My Broken Iphone Triggered Me Into Making This Rant Video Over Game Streaming

My Broken Iphone Triggered Me Into Making This Rant Video Over Game Streaming

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So. What's going on my friends my family my fellow gamers your, only friend is you to Street sport of r-77. Trying. To think of content that I wanted to make and I and I thought this will be a good topic to talk about right, because. I see this a lot on Twitter I see this a lot in conversations. With. Gamers, with his comment sections YouTube videos podcasts yada, yada yada and it's. The whole if. A company does, something, in terms. Of gaming that. Everybody should look at it as positive. Its. Options, it doesn't impact you. Why. Are you so negative you. Know it, should just be you know at just this whole, stamp. That. If a company does something, you know and I'm not talking about, you. Know microtransactions. Because obviously they, get criticized, for well reason I'm talking about anything like for companies trying to expand or you. Know expand, beyond. Implement. Something new that automatically, we. Should just be positive about, it and that is options, and if you don't like it just don't participate, in it or just don't do it it doesn't impact you and that, being, negative towards it is, frowned upon it's, looked at negatively some. People will call your family, or your. The type of people that ruin gaming for the gamers and all that stuff, alright. So. I've seen a lot of those comments and I'm gonna be honest I think. That type of mentality is, just downright, dumb alright, to, just be positive, to, just be Dali Lama just to be Dali Lama and that, if you're not down in Lama then, what's wrong with gaming I, don't, know agree with that at all you know I'm saying, to. Me that's corporate cooking, you're a corporate cock if a, company decides this is what we're gonna do oh man, that's positive that's great you know I don't like it but it's, great that you're doing that know that to me you're a corporate cock. You. Know and. I'll give you a perfect example it's. This whole game streaming thing right it might personally. Emotionally bother, about it no I'm not gonna hang, myself or, anything like that you know like moves on company does it as a company does it alright but, I'm a voice my negative. Dissent on this. Move by companies, and, I'm gonna explain why. Been. Gaming for a long time longer, than I could remember at this point you. Know since. I was like five six. Over. 37, years right. And. For. All, the way up until. PlayStation. Want well right before the play story she won Jen you, know I'm teenager, kid what I've just become, an adult whatever, throughout the time period I. Pretty. Much was. Playing on everything whether I was able to buy with my allowance or, my parents bought it or it was a gift whatever. All these devices and. Majority. Of the gaming stuff that. I owned were failures there's, a few gems you know there was a few great consoles, you know Super Nintendo Nintendo. Genesis. Or. Successful platforms. And then all the way up until before, PlayStation. One right. Before. PlayStation, one before n64, before that generation, began and move forward, majority. Of the console when you really think about it weren't that great that's successful, it, was either Nintendo. Super Nintendo Sega, Genesis, a lot, of other products that were there some, of the memorable, but there were failures total. Graphic 16 was pretty much a failure. NeoGeo. Was a failure. CDI. Whatever was a failure 3do, was a failure, Master. System was a failure, game. Gear was a failure. Nintendo's. Handheld was successful, you know I'm saying Sega, CD was a failure turbo graphics 16 CD, was a failure I mean. The list goes on, bazooka. Robbed the robot you. Force power glove. The. List goes on and on and on what. So many failures, when. You look back over 30 plus years and, I'm saying this outside of PC obviously within, the consoles, don't anything that remained successful, in, gruel or consoles, when, you put the focus towards console the industry got bigger bigger, bigger, more sexual more 600 more successful, right then, the gaming industry expanded.

To, Encompass other tips and types of gamers right primarily, the mobile gamers right and, then. You got the casual gamers playing, the flash games on PC so you have gaming as a whole but. Within gaming, you have your. Clique. Demographics. You. Know different areas different things to cater to. Different people, so when I hear people say, games, for everybody I agree, with that term Gaming. Is for everybody because there is something for something somewhere, for, somebody, but. Do I think let's. Say, got. A war PlayStation, got a war or Halo we use both examples do I think those games are for everybody no those games are not for everybody, and I'm not saying in a sense that oh don't touch my game don't touch my god of war don't touch my halo no I'm not talking about that all. Right because. If anybody, wants to play those games you can get it just go out and buy it I'm, not standing guard like. I'm not I'm not in front of gain stuff like a British Royal Guard stopping. People from where in a store like no you you can't play Halo oh you could play Halo no. No you can it's, not a club I don't, have a list and making sure who walks in and buy this product anybody. Has access to it you know if you have the money you can afford it go on and get it so in that sense, gamings. For everybody because you could go buy it all, right that little there's the PlayStation right there it's $1.99 now or you know whatever anybody. Could go get that console, if you wanted that PlayStation. Is for anybody. Games for everybody. But. The specific, taste of games is not for everybody because, not everybody likes certain games you. Know and this is where my. Rant buying game streaming is. So. What's the point of game streaming so let's let's knock out the big picture there's. Multiple parties doing it Apple's doing it Google's doing it you know a lot of people a lot of people are attempting to do it Sony's doing it with the PlayStation now up to a certain event Microsoft. Is all in on theirs with the X cloud so. Let's start out the first bat let's start out let's start out in my opinion I see some misconceptions. About, the. Advertiser, so we'll start up we're gonna make us misconception. Is the whole Microsoft, vision of 2 billion gamers and that, X cloud is gonna be the method to do it 2, billion gamers and it's key that we understood this so, Microsoft says they could get 2 billion gamers or try to reach 2 billion gamers. We're. Streaming because. Now. Their. Games is. Acceptable. To, more platforms and, devices, that, normally, can run these games primarily. Phones, and low-end, pcs, and low end laptops. Right. And. Because majority of people own no end devices. They. Will never be able to play Halo. Gears. Of War or third-party multiplayer. All. Right misconception. That statement, is not true at, all yes, you're right these, gamers or whatever who play on phones and tablets will, never be able to play these games on, the, tablet that is not the same as these gamers will never be able to play halo again, you. Can get an Xbox for, 199, bucks. And. It's I mean at the other day let's remove all the fanboy let's move all the corporate cutting the corporate slaving so check all that remove the name Xbox, remove the main PlayStation stop, being friends with these products it's just a box that. Connects to a goddamn HDMI, cable that's all it is, you cannot tell me people. Have issues doing, that, how. Long has the, world been using VCRs, and DVD, players and blu-ray players hell you guys buying 4k, blu-ray players, what's a 4k blu-ray player, it's a damn box, you plug an HDMI cord to it that's all it is consoles. The same thing so, to say these gamers don't have access to Halo lies, they. Have access to halo just by 109, a box it's cheaper than the actual phone and tablet that they have. Goddamn. Phones are now encroaching. A standard price of $1,000. You. Know tablets are three four five hundred dollars they're more expensive than, the device that plays halo then the device that plays gear then the device that plays God um gotta warn spider-man and stuff Detroit, become human so. Two, different steps two, different statements. Gamers. Or gamers. Have access, to halo all game, and up boring. The poor you. Know the. Homeless stuff, like that but chances are they're not with, Internet and tablets anyway so, I'm. Not talking about that you, know the ones, that are financially, in hurt, and stuff like that that they you know they trying yeah I'm not talking about the people who, live day to day wondering, what they're gonna eat at night not dogs I'm talking about people.

Who Are at, least in. A decent financial. Scenario, where, they can at least buy a console and buy some alright those. People are not forbidding. Or there's no obstacle. To get these boxes so, everyone. Has access to halo everyone has access to Gears everyone has actually got a war spider-man, you just gotta buy the device to play it on alright. So. Saying. You could reach out more gamers that, could get Halen all the gamers they could get halo it's. Just a question of its that the game they want to play and. If. They don't want to play those games and why would they want to buy the device and that's the team I think a lot of gamers lost that sight. Gamers. Will buy devices. Because. Of the games. Because. The ultimate goal is the games it's not really the device in of itself but. Somehow that mentality, is, the device okay. It's the games now devices. Do create. Groups. You. Know PC, game is a platform, as a device and. Yeah, they play a lot of the same 30-person we think of PC gamers a lot of big popular games on PC aren't don't do well on consoles. It's to RTS, games or strategy games a lot, of the simulators, so. You know so, because of the platform then. That device you see a lot of these games they're sure they still get the other third party multi planets the big ones right and then, consoles, you, see these, games you know you see certain games on consoles, that are, very big more popular, on the continents, compared to PC you know and then, you got the mobile games you know the tablets, and the phones you. See what's popular there, so, that crowd has. Its games though all games they're all game devices everybody's, a gamer but you can see how, the crowd, is. Separated. A little bit right. So. Microsoft maybe Sony maybe everybody. Right. Trying, to do grain streaming to get 2 billion gamers well. How. Can any game company have the expectation. To get to win gamers, when. Spotify. Has. Not been able to do that I mean these guys use terms like Netflix of gaming Netflix don't even have 500 million people Netflix, has like. 120. Hundred 50 less 150, mini, subscribers, and that, device. Is a free app that you. Put you know you really have to you know it's well gotta, buy devices but Netflix. Is pretty much on every device anywhere, it's on phones it's on tablet it's on Amazon, fire, steaks its, installed, on TVs so.

The Very TV you buy anyway, because. Regardless you need a visual device so, every smart TV has it it's, everywhere now figures everywhere and there, are about 150. Million subscribers. Spotify. Will, use them another streaming service right absolutely, free you, don't even have to pay for it yes to do have a subscription, service which, I have which allows you to download the phone download the musics download albums directly to your phone so you can hear it offline but, if you don't want that feature you don't need it as, long as it connected to the Internet and you don't even need good in there you could listen, to Spotify on a cricket in the night McDonald's. Wi-Fi in it you, don't need, you. Don't even need 5g, you don't you need 4G 3G will. Play Spotify, right, it. Only need 4G LTE 3G, and you work at Spotify and it's absolutely free and it's, on every device, absolutely. Free and they, have around a little over 500 million subscribers, so that's a lot but. Even Spotify is not even at a billion and. You're talking about a free app free. Service. That. You can listen to on 3g on any. Device and they. Can't even get to two billion so. How the hell is gaming. Which, is much more resource, intensive, right because. You're gonna need at least a certain level of, internet. Service and for phones they're talking about 5g, networks. You. Know so. You need much more intensive, service, you. Know. How. Are they supposed to reach 2 billion when Spotify. Can't. That's. My first thing right, now. I'm. Gonna tell you the real big thing about the negative me, being the negative Nancy behind this whole thing is, who. Is these. Companies trying to appease. They're, now try and piece me or gamers. Like me gamers like us I'm sorry, you call pretend, for. You all pretty well pretty much the same we're on a dedicated, device we. Expect a certain level performance a device we, expect a certain level quality, from our games right the, things the standard we have for our games phone, gamers don't have that standard and I'm not saying we're better than them we're just different, right. I. Had. A conversation I, even posted on Twitter and, I recorded my wife and my daughter and I asked them this stuff are they interested, in God of War and they answered spider-man, and Call of Duty if it. Comes down to the phones that they play because that's what they mostly play on they must have plan forms he said no they're not interested, it isn't the fact that it's not unfold, that makes interested, it's the games themselves, they're. Not interested, in those particular titles they, even said if they, were interested, in it they have access, to it and I, don't think my wife and ordered them are that much different, from everybody else cuz I see the Facebook post I see, the stupid requests, I get from our friends they're all playing the same games all these you know mobile, gamers are playing the same games on the same thing level 300 in candy crush and bubble witch and all, this other weird stuff whatever, the games those, are the games they like to play. But. I think, in our community, the console gamers PC gamers don't understand, that, you. Know if candy. Crush came, on to your xbox one X or Playstation, would you jump, with that sell like 20 million units no it won't because. The console games ain't interesting candy crunch that, same mentality is, the opposite. The. Way we looked at candy crush is the way my wife looks at God of War yeah she can't appreciate the graphics, you know because you've been around but she's just not interested, in playing as cradles she she, don't look at the game as interesting, at all she's, not interested in that and I. Guarantee majority, of mobile gamers was not so, with that said. Why. Should I be happy that, Sony right, or Microsoft, anybody is gonna invest billions into. This service to, try to bring these people game that, I know they won't like. They're. They're investing. Money thinking. They're gonna blow up and they, don't realize and I think a lot of you don't realize that audience. Don't care about their shit they. Don't care. My. Wife doesn't care, and, the. People like her don't care, so. Sony Microsoft maybe. Nintendo one day whatever are investing billions for, these people, to bring them games they don't want. So. All that, investigating. People like me because, what's funny is the success, of Microsoft, the success of PlayStation. PlayStation. According. To reports whenever they're, having the biggest.

Year. Ever in, PlayStation. History again the. Most revenue worm highest. Operating income highest. Profits, they're. Running. On all cylinders they're. Making so much money with the PlayStation brand and it isn't because of my wife or people, like my wife or people like my daughter is people, like me it's. People like us, we're. Putting Sony on the map, Microsoft. Increased profits, it's because again people like. Us not particularly because I don't buy that Xbox, well your daughter you guys do you're, putting them on the map it isn't, my wife or your wife or these mobile gamers they're not giving, all their money to Microsoft, they're not putting their money into Sony they're not the ones making these companies grow and getting astronomical. Profits, and astronomical. Income, and revenue in gaming. They're. Not the ones we're doing that but yet these company one of us a billion dollars in this audience that will not reciprocate. They're, not gonna play Halo, on a tablet. They. Have no interest, in that they, got, the games that they want and they continue to get even more games that they want, they. Already have what, they have. So. In the end and this. Is where I think it really comes down to who. Are these games, streaming services, for you, wonder who they're really for they really for the mobile gamers, to, try to expose them to Halo interesting, no they're, for us. Because. Microsoft. For Sony are they're gonna try to. Bleed us dry. To. Get more money on stuff, we already bought think about this I guarantee, majority, of people that's gonna play a handle on the tablets whatever isn't, these new mobile gamers it's the same Xbox. Gamers, that already have halo on their console, it's. The same guys except. Now, they. Could play Halo on the go they could play on the tablet on the go they're gonna have a little control, Xbox controller that they attached and they're gonna playing their jobs or they're gonna play in a party or while, they're traveling you're gonna do and you, know and Sony could do the same thing I, don't want this to think that it's exclusive to Xbox so I make it for my xbox the. Sony could end up having the same vision to where Sony puts all the games on PS now they won and really. The only people that's gonna play is us PlayStation, gamers but this time I'm on the go right so. Now we got placed. You know dot on the go we got to find a man to go we got games on the go sounds, great right be positive Paul rock its options, if you don't like it just don't do it but why you guys don't realize Sony. And Microsoft's not gonna offer this for free they're. Gonna charge you think, about this they're. Gonna charge you to continue to play Halo outside. Your house when you already pay for halo, inside, your house you already have it you have halo, you have Xbox like go what, god damn more do you want. How. About investing. Billions to, make what we already have, what. We made you guys rich better. Let's. Start with Sony, can I get fucking dedicated, servers, in these, games how, about we start with that we brag. About the, most players PlayStation. Has the most users, well motherfucker, how, about you fucking entertainers, users and break, us out of fucking 2002. Fucking. Gaming infrastructure, because we've been playing that damn fucking. Bullshit. Peer-to-peer since. The PlayStation, 2 and, it hasn't changed. You're. Making more money than ever so how about less, worrying about who what rock gets to plays find a man and his job how, about when Puerto Rock plays in his house it's a better experience. How. About creating a network that actually takes advantage, of the. One gig services, that are out there now you got people with NF 800, Meg 750, Meg's a gig. Yet. The downloads still, 24. Gig join me in 24 Meg. Take. 16 hours to download a game how, about creative, service that capitalizes, that, how. About creating, you know Wireless. That. Takes advantage of edge technology, so. That way is as close as wide as possible I know understand why this will never be as close. As, exactly, as wired Ethernet, connection, but it could be a lot better than what we're doing now a lot. A lot a lot better. You. See I'm saying. Make. The experience, for. The people that's putting you on top, of the mountain better. Right. And as you improve the experience, you're going to get new people cuz every, year a new console. Gamer is born every year somebody, turns six five, six or seven for the first time I promise.

You Every. Single, year some. Kid is turning five six or seven guaranteed, and that's. Around the age where they play some, even start younger but, we'll start with you you will use the five to seven range, that. Range their console, gamer for the first time so, every, year you're gonna get new console, gamers and the. Question is how, do you keep them engaged as gamers or do, they end up growing out of it I don't, wanna use the word growing out of it because that's a bad word do they end up losing, interest, in gaming as they become older or do, you engage them, to make sure their lifelong gamers like many of us are. So. You're spending billions of dollars on, a streaming service which ultimately isn't. Really for my wife you're just trying to sucker me into giving, you more money for. Games I'm already playing in. My house but. I get to say who I get to play on a bus. For. $10 a month to access this stuff. It's. Stupid. It's. A stupid concept, you're. Bleeding us dry and, you're. Really not giving us anything worthwhile in return. Give. Us the. Features, give us the services, improve gaming do something as basic as stop. Giving us these broken ass games that need fucking, day one patches. How. About that. How. About you, invest those, billions of dollars, right I'll even take this invest. Those billions of dollars, into your, own. Toolset. So. That way you don't take you five goddamn, used to make a game. That. Way we should we should be improving, the technologies, and a toolset to, where we can go back. To, the cycle, where, you guys are able to develop games every, two to three years. Conserve. Every five to six years. It's. Crazy. Right. That the generation, is about, to be over right and we, got one, goddamn, rockstar, game one read they read that too that's it and it sucked ass, but that's it there's no other rockstar game we're gonna get none. Now, for this gen it's over you're. Gonna get DLC for GTA 5, which was a last name game the only authentic current. Gen Rockstar, game read. Ever there's your - that's, it we, got more consoles. In hardware than, rockstar games we, had ps4. Vanilla, ps4. Slim. Ps4. Pro we, got Xbox. Xbox. One, s Xbox. One x3. Consoles. One. Rockstar game that's. Not how it works that. Ain't the answer sway, on. The. PlayStation, 2 to put this into perspective especially, if you started gaming them PlayStation, 3 right or, 360, in there and you don't really know what I'm talking about on the PlayStation, 2 Rockstar. Right rocks are by themselves. Ran. Totoro three. Vice. Grand theft auto vice city grand. Anse all san andreas three, grand theft auto's but, it was late there's more right. There revolver, which started the red day redemption new, IP. Manhunt. Manhunt. Two new. IPs, the. Warriors. Bully. Right. So I got, three counter todos to manhunts, read the redemption bully. What. Else I mentioned the Warriors that's at least eight games and that's off the top of my head eight, games. During. A PlayStation, 2 Jen and oh let, me remind you the PlayStation, 2 gen was really only five years six. If you want to go from place a PlayStation because the PlayStation, 2 launched in 2000, Xbox. 360 launched in 2005, so that's a five year gen but if you want to use the PlayStation 3, as the, metric. 2002, 2006 six, years aatrox, arson games that's more than. One Rockstar game year if we, use specifically. Playstation, 2000-2006. Six years eight rockstar games that's more than, one game a year that's about 1.2 games a year for moxtra at a minimum, every, single year we were again a rockstar game. Every. Year. Nevermind. All the other companies that was flooding in. Now. We're most likely getting more hardware. And. Talk how, about we work on that. Fuck. Brain streaming, and taking it home how about you just give me more games put. Invest in your tool sets great games faster but no we don't think about that I should. Be here positive, oh man, gain streaming was great option, somebody's, gonna like somebody's.

Gonna Like it even, if I don't don't, worry about it it's not for me I could ignore it good. On everybody. Well. I sit here I'm peer-to-peer, network. Even. Though guys, like us are putting. These. Councils, on the map then, you know we talk about Microsoft. Made 10 billion dollars a gaming Sony, made 17 billion dollars a gaming how, the fuck you think they got there they, ain't get there because of my wife is playing their games it sauce. So. Yes I. Won't. So into investigate, in us because. We're the ones are putting them on the map, but. No they want to put this. Whole system for a group of people that don't give a damn about their library cuz if they gave a damn. They. Would just go to a store and, pay, 200 bucks. That's. It it's. Not hard to play a PlayStation, game it's not hard to play an Xbox mean I don't. Want to hear the whole always, multiplayer PC that's besides, the point no no none of that matters what matters is if you want to play Halo next. Box is fucking 200 bucks and. Here's the crazy part he's. Actually cheaper, than mobile gaming because. Most of these guys get phones every goddamn year, you. Only need to get this console once and is good for at least five years one. Console, is good for five years even, if, you did pay the. Launch price of $400, or $500, it's, so for founded on investment, for, the whole Jen. You don't have to upgrade to these meet Jen refreshes, I, don't. Have a pro that's, that's I don't even have a slim that's the base, on. Vanilla. Or vanilla ps4. And it's fantastic. Wow. My, goddamn, iPhone, 7. The modem went out an apple, fucking store retail, store just wants to charge me 360, euros because I'm in Europe to, fix it so now I'm. In and this is one, of the reasons that triggered, this, video to I'ma be honest that was the trigger a god damn phone cuz I'm in the Apple store right and they. Told me a the morons broke in to the SIM card and we, had to replace the major piece. So. It's gonna cost you three hundred sixty year olds right or you could just buy a new phone and we'll, knock out two, hundred year olds so the phone would be six hundred euros so brand-new iPhone, XR whatever it is six hundred euros or. Get. My iPhone, 7 which is like two Jen's behind for, 360, euros so. To, make it round off in now at $700, vs. $400, so, four extra three hundred outs I get a brand new phone but here's the thing that pisses me off what the hell am I paying 704. What am I even paid, $360. For, my. Phone I just need to make a phone call tweet messages, on iMessage. Her an Instagram. That's. Not one of several hundred dollars this Playstations, $1.99, and the. Experience, blows, phones, away it's. Incredible. The. Gaming and entertainment is, superior, dental phone. Everybody. Check all but a phone has HDR. Retinal. Scanning cameras. Motherfucker. All you gotta do is take pictures of either your penis, or pizza. We're. Not out there Jacque Cousteau in, in the, Alps taking, these amazing. Pictures, or something in there to freakin what, should we call it those. Fucking, you know animal magazines, and shit we're not filming fuckin, planet Earth part. 3 we're. Not doing that most, of us take a picture, I forgot, damn food. Dick. Pics oh I'm, sorry, some. Of you dudes are at, the DMV, doing. Selfies all look at me I'm getting my license for the first time hashtag, adulting. That. Ain't worth seven, eight hundred I got damn dollars. And. That's what triggered this damn video like. Who is Sony, Microsoft really, attracting, here, you're. Checked in the wrong audience you're, looking, you're focusing. On the wrong goddamn, audience, look, at the people, who got. You the tempura in a year and increasing, here over here look at the people where. You got 17, billion a year and increasing, I don't Saudis forty percent year a year growth who. Are those people doing, this, that's. Who you go after. So. They can stay and they're, gonna keep buying more stuff. How. About something as simple as, DLC. From, three game, from games three years ago not. Costing, $30 anymore like I just finished beans Assassin's, Creed syndicate love, the game enjoyed it I was, gonna buy the DLC it's, still $30. And again, came out in 2015. Through. Your old DLC and, it. Costs $30, the DLC, is more expensive than the base game I could get the base game for 15 bucks how. About we fix, stuff. Like that. Besides. Worrying about trying to get my wife to play God a war on a phone. And. This. Is why I'm, Negative Nancy to, the BS. House. It's on the thing. That they should be focusing, on investments. On the things they need to push ahead take. Care of the consumer, that, puts you on the limelight, don't, think we're just gonna be here just to be here Sony, remember.

PlayStation, 2 150. Million PlayStation. 3 80 million if that, doesn't tell you we will dump you like. A. Day no snap I don't, know what. Is I. Don't. Agree with this streaming service I think we're going after an audience that don't care which. Means the. Audience that's the, only audience left to, make these services, says who are the, ones already buying your games you're just bleeding more, money from us to, play the same games who already have access to I hope but now it's but, you can take you anywhere, $20. A month please a. Few. Yes. I'm Negative Nancy because. I'm avoiding my dissenting, opinion that's, not what I want and. That's. Not what most of us wants and I don't know why co-counsel. Gamers are co-signing this oh I know. Because. In social media you want to project yourself as the Dalai Lama we. Get you got to look like Mother Teresa. It's, got to be positive. Or. Positive we, all are, happy, Gaming. Is glorious, be one where for everybody just love, everybody loved. It even, if it has nothing to do with you or there's no benefit, to you it's, okay, just ignore it cuz everything's, for everyone, everywhere, at all times no no. You. Ain't sucker me in this bullcrap, bye anyway that's my goddamn half-hour rent let, me know what you think do, you agree with me or am I one of those negative, nancies that's just kidding gaining because, I'm jealous or whatever, am, I an old dinosaur let, me know what you think let me know if you want points you agree or disagree with hit, me up in the comment section there's, your boy Porter ox 77, if you're new to the channel subscribe, like, it check, out my past contents, and again please don't forget to Like and retweet it or cause all forms on your favorite social media Facebook, Twitter spread. Out the knowledge alright I'm gonna try to do a podcast this Friday you guys take care of peace.

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How do you feel about Microsoft and possibly focusing so much on game streaming vice focusing on the core audience that brought them success?

Frigatevet9806 - This is the internet. They could announce somethin’ on YouTube or social media and get possibly a wider audience. E3 isn’t as coveted as it used to be.

+Puertorock 77 yeah but none of those games have concrete existences and release dates. You also have to ask yourself where is sony going to release those games if they come out? The ps4? An old declining system that's been on the market for 6 years? Or the supposed ps5? The ps5 isnt coming out this year so will they cross gen and then make you rebuy that some game the very next year on the ps5? This is so Sega stuff here man because everything about sony to me right now seems fragmented. Also again I go back to the not being at e3 thing. How will you know what's coming out,when it's coming out on what system what year without a way to show you how all that is going to play out, which would be at e3. Oh and about Microsoft showing up to e3 with no games? It's like how school was back in the didn't have the homework and you didnt wanna go...but you still had to be there.

What are you talking about? A segement of playstation division made more money for 2018 than what the entire company of Nintedo did. Not being at E3 is not stopping PS4 from getting bug games to include exlcsives. Platinum's new IP coming this year is a PS4 exclusive, Project Awakening PS4 exclusive, Sega's new IP Judge Eyes is a PS4 exclusive, Lost Souls Aside, then add what Sony is publishing (Days Gone, Death Stranding, Dreams, Concrete Genie, TLOU2, Ghost of Tsushima) and you're here worrying about E3? Microsoft is going to E3 but where the games at?

+Puertorock 77 why? How? Because of three graphic intensive that didnt even sell in double digits? A gaming system that we played the same way over 20 years ago? A gaming platform that sony has no control over because its controlled by third party companies and their yearly games? Their not even coming to the biggest event of the year why? Because have nothing to show and the dont have the money. It cost million to set up shop at an e3

Puertorock 77 - You’re right. I thought you meant Sony as a publisher, not the console. I think I did. Either that, or I just failed to include multiplats in the discussion of game revenue

You're thinking too small. Your excludinbg all the content that sis sold which inlcudes multiplats. Spiderman is not the only revenue stream. That's now it works when the convo is about revenue.

No it doesn't. The revenues for the year is out. Sony earned more money with just PSN than what Nintendo earned as an entire company for the year. All companies released their financial statements and analysts have compared the numbers.

Bruh the latest financials is out. Sony sold more consoles worldwide than Nintendo and Sony earned more revenue with just PSN than the entire Nintendo company earned for the year. Sony is so far ahead of Nintendo when it comes to gaming that it's not even worth a discussion about.

+Frigatevet9806 - The fast food analogy doesn't really work haha. It's been proven that Sony can make moves to either create or help create great games. Mascots aren't a big part of video game branding anymore, it's just that Nintendo has been around long enough to have a mascot, and their devs and marketing team are skilled enough to keep him relevant with quality games. Not only Mario, but Nintendo has Link [Zelda games], Kirby, and Donkey Kong [and the amalgamationthat is Super Smash Bros.] ...all of which are WIDELY respected by gamers from older generations to new. Nintendo owns the IP to all of them. Sony began their endeavor in gaming consoles at the end of companies havin' a mascot, and the essential mascot was Crash Bandicoot 'cause they co-published that game as one of the first games available for the console. Although Sony didn't own the IP, they had a deal with Universal and Naughty Dog to use him to promote the console. The PS2 came around and had umpteen games, exclusive or not, and didn't have one specific mascot to drive sales. They didn't need a mascot 'cause it was a DVD player. Even with consoles not havin' mascots, Microsoft and Bungie came along and created Halo. Microsoft owns the IP, and Master Chief is still a somewhat "mascot" for the company. The HD generation saw Nathan Drake take the role of a mascot, while the PS4 has had Drake, Aloy and Kratos. Sony's identity has been to publish great games with different stories and settings, they don't need any other branding or mascots.

+Primavera Vills well they pretty much have been doing that with the 3rd party deals right. Mybthis with sony and Microsoft is other than 3rd part support and some first party proppings here and there, they have no other Avenue to make money. They dont even have a mascot. They dont have an identity, a label on their branding. Like with Nintendo they have Mario,hes the face and the identity of Nintendo. When you look at what sells the most on a playstation platform,you see all 3rd party games. It shouldn't be that way. That's like seeing taco bell as the main ass attraction on a McDonalds menu board. Let's say those third party companies decide to bounce for whatever reason, what identity does sony have to fall back on? So if they didnt have any or their own up back in the ps1 and ps2 says, what the hell was selling their consoles? Where was the identity?

+Frigatevet9806 - I feel you, but they can't control what they don't own, and they can't control what other dev studios/publishers want to do with their IP. That's the same as sayin' Sony should have kept the rights to MGS. Sony never owned MGS, and they didn't co-publish MGSV, so it was multiplat. Konami ported the MGS games to other platforms anyway, so that's not even a legitimate comparison. It's out of Sony's control, unless they wanted to pay dumb amounts of money to maintain some type of exclusivity.

+Primavera Vills *sigh* the bottom line I'm trying to make is sony should have kept the same identity they had with the ps1 and ps2 that's my point.

+Frigatevet9806 - Sony never owned the Crash or Spyro IP, they were both owned by Universal. Sony co-published them to be exclusives, and when the deal with Sony and Universal were done, Universal made them multiplat. Then both IP were sold to Activision years later. I just want to know which other games you're talkin' about.

+Primavera Vills I know that about crash and spyro but that my point. Sony should still be the ones still evolving and owning those two ips just like they did with the ps1 and ps2 days. Ok I may have misheard about it, you have to look it up theres something going on with that.

+Frigatevet9806 - Crash and Spyro were bought by Activision long ago, and both have been mulitplatform for close to 20 years now. Which older games are you talkin' about? And Quantic Dream has been an indie dev studio this entire time that's released only 3 games published by Sony. They were never a Sony owned dev studio.

Frigatevet9806 bro what the hell are you talking about? The gotdamn financial statements are known and available to all investors. PS is killing it...where the hell have you been? At 92 million consoles and close to a BILLION games sold and you’re saying the PS5 is more talked about. WTf? You’re looking at some videos on YouTube and believing it’s a total reflection of everyone’s reality. As for the handheld, go to Foxy UK’s channel for info. It will undoubtedly be Sony’s streaming device. As for restructuring and not going to E3, I will once again tell you that you have ZERO evidence aside from bad speculation to support your doom and gloom theory. The financial statements don’t support your beliefs.

+Primavera Vills not their mainstream exclusives but the older stuff that didnt sell well going to PC and other stuff, plus even their older ps1 and ps2 games like spyro,crash bandicoot, and quantum dreams I heard is going to start making games for other systems stuff like that.

+Ken Freeman huh? Ok ok....they can't be doing all this cancelling and restructuring if they have money and investors would agree with me, also why would they be making another handheld if they are cancelling the vita this year? Makes no sense. Alot of the stuff I was saying about sony has been all over the internet since 2016. Where in the hell have you been? Also that ps5 talk? If you google ps5 this ps5 that, you will get all types of videos, especially big youtubers that's paid to talk about all this stuff. Alot of this stuff is rumors too,you shouldn't roll with that stuff until you get some confirmation. That's what I do I wait till its officially confirmed by the company themselves, but when yhetes a damn new rumor every week to two weeks then you have to start believing that alot of this stuff is made up. But all that stuff I told you about sony, is all confirmed.

+Frigatevet9806 - Which exclusives are goin' to other consoles? You mean like NieR:Automata and Hellblade? NieR was already on PC, and was only a timed exclusive [a la Rise of the Tomb Raider], and the devs that made Hellblade [Ninja Theory] were bought to become a first party Microsoft studio. Which other games are you talkin' about?

Frigatevet9806 you’re making way too many assumptions with absolutely no evidence to support a doom and gloom theory. The facts you’ve listed ranged from false (losing all exclusives) to unfounded (public speaking more about PS5) to inconsequential (no E3 being the end of Sony). For one thing, Sony is developing a portable to compete with Switch in Japan so they aren’t leaving. The numbers ARE given by Sony and as I’ve told you, as far as profit and revenue PS4 is generating more than Nintendo and Xbox.

+Ken Freeman well if sony is doing so good and making so much money off all those games, then why did all their big wigs step down one after another, including the CEO? Why dont they post their own in house party studio game numbers like Nintendo does, why did they cancel their psx? Why are they skipping out on e3 this year without putting in place another way to showcase playstation product? Why are their exclusives starting to go to other consoles,why is their talks of becoming an all digital streaming service? Why are sony moving their headquarters from japan to California? Because Nintendo is stealing the Japanese market from them with the switch...and lastly, why is the public talking more about a console sony is supposedly releasing? Shouldn't we be hearing about it from sony themselves? Wheres the code name? I dont know man, I dont think sony is doing as well as you think. Oh by the way the xbox is a dead brand.

+FABREASE yeah but those are all 3rd party games they are not getting full revenue and profit from those. It's the multiplayer section of those games where they make up that revenue from with their online services. Now let's look at how their 1st party studios are doing for them. If I stripped all 3rd party games from sony and Microsoft, what would you have left in all of 2018. Spiderman, God of war, and detroit from sony. Forza Harizon 4, state of decay, and sea of thieves from Microsoft. That's only 6 games between two major companies. Not good man not good.

Frigatevet9806 You’re way off track. The PS4 has sold...don’t just believe me but GOOGLE it for evidence...they have sold 876 million GAMES this gen. They are closing in on a billion games sold. The more consoles sold the more the number exponentiates. You guys are still missing the point on those story driven juggernauts like GOW and Spider Man that have all sold 10 mil+. They are powerful in the sense of sales (limited editions) AND mind share as far as pushing the PS brand. PlayStation is dominating this gen more than most realize. Nintendo and Xbox are still kicking ass in their own rights though.

Frigatevet9806 Nintendo exclusives do very well. You are correct. But you aren’t taking sales of 3rd party games into account. It’s quite likely that the sales revenue gained from titles like RDR2, Battlefield 5, COD MW 4, etc, which all released day 1 on ps4 to the largest installed player base, has caused Sony’s game sales revenue to eclipse Nintendo. Take into account that Switch JUST got Diablo 3. Sony had it years ago. And this is just one blockbuster title example.

+Ken Freeman the only reason that might be true and I use the term might loosely is psn and their subscription services..that's it, thats all. Theres absolutely no way in hell God of war, spiderman, and detroit become human which were the only big titles Sony released all of 2018 made more revenue than Nintendo does. Smash brothers ultimate sold more than all those games on a smaller install base. Playstation has 92 million supposed users, but can only sell 9 million copies of spiderman and only spiderman for this year? Nope that's not gonna cut it.

Frigatevet9806 PlayStation is generating more revenue than both Xbox and the Switch and it’s by a substantial amount. It doesn’t scale according to sales but PlayStation is DEFINITELY the leader in revenue.

+Puertorock 77 Naw man, Nintendo's game revenue shits on every other company's. Nintendo will eventually outsell the PS4, but that doesn't take away from the great games the PS4 has...but Nintendo consumers come out in droves to buy Nintendo products. And it's usually quality.

+Puertorock 77 no they are not, not even close and you'll find out tomorrow when Nintendo post their financial quarterly earnings and numbers. Psvr is not selling, ps vita is being discontinued this year and Sony is not coming to e3 this year. That's just off the top of my head some things wrong with sony. They are not coming to e3 how in the hell are going to compete with Nintendo without any way to announce anything. You might wanna rethink that man before you step to the big N

Frigatevet9806 compete with Nintendo? Sony is blowing Nintendo out the water in game revenue which is the ultimate point.

I don't care. It's up to the Xbox fans to demand better and not just automatically line-up into everything Philip Spencer promotes as something positive and something they really need. When that isn't and haven't always been the case. If Sony would left their consoles dry, during the bad times with PS3. To try to lean more into this kind of route of game streaming and promote it at E3 as something we need of instead of a PS4. I would been pissed off, literally. But hey... Xbots will damage control even bullshit that isn't worth it, only because its Microsoft or Xbox stamped on that plastic. For Xbot's, Microsoft can't never get out of focus, to actually not focus on their core audience.

Puertorock 77 I read an article that was dated 2016 that said Sony would have 2 PS5s...a streaming device and a console. I linked this to the Pro Xbox guys and they ignored it when the news the Xbox would release a streaming device came out. My theory is this...Sony is trying to actually perFECT the concept they started with Vita and the tech is finally here. It makes ZERO sense to stream locally....Either through Google, Amazon or whatever else. That is a portability issue.

I don't waste my money on these crazy expensive phone's. I have a $50 Samsung I got from Dollar General.

Well I see why micrisoft and sony are going that route. They need to sell software and they feel they are not achieving optimal levels of this on just their dedicated platforms. So they want to get more attention more "eyes" on their software by putting them on other dedicated devices outside of homes through their services. If that takes off and becomes successful, they will cut the hardware and put that money towards their services and studios. They have to do this it's the only way to compete with Nintendo right now.

Puertorock 77 Sony’s going to release a portable Switch style device which is the ONLY reason a streaming device makes sense.

Haven't watched the video yet but I don't think that implementing game streaming is taking away from the core. At the end of the day it's going to be the same games (at least as how I imagine it). If I could keep a controller in my car and play God of War on my phone with the same save as on the console I would do that often. I'm a big fan of the Switch hardware as well, but game streaming could provide the same functionality with phones and tablets.

I agree with the suggestions you made Puertorock. I would also like to see a lower level of PS Plus. Having the ability to pick 1 of 2 free games without online play (since I only play locally) for $30/ year would be right up my alley.

To be honest them goin towards game streaming is taking the easy way out. Let’s not give Sony or MS the easy way out

I loved this, pls do more

Lets keep it real. Ppl saying that downing game streaming is “negative” or “toxic” or your being a “dinosaur” are Microsoft fanboys trying to defend their dying preferred brand

I agree but this streaming gaming will fail.

played them all no fan boy of anything just what you like better play on that's it

Pro-tip: repairing your phone yourself will save you a lot of money. There are some annoying things about that though, I've never had to deal with screws so small in my life until I did work on my iPhone.

That's why I never bought an iPhone after my friends experience where they erased my friends data and pictures and games and contacts

That is fantastic.

This reminds me of when Xbox dudes (negatively) say 'the PS4 doesn't have 4K'. If we wanted 4K. We would just game on PC or buy an Xbox. Not rocket science.

Games every 2-3 years? So now the complaint is game development is too slow. When the topic was about Assassin's Creed the complaint was that games every 2-3 years was bad and since God of War 4 took 6 years that taking at along as you need for a game was good. R*'s release pattern this gen is not the entire industry's schedule or fucking thing to do with peer-to-peer gaming. SEGA, Namco, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Take2, etc all have no problem putting out more than 1 game in 5 years. Stop conflating shit. Also, you're too old to use the word "cuck" incorrectly.

I'm all about good games. If Sony releases a portable that allows me to use the Dualshock 4 via Bluetooth, and stream PS4/PS5 games with quality and minimal latency issues, count me in. Shit, if they make another Vita with upgraded tech, count me in.

People should realize everything isn't positive there's going to be negatives in everything criticism is a part of life. The Virtual Boy was a total failure and I looked at my mom like why did you get me this shit for Christmas in the 90's when I was a kid lmao. I'm not a big fan of Game Streaming I'm all about Consoles just my choice

Yo rock you on point ..... man you right my netflix goes down too sometimes so yeah f that i like playing single off line mostly anyway ...... positive fags man i ain't relying on streaming no no no hahahhahaha

Perfect example was the Diablo reveal on mobile

Good video glad to see you back and I could give two shits about streaming or playing a game like god of war on my phone the best place to play that is on my PS4 pro at home.


The only reasoning i see behind this "play anywhere" model is mimicking the success of the Nintendo Switch and how that "console" is portable. You're right though double dipping is dumb and shouldn't be implemented. My mom is also a casual gamer who plays casino or puzzle games on her iPad pro so for sure she's not a target for what Microsoft or Sony want to do. I just don't know what they're thinking or justify their actions. Great video, as usual.

Yes they double dip because they are allowing the Wii u games to bought for the 5th time in 20 years lol

Some countries do charge like triple the amount of money for cell phones/tablets & all devices. Which overall won't be a lot of countries.

Microsoft's is committed to local hardware streaming is just a extra service, their are a lot of assumptions in this video that you know what people want, if people dont want to stream games hey are so many companies investing in it if no one wants it?, maybe your opinion is not fact and all the millions these companies put in researching these things they might know better

Fair play I can't argue with those points, in my opinion streaming will not be for the hard-core or old-school gamers but I do feel their is a market, i have no interest in streaming but my son has access to multiple consoles ps4 Xbox one the switch and 3ds yet a lot of his time is sat playing on his tablet like a lot of kids do

loftie83 just like kinect, move, 3D tv. Industry isn’t perfect. Sometimes their greed for money blinds them from reality.

What up PRock.

why are you still using a expensive wall garden phone now? yeah, i know consoles are also wall gardens but at least it does not have a exorbitant cost of entry. im also pretty much against streaming but now every company is just gonna go the route of endless subscriptions aka recurring revenue. selling you a game and just getting that money once is just not enough no more. even digital download is not good enough since you still can game share with it or crack / pirate it.

Preach brother

I have 0 faith in game streaming & an all digital future..

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