Night Shift | Telugu Comedy Short Film | With English Subtitles | Directed by Mohan Vamsi

Night Shift | Telugu Comedy Short Film | With English Subtitles | Directed by Mohan Vamsi

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2018-09-03 03:01

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Good screen-play. Open and realistic dialogue delivery by Suhas Chandramouli, Suha Chandramouli, Srilakshmi Polavarapu and Manga Dittakavi. Gap between frames and scenes could be reduced a bit. Good piece of work. Dr.P.R.C.Phani.

Super short film bro. I too worked in night shifts. Suffered a lot for sleep. Finally I switched the project. This short film reminded my old days.

Thank you so much for making this movie. I live here in US and most of the times when I call customer svc it is routed to somewhere on the other side of the world where people are working in night shift. I used to get frustrated at some of the crappy service I used to get. Little did I realize the troubles those guys go through trying to stay awake. From now I will be more mindful of this. Thanks again. Oh btw movie story acting presentation everything is awesome!!!one small suggestion.... pls change the title if u can this is in no way a comedy film its a serious one for the society

Thanks a lot pavan, we fully agree with you..:) thanks a lot for such lovely feedback. Requesting your support in sharing it with your family and friends..

I think Team Vipanyu is concentrating on Completely Natural acting performance. It was done by teja in alufry and by suhas in this film. Congratulations and all the best to whole team.

Wow,,,!!! Neat Screenplay, extraordinary Acting performance, Sound is completely captivating. Totally nice concept and excellent work done. ,,

Good job

Very emotional at the end guys.... Nice script....

Superb its real life in prsnt

Heart touching story bro..... Superb

Very nice narration and impressive

Nice movie, remind me the struggle to get sleep during night shift. Great work guys.

very nice.. i thought the manager will kill the guy..

Well done n good ending


Tq Mohan bro for giving me a small role :)

Nice film.....last scene is emotional

Wow... Vamsi nice effort raa.....All the best to you and your team..... I wish success follow with you on the best....Raa.....


Good acting skills, script is written neat and tight, neat screenplay, nice lyrics, wonderful finish,.... After watching Aloo Fry I expected something in the same type... but this is different, to say a bit less comedy with more emotion, .... I worked in night shifts for 2 yrs in 2012 & 2013 so I know the pain..... on a final note worth spending time on this film....

U r done this Vamsi

:-) :-)impressive screenplay :) all the best guys

immense emotion at last,I've experienced it in 2015

Nice One

Last 10 min kastha touching bhayya. U lead role suha chandramouli potrayed emotion of stress people well.


Good one


Super...Very nicely done..All the best!

Nice movie, maid fighting scene is hilarious.. :D :D

Thank You very much for the movie. I related myself with this movie, I also worked night shifts in the year 2014 completely, facing similar problems. Thank You for making people know about the problems of night shift. Good one. All the best for your upcoming movies.

Work for India guys

Nice bro

A wonderful movie that portrays the sufferings of night shift employees. I can relate myself to each and every scene in this movie. Specially the moms phone call! You could have also covered the sufferings we face to sleep in the nights during the week off

Thanks a ton bro :) do share the film please, on FB, it will be a big support

Script and everything is nice

Hey, thanks a lot for commenting. It means a lot to us. We need your support. Please show the film to your friends and family who do night shifts. We made this film for them :)

Nice film brother....


Exactly guys plz try to avoid night shift jobs... it's very bad for your effects on your lungs..8 hours sleep should be in healthy ours.

Hello, my name is SriTeja-Jeedigunta, the music director & writer of this film. Thanks a lot from our team for liking director Mohan Vamsi's vision. Do subscribe to this channel and do not forget to hit the bell icon to experience more beautiful films from our team who brought you aloo fry & night shift :)

Music screenplay hero acting is really impressed... U guys done a great job... All the best Aloo fry team...

Thanks a lot bro, please support us, by showing the film to your night shift friends..

WE RUN THE INDIAN ECONOMY DURING NIGHTS.... feeling proud.....last oka sentence... just tears rolled out....

We need this message to be spread. Please support us. Show the film to your night shift friends.

Superb film with a much needed message at the end

Thanks a lot Mani. We need your support. Please share it on FB and also your friends who do night shifts. We need your support as you did for aloo fry

To be honest, I picked this short film as the title says comedy Short film and it's short enough for me to relax. After watching entirely, it was heart touching towards the end of the film and my respect to night shift employees and the people struggle a lot to support their families has been increased. All good, I'm a little disappointed now as the title has the word "Comedy" - Of course, it's my perception. Good work, driven by a great thought! I'm not here to appreciate but Thank you for your Concern!

Hey Murali, thanks a lot. So there are different types of comedies. This genre is called relative comedy, where people laugh because, the same thing which happened in the film, happened with the viewer too, so they laugh. "aree naatoh kuda atla ne ayyindi Ra" and they laugh or atleast smile. :) But thanks a lot for complimenting our work..we badly need your support. Please show the film to your night shift friends

Nicely Done !

Iam also .......

well done:) very good movie...unfortunately many modern jobs are so exploiting human strenghs, health and have impact on social life and sense of being... thank you for showing that problem:) greetings for all crew:) Good luck in other projects:)

Thanks a lot ivonca! Your comment is spot on. That was exactly what we wanted to narrate. So we need your support, if you could show the film to your friends, it will help us greatly. :)

Thanks a lot brother. We need your support..please share the film with your night shift friends.


Same feeling bro

Where is hell ....don't find it is in your hands if u want more money all the luxury than this is what happens no sleep no good food no peace..... Y live . ..any how good video

I just saw my life on screen boss. Thank you so much

Btw, do not forget to subscribe to our channel and hit bell icon

Thanks a lot.. please share the film to your night shift friends and share in your whats app status plz :)

ఇంత మంచి షార్ట్ ఫిల్మ్ తీయడం కి చాలా కష్టం అవుతుంది మరియు చాలా టాలెంట్ అవసరం. Really super

Aloo fry film kuda tappakunda choodandi :) subscribe cheskondi

Good Acting.. nice script... keep it up.

Touch chesaru bro :) very good performance by each and everyone. Good luck :)

Done and you made us proud :)

Dont miss our Aloo fry film too :)

+Vipanyu Media already done :) everyone liked it. I shared to my friends here in Europe. Hope the next film from your side will be as impressive as this one :)

Thanks a lot.. please share the film to your night shift friends and share in your whats app status too plz :)

I like this vedio and acting is good, working night is verry difficult and nice screen play

Good one. From now I will message my friends first and then call them( those who work in night shifts).

Superb film very emotional that last scene

Very nice film & Same problem bro...

Okk bro

Super bro .. heart touching

Good short film, but you guys to need work on background music and audio. some scenes audio is very low and some places audio is high.

Noted bro.. thanks.. we need your support.. Love you..

Perfect and makes sense

Nice concept and excellent work done

Bro My name is kishore. i am working in night shift from last 6yrs. Same problems I was so connected. But god grace my manger is very lovely person. Good luck and keep going.

Nice Movie 10/10

Very good concept. I have also faced same issues awhile back.

Thanks a lot bro, please share the film to your night shift friends :)

Bhaya neat n clean ga champesav akda over ga ldu supet bhaya

Bhayya Chavulaki ear plugs pettukondi I too use it and I get sound sleep. I recommend it.. and keep mobile in silent and keep alarm...

I can myself in this video. Superb...

very natural and nice.

Thanks a lot Andi, please share the film to your night shift friends.

You have taken me some days back those days are horrible in my life working continues night shift

Simple and super bro..

a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy guddddddddddddd movie sir.... great efforts

Thanks a lot, please share the film to your night shift friends :)

Good good good super

Good one and emotional

nice work bro keep going on

Speech less ✋ off to your thoughts

Vipanyu Media: Sure, I will do that. In fact I stumbled upon ur award winning Aloo Fry short film. I loved it so much that I started searching for more videos from you guys and thats how I got to this video. My wife and I both loved Aloo Fry a lot, infact we love the actual Aloo fry dish too

+Vipanyu Media i am in night shift prsnt

Good concept bayya..

Nice....Acting Bro Finishing

champi padesinav anna kirrak asalu

Thanks Dinesh :) hey need your support, plz show the film to your friends


Awesome movie my friend, this is Wat everyone is facing in their family life...... Due to night shifts...

superb bro keep rocking u taking good point and good tought

Ya working in 9ts is horrible

Na nidramanukuni chusa bro, gatham reel la thirigindhi...

Haha tq for connecting to night shift plz do share the film with friends thank you :)

Real ga connect aeiya bro.... apartment lo roju edei Noli

Haha Hey, we are so glad. So we need your support, please share the film to your family, friends and if possible WhatsApp status for a day could help us :)

Nice video

Hey, that means a lot :) we are so glad. So we need your support, please share the film to your family, friends and if possible WhatsApp status for a day could help us :)

Nice one... throughly Njoyed as a person working in IT (same as prod support)

Anna supper

Kk anna

Very cute bhayya... Even song is superb

Tq bro share the film with your friends plz and dont miss to watch our aloo fry film too :)

I wish I could like it a 1000 times...loved it...Nd the actor jst nailed it...fantabulous

Superb bro....i can see the effort...

Vipanyu Media sure bro...can you provide link for other movies please

Thanks alot bro we need your support plz do share our films to your friends & relatives :) tq

its nice short film it all related to night shift employees , who struggle a lot , i am very thanks to vipanyu media for this short film which reflect the feelings of night shift employees

Thanks a lot Sita, :) we need your support, please show the film to your night shift friends..

Seriously even i worked for night shifts asalu slp agadu

Its true :) hope you like the film.. we are so glad. So we need your support, please share the film to your family, friends and if possible WhatsApp status for a day could help us :)

Gud video chalaa bagundi nijamga e video loo nanu nen chusukunattu undi , all the very best wishes to your team ..

Nice bro.. chala bagundi... Acting marvelous

Music at 16.10 is awesome

hero acting was fentastic.

Thanks plz do share our film with all your friends and in your Whats app status plz :)

I got tears literally it resembles same situvation to me also . Its very tough to do night shifts and ilanti wife vundali .

Thanks a lot Buddy. We agree with your views. Btw, we need your support. Please share the film with your family and friends..

Good to see a real issue as short film. Very good narrative skill, no extras. Lead actor did very well without any over action. Very natural, keep going. Best of luck

+Vipanyu Media sure

Thanks a lot venki:) we need your support. Like real! Pls send the film to your family and friends..

Very nice once really felt the pain of people doing nightshifts, here this case at least wife is working but many families where wife’s doesn’t go for a job that people’s life is a real hell

Well portraited.. I really appreciate the way it was presented.. Kudos team..✌️


hey bro movie is awesome right now I am facing the same problem & lot of disturbance in hostel room I am leaving in a hell from past 2 years the way you shown is superb

Awesome I could relate my life bro

As you mentioned film is comedy and interesting, Message of the movie is conveyed very well. Good work team.

Could you please understand situations of night shift guys, Do not disturb them while sleeping. Working from past 2 yesrs exactly facing the same problems.

a very good film, exactly this is what happens pls let them take rest. And try to avoid night shifts if possible.

Ayyo papam asalu

Thanks for watching andi we need your support plz share film with your friends and subscribe for sure :)

Last few minutes of the film are simply marvellous .If life partner understands the situation then everyone's life will be happy.Nice script Kudos team

Thank you bro we need your support plz do subscribe our channel and share night shift film with friends :)

Nidranikonukunna mahanubavudu papam night shift fellows

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