How To Start Selling On Amazon FBA For Beginners! Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial

How To Start Selling On Amazon FBA For Beginners! Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial

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What's going on guys today I'm gonna be showing you exactly, how you can start your own Amazon, FBA business. From scratch now, this is gonna be a step-by-step tutorial there. Will be a link, in the description for you to go download a PDF, where you can go follow along with what I'm teaching but, I'm gonna jump on my computer I have a kind of checklist that you guys can follow we'll go through I'll show, you how to do everything on my screen so let's, jump right in and I'll show you guys alright, guys so what is the first step when it comes to starting an Amazon business the. First step is you, need to have an actual business now this scares a lot of people but you can be there's, different types you can be a sole proprietor, which, is the simplest cost no money to start very easy you can do it online you. Can start an LLC, which, is what I recommend why I personally do and you can use a website, like Legal, Zoom you, just go in you fill in your information and. It's. Pretty much as simple as that they ask a couple questions usually takes about 15 minutes now. This way does, cost money there are ways to do this for free but. Legal Zoom is the easiest in my opinion it's probably 2, 3 or bucks it varies by state and what package you get but they, do all the work and it's very quick now. The second, thing you're gonna need is, going to be an EIN. Now an EIN, is an employee identification number. You're gonna need this on Amazon no. Matter what so you do have to have this you, can get this in about two minutes it's, completely, free and anyone. Can get this now this is if you're selling in the US so P, I n like I said employee identification. Number you go to their website you literally fill in I think it's six different boxes, you. Give them your social security and they'll give you an EIN, which again is an employee, identification number. Which. Is for tax purposes and, that. Is why amazon ask for it as well but you do need that when setting up your Amazon account so, you get that number now they're open, weekdays I believe just normal hours until 5:00 p.m. I think it's 6:00 or 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern. Time so, you, can get it emailed to you otherwise it's still next day and like I said it's completely free it's a government website now. Step number three is you're. Going to need your business name which if you create LLC's sole proprietorship, you probably already have, but, you want a store, name as well and yes your store name that you want for Amazon should be the. Exact same as your business name if it's, not then technically, if you have an LLC you're. Not protected, under that because you're operating under a different name, now, there's, also DBAs. Which is doing business as which we're not going to go into but you can operate under different names if you register it so, how, are we gonna get a logo name name, usually, for me this is the hardest part I'm not creative I had to just think of random words and I'll throw random words together at the, end of things for me if you, look up different like Latin root words Greek Chinese, and maybe. Find one that fits you that's what I've done for a couple of mine now. Logo you, can create this yourself it can be very simple you. Can get someone on Fiverr to do it which is a website you. Can pay five ten bucks for it or, you can even your logo can literally just be your name if you want of your business so, completely, up to you that is all of step one step. Two is to create your Amazon accounts now. When, you're doing this this is probably a 10-15, minute process, they're gonna ask you a bunch of different questions about. Your, business or your name your business address your. EIN. Etc. Bank account info and, when. You're setting that up you, just go through answer, all the questions it's very kind of self-explanatory with that and after, you do that there are a couple settings, you're gonna want to go into on Amazon, and change in your account now. The, video on-screen right now I, had. Some settings, already set so mine, were preset correctly but you're, gonna want to go into a couple, different settings the first all, under settings is the.

Advertising. Charge, method, now this method is, just how you're paying for ads if you're buying ads on Amazon now, originally. Some. Of you might not see this until you create, your first listing sometimes a setting is hidden but. Once you do this, just changes how. You, are charged for, advertising. Normally. It's on credit card that's by default you can change it to your Amazon, seller, account as a default method so instead. Of them charging, your credit card as soon as you spend money they. Take the money out of whatever profit, they're paying you every two weeks so you wait an extra two weeks and, that money will be taken out of what, they're paying you back for your profit so, that's the first setting the next setting is the. Labeling. And the prepping. Now who, preps preps, just means is the, product all the way prepared, does a man's line have to do anything else with it is it in, a plastic bag already and the answer should be yes 99%. Of time depending. On your supplier, who. Labels, this is another setting just, put Amazon for now I'll explain that a little later and the. Last setting is the inventory placement. Now inventory, placement, what. That is is when you go, and you. Are sending your inventory, again this will make sense once we go all through the steps but when, you're sending your inventory, into Amazon they, want you to send it to a couple different warehouses, which is difficult it can cost more money from. Your supplier because of shipping now. If you go in and change this setting you can send them all to the, exact same warehouse, now there is a small fee for, this but. It is gonna save you a lot of money on the shipping from your supplier so. Once you have your Amazon account up we're gonna move to step three which is, the most important, part of this and that is product, research, so why, is this so important, this can make or break selling. On Amazon, finding, the right product is everything, because if you find something that's too competitive, you're. Not gonna rank you're not gonna be seen it's not gonna sell no matter how good your listing is in everything else but if, you choose the right product and you get ranked and put in front of the right people even if you have a bad listing you'll, still normally, sell well so what. Do we do for product research so the. First thing is I use a tool called viral, launch there's a bunch of different tools they all kind, of do similar, things there's, viral launch your struggle Scout and make out a bunch of different ones viral launch is my favorite right now that's what I use I use a combination of them all but you only need one what. This is is you can go use this tool to sort through. Amazon's. Database, of all their products and you, can put in certain filters so I can say I want all products, that are selling over 200. Units a month but only have, 20. Reviews or have less than 100 reviews this, can, be a lot more complicated product, research and it goes very very in-depth. This is by far said the most important, most detailed, thing you're gonna learn about Amazon, is product, research so instead. Of trying to fit all that into this video I made. A kind of checklist, for you guys which is at the very end of the PDF which, will walk you through step by step exactly what, you need to do in order. To find. The right product to sell on Amazon, now, I do also have other videos on that if you want to check them out but let's, get back to this that checklist if you download the PDF which is the link in the description, you will get that now. Let's. Say we found a product the numbers look good we use our checklist we, need to make sure the products not seasonal. Now what does that mean most you know seasonal. Does it sell only, in summer is it, a seasonal product now, how we can check this is a website called camel, camel camel now, what. You do here is you, go you put either just. The link to the Amazon product, you can even search products, and I'll pull up from Amazon's database, and what, it does is it'll show you the price history and the sales history of the product so, it. Does this by sales rank so, the lower the sales rank the, higher, the sales the. Higher the sales rank the lower the sales so what, you want to see when looking on camel camel camel is a relatively, steady line now. You can see different time periods at the bottom and what. You don't want to see is let's. Say I've been song for two years you don't want to see them selling, well and then it dropped down from, maybe.

September. To January and, then it comes back up and then same thing if, you see a pattern like that it's probably seasonal, so we want to make sure it sells pretty consistently, one, thing to watch out for though is if they run out of inventory it will dip so if it dips for less than a month then. It's not something I would worry about next. We need to make sure it's not a patented, product. Now. You, can do this you can search different patent, databases, online they're free or you can talk to a professional this is not something I'm gonna kind of advise on but you, can do your own research on this and then, just make sure it's not a restricted, product or a category there are some categories that require approval on Amazon and there, are some products, you're not allowed to sell couple, examples would be you, can't sell a glass blunt or pipe you, can't sell, growing. For plants you, can't sell a lockpick, set there's. A whole list of these on Amazon on the, seller central page if you just look up Amazon, restricted, products they'll, give you a list of everything, and you can just check to make sure the product you found is not on there after. You do all that you're, gonna go and track the product and make sure the sales are staying consistent again. You can use a tool like viral launch they have tools, that do this they have a ton of different ones on their site which I'll leave a link to them in the description as well but. You track the product you make sure it's selling, well again you can use camel camel camel for this to make sure the, sales are consistent, but you, want to make sure they didn't just spike up sell well for a couple days and then drop down so. After, step three is step four which is finding, a supplier, now. What, you're gonna do here is you're gonna find multiple, suppliers for your product on a website called Alibaba, now, there's different websites, there's DHgate there's, Alibaba, there's some for the US I mainly. Use DHgate and Alibaba so, if you're gonna start probably use Alibaba and, what. You're gonna do is just search your product name and then, you're gonna go through and you can filter and talk. To you a couple different suppliers, when. You do the filters you can filter them by trade Assurance which means if you buy a product and the, supplier scams, you or tries to not send you the product and takes your money well. That was through alibaba's. Trade assurance so don't get you that money back it's pretty much gain no risk. So. You're, gonna find in message, a couple suppliers, under, their listings you can see the product images, stuff about the product about their company find. A couple you like and go. Through and message them exactly, what you want say hey I want this many units I'm. Gonna send them into Amazon, blah blah blah you, can also ask them for a sample, in that message and say how much does it cost some sent free samples, I, just got a product sample about a month ago for one of my new products and it cost me $40, it's about this big probably weighs about a pound and. It was $40, for one unit now of course that's not going to be the price if I buy more units but just, for a sample just to test out the quality if, you use those filters you talk to the suppliers should be able to figure out if they're reputable are they someone you think you can trust do, they speak English decently, enough to communicate, how, timely do they respond, which is very important and next. Is mo q, what's mo Q that is the minimum order quantity, and you'll see this on different listings on Alibaba, and that. Just means you, can't order, less than this amount now is this sense don't know this is always negotiable I've, had someone who had an mo Q of a thousand, so it means I had order at least a thousand units Steven order from them and I, got them to drop it 300 as a test order so, there's different techniques to go about talking about that, next. Shipping, manufacturing, time so how long does it take to make how long does it take to ship just, things you should include when you're messaging your supplier and then. Do they accept paypal, or Alibaba, trade assurance PayPal. I leave I would trade assurance both if you get ripped off you can file a dispute get, that money back and. Lastly. Can you put your logo on your product you're gonna want to put your logo on your product, we are private, labeling, means. Making products our own so, if I were selling those taco holders I was showing you guys then. I would want my logo either on the holder on the box somewhere so, it is my product so make sure that the supplier can do that as well now step, 5 is make sure it's profitable, there's.

No Point in selling a product if you're gonna lose money every unit so. Sometimes, making. Heavy products, the the, cost is too expensive, there's Amazon FBA fees, which, are based off of weight and size so. I'm gonna use a tool called the Amazon FBA calculator which. If you just type in Amazon FBA calc in the Google it pops up you, can type. In it's kind of just like camel camel camel you can type in any product. You can copy. And paste the link Asin. And it'll pull up that product now this is Amazon's tool and you. Can plug in what you sell for so if I want the song price to be $17.99. And, for. This we're gonna leave the, spot with cost the ship as zero because. We're gonna include that in our product cost at, the bottom and we'll just put 350. Here and. Then I just click enter and it'll. Pull up what my profit, is what my Amazon FBA fees, are now. It's, basing, it off of other products like that so you'll. See the fee at the top the. First one is the referral fee from Amazon, and that, is just 15%, of, the sale price. $17.99. With 15% now. If you're selling cheaper products it's $1, or 15%. Of sale price whichever is more so, keep that in mind and next you're gonna have the Amazon FBA fees, which is the cost for them for, Amazon to store. To pick impact and to ship out all your units since, they're doing all of that for you that's what FBA is and, then. You'll be able to see your total profit at the bottom so that's, Amazon FBA calculator you, can play with different prices, see what your profit would be and general. Rule of thumb is I like my at least 30%. Profit compared to yourself, price so for, this one you can see we're selling at $17.99. So $18 and my, profit is, 666. Which is just about 30%. Profit, margin which I am fine with there now, step, six is to create your listing you're gonna need to create your title your bullet points your description, and I'll show you guys an example of a decent listing there bullet points aren't the best titles. Okay but it's all about the keywords the. Bullet points are all about showing kind of the benefits and features and the description, is kind of just a total. Description of your product so these, images on this one are pretty good they show the product being used they, show people, actually interacting, with it your, first picture does have to be the. Product with just a blank white background, of it though that is Amazon's, Terms of Service sometimes, you'll see ones that don't but that is, their rule and.

When You're creating your listing you're, also going, to have to have some keywords, in the backend or search. Terms and this is really, important there's different tools to do this. Viral. Lunch has a tool, where you can search up keywords. And they'll show you the search volume based off of that, exact keyword and also. The broad search, term for that so. They'll, show you the volume of all of those and that's usually how I go about selecting, what. Keywords I want to use for my listing, now. As far as images, you, can get your images from your supplier but make sure they did not take them from someone else they actually took those pictures and if. You really want to be safe you can send a sample, of your product just one unit to a photographer. And you can normally get six to ten pictures for fifty, to seventy-five dollars and at least they're professional picture and you, can get them edited as well if you want just the white background it's pretty simple to do there's a lot of services online you. Can use fiber there's, Amazon, services just for this I know viral launch has a service like that so, I'd. Search through viral launch and see if you were interested in any of those now. The next thing is we need a barcode now a lot of people get confused with this you. Need a barcode when you're creating your listing Amazon asks for it now where do you get a barcode you can get a barcode from barcode mania they, are gs1, certified, which is what amazon wants for them I've used these barcodes and I've never had an issue there, are five dollars each or you can buy five for ten dollars if you know you're gonna sell more than one product so. You get that you put that, barcode, number into your Amazon listing and you. Are done with that barcode, that barcode, does not go on your product. Now. What you do next is change. Your listing. To fulfilled, by Amazon which, you can do under, actions, and seller central and. Once. You do that on that drop-down there will be something where you can see print item label, now, what that is is it's a different barcode with your title and your Asin, under it and that. Is what is gonna go on your products, packaging, that, is what you send any sure your supplier and that's what goes on your packaging a lot of people get that confused with the barcode barcode. You use the number put in your listing you're done with that you never use that again this, is now the barcode you use, now. Step, number seven, is choosing your shipping now, this is where some people get confused do, I do air sip shipping, do i do sea shipping there's. A lot of shipping terms customs, and duties blah blah blah, package. Restrictions, weights unit size how many units guys sent in it, can be very overwhelming and, the easiest way for me to put this is I'll put up a picture. On the screen right now you guys can pause the screen and it will show you all the shipping terms what they mean who takes care of what the, easiest thing to do if you have a light and small product is do air shipping and do. Door-to-door. Now what that means is if, I, were to do sea shipping I'd have to go and take. Care of duties, and customs. Signing. Different paperwork. Sending. More money and different things easiest. Thing is door-to-door, shipping, or all duties paid also. Called DD, and that. Is just the easiest you don't have to handle anything it's straight, from the supplier to, Amazon's warehouse you don't do anything so. That is as easy as I can make if you guys want to pause on the, different terms that can also help you so. Air shipping door-to-door, all duties paid DDP. And, sometimes. They'll ask for a declared value if, it's over two thousand dollars there is a fee usually so how, much is the package. Worth just. Say under two thousand dollars unless you want to intrude for more now step eight is create your shipping plan on Amazon, now what. You're going to need from your supply you're gonna need some information you're. Gonna need to know how many boxes are there how. Many units per box what. Is the weight of each box and what is the dimensions, of each box. You're. Gonna go in and enter that information into, your shipping plan.

You're. Going to change, you, don't change the shipping carrier at all you'll see on the side, when you set it up it'll, ask like DHL, FedEx you can just leave that how it is, you're. Going to print the item labels, and send a supplier like we were talking about earlier. And. Then. You're going to send one more thing to your supplier so once. You're done with the shipping plan app and you can click, print, box labels, and it. Is just the label that goes on the entire box. So the outside of the entire box that's holding all your units, and, if. There's. One per box so if you have ten boxes you're gonna have ten of these you're, gonna email these to the supplier and that's what they're gonna put on the top of the box and in. Your shipping plan that is how you get the address to send to your supplier. To. Tell them where to ship it this is just an Amazon warehouse you, do not get to choose what address Amazon, will assigned you one in your shipping plan, click. Market shipped and you're. Done and you can come back edit at any time you can delete it you can change it so if you mess up don't worry now step, number nine this is the more advanced stuff and this is going to be the launch our product so how, are we going to get sales how are we gonna get started well. The first thing we need to do is get, a couple of reviews so how are we gonna do this, well, reviews, on Amazon can be tricky there's verified, reviews and unverified, reviews now. Verified, just means the person. Is the product on Amazon, for, less than a 50%, discount or. Just, full price non. Verified, means that either didn't purchase the product they purchase it out a heavy discount etc. So does. It matter what you have for ranking there, might be a slight ranking, factor with it but the overall consensus, is no it doesn't really matter so. When. You're trying. To launch your product you need a couple reviews so you, don't want to go quickly with reviews you don't want fake reviews but you can't ask friends. To review your products but sometimes reviews won't stay Amazon, knows if you're, friends with someone on Facebook so asking friends on Facebook isn't a good idea they, know the, IP address, of your computer, so if they see the seller account and you go ask your mom or your neighbour to review your product they're not gonna let that review, stay and you, can risk kind of getting your account banned there so. There's, different Facebook, groups for this there's services, where you can give away some units and ask. For, not, ask for reviews you cannot ask for reviews, in exchange, for the, discounted, product but there's. A lot of sites where you give away products and people will usually leave, reviews so. There's, different ones like jump, send is one of them that is through jungle Scout viral. Launch has a launching service as well, there's, different ways to go about it but you need to start getting some, sales and giveaways look like sales to Amazon, and a, couple of reviews to. Start kind of boosting your ranking and I'd. Start PPC. Which is just Amazon advertising, right, away as soon as you get your first review and, that, brings me a step 10 which is the last step which is to advertise, your product so, you can use that same keyword, tool we used before in viral, launch to create. An Amazon PPC, campaign, which is just bidding. On different keywords to show up your listing so if I, can bid for $0.50. And show up on the first page the first listing. Paying. 50 cents per click that's. Great that's like being ranked number one yours paying to be there a little bit so, you need to start with that with. Amazon advertising, I normally start with $10 a day I start, with broad match keywords. And I'll, put in an automatic. Campaign, so manual you, can adjust whatever keywords you want automatic. It, does a lot of keywords for you Amazon, automatically creates it and tests a bunch of different keywords and, the. Goal of this is to let it run for a week or to pull, that data and we, can look at that data and then optimize to. Only spend money on the keywords that aren't making us profit, so we, get rid of all the bad ones we go create a manual campaign, with the good ones and we, let it run and we consistently, do that and optimize so. That. Brings. Me to the end now what are you going to be doing the entire time, this is all happening what do you do after that well never, stop optimizing, your listening if you want to change things on your listing if you can get better images, better bullet, points etc.

Do That same, with your pay-per-click ads. Also. Never. Run out of inventory that's the worst thing you can do on Amazon your sales rank will start to drop if, you do it for a week it's usually not too bad but if you're out of inventory for like a month it's, gonna be hard to keep. Your rank cuz you're getting no sales and Amazon's eyes and you'll start dropping so make. Sure you're, replenishing, your inventory, you can get it in in time you. Know if the suppliers are having holidays Chinese New Year's coming up that's usually, end. Of January, early February to, the end of February so they do take an extended break there so make sure if you're selling already that. You will get your inventory in in time so, you do not run out. Answer. Any customer, messages, this is part of your, seller account health and you want customers to be happy so you. Pretty, much want to do anything to not get bad reviews so make, the customer happy even if it means sending them a free product it's usually worth it and not worth getting a bad review and track. Your profits in an excel sheet just. To know if you're actually making money where, your money is and whatnot so I'm gonna leave a link where you guys can go download this sixty page PDF I created where it teaches you exactly how, you can create your own Amazon business step by step it's similar to this video but, it's a lot more in-depth than there's different strategies and more detail to it that, can kind of take you further so there's a link e and download this completely, free it will be in the description, but this, goes over a lot of what I talked about more in depth and kind of advanced, other strategies. I use and will. Kind of give you everything you need to get started so I'll, leave that link in the description, for you guys I hope you enjoyed and I'll see you guys in the next video.

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Currency haha quality does have a cost, it pays!

Matt Wacek Nice and yup its definitely all about putting in the time and the work in. Idk bout the Whole Foods thing tho, their stuff is a bit overpriced. Jk, lol well at least where I’m from in Canada

+Currency Right on. I reinvest about 90% of what my business makes right back into it. The things I want to do in the future (racing motocross at my fullest potential and of course exotic cars, land to build mx tracks, houses, etc.) are quite expensive so the time to reinvest into my affiliate SEO sites, acquiring digital marketing clients (via ads), and building my personal brand's following, is right now and work like crazy every single day to make it happen. I take my health & fitness pretty serious as well, perfect diet + solid workout routine = sharp mind for working efficiently, overall self care falls into that as well. With the exception of the Holidays the past 2 weeks, I rarely leave my house with the exception of going to Whole Foods haha. Sounds crazy to most normal people, but when sales are coming in and things run smooth for the most part, it does not feel like work and it makes me truly happy being at my computer for 9-12 hours each day

Matt Wacek Yeah exactly. So a recession isn’t something that you need to ignore, its important to learn about this stuff. Just because not a lot of people on Youtube are talking about it doesn’t mean its not going to happen. Personally I save 80-90% of my income, I don’t do normal people shit so a huge chunk of my money is saved up. All I do is learn at home, work, and gym. And I’m holding back on any investments at the moment BECAUSE of a possible recession. But obviously I’m going to build my Amazon business

+Currency Position yourself in the market CORRECTLY, don't live beyond your means (whether you're making $50,000 a year or $5M) and you'll ride through pretty much any economic recession if you're building a business or have a business that you can control.

Matt Wacek Didn’t get a notification for your reply. But I’m just saying, this is important to think about. A global economic recession isn’t just “stock market” or “real estate stuff.” A recession is a slowdown in the economy. Meaning less employment, which means less consumer purchases, etc. Which is relative to what we’re talking about as Amazon sellers, because if people are losing their jobs then there will be a lower amount of sales volume


Min C oh well makes sense.

At the video duration time of 13:56 did he say that he had a profit of (666

Can this be done out of the USA? Are there any restrictions to that?

Yes it can!

Hey, I am in the review stage, appearing in FB for verified ones. No even one yet. Is there something else I am not doing?

Why do you do this? Lol you want to see other ppl wealthy?

if the seller in not from USA and sell in USA , EIN also from USA or not ?and i pay Taxes to country that i live or the country that i sell in it (USA) ? Thank you.

Hey Tanner, Is it better to get a LLC or Sole Proprietorship when starting a business name?


Amazon keeps getting bigger and bigger every year! It is not too late to start. Yes, it can be hard to start with all the competition, but artificial intelligence is pretty advance now with tools that'll help you get data to get ahead of your competition. I just found this and it is amazing. Good luck selling Amazon fam!

Where can i get this list? do you have it on your wesbite? thanks

Tanner, I'm a beginner and have never sold on Amazon, should I do an LLC right away or start as a sole proprietorship?

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