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Learn to Break a Glass with Your Voice || Learn Quick

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This. Episode, of land quick is supported, by the Mozilla Foundation I. Recently. Watched the video by a guy called le beast and in that video he learns to smash a glass using, his voice alone. Immediately. After watching that fantastic, video I thought to myself I, want, to learn that so. I know that you have to sing or produce. A tone with your voice at the, same frequency that, the glass naturally. Vibrates up when, you ping it I've, got my eye protection, just in case this actually works, this is day one hour zero. Maybe. I have to sing into. The glass. So. The reason he puts a straw in the glass is so that he can tell when it started to vibrate with his cup with his voice because that's. When the straw starts jiggling about like that. Did. You see the straw wobble in there. I've, tried three different glasses, but. It's not working, now I don't know if this is a problem with my pitch or if, it's, a problem with the volume. More. Practice required. On. Day, two I decided to use an app on my phone to help me practice holding, the note at the same pitch and was, volume the. Phone tells me when I draft off pitch and when I dip in loudness. That's. Bad I want, it to be a perfectly. Straight line. It's, a straight line so that's good, so, I'm gonna work on this out a little volume and slowly work on increasing the volume. I've. Done some pretty annoying. Land quakes in the past but this one this. One is different this is day 3 the problem is I'm not loud, enough so we're. Just gonna practice on volume. You. See the straw jumping around that is me, holding, the pitch at the right frequency and, the higher volume but still. What, will make them pull this. That's. Just loud, that's as light as I can do it ah do. My head and day. Sabbath. Raising. Your pitch slowly, until. You find the straw by Britain is easier than just trying to nail it first time for example come up slowly. Still. Have its master. Sorry. We're. Starting to think this is either impossible or I, just, don't have the lung power to produce the volume, needed to break that they have tried, every. Variation of wine, glass in my house to. No avail so, I went back to LA beast video and, wash it again and at the start he says that the glass must be crystal, so, we. Nipped out went, shopping, and. Bought these glasses and on the box it says crystal. I don't really know what crystal means but why I think anyway. Is that the glass will be more brittle, which. Is good for us. Okay. This is day I, don't. Know I don't, know what the innocence. Wow. Can you hear that ringing after. All. Right to make it right with God do it twice. So. How you break a glass using, just your voice first of all you must wear eye protection you're, gonna break a glass right in front of your face second, of all make sure you use a crystal glass normal, glass doesn't seem to work you want to be able to reproduce that. Tone as loudly. As accurately. And for as long as you can I like to sing it right there, so I'm put my mouth right there not in the glass and not at the bottom like that the, only way to be able to sustain that know, that loud for that long is to practice, it took me a while. Thank. You very much. Now. More, than have our online security and privacy are a major, concern, when buying electrical. Goods is your, keyboard tracking your keystrokes is your cattle monitoring, your tea making tendencies, are, these wine glasses embedded, with microphones, send data back to third parties so they can tailor ads to suit me. This. Holiday season don't buy your loved ones a gadget that compromises, their privacy and security no, matter how Neph they are cute that gadget may be checkout. Mozilla's, free to use buyer's guide previs, 8 not included, this. Guide helps identify, internet connected products that meet your privacy and security needs Missoula's, researchers, have reviewed dozens of products and ask critical questions like, does, this product have privacy controls does, the company share data with third parties and does, the company obey child related privacy, rules most. Privacy not included you can choose responsible, technology, that fuels a movement to promote online privacy, and security so check out this holiday season before buying, and thank, you to the mozilla foundation for, supporting this episode.

2017-12-14 09:41

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I feal sorry for your neighbors


i'll stick with droping it on the ground

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This video was sponsored by “earrape”

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Mike then went on a kill streak and has now received the nickname "the crystal glass assassin" Eyewitness report he uses his voice to end his victim's lives. If you have any information about the crystal glass assassin... Keep it to yourself nobody likes a snitch.

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