Historic Apollo 11 Moonwalk Footage

Historic Apollo 11 Moonwalk Footage

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Neil. This is Houston, what's, your status on hatch opening work. Everything. Is going here we're just waiting for the, cabin. Pressure degree, folks to. Blow enough pressure to open the hatch it's about point one on our gauge now. The, tiger, nothing. Alternative. Repeated open. Oh. I kneel. At the hips and over. Rutger we're showing a relatively static pressure, on, your cabin, do. You think you can open the hatch at this pressure about, 0.12. Psi. Is. Coming open. The, oldest gone close now get them out there uh thanks. And. I better get up first. Had, to reported coming open at 109, hours eight minutes five, seconds. Correction. 109, Oh, 735. It's baklava. The, window Claire gets, the. Letter went to clear yes. The, water bill I never. Cleared. The, Columbia this is Houston over. Columbia. This is Houston we'd, like you to try. Caliph and in cryo, hydrogen, tank number one and. Lol, s I'm this, orbit is. One. One one, one Niner. Three. One. Correct. And make that for the next star but you already have ALS don't look for this over. They've. Been on the PLSS, is now for 16, and a half minutes. Columbia. This is Houston we. Show you nearing high-gain antenna, and limit when. You lose walk on us we request, Omni Delta Omni, Delta when you lose walk over. Right, there. We're. Eight minutes away from loss, of signal on, Columbia. Okay, my wig is cleared I'm, gonna go to, that. Might cool it up a little bit or get my windows where. All. I see you it isn't clear. Circuit. Is for. Food, for three. Okay. Pressure. Like a. Dance. Like at least like, yeah. We gotta order it separated right oh, right. And. I'll let the jury. Look. At the back all secondary. Neil. Armstrong, suit pressure for. Point it cooling up. Okay. I, called. Bob secondary, because they grow. I've to lean this way. Bigger. River. I haven't, been wanted. Yeah. It's, open. Okay. And. Things need our circle is open. Look. At that time out and I'll get it okay. 10. Is out. And, now we're ready to hook up the other thing. I bet. You'd go down a.

Without. First now. Put. The bag up, this way. That's. Even. Okay. The fact is up against the third. And house on top of the 50 board. Up. Diagram. A. Little. Bit birthday. Take, out. Beer left a little bit, here. Did, you line up. Like. Me a little bit about okay. Babe we're. Catching. Me up hands. Up. -. Here. Roll. To the left. Line, up on a platform, your. Left foot to, the right a little bit. Okay. That's good. All, right. There. Okay, now I'm going to check. Breath. Here. Okay, not quite squared away. Over. The. Right. A little. That's. Okay that's good. That, premiere of your left so. Close on there. Am, i doing hey doing fine. Okay, want this back. Okay. Here they're not Monica pork. Right. Your nail. Okay, right now Columbia, Columbia this, is Houston one minute 30 seconds, LOL all, systems go over. Okay. Hit. A little clock. Neil. Armstrong, on the porch at 109. Hours 19, minutes 16. Seconds. Any, pork slices how. Old it is okay. 25, minutes of PLSS, time expended now. Okay, everything stayed, in here, okay. Could you pull the door open with one. I'm. Gonna pull it down. Your cousin Amanda came down all right. We. Copy and we're standing by for your TV. It's, in this. Mail radio check, snail, this is Houston loud and, clear break, break buzz this is Houston radio. Check and verify TV, circuit breaker in. And, we're getting a picture on the TV. There's, a great deal of contrast, in it and currently. It's upside-down on our monitor but, we can make up a fair amount of detail. Okay. We can up by the position. Okay. Neil we can see you coming down the ladder now. Okay. I. Didn't. Collapse too far but, it's, adequate to, get back up so. I drew a copy, I think it's level job. Buzz. This is Houston. F21. 160, or seconds for, shadow photography. On the sequence camera. At. The foot of the ladder these. Lamps are, only. About. One. Or two inches, although. The surface appears, to be very. Very. Fine-grained. As you get close to it it's almost, like a powder. And, step, off the LEM now. At, one small step for man. Unofficial. Time on the first step 109, 2 4 2 0. Okay. Okay. I'm ready to pull it down now let's. Go a little bit. Okay. Looking. Up at the lamp I'm. Standing directly in the shadow now looking, up at those in the windows. And. I can, see everything quite, clearly the light is. Okay. The, surgeon says it man called on the ICU bracket. Surgeon. Says the crew is doing well data, is good crew is doing well. Step. Out and think some of my birthday here. Right. Your nail we're reading, you loud and clear, they, didn't. Come victory and they, continued to sample. Thirty. Five and a half minutes of PLSS, time expended now. Neal. If you can do, copy about the contingency, sample. Okay. A, little. Bit. Yes. It is it's not a suit, get it back once more. Work. More towards the inside. In, the pocket. Oh. They should be available within the pocket. Minimum. Flow. Okay. I got the cameras on the one frame a second. And, I've got 0%. No Mike. Yes, we are getting a TV, picture. And. They'll shoot. Them that, we're getting a picture you're not the first time we can see the bag on the latc being, moved by buzz oh here you come into our field of view. Okay. All right I've got it. Are. You ready. All. Set. Okay. So. Levi. With them and I'll, try to watch your place. I'd, the backup cameras. Okay, your person looks, like it's clearing okay, the. Door is about to come over the. Okay. A little. A foot movement. Which. Blocking. The back. To. Clear the. 45, minutes plss, time expended. If. You can based on your camera, transfer, with the LEC, do you foresee, any difficulties. In. That's. The sample return containers. The rock boxes, that Capcom. Be. Very comfortable. Walking. Is also very comfortable. But. You're, on you've, got three more steps and then a long one. Another. Rich. You. Got it that's. A good step yeah. Both. PLSS is nominal, on consumables. Taking, down. Half. Of the backpack. And. There's some effectiveness. And, like. Fantasy. I, can, through. Backward. Due. To the soft very. Soft. After. Yeah. Ladies. Rock. Battery. Say. Again please you're, cutting out. Neil. Armstrong, getting, ready to move the TV camera now out to its panorama, position. To. Lose, my balance and what direction and recovery. Like. Put it. And, I have the information. Now. Amazing, famous to be in good shape. Have. To be careful that you're leading in the direction you want to go otherwise. The. Old it no say we might see some Pokemon. Find. A purple Rock. Faceball. I. Go. For it again. Leave. That to the.

Oh. Biotite. Is a brown mica, substance. Life, support, consumables, still looking good. Okay, tell, me you. Get. A new picture, yeah. Affirmative. We're getting a new picture you can tell if a longer, focal length lens and, for, your information now, LEM took them to go over. Yello, now unveiling. The plan. Right. Here we've got you poor fighted put back, one, side. We'll. Powdery. How. Good your Ellen if you can. My. Cable for me. We. Can see a buzz right hand, it's. Somewhat, out of focus. I'd, say we, were focusing, down to properly oil bottle, aiding. Due to a foot behind the position of a pan when we're pulling out the table. Tonight. Three. Point seven. Eight. You. Stand on the ladder facing, forward, the miners wife. That. Feel of you. Now. With the shooting the field of view is okay, we'd like you to aim it a little bit more go right over. A. Little bit too much for the right can you bring it back left about 4, or 5 degrees. Okay. That looks good. Neal. And we'll line you up again when you finish the panel. You're. Going too fast on the panoramic sleep you're gonna have to stop. I. Forgot. Oh. That's. Naughty. Tell, me if you got a picture here we've. Got a beautiful picture now. Okay. Another good one. Okay. We got that one. Okay. Out. By. During we do the travel over the lemon. Is. A. Elongates. Eaters. Obey. The three together is 40, feet long and, 20. Feet across, and, they're probably six feet deep Oh probably get some more work in there later. I don't, we do folks talking about it we're at for a final. For. A final orientation we'd, like it to come left, about five, degrees over. Back. To the right about half as much. Okay. Oh yeah. Look good there and hell. One, hour seven, minutes time expended. You. Can. As. Buzz. Is erecting, the solar wind experiment, now. All. Them systems, still looking good. Okay. Oh. The. Rocker. Columbia. Columbia this is Houston AOS. Over. Neil, Armstrong, has been on the lunar surface now, almost 45, minutes. Columbia. Houston, reading you loud and clear over. Ei, is progressing, beautifully believe. They're setting, up the flag now.

Great. I guess, you're about the only person around it doesn't have TV coverage of the food. Oh. It's. Beautiful Mike really. Got. The flag up now. Oh that. Is awful. Hey. Okay. Now look at here tonight I check over. All, right. I'd like. To evaluate. Now. All right bang what they. Might. Be. But get, rather tiring after. Thank. Or debate the heute thing do we get both of here on a similar permanent place. I'm. Talking, to you from. The room. At the White House. Has. To be the most. To. Bring, and. For, one priceless moment. In. The whole history of man, all. The people on this earth are truly one. One. In their pride in which we've done and. One, in our, prayers that you will, return safely to earth. And. Thank you very much and I look forward all of us look forward to seeing you on the Hornet on Thursday. Columbia. Columbia, this is Houston over. Right. There I've got a p22, auto-updates. Auto. Optics, ad for you. You're, p22, landmark. ID lemma. D 1, 1. 1 0, 2. 6 5. 6. P. 2. 1. 1 0. 3. 2 0, 6. 3. Miles. South. Time. Of closest, approach. 1. 1 0, 3. 3, 4. 0. Shap. 3. 5 3. Decimal. 8 5. 5. Klingon. For. Thick. Decimal. Four, Niner five. Rolls. 0. Pitch. To 5, they're all, yog. They're all over. It. Your. Buzz and break break Columbia, this is Houston when, you track, out a high gain antenna limits request Omni, Delta on they built over. And. I thought. It several times in going from big. Sunlight. If, it's shadow that distance I go in that's. An additional, reflection. I. Think. This. Okay. Neil. Armstrong has the scoop for the bulk, sample. Collection. The. Color. Of my boot. Completely. Disappeared. Know. Exactly what's hard to describe this. Color. Oh. A, few. Thing you're cutting out on the end of your clinic making scan you. Beautiful. Now. I had that inside. Sound of or what. Neal's. Been on the surface an hour now. There's. Not quite 20 minutes less than that. General. I'm, that, the. Shadow doesn't. Have. Any. Effect. Maybe. Some upside to suit, there. Is a difference, of, course in the, nothing. Radiation, oh that's, why they didn't and, that data feel a little cooler in. Let. Me over. One, hour and I have expended. On the plsss, now. So. I'll be over here and over. Columbia. Tower. All. Right now you should have VHF. AOS, with the LEM right, about now the. Hf l OS will. Be at 4 0 minute. 1 5 seconds, over. Heart. Rates on both crewmen, averaging, between. 90, and 100. Flight. Surgeon, reports, they're right. On the predicted, number of the, BTU. Units. Expended, in the energy of work. And. He thinks they're in great shape. You. Can see Neil Armstrong, bringing the scoop, is. About 30 to 40 feet. The, one that rate in front of me now as I look. 35. Neela's. Filling the bulk sample, bag attached, to a scale. Seam, in the picture. Buzz. Is behind the lamb at the, -. Is east rat. That's, the landing gear, directly, opposite, the ladder. Neal's. Been on the surface about an hour and ten minutes now. Not. Area, being a -. Why but. Up, top. Buzz. Is making his way around the lam. Photographing. It from various angles. Looking. At its condition, on all sides. Neos. Still occupied, with the. Bulk. Sample. One. Hour 40, minutes time, expended, on the PLSS is now. As, a cocktail cocktail, so. Example, is. 15. Field. The. Others if you can go ahead over. Oh. Go, ahead with the coordinate, from the small. Right. There copy echo. Decimal. 3 and 7, decimal thick. And, Columbia, this, is Houston while I'm talking to you, lol. Will. Be at. 111. 1. 9 3, 1. A. 1. 1 2 0. 5. 4. 3 over. Columbia. This is Houston did, you copy lol. Times. Over. The. Effector. That matter, that I want to see. Wrinkled. You're. Breaking up again but.

I'd. Say the debt, deflector. This mounted, on plot for. The. Surface over things to do tomorrow rankled. Under. These, part of the lab seem to have set up. Wanna, get some, particular photograph, of it yeah. Okay. 3.5. Flying. Adequate. Site. Warming. I Jeremy. Lin's. 66%. Oh -, no flakes, and. Them cooling on the futures, too. Neil. Has. Finished. Collecting, and packing, the bulk. Sample. Positive. Houston have you removed the close-up, camera from, the neethu yet over. Thank. You. Okay. Alright, here it looks like they're about, a half-hour flow. On it we're working on consumables, over. Neil. And Buzz this is Houston good, clarifying hair left your. Consumables. In. Good, shape at this time the. 30, minute reference, was with respect to the phenomenal. Timeline over. Neil has been on the surface now a slightly over an hour and 20 minutes. No. Any abnormalities. In. The lamp. Watch. To. Keep the time, I think a very good, shape. And. Dinners, are. All in. Place. There's. No evidence. Of problem. Underneath the, lamp due to a specific. Force of. Any. Kind. It's very surprising they. Say. Surprising, lack of penetration of. All four, of the footbag I say. If we're to client. Services, how far below the surface they. Were the benefit of use measure. Three. Inches would, say now and tomorrow jump. I got, a picture of the. Suck slides right, taken, from, his. Defense, days and it would be. So. Good I know what the. Facts. Are. Seem to be quite pitiful. Thank. You. That. Right there that space that. At the, defense. Big. Radiating. That for edging, away or. They. Might believe is the large amount of very, fine. Particles. Moving out. So, it's reported, before here but we, would probably see, about getting. Stupid. After. I. Selected. Shut down but the merry. Big. Deal. Yep. I, think. The right. Go, back to be silent, but. Very. Little worth. Of impact. Okay. Columbia. On, the other Thursday. Go, ahead but. Thank. You. Our, plan, that this. Will, stop. And take a photograph or something and they'd want to start moving again sideways. By. A tendency to start doing it but this. Gradual. Sideways. Hot. Yeah. I think you thank you, we. Can see your feet sticking out underneath. The structure of alum B. And. Now we can see you through the structure of the - the secondary. Front. Laser. You. Columbia, Columbia this, is Houston we're about to live here on the omni's request, high gain antenna, react. Mode. 0. 1. 3 5 /. Make. That y'all, 175. Columbia. You are 175. On the high game. Surgical-type. Is. Still working predicted. 2 p.m.. You play. Surgeon. Says everything, looks fine. Yes. You, can't be. Yesterday. A pesticide, that, deployed. Manually. They've, been on the portable, life support systems. For two hours now. The. Manual, deployment. Of the I. Cubed. Up. Frankness. At the end of this thing pulled off of the. However. I was able to read, up and get all of the pictures and pull it loose. It'll. Be deployed manually, also. And the panorama, is complete. Laughs. At. The web. 7:00. 7:30, position. That. That's, Neil Armstrong, to the left of the screen. They'll, make guys up for that. And a couple of these. Quite. Rapid, large, boulders. Buzz, Aldrin coming, into view on the right carrying, the two experiments. I pop. That little, rooster that'd, be a pretty good place. All. Right. I would, go, right around that period, burlap, there take, a look at that a little pot there. And. They will be out of the cameras field of view while. Setting up these, experiments. Boogers. Look. Like basalt, yeah. Probably. I am. By. A client, how do you go okay. It looks like we cut a little bit we've got about 15. Minutes and. For. The extension beyond the two port. Yes, otherwise how. You can the Tea Party would you start. Are. You on the clock up front garage that's. The one that was started when you yeah. We. Just keep slipping the activities, back and checking our profiles. Happy. Omigod smothered. I. Oh. Are, you cutting out again boat. I. Believe. A. Lot. Experiments. The. Main thing is get the power off the edge get, one get, the fall off the edge it does not necessarily have to be said that we can't say.

Yeah. I. Thought he said. So. We seem to be going around and outside. Play. That, 15, minutes on water. And. All the bubble. Level. You want to take a look at this beauty, with your going on. I found. It pretty hard that gets perfectly. Level. If. You think of level, by eyeball go ahead. Okay. Surgical. ICU. Seismometer. My, rates are still down the, level. Funny, going on, okay. Okay. Looks like. Water. To. Start combination. Neal's using last right. Okay. The, migration would then. Be going in closer to nominal time. Paul. Collier, we're. Gonna give the total 15. Minutes and we'll still give buzzer a 10-minute, -. 10 mark to start in based on that all. 13. Neal, with this Houston over. Looking. At your concealable, and you're. In here in good shape. Subject. To your concurrence we'd, like to extend the duration of the EBA one. Five minutes, from nominal, we will still give a. Tennis. Player. Before heading. In your. You lap time is a. Photograph. Of the. What. To. Make that. Allowed for the documented. Plus with a minute button. Approximate. Can. Effective. For. The. Only person yes. He asked what woody estimate. For the documenting. Up. For. The back you men clap by our. Each, I applaud you get your message to Capcom yes. So. Yeah you got a message for Columbia. So. I'll be a Columbia, this is Houston over. Terminate. Charging, battery Bravo, at Warren, 11 walk 15, over. This. Is Houston now you've. Got about 10, minutes left now, prior. To commencing, their ev8 termination, activities, over. Good. How'd, you leave unchaste, working. Well a lot of, seismic. Yeah. You can tell we're sisters, it's. Tranquility. Base this is Houston the, fact is placing Ethernet, has, been engaged, we're. Moving. Period. Our, collections, at over. Okay. We're supposed to get 10 minutes. You, cowboy. Sorry cap did you get. The. Baby tigers. Good. How. About you juicy. Collecting. A core tube sample. Okay, watch it now I have. This isn't, it down to. The tune of about five inches. Experiments. Like. Herbs. And the SolarWinds what you want. Spanish. Spanish. Give me an answer. Tubes. In. Now. We'd. Like you all to get two, core, tubes and the solar wind experiment. Two four tubes and the solar wind over. Before. It comes in a big. The. Future. You have approximately, three minutes simply must commence for e VA to emanate, connect. Columbia. To suit them approximately, one, minute to lol silver. We're. Talking to the. You've. Got the. Anything. Else. Okay. Leading. The solar wind experiment. Our. Boys here, think about, time for you to start your TV. Activity. Report. About. Film magazine. No. They'd I have time for that cap first, I want to close up your mind close out yeah dad. We. Want to keep a good margin in those portable life support systems. Capcom. Play good. Like what I was just saying. Yes. Nice. Party they head up the wire my. Pipeline shows. That, white dot, right. Above the horizon. On the right. Is. A phosphorus. Pot from, the TV converter, in, the park station in Australia. Okay. Control, flight, I'm. Gonna fight watch you switches. Nia. Was been on the surface a few minutes longer than two hours. Was. Approximately. 20 minutes less. Than that. The. Dingo. Up on that. Eat. Come June sieve-like. Mike's. On the backside now let's get everything in order. Configuration. For sleep singers, now. That's. Got it clear. Transferring. The sample containers, into the wind cabin now. They. Disease it down. Flight. Experiments, go like, a blue bird or a big get a replay on the laser. You. All pass out when it's wet. The. Lick Observatory in. California reported. No. Response and has to say but we're, in good shape on, consumables. On CDR. Like, that. Them. On the LED is kind of falling all over me while I'm doing it.

It, Looks like. Now. I pick my watch stop. He. Needs put a new mag, on and get some pictures of. This. Is the hardest part. Two, dollars 40 minutes on the plsss. Burnout. Thank you got it there. Please. Okay. Oh. Yeah. I'll get it get, up. Blurt it out a pill. Okay, okay. Did you get that. Off. The surface. Okay. Taxes clothes of life. Okay. We. Press opens like Kevin, coming up. Supposed. To be getting some sleep in here somewhere, no not yet captain fa. O clock. Fine. Take. Your flight plan for Colombia from this point on will you. At. This point I'm, Diego I sleep the same time the Lim guys that's, what it's up that's right, it's. Like though I'm Ken pressure is up. Later. Than this okay. Final, flight get all you try. One more time. Information. Together. GMC. Flight. By. GSA, okay I'll consumables. Are all more propellant. Okay. Glamis. Systems. Look good. Cumin. Should now be transferring, back to. Tranquility. Bases. Environmental. Control system. And. Later we'll switch to. To. The vehicle's communication. System, we estimate it will be another. And. A fifteen minutes before they're on the lam, communication. System. And. A replica, of the. American. Flag on the lunar surface is, now being erected here, in the control center. And. A replica, of the plaque on. Tranquility. Base has. Been hung on the wall. He'll, with Houston, deal with this Houston Radio check over. Buzz. Buzz this, is Houston, radio, check, Radio check over. This. Is Justin I. Copy. A transmission, calling, Houston all L foods broken up over. Neil. This, is Houston if, you read so, you can just you one still one plus antenna, so we can have communications. Over. Everything. Be, off. Neil. This is Houston we seem to be reading you now tear it out though I. Feel. Good. It's. An extreme quality how do you read tranquility, base, this is Houston loud and clear how much. Clear. We're in the process of switching over to LEM Kamen Rider. Tranquility. Base this is Houston we'd, like to verify your, steerable, antenna in track. Mode flew we're going to do a communications, hand over here on earth earth over. Roger. That's affirmative we're in. So. One vehicle I'm the other two Houston over. Roger. Columbia is used to reading you loud and clear on omni charlie, the, crew will spend quality, base is back, inside their base. Refresh. Right and. They're in the process of, stopping the, plug. Everything. Went beautifully over.

And. We'd. Like to get pool. And accept from you we have a state. Vector up lengths and, after, that we'd, like you to realign. Your platform, through the new ref map that we found out for every, to it go over. Now. This is a bottle controlled dr., Charles, Barry, reports. The heart rates during. This EBA period. Ranged. From. Low. Of 94. Both crewmen, to, a high of about a hundred and twenty-five, for. Buzz. Aldrin at peak periods and a high of. 164. Neil Armstrong, at peak periods, that. Top, reading coming, during the time. He. Was transferring, The Rock boxes, into the land. Dr.. Barry says the data they got the, indicates, Neil was working, very hard at that time. Columbia. This is Houston, we're, going to update you in a new state Victor and then, we'll send the rough up again because. Sending the state vector up will wipe out the one that you have on board and then you can do a b-52. Go. On the other two if you can be read over. Okay. Columbia, we've completed, the uplink the computer, is yours we can go to block however. We'd. Like you to hold. Off on the t52, option, to online, until. After you pass landing, site - and. We requested, if you perform another b22. And. Attempt, to find the lem this fast i've got the numbers for you when you're ready to copy over. Roger. Columbia fb-22. Landmark. Ideas, Lunar Module. Make. That tranquility. Base, be, 1 1. 1 2 2, 5. 2, 0 8. P. 2, 1. 1 2, 3. 0 1. 7. 4. Nautical. Mile south. Time. Of closest, approach, 1. 1 2 3 1, 5. 2. Shaft. 3. 5 7. Decimal. 0, 5 1. Trunnion. 0. 4, 7 decimal. Four, three two. Roll. 0. Pitch. 2 5 0 vr. 0, read. Back over. Columbia. This is Houston. Did, you copy might be 22, update, over. So. On the other two the future. Did. You copy my p22, patch. Along. The other to Houston, do you copy my, pad over. Standby. Now. All wait man we've got new information. This. Is Apollo control at 112. Hours 19, minutes. The, inhabitants, of. Tranquillity. Base are. Still. In the post, EBA clean, up period. Still. Have not fully configured. The, voice communications. However. We are getting telemetry good. Dilemma tree from the tranquility, base showing. A cabin pressure of 5. Pounds. Per square inch. Temperature. Of 60, degrees. We. Expect to. Establish. Communications. Before. Too long. During. This, period. The crew is. Removing. The. Portable. Life support systems. Checking. Over theirs their. Spacecraft. Systems. Getting. Ready for, jettison. Equipment. From. Tranquility. Base the, cabin will be depressurized. Before. Too long and equipment, will be jettisoned, onto the lunar surface. Tranquility. Base this is Houston. Can you give us some, idea of how you're progressing on, the, Flitz. Stopping and preparation, for a deep breath. All, right there.use it's a tranquility, base where, the process is using. Us but. Don't. We have and, I'm just getting. Ready to change the primary. EPS, canister. Over. Roger. Tranquility we'd, like to hold. Off as long as possible on, the lithium. Hydroxide canister, make, that one of the last things you do and getting ready for the deep, breaths if you can over. All. Right so we're finding. On doing that I. Just, wonder how much longer we. Want to wait though. We've, probably got another half an hour's worth of picture. Taken and I guess we could, run. Through and each, cyclist. That. Changed. It I. Can't. Answer this deep breath over the Roger that sounds fine got a. Little. Gratitude here, for a while oh, we. Don't mind a bit.

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It’s that true?

Check out this one, with nice after-talk commentary: /watch?v=DpPMoIv1lxI

I love a good sci-fi movie lol.

This is 1 of 2 space movies from Stanley Kubrick

Yes it's science, but for uneducated idiots it's magic and fiction:)

All the people who disliked this video are flat mooners.

What everyone thinks: Apollo 11 moonwalk What I think: HEE HEE

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