Hack your DNA with CRISPR - VPRO documentary - 2018

Hack your DNA with CRISPR - VPRO documentary - 2018

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Now. That the information. Revolution is, here to stay another, revolution. Is standing, in wait at the door everybody's. Interest in genetic engineering now, CRISPR. Is a technology, that enables, us to totally, rewrite, the genetic, material, of plants, humans, and animals with. All these DNA, technologies. That allowed to do, precise, a gene, surgery, on our D initially, we this. Is a another. Era all, you need to know about, doing your CRISPR, experiment, soon. Sellers. Will be precisely, programmed. Viruses. Can be reprogrammed, they're essentially, software think, of them as apps for your cell phone and, coding, with DNA, will no longer be just for expensive, laboratories, but also for home use come check out where CRISPR, kits are being made. Printing. Medicines, and changing. Your own genetics, will, this soon be possible, my. Particular. Application, is to, write, software that kills cancer cells. We. Get tattoos and stuff like that why can't we. Grow. Tail or grow, wings. It. Blows a lot of responsibilities. On on, the shoulders of everyone and I tell you it gives me goose bumps because I know that, a 20, year old student. At a university, that is learning biotech, today has all the power and technology, at, their fingertips, from, their dorm room as a major pharmaceutical company. That's, a game-changer this. Is back light welcome. To the world of your programmable. Body. Yet. Me to hunt bill 22, comes later, you. A need a photo hard come at, Cana hutong a contigo. Emily Canham. Iconic and also. Co-equal. Video. Hotel clutter warriors, oh and of mer, we have me destined for a chief question homological, no Joe. Just. Easy were, your. Anita, from Hokkaido Hanukkah. And the Okinawans range somewhere. Oh yay, your, parachute, here yeah that's the situation isn't it yes I like it. I shampoo, she, said the kind of bar she's doing tomorrow, he also just need to like wear. Even. Has the genetic muscular. Disease, FSHD. Which, affects his facial shoulder. And arm muscles a disease. For which there is currently no cure. It. Is impressive. Ooh ere the hint who, else to hurt loved theirs, and, who, caught the chromosome, Warka, are, severe, disease they even, have a bitch pair here I. Feel, active and that is hot that is all-pervasive the very Scootaloo, yeah. My. Yeah. I have, made a sidenote billeting. And and come to the hood some bitchin array station o'clock but, her terrible away her doctorate, of medicine. Imagine. If you possess the tools with, which mistakes, in your DNA, could be altered and in, so doing you. Are able to cure almost all genetic, diseases. Imagine. Having a technology, with which you could literally rewrite. The DNA, from each and every organism. This. Might sound like science fiction but, thanks, to this woman, it has now become a reality, she. Is one of the inventors of CRISPR, cast 9 a revolutionary. Copy-and-paste, tool. For DNA, she. Is French geneticist. Emmanuelle. Charpentier if, I have to explain the tool to someone who's not in the science, it's it's, really imagining. A text. With, words and a. Software, a, tool that, allows to, precisely, replace, one. Letter of the word by another letter, delete. A word or a set of words and or replace. Or so the words that have been deleted. By other words so, it's really a, text. Editing. Tool that. Works very precisely, and the. Technology, does exactly this on our DNA and genome. It. Works a little bit like. Programmable. Scissors, that. Can recognize, a certain. Spot. On, on. The genomes of cells and organisms and, modify, the. Genome at at will. Nail. Or - Blanca can all spells of marketing, - Blanca deckle all spelled of main clue came from B'Elanna record all spells that, I talk all saying from the east, dr.. Haley basilar. Precipice, Beauvoir, Thurber clay in getting this formation throat soap. John. Fonda oast is a microbiologist, who, has spent his life researching, bacteria. In around, 2008. He, was working on pieces of DNA in, bacteria. The, so called crispers, his. Work laid the basis, for this new technology, enabling. Us to copy and paste DNA. This. Welcome to seem that it now Alec supplied, towards the a like super, in the 11th, and it's, a stern and revolute. See in the biotechnology disturb, take that that is full. Of new data Lamar fails. Nella and fellow efficient akan and that, is to say that Martin alcohol, still and interlining the biotechnology, mothers out in an ice cream. John. Has been really one. Of the earliest. Pioneer. Willie focusing, on the the. CRISPR mechanism, and trying to understand, really. Those. Molecular. Machineries. CRISPR, are working. For. Me it was important, because he organized, the. First, CRISPR. Meeting. In. Europe that, took place in fall 2010. And this, was for me the opportunity. To, meet for the first time my. Colleagues were working on CRISPR, which. Was very nice because I could present my data and I, called up the first interactions, with with, a scientist. And. They, were all quite.

Amazed, By what I was, talking. About and it was a very, nice feeling, to. Have the. Opportunity. To be congratulated, by. Mike. All the pioneers. Of of. The CRISPR field whom I didn't know so, it was, very rewarding. For, me and also. The fact that I was welcomed. In the in, the community, in a very nice way. Charpentier. Developed. This DNA, copy and paste technology. Along, with American, Jennifer, Doudna. They. Have been lavished, with prizes during recent years. Including. The prestigious Japan, prize and, the American, breakthrough. Prize. Ladies and gentlemen Cameron, Diaz and Dick Costolo. Okay. Just to clear up any lingering. Confusion I. Am. NOT a, scientist. But. I am, a, woman, who has, fallen in love with science and I. Am thrilled to be here tonight, because I do know, that the, life sciences, explored, brilliantly, by many of you in this room offers, us the secrets, to life, the. Breakthrough prize is, awarded to Emanuel. Chopin, TA and Jennifer Doudna it seems only a matter of time before they, received the Nobel Prize it's. Kind of surreal to receive the price from Cameron, and I was just thinking three. Powerful women and I was what I was just wondering, whether you were Charlie. I'm. A geneticist yeah and I always worked on bacteria. Mostly. And when, you work with bacteria. You you. Know that the type of research, that you're doing can. Lead to. Discovering. Mechanism, that could be that. Could have a high potential to develop, new anti-infective. But. I could have also a high potential, into. Developing. Gene. Technologies, because, this is where they come from, from, the mechanisms, of data analysis. Just. Like humans. Bacteria. Are also bothered. By viruses. These. Viruses, release, DNA. In bacteria, telling, them to make more viruses. But. Bacteria. Have their own defense system, against viruses, it's, called CRISPR cos it. Can recognize the, DNA, of viruses, enabling. It to precisely, dissect. And destroy, it, sharp. Aunty A's team investigated. This system, and along, with Doudna they were able to create the DNA, copy and paste system, that is now known as CRISPR, cos 9. Allowing. The precise, and accurate, reprogramming. Of DNA, not, only in bacteria, but in any desired, cell. It's. A technology that, originates. From. Evolution. In bacteria, and, what I like is that it allows, to study the, evolution of, the, world the, interesting thing is in fact we use. Evolution. To change evolution, somehow exactly, we, exploit. Evolution. To. To. Impact. Evolution. And act under on the evolution. To. Passing a fun at CRISPR system design, hell-blade bikini.

Mechanics, Genome editing and, that can be taken the, heat phenom from the bacterial leaf element of allah chris'll that i never track of of biotechnology. This home um. Microorganism. The, Hebraic on the powder into some product, the, market, and, it's a sternal a velouté in the biotechnology, disturb, take that asked full of new data llama fail. Sneller and fairly efficient akan and that, is to say that martin health also still and interlining, the biotechnology, mothers oakland there's a nice screen. Even's. Muscular. Disease is the result of an abnormality, in the DNA, located, at the end of chromosome, fall as, a result, a highly, toxic substance is, generated, in his muscles, which, slowly breaks down his arm shoulder, and facial, muscles. Unfortunately. There is no medicine available but. With CRISPR, this, genetic, disease may possibly, be repaired. Yeah. The clinks, horn iconic, killer. Science. Fictional, my. Al cetera couldn't be done. Erica. Mena Kyra, honey connects design from Daisy sector, that is, fell. Below friend and. Hail. Interesante, little look. Yeah, the age of science. The. Era to compete jihad jihad dude I know. I look. Man I need, result. Of chromosome. Clipper yeah, give, it we seek to understand. Though. The quad chromosome yeah. At, Clarion thrusters. Him. Is genetic, researcher. Niels kaizen, Deanna. And even visit the who pressed laboratory. In Utrecht, the Netherlands, where, Hazen, is attempting, to find a solution for Ivan's muscle disease by using CRISPR caster change his DNA. They. This. Is a multi-layered. A lot who's here vacuum meth molecule and act like admist belong like molecule over maybe he react is, Dana. This. Here. Convert. Yeah Hainan, society. Stock you stayin are the the the Cody era for home about David's. Convey. In yeah, for but idle at. Ur in seller into, bow so. That's adults can converse. To do and, eighth. On the Hanoverian, archaic is the Dukes, fearful, but obey out some, problem saved you next, and. That's had, a that certain Yahoo speedy the staff of him and there was a crowd which, done and guess who does a tan stats over the. SPD other states smoker, mmm. We. Do most best lead, scene so. Yeah, it's like a commercial. What. Time problem is actually case doctors enzymes, beer cellar button a Metallica. Max of ash look nice remarks of mood of order and not a bit easier freezer this.

Longtime, Staffers. And spear seller insert, resists, and Hall sensors routers and Muslim. Latter on the telephones and Liam of Midori. State soccer would and before. Token first article, at site work against with a stone, emojis. The toner this icon new hood nears Linda her. My. Doctor. Thomas inácio. Go bubble, teas in the death machine hello hold it in that's, ice leds and dosa off seller, the other days, simplest. Problem. It's a crisper, costs errors, in it DNR, and connect to Makkah Bardo. Dr. Shulman problema, safe to some crystal Davis actually. Out was Edward. Met. Chris Bukowski nerdy, nerdy vampire. Who laid on Moloch after, Omaha. For built the numeral cellar, in at laboratory, amenities, and the bustle so that's a pal the foul to give up fold in a day and night even in a passion to Celestine that we could map out in at love, so. It's vampires. Later on project about and bomb of endless var, over date and that. This new in each, part into a case of murder for McCarrick on Sanders at, a stain a norm for Snelling, opal a fretful not on the hook and that or, could fill me a today to come in feel Cortana, type this, dot objects, Elif is all revolution. Air and. What hasn't been taken and almost not so Chanel now. Magazine, is Dartmouth, either a new eternal he worked on tickled and disco, fellowship kiss / cosmonaut hi talk over a, gnome, sequences, the day now for the canova Paulo of halo. On the return of he ever mayonnaise, ding akan seen deer for hey noise cones in the haystack. And enormous for Snelling from Kenneth and. And and I adore Oakley Rufus nailing from the to Priscilla at Anglican, a schooner. Mar. It. Had no states and long at idea for dots percent, error I time the. The, first of our hamburger not. Keg. Not for owns in, at laboratory, success. But a cantata starter history. It's neat corner and from there well, my. Dion. Decking are based on to yoga, and the, federal adult wiggling from some techno he totin Totenberg like to pass by a therapy, that's it so no 1510. Area Titian in. My opinion the problem that we have developing, medicines today is that it takes too long and it's too expensive and, so, because. There's such a large investment of time and money to make any drug product you can really go after only, the largest diseases, and largest disease groups. Crisper, cast nine is just, one of the many developments. Which are greatly expediting. Biometric, research. Andrew. Hessel is a synthetic. Biologist who. Has worked in the pharmaceutical, industry for a number of years but. His greatest, frustration. Is, the pace at which new, medicines, are able to enter the market so. He decided, to go his own way I, wanted. To hack the biopharma, industry, and and. After, I left the pharmaceutical. World I thought well what can a single, individual, do to, really change the biopharma. Industry, I was unattached, I wasn't, with a university. Organization, I didn't, have a company, at the time so. I had to think of some idea that would that, would ultimately be, big enough to change the world I called it not big pharma but big idea Pharma. One. Of the places Hessel worked for a while was at the software company, Autodesk, this, firm produces, 3d, design software. While. There hessel, was occupied with the digital, design of biological. Systems the. World, of computers in biotech are really closely related in terms of just, architecture. The, cellular, architecture, in the architecture, of our bodies actually is very close to the architectures, we've created in, computers, you, can look at the cell as a computing. Device and a manufacturing, device it's like a smart, 3d printer and the. DNA, of that cell which, manufactures. That cell and runs the operations, and, it actually dictates, the construction. Of the housings of different components so it's like a really, smart really powerful really, programmable. 3d, printer. Once. You understand, the architectures. And start, to digitize, the processes, you realize you can go and make a digital biology. That's quite accessible, and very. Very powerful in terms of manufacturing. Slowly. We, are beginning to control, DNA. The genetic code, of life, DNA. Is comprised of four substances. Designated. By the letters a C, T, and G, the. Sequence, of these substances, determines. The genetic, code of a cell with. CRISPR, we can now accurately read, and write with these four substances. And thus, reprogram. The cell but. This is still not enough according, to Hessel in terms of programming, we're still down working with the bits in in, biology it's, a's t's G's, and C's in, computing, it's ones and zeros we're working at the bit level most of the time to assemble the code that, is extremely, hard but what we've been seeing over the last 10, or 15 years as synthetic, biology, the field has come into play is we've started to modularize.

Those. The, instructions, we're saying this little bit of a STIs G's and C's is a switch, to turn a gene on so, now we just call it a switch you, know and and, then we build another, system. That is Oh a reporter. Oh and here so we start, to functionalize, these code blocks and now those code blocks have, the code the genetic code, encapsulating. Them you never have to look at them and once you've done that now, you can start to assemble those code blocks and say here's, a switch here, is a sensor here's a reporting, device and you just drag and drop the components, to build a new circuit so, now it becomes accessible. To, someone who isn't a biologist, now it can now, someone that is familiar with even wiring, a simple electrical, circuit can now build a simple biological circuit. And that's why we're starting to see kids literally. Seven eight years old starting to build their first biological constructs. Josiah's. Aina may no longer be a kid though, he may sometimes behave, like one. But. He is a real biohacker. He. Sells crisp packets on the internet to anyone who wants one. He. Once worked for NASA but, found it too bureaucratic. His. Living room has now been transformed, into, a packing, division for biomedical items, hey. Everybody we're here at the Odin in West Oakland California, come, check out where crisper, kits are being made. Over. Here. Starting. And left, back, we have Allen and making. The media. Micah. Peter. And. This. Is the. Kids we make and we ship out the people so our. Kits come with everything. People. Need to. Do. CRISPR, experiments. You. Don't need anything no. Experience, at all. So. I grew up. In. Like. The. Late 90s, when. There's like this whole, computer, hacker type of culture right where it was like you. Learn. How to do some cool stuff and then manipulate, technology to, get it to do what you want to do, well. I saw that like biology, is this interesting, technology. And, maybe. Different aspects, of biology can, be kind of hacked, this. Idea of like a biohacker. As opposed. To say a computer, hacker, started. To be born in my mind and. I. Started. To try to develop ideas, and. Experiments. Along this line and I, thought well maybe I could make a kit, and, get that in the hands of people to show them how to use this technology, and. Then people you. Know got really excited, by CRISPR, I think the. Coolest thing about CRISPR, is not. Necessarily, like. All. The genes that can edit and all the things like this it's not like, everybody's. Interested, in genetic engineering no say. Even people who are like anti GMO or. Like didn't. Like GMOs now, those people are interested, in genetic engineering because of CRISPR. Zana. Experimented. With CRISPR, on himself, he. Attempted, to make his muscles, grow more quickly the. Attempt, failed but, his enthusiasm only. Grew. My. Dream is that it, becomes. Like. More, open, people become more opened human, beings changing, their own genetics, as. Adults. Or as children, um change. The way we think about being human, instead. Of just everybody. Being born with the genetics, they have for the whole life. Maybe. We can start changing that up and and for. Interesting. And fun stuff you know everything, doesn't have to be, everybody. You know cure. This disease cure, that disease you know it's like you know we, get tattoos and stuff like that why can't we. Grow. Tail or grow, wings or you, know you know how much scientific research has gone into like growing a tail and human beings probably like this is none but, like a lot of people probably think that's pretty cool. Companies. Can do that if this technology opens up like growing, wings who knows that's even possible probably, not but it nobody's. Trying alright. Like. Different things you know changing. Your hair color or, skin color growing, more hair or less hair. You. Know there's there's, so many opportunities. For. This technology to be more than just. You. Know another. Medical, treatment or another. You. Know, technology. That only big, pharmaceutical. Companies, own we. Think that genetic, engineering is such a powerful technology that. It should be accessible to everybody. So. In effect, nobody. Owns CRISPR and everybody does right it's. Kind of like. You. Know any any, sort of knowledge like it's like saying who owns now. I mean. Some of the academic publishers might say they do and. Charge you $100. To read a scientific paper, right. But. In, fact you, know knowledge isn't. Owned. Zana. And hassle, both, have the same goal, making.

Biotechnology. Accessible. To everyone, Zana. Does this with his CRISPR kids and, Andrew. Hessel through, making biology, digital, my. Whole goal, was to bring, the tools of biology, into, the digital world digitized, them as much as possible make them automate, and make them accessible via computing, and put, a an open-source, business foundation around it so that we can share information and ultimately. Build. A community, that, can work alike. The pharma companies. With. Digitizing. Biology, hessel, means creating, on the computer, viruses. Containing, DNA which. Could then be utilized for instance, to help fight cancer. Viruses. Are really, interesting, biological. Agents, I do not consider them to be alive I consider them to be software, and you, can if you buy a software, program, it is not alive unless you load it on it does not operate unless you load it onto a computer so, a virus by itself, is a bit of protein and a bit of nucleic acid, either RNA, or DNA that. You, can think of as, a. As almost like a floppy disk if you're my, age or a, memory stick today if you're if you're modern, it is a program, loaded, into a physical, structure that. That physical. Structure will dock with a cell and load, the program into the cell and now most of the time the program is make more viruses but. We've gotten, very good at engineering viruses. To deliver, programs that, we think are interesting into the cell either make, this protein it because it's a good drug or or. We, can load a program into a cancer cell that says die so. Viruses. Can be reprogrammed, they're, essentially, software think, of them as apps for, your cell, phone. But. We. Have this opportunity enough to start to design viruses. From scratch it, is, a way of making. Programs. For, biology, that can then do useful things so, the virus is simply the way to load, software into cells and add new applications my. Particular. Application, is to, write, software that kills cancer cells. All. Tumors, are different and with, his new company humane. Genomics, hessel, wants to create cancer, fighting viruses.

In Which the DNA is precisely, directed, at the tumor it must fight. Special. DNA printers. Will be able to print the specific, DNA, and place, it in viruses. In this. Way everyone, will have access to personalized. Cancer, medication. And, now. We've partnered with a group in Alabama, at Auburn University that. Has a veterinary, school and research center to make. Cancer, fighting viruses, for dogs they. Had done some pioneering, work with genetically, engineered, viruses, oncolytic, viruses, for dogs I've. Met a doctor there by the name of dr. Bruce Smith and said. Let's upgrade your technology, let's. Go into the world of digital design, of viruses, and so, last year in 2016, we made the world's first synthetic, cancer, fighting buyers for, dogs you know we've only built one synthetic. Cancer fighting virus this year humane, genomics, will make about 10 viruses, and treat, ten dogs. We, already get personalized, trainers, personalized, diet you, know you. Can get personalized, clothing I believe. More and more of our medicines, and medicines. That keep us healthy and think of them as vitamins, should. Be personalized, as well and, eventually. I can see having an EpiPen type, device, that. Has all essentially, a pharmaceutical, company inside. The device, and, you know the doctor can upload your medicine into that device and. It just goes beep when it's ready and you do an auto, inject. So. That's the future how long it takes to get there. You. Know really depends, on our will, but, but there there there. Is nothing science, fiction in that process today we're, already seeing the miniaturization. Of all this equipment the, design tools are already exist in the cloud and ultimately. Single. You know single-use, injectables, are used. All the time with things like EpiPens. Hassle. Suggests, that for around a hundred dollars you'll. Be able to get a kind of medical netflix, subscription, to keep your DNA, healthy, these. Are now only ideas, and tehsils company is just getting started, but, fiddling, with our DNA, is already becoming commonplace. Reading. Your own DNA, DNA. Analysis, designing. And printing DNA. Codes copy, and pasting, DNA, using, CRISPR, it's. All becoming, cheaper more accurate, and easier, as easy as child's, play we. Got the, bacteria. And these little little. Vials. They're. Hard to see because they're bacteria you know. These. Are special strains of just lab ecoli. Non. Are harmful, non hazardous. Non-pathogenic. They can't cause disease, or anything and the DNA where does, it come from we, actually get, it get, it synthesized, from companies. And. Then, put it in these little little, tubes. So. You can see it frozen in there, frozen. DNA. So. A, lot. Of these things are very science, specific, and really. Expensive if you actually bought them you. Know from. Companies. So. We got this. Holds tubes, we. Got pipettes, some. Pipettes are, basically, devices. That allow you to move around small amounts of liquid. They. Suck up and move around liquid. Every. Scientist, needs one, we, got tips for that. You. Need chemicals to help get the DNA inside, the organism, and. Then we need the. DNA put. These in the kit the. Guide. All. You need to know about, doing your CRISPR experiment. And. Where is it going this. One is going to the bag in the Netherlands. Experimenting. With DNA, in a back room or, garage it's. Reminiscent, of developments, in the 80s when Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were, playing around with computers. But. Playing with DNA, is different from playing with computers, the. CRISPR, technology has. Traveled widely during, recent years. Experiments. With gene alteration. Are now going on on a global scale and. Experiments. With the genes of embryos. A. Number. Of countries, have already, started, to. Apply the technology for, research, purposes, on human. Embryonic. Cells. So, at very, early stage. So. Willy a few, a few, number of cells, to. Allow to understand. The only, mechanisms. Of life, that. Can be also interesting, to understand because there are certain diseases that develop very early on now. The idea, to use a technology for, human embryos, or human germ lines, for. The purpose of modifying, the. Genome for after. Reimplantation. In, the in the. The. Human bodies is it's another, story Sony for, sure here's our strong, ethical.

Issues. Because. That's one of the concerns of God this is one of the of the of the concern is that the technology, would. Be young will, be used beyond. Its its initial, purpose. That. Is to treat, human. Patients, but. It loads a lot of responsibility. On your scholars, it. Loads, a lot of responsibilities. On on, the shoulders of everyone, our cervicals and. Specifically. Scientists. Developers. And, clinicians, have a, role. In in, in. Making sure that, the. Right regulations, are in place and. That the technology is correctly, used. For. The the, purpose at least for medicine, which is to to cure patients. In, the, Far in, Amsterdam, the, boundaries, of art science and technology are, being explored. It's. Also where a biohack. Academy, a do-it-yourself. Lab for biotechnology. Is being organized. Anyone. Who so desires can be inducted, into the world of biomaterials. And the cultivation of, microorganisms. Oh. That's. It the. CRISPR. Clip. On. The, basic CRISPR, course they're, learning how to play, with DNA, all. Right so, there's tubes. It's. Glass. And. Then, here's the. Thing. That actually is. The most important, the little tubes. They're. Also really cool so. Here's the RNA. We're going to add in the transformation. Buffer and the. Plasmids. So. It's, how much it is. It, sounds, fantastic we, can all now play with our genes using, the CRISPR technology, but. If we really want to create medicine. The, business, aspect, of it will soon be peeking around the corner, there. Is a real patent, war taking place for the rights to the various aspects, of the CRISPR technology. In. Boston, this all comes, together. Boston, is a club complected, even an old sport -, yep MIT, yep, Harford, and, on all the instituted. Domains, of the Broad Institute does. Health or health the see, the high scream enter, the, study at no chiffon the solemn. John. Thunder oast has, the patent, on a component, which can be used with crisper, and he travels as an adviser to various, businesses in, Boston, also, possessing, component, patents. Even, in Boston on an. Anthelmintic week, we also noticed or phone saying, from. MIT. Brought and/or Keith. Young from, Harvard Medical School, um, da in front. Our list, at the cameroon, pharaonic. Hexamethylene. Lungs by by editors the, america for clunkers in, the mark. Felt, blog from from kasnia tomahawk, from from. Coast for a life of shape EF rain and. For foreign foreign. To passing in, Hama Hama part. Of yeah. The fourth unfunded Natomas, uber owns, for, trunk from Shannon, a home cook anyway. No cabinet, of of, the via Molokai design. The Bondurant island, for, the summit of elegant. But. No one is willing to reveal all. Even. Fonder oast doesn't, always know what the companies, are working on. Design. A medicine, called an top driver, boom. The CRISPR technology Dubrovka. Romantic. This anti, Parker and it. Needs, validly, be drive from a basic design and that Vitello, submit all tied Mike. Forwards the, drive here in Boston editors. She. Dad of the website guides the Cedars and ferbots, secrets, dr. o of. Blue top conquer, and of, the Laver. Structures. And then, the other class. To existence. At. The end then you can you, get unwinding, of this part and then swinging, in the. The. Dual Aquila style payment okay. Shelton. Freedom edit edit, that so eloquent dr villa see, holodeck mother held up and on it. All Duncan is a new African. Team from Albania, whole not Mencia observed. Been clocked and at, Cana - kolima I met him it made, excellent health every. Day you will help I. Need. A you for health yell oscilloscope, internet that. Severe, and successful, at. Heart in the habit of homeless. From home on million dollar listings. In like. The. New companies, editors. Caribou. And CRISPR therapeutics. Are all owned by people who were present during the development, of CRISPR, it's. Estimated that with CRISPR, over three thousand, genetic, diseases could be cured if. This, can be realized, it would result in a tremendously. Large market, each. Of these new companies would, have the potential of becoming the new Google, now. Becomes is called the TB Drive in. That, in. Iran film, taken and it will occur but, what about Apple and Google why any Bo informatica, of informatica. From. Cannabis Clara that's, I knew the. Drivers editors in Caribou, Madison, developer the. Designer. A norm, and we have similar. Coke. In debility. I hail, help. Along like Varrick from aquatic life and and desire like daily, technology. Not, a marked the, program is. It or not fire that's to Phil Marquez or sapling Google.

Yeah, That's. Sarek. Needs, a, machine that, is a hood on my omelet, half cut in half tower by, the movement rifle craving, of Quebec and horrible and eat commences. The. Biohackers. In the VAR still. Have greater concerns, than just the patents, it, may. Now be easy to play with jeans but if you're really going to alter, your jeans there will be problems, to confront. Ok, so now we're at the last step of the protocol. First. We'll discuss some where their societal. Issues around CRISPR and then we come to the last part which. Is, are. We going to do it are we going to heat shock their. Cells. Or, not. The. Bio hackers, are nearly ready, the. Original, idea, was to use CRISPR, to make bacteria, resistant. To an antibiotic. The. Latest step, is to use CRISPR, to give the protein, in bacteria a, heat shock as only, then will the genes of the bacteria, be altered, but. In the Netherlands, you can't just alter, the genetics, of an organism. But. For this CRISPR. Kids we actually don't have the license, so, when we do the heat but that would be illegal. From. That perspective is. Punishable. By by. Once I. Think. I think. This is a bit of a gray area I don't know it's. Also something that's not been, tested. A lot I guess at least I haven't heard of it because. Of course it might be that people do this in their garages. Or kitchens, and have, used this kid also in Holland because we could order it with. Not, a lot of trouble I mean, do. I on the, border. Control didn't. Pick. It out. But. Then the, whole thing about rock societies we try to make it transparent so. I. Mean. It's even videotaped. So. This. Means it's it's a different situation. So, that's, good of course because, this. Maybe make it debatable, I. Don't. Know how I mean, it's illegal it's on obscenity legal. If something happens you don't know what will happen because we, don't we are not trained as a you are of course training we are not trained as biochemists, so, we don't know what we should do then, I'm. Not sure if we can do it with that's amount of knowledge, yeah. But. The actual because it goes further than just editing, it be resistant, to the into. Antibiotics. So you can go from way further and, I think that that this could be the beginning of well, it is already the beginning of editing, something that's a much. Larger. Picture. And that's the question not, not. Only if to make this part now what we're doing it back. So. The question is are, we going to do it or not. With. All these DNA, technologies. That allow to read the, DNA that allowed to do, precise, gene, surgery, on our DNA surely this is another era but. You can't control let's, say the effect, of this, technology globally. Know. The. The the critical aspect of any. Technology, that is developing, such, as Chris Parker's 9 is that. First. Of all different, countries have different regulations, in, terms of of. Biological. Ethics, and this. Is a case for Chris Pakistan, so different countries, have different views, with, regard to how far one can go, to, apply Chris Pakistan, for example in in humans and it. Would be difficult to get to a, general. Consensus. Because. Of different types of cultures and different. Ways. Regulations. Are already, in place and, difficult, different, let's, say ethical. Idea. Yeah, in. Different cultures indeed, indeed, so, the different, cultures the different ethical. Regulations already, in place surely. We. Will bring that it will be extremely difficult to, have a consensus. On, certain. Applications. Globally. Alright. I think we should have a fold. So. The heat bath is here it's at 60 degrees. The. Next step in the protocol is heat. Shock. Who. Would do it I mean I want to see hands. Then. We won't. You. Have to understand, though like, people. Are scared of a lot of Technology these days artificial. Intelligence right. It's, gonna destroy the world. You. Know genetic, engineering and CRISPR, it's gonna destroy the world honestly, if, like the printing press was invented today, they probably wouldn't let anybody use because. It would destroy the world right, and if you go back in time and say what. Has caused the most damage out of any technology you might say it's the written word right like wow you know look how much damage has been caused but look how much beauty has come, because of it same thing was like cars and automobiles right. Every. Year, millions. Of people die and you. Know automobile, accidents, and. We're all ok with it because it. Brings us so. Much in, our lives being able to travel long distances, in, very, short periods of time and. I think it's the same way with. These, genetic, engineering technologies, like CRISPR. Obviously. Everything. Can be used for bad ok, everything. And bad, stuff can happen from, but. What what's the possible, benefit, of this right what's the possible benefit, and the benefits, are you, know really immense, we've. We've done the groundwork with, biology, and digitizing, it then you, can go to digital libraries, of information, there's gene banks, of information, there are now databases.

Of Synthetic, biology tools and processes there is a digital architecture. Where I can now get, online. Researchers. And tools and equipment and services, and soon. We're. So we're just starting to get the acceleration. Now we're just getting hitting, the knee of the curve where, this is becoming where there's a large enough community, the tools are cheap enough and accessible, enough and connected. Enough to really start to accelerate and I tell you it gives me goosebumps because, I know that, a 20. Year old student. At. A university. That is learning biotech, today has, all the power and technology, at, their fingertips, from, their dorm room as a major pharmaceutical company. With, just a little bit of funding and that. Is that's, a game-changer so we, are going to see an incredible acceleration. Over the next generation. We'll be surprising. To many people, Madame. Vanir. Vanir. They're. A total shock so moolah Carnot a net force pillow from who long Catherine, take the. Same the powder on decking epidemic, we have AB a, Mensa. Dr. Fernau this had no yeah, and. A Nolan a skullet on. The other accounts, like, a sumo processor, Oaks often horror stop. And loss diameter and then looked, at my knee tonight, this. Is false Hillier who looked at for spelling no, lateral hope yeah that's it. Oh. Yeah. Nope it's Rita. You're. Done otherwise, there. Where's. The first one thank. You for watching, for. More on this subject take a look at the playlist you. Can also watch this recommended, video don't. Forget to subscribe to our channel and we'll keep you updated on, our documentaries.

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