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Welcome. Friends, it's the weekend and it's time to hang out with your friends the new kids on the block chain for another week it certainly, is and it has been a quite a rollercoaster, week, yet, again in the world of crypto I'm gone tight it's always a bit like the moment isn't it certainly you now. Crypto. Smoothie we took last week you may not have checked it out yet if you haven't please go and check it out it's our daily site, with curating, all the best news, videos. And daily, round up on everything, you need to know about crypto, grab your morning coffee bookmark. It go there first of all we've done all the hard work so you don't have to crypto, smoothie calm and, in some other exciting news we came in number 6 on the top 15, blockchain, YouTube, channels to watch in 2019. Buy feed spot so thank you very much for that thanks, for voting for us guys exciting. To celebrate subscribe. Like, comment, below about what you want us to talk about who you want us to talk to and, projects, that you want us to interview, so. Be. Interactive. Join, us on this journey and tell us what we you want us to do but, this week who do we have on the show I spoke, to forest, also known as hash oh she earlier, in the week about third-generation, blockchains, they're all coming with card on Oh Leo's, Tron. And we had a good chat about how these new block chains are going to do and how aetherium, is going to face the, new pressure from, at these updated, technologies. But. I guess first we should have a little look at the old news. Roundup. First. Up from koi market cap it is generally green across the board from. CCN, a Bitcoin troll rips through crypto, at Davos saying that blockchain, is no better than an. Overhead. Sheet Bitcoin. And crypto currencies are the mother and father of all bubbles and blockchain is nothing more than a fancy database, that's, what Bitcoin bashing New York University professor Nouriel Roubini said, at the 2019. Blockchain, Economic, Forum in Davos Switzerland. Speaking. On a one-person panel perhaps, no one can challenge his anti crypto flood roubini. Gloated, over the current bear market insisting. That he was proven, right in his rabid, long-standing. Opposition to, Bitcoin also. From Davos is reported, by the blog, Jeff. Schumacher, the founder of BCG, digital, ventures said I do believe Bitcoin, will go to zero I think it's a great technology but I don't believe it's a currency it's not based on anything not. The most optimistic series, of comments there and the next one's not very good for ripple either from. Forbes, ripple, may have a serious, data problem. Ripple. A common name for the XRP digital token currently boasts a market capitalization. Of almost, 13, billion, however, the Masari a cryptocurrency data, company, a suggested, ripples market cap could be as much as 6 billion, lower the circulation, supply of XRP is thought to be 41, billion according to coin market cap which tracks most major crypto, currencies, but, Masari is reported, as much as 19.2. Billion of that may, be a liquid or subject, to significant, selling restrictions suggesting. Its quoted market price may be wildly, different from, its actual value from. CCN, leaked user kyc, data doesn't, affect our accounts, from finance, finance. The world's leading cryptocurrency, exchange, has recently put out a statement claiming that the leaked cryptocurrency, exchange, user, know your customer, at kyc data isn't from its users as it uses digital, watermarks, of every user picture it collects. You. May remember we chatted to forest, a while ago hash oh she is he's also known a great, source for tech. Information. Whenever I need to learn a little bit more I always fire up his channel and I would advise you to do the same he's done some great videos recently on Tron. And Cardno, and third generation blockchain so I'd, love to chat to him a bit more and try and clue myself, up a bit about what's happening so Forrest are you there. Yep. I'm here actually thank you very much sir for having me again on the channel well thank you and welcome and yeah, like I was saying this is we're. Obviously in this interesting, stage now where we're heading into sort of generation, 3 blockchains.

They're, Starting, to sort of deliver two main net, we've, got this race going on between especially Tron, Cardno. Yose and, where's. The landscape, sitting as you see and what's the what where do you think we're heading at the moment yeah. Absolutely I, think we're finally seeing some of the the ideas, that we've heard about for so, long like real-time, implementations. Have delegated, proof of stake, really. Powerful, and fast virtual, machines for, executing, smart. Contract, operations, those, sorts of things are finally coming into the fray and. The. First mover advantage is, wearing off you, know so as, people may know I do a lot of work with aetherium as a developer, I don't develop the protocol, so I think when I say I Matthew and aetherium developer, that, may be miss misleading, to people thinking that I build, aetherium itself i build, apps with aetherium in, smart contracts on solidity and so, I'm really well acquainted, with some of the pitfalls and, some of the you, know not, so great things about aetherium and right. Now as we stand up to this Constantinople. Hard fork being delayed and you. Know just things happening, that are a little bit frustrating. For people developers. Miners, users, a. Lot of these other platforms like Cardno, Tron. Heõs. Zelicah. Etc, they all have an opportunity to take some some. Of the user base away from this area it's. Interesting because we we interviewed, Ryan Taylor from - last year and he said just be prepared that there isn't going to be one blockchain, to rule them all you, know there is going to be lots of there's going to be a coexistence as blockchains, one blockchain, you know that wind may focus on content when we focus on commerce one and I guess we're, at that early stage of the race at the moment where people. Are trying to you know get a first mover advantage and, and I've seen Tron has been incredibly, good at marketing and to be moving up sort of swiftly and you, know people your video on Tron was really, good and you were big enough to say I was wrong about it and explain why so maybe you can tell us a bit more about that so you. Know as an interim developer, and has someone who you. Know I've been a fan of etherion for a long time. When, I first saw Ron with all the drama with the white paper that plagiarized. White paper you, know the massive, ICO and all they're like guerilla marketing and stuff like that without, a product I was like now Tron sucks there's this is like a relevant right this is a scam and I. Regret that because I got into the same mindset that now I speak, to others about, not, getting into which is writing something off before. They've had a chance to deliver it. It's hard I think because. Everyone. Has their opinion is in their biases, and things that like, you just want to be like nope that's not worth, my time but. I had a chance at work to build something with trauma and albeit, a very small project but. A small, to smart contract, decentralized. Application. With a little basic, front-end. And. That. Really opened my eyes to what Tron is done since, I last checked in, which was really, early on it a lot during, their announcement, so. That's, one of those things where, it. Was just a lot easier to use there was a lot more developer. Tool thing than I thought there was a lot more documentation, than I thought and. Being. Able to use, something. Without gas was, a very interesting experience. Yeah. Because a lot of people I think there was a big kind of Tron's a scantron, you don't know what stuff was kind of going on the start and the white, paper with huge chunks of plagiarized, stuff and I think, it's kind of but it's interesting too you know it, really divides the audience Tron it's another one like a O's is another one where we've talked before an area show people, either love it or hate it and there is this notion of blockchains. Are almost like football teams you know people support, them give crazily. You know and and I think. You. Probably need to be. All kind of wide across it at the moment don't you and be be looking at what each of them can do because I don't think there is kind of like one to rule them all at this stage yeah.

Well, And I think that's kind of where people get into into, trouble is there's a lot of marketing there's a lot of bold. Statements, about what is going to be and, there's. Less focus on what is right now you. Know so for. Me I mean it my goal as you know this. Year in 2019, goes on to experience, get. My hands on with all of the products, that you know zelicah, Cardno. CEOs. All of them have to offer you know Iran of course so. That I can at least understand, what the Delta is between those. And aetherium and find. Out you know where, where. I fit into that as a developer you know can I build applications. That are interoperable. Amongst, all those platforms so that in the future if they become interoperable. With one another which is possible. Could. I reap the rewards, from that good, others users, reap the rewards from that so, I mean that's really where I'm at right now is trying to figure out, what. Everyone has to offer and good and the bad things for each one because they all have you know positives. And negatives for sure yeah. And as you know somebody who develops long a theorem that there's been lots of negative, comments, I know sort of recently, Brooke Pierce video sort of came out and said look if theorem, really has got to get it together or it's going to start losing this race I mean do you feel it's in a, dangerous, spot at the moment or they going to sweep in with some amazing. Updates which put it in from 2 to, 2 their generation. Honestly. It. Could go either way at this point I mean I've always been a, person, trying err on the side of positivity, I think, that they they will deliver I do think they will deliver whether. Or not it's too late I don't know because. I mean, looking, at the proof of stake work that's been done on, their, github page you. Know all this stuff is open source so you can look at it I don't personally, believe, that it's. Ready for primetime and that's why it hasn't been, it. Hasn't been released and, I, respect the fact that even with Constantinople that, they found a potential, vulnerability, that could have caused, a. Dow hack level, problem, for. Smart contracts, that, they said you know what we're not going to do this just for good publicity we're gonna pull it and we're gonna make it work you. Know I respect that but at the same time it requires. Speed. To market to prove hey we're gonna stay with all these other platforms, that have been taking. Our lessons learned and doing things better. Than we are so. They have to be careful you know they have to deliver on their promises, I think you're right though it is the right the worst thing they could possibly do is go to market, for something they weren't ready with and then have some sort of you, know in this space one. Major hack and it's game over so, you know it was the right thing to handbrake, turn it kind of away for a while wasn't it for. Sure yeah I mean another I think. At this point in this like this really. Bear market, across, the board it's not just about the token, price it's a bear market in terms of belief that this stuff is gonna work right, you. Know DAP users are, dropping. Continuously. As well it's not just the token. Buyers so. If you. Know a dowel a dowel level hack where, von. Rebuilding, that causes, a potential. Chain split could be, devastating. If not completely. Destructive, to a platform, yeah. We feel like we're only sort of one or two like major problems, away from a lot, of people really losing the will to live at the moment I mean it's been a obviously, 2018 has been an incredibly difficult you know year for everybody there's, been loads going, on loads of building and I, mean cardano's, another, one I mean where what's your kind of thoughts on them obviously very smart people behind, it I'm. Not sure what their kind of their, time frame is now with with kind of getting to getting, to market but do you feel there there's a lot of positivity around that project as well yeah. When, I posted, that video on my channel about I don't know Antron for that matter I, was, very very.

Stoked To see how welcoming. And. Willing. The communities, were for each of those projects, to come and say hey you, know here's something that you know you may not know about the project or you, know helping me clarify, messaging, that I had in the video you. Know whatever because. All. Those projects have their own unique benefits Cardno, though is one, that's very interesting to me because they're, trying to take it in the, direction of making everything, easy for developers and, make. Just, making life better for people who want to build stuff with it. You know they have that platform, for, smart contracts called flutists. Allowing. For single stream development. Like code, which is, kind of a 50/50, people, like it or hate it but, Pascal, the programming, language is pretty. Nice and a lot better in my opinion than solidity, in terms of how, hard it is or how easy it is to make a mistake so. That's. Interesting and, then Marlowe the other end of that is a platform that cardano's brings, to the table that allows me on technical, users people who don't code to. Make, smart. Contracts, and deploy them to the. Cardno, network which is, something. Pretty unique I think there's. Not many platforms out there that are targeting. Non-technical. Users, to build things which. Is smart yeah, yeah I think that's that makes life a lot easier for mass adoption doesn't, it it's I mean I wonder do you feel like we're at a position now where some of these potential, next-generation, block chains that are like three five cents, could. Be the future sort, of $200. $500. Sort of it coins or they've got such a wide, token. Base yeah I mean I think, you. Know a Cadorna card I know for example it. Has such a massive, supply right, that. Even in, high adoption, and with, the relative low inflation, rate the token price it, would be difficult for it to get as high, as some of these other ones have gotten. But. I think it's all about the focus that is put, towards the the economic. Structure. Of these tokens you know some. You. Know here this is a lot people like well this is gonna you. Know go to $100, you, have to first look at is it, intended, to go to that price, you, know maybe the whole entire idea is in the way that the token economic, instructor, structured. Is that, the, developers. Don't want it to hit $100, and if. That's the case then you shouldn't, be counting, on that to, happen because if their vision is fulfilled it's not going to go on $2. That's, a really good coin that's a really good point a lot of people don't think about that they just look at it and go okay market, cap but but I guess an app, developer, if it's gonna cost them a you know a, in, proportionate, amount of money to actually get it done because the token price is so high it will just prevent that from happening, yeah, for certain for certain and I think one of the hardest parts to is people. Look. At this. Really, small market, and they're hoping that you know market cap tells them everything, but. There's a lot more to it than that you know the platforms themselves are all different and the people using them are all in, it for different reasons so. Definitely. Interesting, stuff these days it, is like watching a kind of slow-motion horse race at the moment isn't it where they're kind of all just like potentially, about to hurtle down the track I mean if you had to sort, of call where.

That. What we're calling that you know the sort of new blockchains that, they're going to by the end of this year do you see them moving up the kind of the Bitcoin. Market cap charts as they as they start expanding do you think any of them are going to pose a threat to a theory, I mean I mean II OS obviously, seems, to be moving very quickly at the moment in terms of the amount of DAPs its building the ecosystem seems, to be building very very quickly. Are there any potential, aetherium, threats, in the in the near future yeah. I think so, I mean look if if. Aetherium can deliver on, at. Least a fraction of what they're the promises, are for their, scalability. And interoperability, and transaction, throughput levels. They. Could keep, their place right. But. If the. Longer it takes and the more. Potential. Negative, news that can come out especially as people who question if you know vlad's an FIR vitalik beuter and all those people are even committed, to its theory on him at all. It. Leaves an opening. For those plant just to come in and and, deliver. Something more powerful than what aetherium has right now but. It's not an easy task yeah, yeah I mean I guess one of the this sort of the points, obviously at the moment is aetherium, has the, most amount of developers, on it that it's been working for a long time people, understand, you know kind of been developing on it then and the process and I know a few companies, that I spoke to the based on it theory and I've said to them hey look why, are you not moving across to EOS or something and they said if theorem has been around for a long time it's tried and tested a lot of these new block chains on yet and we don't want to deploy our business onto them until we've seen more. Time in the trenches yeah, that, makes perfect sense too because you know companies, like consensus. Or. You. Know prostatic, laps what, have you they have, bet their business on aetherium, they believe in a theme and they're trying to help build, the, etherium. Itself. So. I you, know I have respect for them as well because there is a big community behind, aetherium still, no matter what happens and that. Cannot be discounted. You know yeah. And and, on a broader sort of note just to finish up sort of 2019. You, know we've got the year ahead of us do we think we're going to kind of get over everybody, seems to think the next sort of five or six months there's not going to be anything sort of hugely. Dramatic, kind of changing from people I speak to that we're gonna see some, slight volatility. But nothing kind of you. Know nothing like the wild ride we had in 2017. Or the wild downward, trend we had in 2018, but I'm what, I miss more than the market caps is the amount of excitement, that there was, in. A space now I know a lot of that was driven by speculation. And greed but. It was it's it there seems to be it, seems to be quite downtrodden, at the moment apart from within, the hardcore sort of circles I'm hoping. That that is going to change and that we're going to start seeing as some of these new blockchains development, are successful, that everybody starts getting a bit more buoyant do, you share that yeah, I do I think that positive. News is gonna have to start winning against, negative news because, there's obviously culturally. More negative, news than there's positive use always but, as you know Cara. Domino Tron, all. These platforms like so, many of them start bringing things at the table and trying their best to, implement I, think.

That. Becomes, positive, news. That people can hold on to and, like the community also hasn't has an opportunity to bring in people who may have been hesitant. Or skeptical, back. During the times when there. Was just all this green and craziness in 2017. They, may not be ready to say hey looks like a. Stable. And almost. Maybe more, negative, looking movement but maybe I can not jump, in and learn something new because, this kind of seems like the internet a lot, of people hated the internet a lot a lot, of people did say, very similar as well that kind of internet that internet boom at the start you know the color and then the pop and then the slow growth and you know back up again for. Sure yeah, and I think we're seeing that eventually. The. Infrastructure, is gonna it's like it's like a phoenix man you rise from the ashes and, you build just. Keep building until either. You can't anymore or you build what you wanted nice. Well I like the I like the idea of is all rising like a phoenix so. I'll hold that one in my head and in, any dark times think of that and and anybody, who hasn't sort, of found forests online there's, a card up here going check his channel he's far more technically, knowledgeable, than I ever, claimed to be and I always appreciate him, taking the time to, come and give, us some of his knowledge so forest, thank you so much and. We. I'm sure we'll be speaking soon and hopefully at one of these events that we get to in the States we'll finally get to share a beer at some stage yeah. I would love that I'm always up for a plane man that's that's awesome thank, you so much for having me on the channel again always, a pleasure talking to you and hopefully. We can do it again soon fantastic. We'll take care of yourself and we'll speak soon. So. That's all folks I'm afraid we hope you have had a good week and we hope you have another good week in the world of blockchain, and crypto I'm sure it is gonna be yet another roller, coaster, across the markets with red and green and, red and green it's like Christmas, but without the fun the drink in the presents well. Until we see you next time folks remember, you've. Been blocked chained.

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Crypto investing is tough quite alright but not as difficult as it may seem if you follow the basic rules and don't love or get emotional with your coins. It is volatile and scary at times as things can fly up and down at extreme rates. If you are not careful, then you risk massive losses. To ensure continuous profitability, make sure you learn, be careful and do not listen to stupid things most Crypto traders say on youtube and other forums as they are lots of speculators in the market who tell you xrp is going to moon or BTC is at its dip and a reversal is sure and you even lose more money holding on to coins because they said so. The truth from my personal experience is that trading daily is far safer and more profitable than HODling with so much uncertainty in the market. I have lost over eight BTC value HODling for one year and have gained over 13btc in less than two months, something I am sure is a daydream for most hodlers. You have to be careful though and be exceptionally good in your T.As, reading the news and understanding the trend correctly. I would also like to stress is that if you aren't 100% sound in these, you should make contact with someone with good experience and trade history to help you through. Someone I would highly recommend is James Long **(jameslong241 @ Gmail. com). His analysis is sound, and his trade signals and strategies are some of the best out there to follow. He helped me recover my losses and make gains I find hard to believe.

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EOS is winning, and here is why: (feel free to add or correct me if i am wrong on something): - NO FEES and INSTANT transactions (try gaming sites...youll be amased) - VC founds investing 100s of millions (Novogratz Galaxy digital 325 Million, $100m FinLab AG and BlockOne VC Fund, $50m SVK Crypto and B1 fund, $50m Tomorrow Blockchain opportunities fund, ...___). - $1bn BlockOne commitment to fund Dapps in the Eco system (EOS VC Initiative) - $200m VC fund with Blockchain veterans Michael Cao and Winnie Liu, which will make strategic investments in Asia-focused projects utilizing EOSIO - Bitmain's Jihan Wu investing heavy in BlockOne - PayPal’s Peter Thiel investing heavy in BlockOne - Rob Jesudason, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Australia’s Commonwealth Bank (CBA), has left the bank to join BlockOne as chief operating officer - Tomorrow Ventures, a venture capital linked to former Alphabet Inc chairman Eric Schmidt, is also involved. - sister chains launching (Worbly, Telos, Eosforce, Boid, Evolution, Eoseurope, BOS,..) 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Even one of the only two dapps developing on cardano just moved to eos (sp8do), publicly exposing cardano as too complicated to build on. - incredibly scalable (every future issue can be fixed easily without a fork) - FORTH crypto in trading volume in a BEAR market (only behind BTC, ETH and USDT) - multiple exchanges adding EOS trading pairs regularly - Blockchain with human readable names, makes transferes as easy as possible - Blockchain with top security, the first one with the so called 'owner' and 'active' key pairs. - one of the strongest and largest community there is. EOS reddit, EOS telegram, a huge amount of sub communities too like for Block Producers, Developers, Designers, people who just talk price action... Even the individual block producers have their own communities. - Virginia Tech - the tech school where Dan Larimer is teaching young troops on eos and blockchain...wait till they come out of there... - Chintai lending, where you can lent your eos resources for profit, today. - Huobi just launched a new exclusively EOS based exchange, where voting and other things will be possible. - Just out - referendum voting, the ultimate decentralisation. Power to the token hodlers. - EVA, the Uber competition dapp built on EOS just got an official operating permit in Quebec ...in 7 months. Still to come (and consequently rise the price): - REX renting (voting incentive, CPU congestion solving) - Block One wallet (with all the goodies in one secure place) - Trezor and other hard wallets implementation - banking on eos (yes, they are opening their own bank where the costumers will be the owners, it is called The Good Bank) - facebook on eos, - identitiy on eos, - genome on eos - financial markets on eos, - last but not least - Dan Larimer thinking of a Bitcoin on stereoids on the eos chain (so called Shower coin, that made the competition shit in their pants according to the "Dan is leaving" FUD they are still desperately trying to spread) Challenges for to be solved shortly: - Constitution and ECAF (will be solved with referendum) - many other projects like Tron have constitutions. - Vote buying (will be solved with referendum) - Tron is actually BASED on vote buying. (disclaimer - i have tron too). Some very good solutions presented by EOSforce sister chain. - CPU issues - to be solved in february by Bancor/LiquidEOS These challanges (with the bear market) are keeping the price low. When solved, many will wish they dug deeper in eos earlier. As all the venture capital did. And all that in just 7 months. (if you like my work you can donate 1 eos to: dvacevapcica) ;)

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+New Kids On The Blockchain it looks alot more fun and professional!

How I made hahahha why?

Bring Chris Coney back on for sure. You always learn something new and interesting when he's on the show. As far as new guest. There are many, but the top four who all have shows on YouTube I would like to see on your show are Kent from EOS Sandiego. They are a block producer and have their own app on EOS called the Challenge app. Another great guest is crypto blood. I believe he is also an EOS block producer ( EOS Detroit )who is super knowledgeable on a wide variety of topics related to all things block chain. The third is the CEO of nuclues vision which is a project based out of India. Their technology and token will hopefully be introduced to the US and UK. I would love to see you find out where they are for their planned rollout. The fourth person that I think would make a great interview would be the Bitcoin Meister. He's a Bitcoin maximilist and in my opinion probably the most zeleous proponent for Bitcoin. He has no home as he wanders the planet espousing the greatness of Bitcoin. Glad to see poor Lisa is no longer suffering from the sniffles.

This comment is also so good it deserves a prize. A free cold storage coin for you (choose BTC, BCH or ETH) and email ash@newkidsontheblockchian.com with details :)

PS we will defo ask Chris back on big fans of his!

Paul in Las Vegas thanks for the informative comment. im going to reach out to them now. you have any contacts?

Great show, Forrest is a great guest! Might have to take Tron seriously now!!! Keep up the great work!!

thanks very much :) hope alls good with it.

Love the weekend edition and news roundups.

do more TOPs :D like top 10 safety coins etc guys

Thanks very much. Hope you are having a great weekend !

Loving Crypto Smoothie. Thanks ☺


thanks , we wanted one stop shop where you could grab all latest info in 5 mins

LOL no surprise XRP is overvalued - as soon as Ashton Kutcher plugs a “new tech”, i would question it



We need to start talking as EOSIO . Eos is now just 1 out of half a dozen EOSIO chains.

great point! NK, GET TO WORK!

Thats a really good point!!

Loved TRON on VHS! lol.

#tb :)))

i back TRON from the start... never disappointed despite the losses, they go ftw!

Me too lol. even on DVD ;)

Don’t know much about cardano, be great for a show about basics of the top 10 coins

im with cardano since the start. highly pro:)

Ok will do thanks :)

HNY! Just catching the show now this year, great as always ;]

haahahha never late for the party!

never let us down with the ppl you interview, Hashoshi is brilliant :>

keep watching the market guys! we need ya !!!

Eos all the way. no fees, leader from the start, no brainer

EOS is extremely centralized

this dude one day telling me eos is a scam XDDD

EOS is da king, no doubt!!!!

I love it!

people love or hate it

So many new blockchains which horse to bet on ?!

certainly stay away from ripple :D thats all i know haha

one more fork and i quit hahaha

it's a long race!

surely not ETH - an old horse thats gotta be put away ASAP. make space!

Loving Cardano!!! Looking forward to seeing what 2019 brings

Should be an interesting 2019

2019 is a big time for projects like Cardano man. Gotta buy now no regrets later that way - nobrainer gain here

the team there sooo SMART! grab any dips you can there ;)) )

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