EMBARRASSING PHASES: The Nightmare Instead of Christmas! | Sanders Sides

EMBARRASSING PHASES: The Nightmare Instead of Christmas! | Sanders Sides

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There are few who deny. At dropping lines I am the best for my talents, are denounced. Fahren. Line. Y wide, that's, it we'll get it one more time. What. Is up everybody. Do, Newton well. It is that time of year again, the trees got no leaves and, like a refrigerated, Apple the air is crisp and cool. Except. For here in Florida but you know I'm sure that it's nice. And other places I'm. Not jealous, I'm chill, except. I'm not, Florida. Frightful. Whether or not those slave ballots are still jingling, our hearts are still linked. In tingling, and it is time to set our sights on that perennial, favorite, Christmas. No no, you're, mean, one we did a Christmas episode last year Thomas I mean yeah Virgil, Christmas is kind of a yearly thing it. Sure is, but, you know what we still haven't. Done oh my. Gosh Easter. What. No. St., Patty's, Day no, aunt Patty's, Day no my New Year's Day by the time we're on the same page maybe Halloween, yes yes yes Halloween. Halloween, Halloween I. Mean I don't care I just I, like holidays, so what. Are you what. Are you doing what are you doing over there Thomas, I'm waiting for the others to show up so I can scare, them right out of their pants. Affectionately. And then I'm going to affectionately. Scare, them so freakin, bad though, wet those same, pants after they put them back on. Wow. Virgil, that's that's. Pretty evil tis the season but. It's not look just don't mind me okay just look keep doing your thing we'll all right this is great because it means I get to support my best costume, yeah yes. Pretty. Great right my mommy got it for me did someone say mummy no so you can go back down hey guys Wow clearly, I have a strong attachment to this holiday you guys look awesome Thank You Thomas I put a lot of thought into my costume, how'd you settle on being a mummy what a better costume for, me then zombie, royalty. Fair enough and Logan Frankenstein's. Monster, no dr., Frankenstein, I was going to be dr. Frankenstein, but Roman said and I quote that. Dude. Sounds, like a great deed dork you should be the scary monster, instead, you, know the. Real Frankenstein. You wrote all that down or I try to jot down anything that is said to me that is unprecedented, Lee stupid it is important to keep, receipts lots of people don't know that the monster's name is in Frankenstein, Logan stop putting people down stop. It, stop. Anyway. Where's Patton I'm here Thomas, I dressed, as a ghost oh wow. Amazing. Just getting the head and popped up yeah ah okay. Well I feel. Like a fool sorry I'm late everyone Thomas, here still hasn't picked out a candy bowl for next year's trick-or-treaters. The little procrastinator. And I can't decide if he should get an orange bowl with black bats or a, black, ball with, orange, bag what. Are you or orange pumpkins. That makes more sense that's, on time button what is this have, you forgotten the discussion we've had concerning, our coordinated, costume choices wait coordinated.

Costume, You were supposed to be the Wolfman Patton up some measly mock I am The Wolfman I have the floppy ears I've got this cute little tag with my name on it and that does not say your name on it that's Scooby Doo's tag Oh must, have gotten my nametag mixed up with someone else's well, someone's. Scooby customers, ruined sorry Patton did you say woof. Man yeah. Wolf, man it, was wolf man yeah, woof man wolf man, woof man wolf, man woof man wolf man you guys are, you guys mess we, all agreed that we were going to wear scary, costumes. Do not spoil this belated, Halloween. For me scary costumes, I don't. Think I got the memo on that one I literally don't know how we discussed it in your head well spider-man, is sort of scary he wears a mask so no one knows who he is pseudo Parker he's always fighting crime at night fighting, is scary night time is scary the spider on the middle of your chest is scary, spider-man scary you're scary going it's okay it's okay Patton it's just me it's just me Thomas. You're. Spider-man, calm yourself JJ spider-man's, not scary he's a hero scary. Is more like like. Yes. No. Not, like that um are, you kidding me I spent, all day working on this be afraid be, very afraid. Oh sorry but I just don't think that we find. You as, scary. Anymore. What. Oh but that's good you're, part of the group now you weren't with us instead, of. Against. Us, well. Let me rephrase that okay, uh you're, not frightening them anymore why not frightening, us you're, not including yourself why I am fearless and therefore. Powerful, I've seen you scared Virgil, why aren't you doing your job I'm, obviously, trying, and actively, failing, have you forgotten about the graph that I Ellis traited of the Year speaker. Yeah oh good. You remembered something that I taught you for once and surely. You remember the optimum, point of tension signifying. That it's not good to experience, none of anxiety's effects I don't know about none, of its effects Virgil is still very, scary, you just gotta give, him a chance Virgil. Do that you, know do. That thing with your face okay. Ah. Oh. Oh, you. Scared, the pants right off of me uh oh. My gosh you guys don't think I'm scary put your pants back on don't patronize me, you mean pant renée's whatever it just slipped out I mean we we spent an entire two-part. Episode discussing. How you weren't, a malicious, entity we. Bonded, and stuff what we understand, now understand, what you're, being, scary, was really, mainly a thing when, you were isolating, yourself before, you knew a better way to help me now, that we've broken down that wall you don't have to you, know keep. Up the act act. You. Know not an act but a phase a phase well, sure everyone goes through phases, they're, embarrassing. But we get over them we're all just happy you're embracing who you truly are now so we can be pals listen. We, may be friends, but that doesn't mean I can't scare you anymore I'm your anxiety. That is what I do well, not anymore apparently how, hard is it to distress someone I mean just, watch Thomas.

Given, Human beings limited, years there's a cap on how many things you'll be able to make in your lifetime meaning, you. Probably don't, have the time to create everything. That you want oh my god why would you say that jeez dude see all it took was a little logic what is it so, wrong, that Virgil's, doing something a little different now well, why can't that phase be over you, patents, with me the dog days are over take it from me Virgil as someone, who's gone through a few phases myself. Phases. Are like, Halloween. Costumes, a time. Comes when you wear one around but eventually, it's time to take the costume off the. Phases I've gone through are in the past and. I feel like I can finally be my real self, now huh. Interesting. Perspective Thomas. Sorry. Everyone, I hate the dark somebody light a match not because I farted you know I'm, glad, you brought up those phases, you went through, let's. Talk about those. What. Have you taught anyone, remember, Thomas's. Cosplay. Ya. Know I was I was not good at costume. Construction, so you changed my costume, as an example it's. Rude. I was so into, that scene made, so many different costumes, went to all the local cons. But. My costumes, always. Fell. Short, compared. To everyone else oh that, absolutely. Defeated, me I couldn't. Cope with the fact that we weren't on the same level as all the other incredible. Cosplayers, at the cons you attended, oh that. Was big of you to admit Romans. Who bad your big admission. Is dwarfed, by your, gargantuan. Failures. Yikes that those were ugly. Words there, get up not as ugly as Thomas's cosplayers. We. Have the same, nevermind. Just let it go first you know, extending. Beyond this penny. Dreadful. Theatricality, penny dreadful. Theatricality. Is not. Intended there is something, interesting to be said about all this talk of phases, and yes yes I can't help but be reminded of, Erik Erikson's, what a name the theory of psychosocial. Development what a name particularly. The fourth psychosocial, crisis, entitled, industry, versus. Inferiority catchy. During this phase one aims to gain a sense of confidence, when developing, skills if. Unsuccessful, one, could develop feelings of inferiority. However. A mixture, of failures, and successes, could, lead to a more agreeable, balance. Of competency. And modesty. Oh my gosh he's so right I'm so modest, so cosplay, is something that made.

Me Feel inferior potentially. But remember, you were also, trying your hand at other trades during that phase, singing, filmmaking, etc, with which you felt more successful, and your proficiency and set skills provided, unnecessary. Counter, to your more. Embarrassing. Efforts well me. I was wrong to be embarrassed, by my cosplay, well not wrong, but yeah. I had fun I, did, it because I was passionate about, the characters, going. To conventions, gave me a chance to meet. People that liked. The same geeky, stuff is, me, so. What if I didn't have the means to create a film, quality, costume. I shouldn't have given, up so easily, oh but you can always get back into it would you really want to revisit that you should just let the past die kill, it if you have to easy there, Kyle oh friend oh my gosh a nice nickname I hadn't. Thought of that you shouldn't give up on things just because, they're hard or if you're not good at that right away you know you're. Right and I feel like I've also probably, improved, since then with all the costuming. For videos that time. In my life might, have been an essential stepping. Stone in order to get. To where I am today, stepping-stone. More like throwing stone oh sorry. I did not mean to actually that, was just supposed to scare you guys but, I bet now you're going through another phase of pain. Sorry. Again now you know Virgil this isn't so, scary you just diminished. My custom, quality that's all careful or it'll be Thomas's girl phase next oh you mean when you feigned an attraction towards women you mean the first 23, years of my life, you. Were so repressed. Oh. I bet Virgil has a ton more to scare us with how about me next your batwing, to cherub, I mean, you bad. Boy. All. Right. Dog. Oh no. Not. Yes. Patent, de, mo. This. Is maybe the scariest phase, and all of Thomas's, life well. Scary. Is a little harsh, yep Thomas you were such an angsty, teenager, and you know how teenagers scare the living poop out of me Oh Patten you don't have to make emo song references, but, it's better if you do I agree with Patton this is a horrifying, period, to revisit through all of the relentless, waves of hormones, and emotions. No. One could understand, me yeah I was really, going through some stuff when I was younger, there's. A lot to get a handle on well that's what you get when you let your heart win whoa. Okay. You can stop making the song a hundred times better maybe I can, try oh the ill-fitting. Hairdos, I wore and. All the bracelets, - how, did I wear so many bracelets who, let me do that being.

Old Enough to comprehend, depressing. Realities, but still, too young to wrap your head around why, things, are the way they are resulted. In you becoming, a, little, trihard. You only made things worse for yourself by dressing, in a way that was so wannabe. Edgy, and you, were just. Making. It way too easy to insult you hypocrites say what what oh my gosh I can't believe it were shut up also what were you thinking going to events like Warped, Tour you hate crowds, hmm now I don't want, to overload anyone with information since, when but this also sounds like one of Erikson's, stages of, psychosocial, development, identity. Versus. Role confusion. This. Stage describes, one search for personal, identity and a, sense of self trying. To figure out who you are it's a time for exploring and seeking, a figurative, place, where one belongs. In society, if one doesn't have an easy time during this stage they, could experience, an identity crisis, and experiment. With different lifestyles an identity crisis, that clearly hasn't ended I mean what am i other than a highly condensed, ball of angst whose style is a relic from that time in your life oh oh my gosh yeah and, never basically styled. Twins. One just a couple of cool guys coming, through okay Paden um, sorry. Well I mean maybe. That angst is still with me to some extent but you, work with us now, you're not in, the driver's seat anymore, you have. A seat, at the discussion, table I was. Absolutely. Frightened. Out of my mind, back then but only because. I was, trying. To understand, difficult feelings. For the first time glad. That's over with what do you think we're doing every time we meet up catching up and then I found, a. Healthy. Way to express. Myself screaming. Lyrics, lyrics that resonated, with me and made, me feel. Less. Alone. And, Virgil. Going, to concerts, made, me feel like there was a place for me in society. And I really. Needed. That at the time, honestly. That was a time where I developed a lot of the values I, still. Believe in today plus, the music is still pretty darn cool well that goes without saying hmm, I don't think I really have any other embarrassing. Embarrassing. Phases. And. That means my beautiful, costume, can remain untouched. Princey. Princey princey, so, naive. Ah. His. Burlap. Sack face oh I. Get it it's, fine oh. Yes. The fine phase, Wow. Virgil, I hate to say it but.

This Is a miserable failure on your part the, vine phase wasn't scary on the contrary, I'm rather proud of all the work we did oh all, the, work. It's. Okay we're on YouTube now where, we're safe, from all the bad decisions, I've, always. I've always made things that. I can be proud of on YouTube, Thomas don't invite something else so Thomas. Vine. May be dead, but, it still haunts you like a malevolent. Apparition. That those were some of the earliest, years in developing, your voice as a creator, but no matter what you do no matter what you try you. Will never grow. Past it no your tombstone will, read here. Lies Thomas. Sanders remember. Him he, was the storytime guy on by. Oh I, know because I. Don't. Know if people were to remember your vines years down the line I. Think. That'd be pretty neat oh my. God. You're awesome, Logan. Did Derek son have anything to say about this, you. Mean Erickson oh that's. Right the only sons I can keep straight are my own as a. Matter of fact Patton yes, the generativity, versus, stagnation stage. Does share a few notable qualities, with, Thomas's, fine face well why don't you generate, an explanation, for, us Logan holy well, it, has to do with one's desire, to create, and be, involved, in the community the, function, of this stage is ideally. To figuratively. Make, your mark on the world through, creating. Or nurturing, something, that will outlast, you oh my gosh I was literally talking to you about this same thing a while ago me. And this Erickson guy Wow so wait I was, doing exactly what I needed to be doing I was, taking. Part in an online community and I, accidentally. Stumbled, into making something that was bigger than me just. By doing something, that I enjoyed, that's so freakin. Cool and sure I made. Mistakes all the time but you know I'm better now right I don't know are you I don't know am i all right I believe, I understand, the intended, outcome of Virgil's, methodology, if, you had never made that horrendously. Bad fine okay now you guys are just being mean the fines aren't that. Example. Most of them weren't that bad yeah you, boy has delivered some ill-conceived. Content, but, that was part of his development, similarly. If we hadn't endured those various, cringe inspiring, periods of your life then. You wouldn't know the things that you know now or be. The person, that I am today. Yeah. Uh it's. Not that I haven't changed but when, you reduce a piece of my history to just a phase, you. Ignore, everything that I went through who. I was, when I scared you all the time is no. Less real than Who. I am now, past, phases, are the foundation, of who you've become, oh. Here's. My name zag it, says Potter so if you remove that foundation, what's, left standing, huh, sorry, if we torn it down a little bit Virgil a pun infused, touching, moment. That. Is so my aesthetic, look dealing. With me will. Never be a walk in the park and, you can't pretend that it will be when you try to deny me I get frustrated and I lash out you. Talk about how I work, with you now that's, great but I need, you to, work with me too, you're, right you're. Right I I. Don't suppose there's anything I can do to. Remedy. The, situation yeah, don't worry about it I'll, get even with you what what does that mean what are you gonna do what are you gonna do it it's already done dear Susan. Newton. Dear. Thomas. Do you remember your for, jorah days. Alright, now we're even you don't bring up a guy's fedora face Virgil, there's gotta be a line not even if that guy belittled, someone's past hardships, fine I wore a fedora or seven, it was one wait you can barely call it a face my head is not built for ads does the fedora thing tie into the lesson in any way no I just, had a point to prove I. Still. Got it yeah you certainly do, don't question me again Sanders, if he's going back to being scary can I go back to calling him names no no you have to be nice I'm just glad he didn't go into the girl phase you with a girl defies all me. Yeah no it wasn't fun for anyone Thomas I feel. Kind of confused now, I, always. Try to show Virgil, love and support but. Lately. I. Feel. Like I always, neva. Tably, do. Something, wrong no, patent, I I. Understand. There's. A lot that Virgil could do that I don't want him to do he, knows exactly how, to push my buttons but.

He. Is who he is, all. We can do is. Try. To listen to him as best, as we can and. Adapt. To his needs it's, not an easy thing to navigate, so we're going to run into problems. But, if it's any consolation patent. I can. See how hard you try and, I. Think. You're. Doing a really great job. Whoo. Well, my nerves are shot um I, guess, the takeaway from this is that, phases. Although. Sometimes. Embarrassing. Aren't, inherently. Artificial. They're, the. Building, blocks of the, person, you are now, we're. Constantly. Growing, and our experiences. Shape. Us. Embrace. Where you are in your life right now whoever. You are right this minute. You're. Real, don't. Let anyone tell you differently. Until. Next time take, it easy ghosts schools, and non-binary. Ghouls. I, don't. Know I was trying something take it easy guys gals and non-binary pals, peace out, have yourself. A. Scary. Little. Christmas. Very. Well done, virtual, you're. So. Evolved. Deceit, real, class Savita sneak up on a side in the middle of housekeeping, Wow, classy. Is my middle name. Seriously. It's on my birth certificate you can look it up for, proof yeah maybe, maybe. An opposite town. All. Right all right you're overselling. It now oh you are, hilarious Virgil. You always, have been what are you doing here hmm a bunch of talk about Halloween a season. For dressing, up and pretending to, be something or someone else you're, right a master, of deception such as myself has no place in that kind of discussion okay me being able to elicit fear doesn't take away from the fact that I've grown so, don't even try me with that Harvey Dent's clever retort and convincing. Statement, and cool. Costume, are, you supposed to be scarecrow. In Joel Schumacher's canceled, third Batman film you know this is what I normally wear I've never seen that outfit in my life stylish, clothing aside, just. Be sure to. Of that personal. Growth Virgil. Who. Knows maybe. Soon you could, be rid of us, ah Oh. What. I was. Totally. Not looking, for this. Yeah. You better run what was that nothing get out.

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