How the Sun Works on the Flat Earth - Timelapse of the Sun Proves the Flatness of the Earth

How the Sun Works on the Flat Earth - Timelapse of the Sun Proves the Flatness of the Earth

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Fear is. It really just a big ball floating, in space. Spinning. On its axis at a thousand miles per hour hurtling. Around the Sun at 67,000. Miles per whizzing. Through the Milky Way at a milk curdling speed of over half a million miles per hour and you work driving, through the heaven at over half billion miles per hour and what. About the Sun is, it really 93, million miles away and close. To a million miles in diameter with. A circumference, of nearly, three million miles and it's, constantly, illuminating. Half of our entire Earth's surface with the rotation, of the earth creating. Our 24-hour days our night days, or. Shh. And, maybe it's completely, still, just like we experienced, and. Maybe the Sun isn't big but, is very small and very close and not, illuminating. The earth from 93, million miles but. Is illuminating, locally, and maybe. Everything, the Sun Moon and stars are, not far away but our, circling, overhead relatively, close in. This video we're going to explore the, latter option and at the end we're going to reveal startling. Evidence through, the use of time-lapse, photography that. The Sun cannot. Possibly, be 93 million miles away but, is in fact very. Close and is. Illuminating. Locally, as it. Traverses our, Flat Earth oh man. And watch how this Sun, comes at you. Mmm. I mean. Come on. And. That's all perspective, if, you look at jet trails Google, images you'll see them they start out low with the horizon they come up overhead look at that thing they, come up overhead and then they go down to the horizon, perfectly. Explains, what the Sun would do here it is going overhead, I. Love. Time-lapse, look at this you can't go out and look at the Sun you can't see this stuff except. That it's on you, know time-lapse like this it's incredible and, watch this thing it's. Sweeping, you know the Sun over flat earth is doing a big circle all right look. At this thing see it sweep into the rights like a lefty bowler just toss that down the alley and there it goes hooking, into the pocket. You can see how the clouds angle, down to the horizon. Shot. There. That's. Exactly how the Sun would do. Unclutter. Okay. Back to the Copernican, principle and, this is what they tell us the Sun is 93 million, miles, away now. I'm gonna show you evidence, through, sunsets, that shows the Sun light. Following, the Sun over the horizon and it shrinks, as it goes over now, there's no way it would do that if the Sun is 93 million, miles away, okay, personally, show you some footage from the ISS. Okay, now watch this animation, watch this sunset, now, this is exactly if they came to me and said do an animation this, is how I would do it if, the Sun were 93 million miles away just like that have the whole horizon fade, evenly.

But, That's not what we see. Okay. Wow look at that look how the light lifts, off the ground like a big wedge or like, lifting up a sheet of paper that's. Incredible, footage. Definitely. The lights following, the Sun right okay. Next I'm going to show you how. A, son. That is circling over the earth that creates the horizontal, aspect of the Sun if, you combine that with perspective. Which creates the up and down of the Sun the rising in the setting you get the twenty-three point five degrees tilt. That, they talk about it's, nothing but perspective, and the circle inside. Here's. Another Sun sweeping, out a big circle. Okay. Here's a phenomenon, that you might be wondering how in the heck do you explain this on a flat earth well. This, footage is taken from Alaska, during the summer and. The. Sun does look like it's going up and down the, reason it's doing that is that this town in Alaska is not in, the center of the, sun's circular. Circuit, in, other words the Sun is making a big circle and the, town is not in the center of that circle so. The Sun will be closer and further, from, the viewer with the camera that will cause it to go higher, and lower and also maybe even bigger. And. Smaller. Look. At the high altitude airplane remember this is from the high altitude balloon so, that airplane is probably at cruising altitude notice. How it looks like it's going up from the horizon that's. Exactly how the Sun will, rise because. That plane is staying parallel to the ground and now watch it will go down to the other horizon, alright, again perspective, that's how the Sun will set and forget the big ball that's just a do to a GoPro camera but. See, how the Sun that's the point of this and then, also look, at the size of the Sun man look at that thing I mean. There is something to it to say that we're the higher higher, up our view and the Sun looks bigger and it looks like it's not as high in the sky as it does when we're on the ground something. To that. Let's, explore, this notion a bit further that the Sun looks bigger when filmed from higher up, the next three slides I'm going to do a comparison a side-by-side the one on the left the cameras above the clouds the camera on the right is ground level. And the point for the side-by-side, comparison, from the ground level and the level above the clouds is that, above, the clouds we're only maybe a mile or so up and if the Sun, appears to be closer to. The camera well. That, means it's probably much, closer because if the Sun were 93, million miles away a mile, closer, wouldn't, make any difference at all to its visual appearance. Okay, here's a little. Illustrator. Or a little cartoon from a website. Called time and date comm it's, really funny that they would have a perfect, illustration of, a. Sun, rising, and setting on a flat earth due, to perspective you'll, notice that it rises, from. Below the horizon and. Sets below the horizon now you might be saying well, how, is that possible I can see now you're saying that it rises and lowers due to perspective but how does it disappear, below, the horizon well. I got a theory about that because, of the fact that all parallel. Lines and planes converge. At, your eye level horizon, this is according to the perspective. I'm not making this up if in, fact and they do they, converge at your eye level horizon, visually, then, it makes sense that after that, point they diverge, meaning, they then separate. So the, Sun would continue, on a downward track as. You can see from my illustration, here the lines, would go to your horizon, and then afterwards, they, would spread, out and separate, kind of like a starburst, and the, starburst being at your horizon, at your focal. Plane. Anyway. Without further ado we're going to start talking about and I'm gonna start showing you the time-lapse of the sunsets.

That I'm talking about that clearly show the Sun is close and. Illuminating. Locally, here, we go alright, and here are a couple of time-lapse. Sunsets, and just, like the Sun rises at the beginning of this video where you could see the Sun coming at you not maintaining. Any 93, million mile distance. Here you can also see the Sun moving away and it's, clearly, not due to the rotation, of the earth and a son that's maintaining, 93, million miles away but the Sun is moving over the earth and moving away from him. Okay, these next three slides the. Sun is almost set, already behind the horizon but. Watches, the sunlight, shrinks. And follows, the Sun it's, definitely. A locally, illuminating. Sun not. Far away not very big and definitely, not. 93, million miles away. Okay. Remember this video from the beginning at. The video I showed you this one and how it's circling over the earth and watch it sweep to the right like, a bowler bowling, it in there for a strike okay. Now I want you to pay attention to. The. Way the light follows, the Sun the Sun light is going to shrink, right, as it follows the locally. Illuminating. Sun. Functions. See. A drinking, problem is on you, do not get that if the Sun is 93, million, miles away the entire horizon should, fade evenly, just like this supposed shot, taken from space of the earth you can clearly see the way they depict it they depict the demarcation, between day, and night or light, and dark as a long, straight, line and, you can see the long straight line moving is one solid piece that means that, the sunset. Should all fade, the entire horizon should fade evenly, but that's not what we observe as we will see and as we've seen in the footage so far the sunlight shrinks, and follows the Sun over the horizon. So. These. Time-lapse, sunsets, are definitely, the nail in the coffin for. Heliocentrism. But, this particular one here shot from above the clouds from this Observatory, is the. Final, nail in the coffin, look. At how the Sun, just. Shrinks. And the light shrinks, to nothing that. Cannot. Happen as I showed you in the when, the Sun illuminates the entire earth which. It does from, 93 million miles away it, has to. You. Don't get this isolated. Look. At the, sunlight trailing, the Sun, that's. Only, possible, with. A small Sun close, not. Very high, illuminating. Locally, I mean. If, this, isn't proof to you then. You. Gotta take the blinders off. Okay, and finally I want to show you some, examples, of local information or. A city, in the background. This. Is from Grand Canyon National Park. You. Can see Las, Vegas is, one of them. See. The star is going down so you know that's not the Sun that's the glow of Las Vegas it says you can see that's local, illumination I'm just making an example, showing you that there's Tuba City and a, little bit of Flagstaff, now. And, this. One here you see two lights obviously, we don't have two sons but, these are two cities lit, up and it's. Just to show it looks just like the Sun going over the horizon, that's the point but we're showing that. That's. Local, illumination at, work, the, Sun is not 93, million miles away because if it was the entire horizon, would fade evenly. And the. Entire horizon would paid at the same time not. What we see here which. Is the small. Sun cruising, over the earth and the light is following, case. Closed.

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the moon is round every planet we can see is round the sun is round every star we can see is round but we are flat? it's a shame because at lot of your posts are very interesting. But this is lunacy

All wrong guys. The Earth is squared! A-ha-ha p.s. - see ya around the corner...

P-brane has pulled a lot of idiotic ideas from his pea brain that have become foundations for the flat Earth nonsense. How high is the sun above this flat Earth? A couple of miles up "in the clouds"? "About 3,000 miles", is a common estimate. The father of modern flat Earth, Samuel Rowbotham said it was absolutely 700 miles, *"which admits of no uncertainty and requires no modification or allowance for probable influences."* Flat Earth "researchers" can't agree on a distance, because no single distance will work with what we see in the real world, from our spherical rotating Earth. Stay skeptical, that's good. Just apply that same skepticism to flat Earth videos.


This case has been closed since 2000 years. A simple observation of the sun from different locations shows that the sun is far away and earth is not flat:

Must have taken some time to dig up all this nonsense! And it is all wrong! Actually observations of the sun that anyone can do debunk flat Earth beautifully! Look at the vids on my channel!

Jos Leys has some great videos that demonstrate the Earth - sun geometry. Even if you don't believe the heliocentric model, it won't hurt you to take a look outside of the flat Earth echo chamber. Don't be afraid.


There were times when I've noticed the light of the moon, in some mornings, is in a different direction of the rising of the sun....

More proofs about the Flat Earth: You Need to Come Into This With an Open Mind - Learning Curve - Unveiling the flat earth The Biggest Deception of all Time With 200 Proofs - Earth is Not a Spinning Ball History of Flat Earth - International Research The Earth is not what we have been trained to believe Stars are not what we have been told - Depicting stars in real time You can't avoid this Documentary with Scientific Proofs about the Flat Earth Full Interview of Admiral Byrd Talking about Antarctica Secrets - Flat, Globe or Hollow Earth?

Been there! Saw that! Even bigger nonsense than this vid!

At 30 seconds clouds lit from below, you proved the globe earth. You killed flat earth in 30 seconds!

Lol, stupid fucking Flerfers never let me down on the comedy of dumb asses.

You take to long too get to the point.

Erm, spoiler. _It doesn't._

Thanks for the video. The earth is a stationary circle created by God and closed by the firmament's dome. The space is a lie. Nobody will stop the truth about our world. Glory to God and Jesus Christ forever and ever. Amen. Greetings.

I see you neglected to use a filter on your camera in order to remove the sun's glare. This is important, as it gives you a more accurate size of the sun. Using a filter shows that the sun's size doesn't change throughout the day, proving that the sun must be very far away. This has been demonstrated many times. This is only one of many proofs that the sun can't possibly be close.

+NaTuber Tv Anyone who post Eric's 200 proofs of a FE... as proof of anything other than supreme ignorance... does not understand the arguments they are trying to make.

+NaTuber Tv What is a shame is your ignoring evidence and then claiming there is no evidence. Unless you can find a way for the Moon to be 240k miles away on a FE... then all your observations are invalid.

Is not shame to search for the truth because what we have learned it seems that does not match with reality. Do they ??? Stars also are not what we have been told... But again, because we see many other round shapes, it does not mean that also the earth is round... More proofs about the flat earth: Stars are not what we have been told - Depicting stars in real time How the Sun Works on the Flat Earth part 1 - Timelapse of the Sun Proves the Flatness of the Earth You Need to Come Into This With an Open Mind - Learning Curve - Unveiling the flat earth The Biggest Deception of all Time With 200 Proofs - Earth is Not a Spinning Ball History of Flat Earth - International Research The Earth is not what we have been trained to believe You can't avoid these Scientific Proofs about the Flat Earth Full Interview of Admiral Byrd Talking about Antarctica Secrets - Flat, Globe or Hollow Earth?

+Xaverdon Bloody hell, why do I always run in to idiots like you?

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The Sun and Moon do NOT get bigger and smaller as they rise and is just the glare , so that debunks your idea. FILM THE MOON ( which has no glare ) AND YOU WILL SEE IT STAYS THE SAME SIZE ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE SKY.

Great vid. Possible experiment. Can you ask all your viewers all up and down North and South America to send footage of sunset, and preferably living on the same lines of longitude. Then play them all the same time. That would interesting and proof.

Omg. Roflmao

Then why does sun stay same size as it approaches and retreats from prospective?

You are right. Regardless of the details it looks bigger when it's above you. Obviously it's closer. Plus with the eclipse it's the same size as the moon and on and on.

+Ray Whitson you lie, you can't see it looks like a sphere. It just looks ROUND.

+Ray Whitson why does it have to go at an angle? The moon is almost evenly lit across the surface, especially on full moon. A sphere can't do this. Hold up a reflective ball then shine a light on it. You get hotspot the face from centre to edge. Never see this on moon.

+Ran Niz Get a nice telescope and put it on Jupiter. Watch a sliver appear on the side the turns into the eye of Jupiter that then becomes a sliver on the other side. Time it and confirm it is gone for just as long as it is visible and jumps sides... So yes, we know for a fact planets are spheres

+Ran Niz A flat circle becomes an oval at any angle which never happens with the moon. We mapped 59% of the moon surface more than 400 years ago. So yes, we know for a fact the moon is a sphere... and that fact ALSO proves the earth is a sphere

Yes key word you are using is round not sphere, so continue your logic with earth, ROUND and flat. Are you saying you can tell all want we observe in sky are SPHERES, they are just lights. Even the moon doesn't look like a sphere, it looks like a slightly curved disc looking at us. You also can't tell if any of the planets are spinning, the moon isn't spinning so again continue your logic , the earth isn't spinning. Really think about it, from a child if no one discussed the earth to you as you know it and then when your say 25yr old, had to describe what you live on, what would you say? Especially if someone said we are spinning the spreadsheet the scientists tells us. You would laugh at then, and they never be able to convince you.

Nice try, and I was really looking for something convincing, but no, nothing in this video even comes close to half convincing. Time to give this away.

maybe maybe maybe... but well... unfortunatly there is no doubt, no maybe. maybe the sun is not close maybe the sun is really big.

heloo there i almost seen this kind of video and makes me think of it day by day .. i have no question about the flatness or a globeness. .what i want to ask is about the bible. and what it says that the sun will rise to the far east. how can u Prove that is going like that ...thank you godbless

Lovely video, but complete nonsense, in fact, bonkers.

For those interested, I just published proof that the Sun is about 3,000 miles high :

because. mm... yep just because. no? well... I dont know... maybe its the wrong distance ? ;-)

And, my thumb covers up the sun and moon when I hold it at arm's length and look down my arm at the thumb. You're an idiot.

what a surprise!!! :) do you think he is another troll?

Hahahahahahaha thats so sweet to read , when your flat rainbow will fall i wanna be there fucking laughting out loug in yo stupid faces

+Dennis Kenny Sorry buddy, the moon and the earth are spheres... your ignorance does not change that

+NaTuber Tv I admire your quest for truth mate and enjoy your channel immensely. Thank you for everything you have shown me. I just struggle to follow this theory but your still a thumbs up for me.

+NaTuber Tv totally agree with you on stars not being what we are told . With the electric universe theories they are totally different make up and the accuracy of the sacred geometry predictions of where to find points of activity, we have to be a just off sphericaly round. I had telescopes since i was ten and maped movements watched plants and gone to observatories and not every thing I've looked at could have been at the right angle to make it look like a sphere . They where spheres.

+Ray Whitson reflective balls do not have an atmosphere like the moon does . Cover your reflective ball with a layer of glass and you get the effect we see when we look at the moon

+Ran Niz Hold up a reflective ball... cool. Is a rock on the ground a reflective rock?? No Then why are you pretending the moon is some how specially reflective ALSO the surface of the moon is not flat... that proves you wrong twice over. 1. It means that any one part is not flat so there are multiple angles in any one section allowing reflection to even out. 2. The shadows in craters move with the phases of the moon perfectly in synch with the movement of the sun

+Ran Niz Your joking. We know when the moon rises, we know when the moon sets... over land the distance between those two points is 12k miles... Please explain how EVERYONE is viewing it dead on, at NO ANGLE

+Ran Niz The sun can be tracks by rotating only one axis where as a sun spiraling above a disc would have to use two axis to track. Also, check the craters on the moon out. The ones near the center are very circular and then they become more oval as you move towards the edge, exactly as they would on a sphere.

not able to see in 3D , the earth is a 3D sphere, case closed.

+Xaverdon Says religion is a virus after telling us to perform satanic religious rituals. Idiot.

I've never seen people more paranoid and delusional in all my 57 years.

I can literally see the Sun rising from below the horizon 0:33 which proves the flat Earth model does not work.

00:05-> you brutally murdered the old "see how close the sun is because these rays..." argument. Very goo footage to demonstrate stupidity of flat earth close sun claim. 01:50-> funny that dogcam that shows the curvature is still in use in flat earth video

Pictorial History of Earth from Space. Project Apollo Photo Archive. National Geographic - Moon 101. National Geographic - Lunar Eclipse 101. History Channel The Universe: The Phases of the Moon. National Geographic - Sun 101. National Geographic - Solar Eclipse 101. How to spot the Space Station. Capturing the ISS through a Telescope. How does the International Space Station work?

If the Sun was circling as you say, why does it rises and sets from east to west?

If the earth was flat, the sun would shine 24/7

1 video full of lies

I think you Globe heads get the sky and clouds mixed up with Earth, aka the ground ignorance is bliss, smh distinguish the difference morons

Its easy to understand that its flat... Its common sense

The fact that the sun substantially changes size when you zoom in on it with a cheap camera tells you that it cannot be 93 million miles away.

A light source like the sun would not arbitrarily light up half the world like that even if it was flat. What these idiots are trying to infer is completely impossible and ridiculously implausible. The sun literally would never set if earth was flat. There would always be light that would be seen all across earth at all times of day. Not really understanding why these flattards don't understand that.

+Essene Gnostic yep completely bonkers, that's my view, other eccentrics, please feel free to reply with another nonsensical comment!!

Speaking of bonkers ......... :-D

Don't mix Jesus with flat earth deception. Jesus and pals + early church never rejected sphere as satanic lie.

+Ran Niz So place a golf ball in front of a search light... Tell me how far that shadows goes My God how can you be this fucking stupid!!!

+Ran Niz Wow, you really are dumb... that is exactly what I didn't say... Hahahahahahaha Asteroids explode on contact Plenty on nonr circular craters Lol

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