this, powerful. And beautiful design, that we fell in love with three, years ago. Come. Alive. That. Was really demanding, but. On the other hand it was a fulfilling, journey. Whilst. Retaining. This. Original, iconic design, we. Develop meaningful, hardware. And software to. Make, pasta to a car. So distinctive. So. Personal, and so. Innovative, it will. Electrify. Your drive. Yeah. Well. You've met already Shaitaan they. Actually listen too much talking. About the car. Annika. For. Brandon marketing, team and. Sophie. And. TV. Yeah. All the, great members of our team. Now. We. Are going to take the pasta - on a global, roadshow throughout. The, coming year, starting. Next week it. Will travel through the three major reasons, reasons. And we. Hope that, you will meet. Us there come and stay connected to our brand. Follow. Us throughout, the journey, that, we still have a long way into. The future with our great. Pasta brand please, if you have a chance come to Geneva this, is a station where this car is now going, so. Great. Having. You here today online. Thank. You for joining and I hope you had a good time bye-bye. My, lonely. Days, are. Over. And. You. You.

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What is with the back to the future jacket?

Bye bye Tesla

Thanks China for reviving Volvo!! Thought the brand was dying for good.

Cheesestar 2.

Vegan car, I hope his jacket, shoes and belt are vegan too...

Can't afford one. That's why I am not buying it. :D

Cant find Ane Brun At Last song neither on Youtube nor Spotify. Is it just me? anyone link? :(

What if you loose your phone somewhere. How do you get back home.

Polestar table dancers

Hatchbacks look cheap. Grow up and design a sedan and then maybe you won't be an also ran.

The technology an innovation is impressive unfortunately Polestar forgot that at the door when they placed the whooping idiots in the audience. Great car stupid marketing dept

"Across que globe"? You have forgotten South America, Africa and Oceania!

Think Polestar should just take over all the shut Tesla show rooms!

It looks like a Saab.

"Fun and joy of electric propulsion" ?? I mean electric motors, are about as fun as a vacuumcleaner imho. But nice car nevertheless.

Starter in the seat? What could possibly go wrong

And it will cost 10 million dollars!

Lol the intro video is so cheesy

and no car on stage :(

43:25 some boot opening problems, whoop, solved

I think when you design an electric car you have to avoid a front grill by all means. It's just a rule of thumb. I like polestar but really it looks like a regular car somewhere between skoda and dodge. Only the back and rims are 100 % premium look from my perspective. anyway I'm happy to see more pure-electric cars with reasonable perfomance.

Cool car! Cringey presenter.

WOW I'm crying. It's a dream car!!! What is the music in the video about 39:19?

2025 eller ?

No polestar NYC?

Chinese garbage!

Da indian guy worked in a Callcenter for Volvo, now he is making cars for them......way to go brother.

I feel so sorry for Greta Thunberg. Not only would she have given a better and more authentic presentation. She would have known that production in China is not the future.

Certainly a nice car. I can see problems arising with the embedded driver-presence seat switch mentioned in the video. Over time wear and tear might cause malfunction and the car might switch off at the side of the road. What was wrong with a start button exactly?... A start button is pressed for one half second to engage the system. With the embedded switching you are sitting on it.

Agreed, what if I simply gonna take a rest inside the car? I will have to then probably say to Google - "switch it off for now".

was it made by steve jobs?

Can I work at Polestar please?

500km range, awesome! No self driving capability though?



Nice car but that wannabe is to much

Legendary chinese quality car with android onboard? no thanks

Steve Jobs, Elon Musk wannabe

4 people can only sit inside the car . Remembered when tesla came out there where actually 7 people. Yes including 2 childrens...but here they have put a dog in trunk


It’s ugly .. they are still thinking conventional gasoline engine I’m sorry they dropped the ball

Another electric car shill company

i zoned out in like 1 minute 30

[17:29] "This system is your garden angel" ??

OnePlus style presentation

Totally ripping off Apple. Vegan seats! Get the fuck outta here! Give me some premium horse leather for fuck sake!

Hey veejay, hey veejay

What's the song at the end? 45:22

So glad to see the Tesla effect inspiring these other companies. Very cool

I hope the cars are not as cheesy or passe as the advert!

Sorry but I wasn't feeling it

For your next launch, please use a better public speaker ... quite a big discrepancy between the product and the speaker, everything seemed very forced and kinda fake .... congrats for the car but be more authentic

Apple much?

Oh my god.. Clear Polestar2 carry a lots of tons! I think Volvo's rushing a lot. The safety level of electric vehicles is not trustworthy. The gasoline engine is still better and more reliable, as well as excellent hybrid for the economy.

a lot of glitter, but can it make it's way out of the factory. Anyhow, glad that VOLVO is joining the electric age.

Front is peugeot and back is Volvo

Love polestar but this is a set up load of hype a la china good luck ladies

Congrats, Your Video is Featured on TechGenez.com

these over enthusiastic ppl killed it for me. stfu.

Bolshevic probaganda

macchina stupenda non vedo l'ora che esca in Italia! però nella presentazione potevano mettere qualche bella modella svedese

If Tesla can put a 200 kWh battery in their small Roadster 2, why can't Polestar put a battery that size in their big car?

noch so eine Gurke! Ja klar, den Planeten schützen, vor uns selbst?

So we have awesome headlights in a car that Tesla did a better job at 3 years ago and they managed to do this in a grey and white smushed down Dodge Charger. Everyone seems to forget that the biggest advantage for Tesla right now is the Supercharger network. I'm surprised that yet another manufacturer has decided not to become part of this. Why would I buy a car that at this price point where I couldn't go several hundred miles with the aid of a quick charge or two like I could in a Tesla?

I love how Shell, B.P, EXon ect finally cannot stop this , as they did back in the 1990s. Dont you?!

I'm not sure how well the battery technology is but everything else was nice. Glad they chose Android to be there infotainment system of choice. Love the Google Assistant built-in as well as Google Maps.

Who funds these people this is a billion dollar project, how do they get these funds, i tell you this is bullshit how money is given like that because you can produce an electric car. This is a rothchild company

This video felt very fake

Wait you pay for a luxury car and it's features Than you pay again monthly to use those features Meanwhile the auto company spys on you and sells your data for more profits No thanks

Give us a gas v6 please And a gas generator for electric models for NO range anxiety

Did you film the intro to this video in like 1/25 shutter? Motion blur looks terrible.

Don't care about the kilos, I want leather

I will stick with Tesla. Nothing special or differentiation. Tesla is eons ahead.

408hp polestar for 59,900 Euro ($68k USD) vs 450 hp (soon to be 473hp with OTA update) Model 3 for $58k USD + access to superchargers + most advanced autonomous driving. I am not hating on polestar I'm just wondering who wants less for their money

Am I the only person who thinks this guy voice is annoying

This was so cringeworthy , this bloke is trying do hard to be a Steve Jobs clone

Tesla fanboy here, I like the Polestar 2!

The LED headlights are pretty nice, cool that you can keep the high beams on and have it adjust to not blind oncoming traffic...

He's cooler than Elon.... ;)

Yayyyy One whole dealership in the USA. Makes you wonder why this presentation is even in English....

Seems you all learned from Steve Jobs how to bullshit the world.

Too much gob not enough car.

Bored smart rich folks, making cars for bored smart rich folks. Beautiful engineering with zero focus on saving the planet. "Vegan interior" he said wow lol.

Paid audience?

To be fair I think it's sad to see the Tesla community being so negative about all other car companies. This car is a very reasoneble B-option for Tesla haters. Better then the I-pace for example. Also, the Tesla community is starting to get a really negative attitude.

Why can't I find the song he voice requested At Last - by Ane Brun on spotify or somewhere else??

The corniness in this presentation is unreal

Coldest office i have ever seen in my life. Please get some plants.. yikes.

Now that I know this is Volvo... take very very seriously....

100mi electric range. Clearly not a front-runner.

Thanks but tesla is better and my next car

Well, I watched the whole thing, besides feeling terrible staged and it probably is, the car looks kinda nice, the spec doing good but this thing hitting the streets in a year and a half, I guess it’ll be somewhat outdated? Yet another “made in China” car, with even a big customer group being China, I wonder if that might be having something to do with a Chinese company being the biggest shareholder of Volvo? Probably. Software Updates over wifi... Google integrated, why not hand over your “car keys” to some hackers or corrupt government altogether? “I want to go position X..”., “you said something against the Chinese government last week, so, no you won’t” And where can I finde this nice version of “at last” by Ane Brun ?

hello PS...will you sell in NZ?.

One of the best launch event i have seen...

Attention to details: a long part of the presentation is about vegan interior design, right ? Yet the CEO presents this new product with what looks like a bright yellow leather jacket. Dommage!

Good luck it looks nice overall :)

when will it be available in Australia

they won't have a sale point in Dubai - HOWEVER in a promotional clip THERE IS DUBAI in the background :D

isn't this company owned by a chinese company?

haha he speaks about cows and leather not used in a car AND HAS ONE ON HIM! WELL DONE!

I've cringed first 4 min.

Is this a Tesla event from 2012?

The car for the 1% .. Thanks, Volvo!

So so inferior to real innovators. To tesla in tech and to Steeve Jobs in presentations. Pretention is as high, as if they are the fist ones who bring mass EV to the world. Sure, its impossible for every car manufacturer to be innovator, and its fine to be "just another manufacturer", just cut this awkward claps and wows. But sure, I love that EVs fleet is growing. Lets allow ICE to rest in peace.

TESLA way ahead

At this point I think Elon Musk should just be left alone

Members only jacket in special edition mustard?

what if the phone is dead?

But can I comfortably seat three teenagers in the back?

Car looks like an SUV that didn't know whether to please enthusiasts (by going sedan) or cater to what everyone seems to be embracing these days (SUV).

43:23 the girl cant open de door hahahahahah!

This ads make me not want the car so fake

500km range is low for me :-/

Whatba time to be alive. The burth of responsible manufacturing. Addressing the needs of people and at the same bringing less harm to the environment.

That's a copy of Tesla

horrible front end design,and general generic style . weak! Its obvious no car enthusiasts designed this junk.

F A N T A S T I C .....C A R!❤

Volvo VE?

Skulle aldrig gå med bluetooth igång konstant på mobilen...

Looks like a great product, more convince convincing than Tesla

What a tease. Feb 2020 :,-(

Good job Volvo! You have just copied Tesla and Apple in different ways. Straight off. I donˋt mind, but it makes me laugh. Another good thing. Hejja hejja!

What a load of crap!

What bullshit, this guy is not even an half assed Elon musk.

it's just a fucked up version of tesla. Its interior is so bad. And they are telling about features which are lame and also sound lame in the presentation.

Clapping and whopping at the design of a door mirror! But the car is stunning and if it can do what they say it can and Volvo quality is built into it I think Tesla have something to be scared of!

simply ......VAPOURWARE

thank you so much for clean energy and saving animals master stroke by POLESTAR Gud Job and well done once again

What happens if your phone battery dies & you need to get home?

Good job, Volvo!

"Vegan interior" announced by yellow LEATHER jacket-wearing "woke" CEO, lol, never mind eh.

Already behind the game, good looking car but Jaguar ipace available

The whooing and clapping, Its all theater, they are paid to scream like that, to make you feel that somebody is out of the mind from this car and you share the feelings, its actually insulting that they are trying to fool us like that, and Musk with the tesla is not an exclusion, can you imagine your self to screen like a teenage girl on a boy band concert, during a car presentation? Ok some individuals com to mind, but if they drink a LOT before. But here its definitely not the case. Be honest and people will reach out to you, if the product is good, trying to fool them with cheap television tricks like that, and you only earn your self a reputation of a fooler, i suggest you fire your PR manager and hire a good one instead, and by the way, the OUTFIT of the SEO.... are you serious? He looks like a jerk in it, am wondering how have he agreed to put this on?

I don't want be rude or anything, but I don't see any groundbreaking engineering breakthrough in new Polestar 2. But I am happy that they are making only EVs as the ultimate goal of Tesla is coming one more step closer. You can see and feel their low level of confidences in their own vehicles. They are badly trying to follow Tesla like all other EV car makers. They are 2 to 3 years behind of Tesla. I wonder why all those people are cheering and what they are excited about? May be the free meal they will get after this Circus!!! they must be leaving in stone age by Tesla standards. Lol. There's absolutely nothing to get excited about this car. It's has future but not very bright one. If they want stand apart, they need to Invent new technologies and stop copying and pasting. At this moment it's not at all a desirable and cool looking car, in fact design and features wise it sucks.

You know Thomas, Volvo will continue to be what it is with the new model. A nice presentation doesn't change that much. The manufacturer of good quality for a limited clientele. To be able to expect more, you would have had to make more effort. Something really very impressive you would have to deliver if you wanted to take something away from the greats of the world. The major electrical manufacturers can sit back and relax. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

what about the charging infrastructure?

I'd really like one in Fusion Red Metallic. Hope this colour comes as well!

he speaks as though everyone can afford it...lol

Great car, really ! Would nice to know about the charging possiblities, 3 Phase AC, 100 kW DC?

Like the office space of the company building however the presentation is boring and the design of the car is not impressive.

I would punch people yelling... in the face

'All Across the globe' - we will just skip Central/Eastern Europe, Middle East, Russia and Africa. Damn you fools!

Congratulations on the car, it looks great. I Didn't liked the presentation, though. Out of the 40 min, you've 20 min of useful information, and 20 min of cheering and clapping

But can I get a red polestar 2? Or do I have to get “snow” or “thunder?”

Good looking interior and exterior though

Cringy hahaha

"Potato" *audience claps and wooh*

Yikes. This feels like something from an episode of Silicon Valley. All the other Polestar 1 teaser videos have been so understated, mysterious and cool. This video makes the whole brand look like it's trying SOOOOOO hard. I don't want to know that you have a dog-friendly workplace stuffed with millennials pretending to have brainstorming sessions.

He wears a leather jacket and then talks about vegan seating, wtf?

Volvo supply the IDF with tractors for demolishing the homes of Palestinians and earthmovers for ripping up their farmland so Israeli settler homes can be built on it. The bulldozer that cut American activist Rachel Corrie in half and then mushed her body into the ground was a Volvo.

J'ai nous comme il y a toujours un risque de coupure de courant , et peu de point de recharge ,et quand j'ai vu le reportage sur la Nissan , en arrivant a une agence Nissan pour recharger , la prise fournie avec le véhicule ne correspondais pas a la borne , et bien aimable le garage lui a proposer d'acheté la prise en accord avec la borne pour 250 euros ,vous acheté une voiture Nissan assurer vous d'avoir les 2 prises peu être une en option ,vu , la gentillesse de garage qui lui a proposer d'acheté , au lieux de lui prêter le journaliste a us le bon reflex de faire repartir le véhicule avec le dépannage du garage d'ou il l'avais loué pour l'essai ,Chapeau au réseau ,ça ne donne pas envie d'en acheté une

As much as I hate all the BS and the accent of the guy, Polestar is doing a lot of things very smart.

All across the globe but no Africa no South America no Oceania.. Please give a timetable

Awesome presentation. I'll be waiting launch on FEB 2020 in California.

For electronic cars to become mainstream they must get the price down.


His dry mouth smacking is annoying.. he should drink some water everytime the audience claps.

It looks like a Volvo, but very nice. It's good to have more electric car manufacturers that improve what already exists. Good job!

It Looks like a Apple Präsentation...100%

i made it through minute 17 yeaaay

It's awesome


pushing a start button being regarded as a hurdle* LULZ!

It's great to see other brands pushing the electric thing - but this car is :( I just hope it's very cheap so people can afford it because it does NOT even come close to a Tesla and all of its features. Blatant copy of Tesla's screen too lol.


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