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We. Live in a world where objects, have permanence. And. We. See cause then. Effect. But. A startling, phenomenon. Is revealing, that this is not how the universe works, at the smallest scales, of atoms and tiny particles. Albert. Einstein argued, it couldn't, possibly be real, einstein, was like a jack-in-the-box every, day he pop up with a new challenge but, after a century of disputes, and discoveries, the. Experiment, just beautiful, we're. Using it to create revolutionary. New technologies. What. We have here is a, quantum, playground, we. Want to push the technology, as both, possible, it's perhaps the strangest concept. In physics we're, left with conclusions that make no sense whatsoever yet. It could be what forms the very fabric, of our cosmos, in the end we just have this quantum, mechanical, world there's no space anymore it's. Like being an Alice in Wonderland everything. Is possible, could. It be real. It's. Einstein's, quantum. Riddle, right. Now on, Nova. Major. Funding for Nova is provided by, the, following. Is. Reality, and illusion. Could. Something here. Mysteriously. Effect something, there. A century. Of discoveries, in physics reveals. A strange counterintuitive. Microworld. Of atoms and tiny particles, that. Challenges, our intuitive, understanding. Of the world we see around us. It's. Known as quantum, mechanics. This. Strange, theory, has enabled us to develop the remarkable, technologies. Of our digital, age. But. It makes a very troubling, prediction. Called. Quantum, entanglement. Entitlement. Is this very, powerful but. Strange, connection, that. Exists between pairs of particles. Even. If they very far apart in, the way they're always coordinated. Nature's. Fundamental. Building blocks could be connected, and influence. Each other instantaneously. As if. The space between them doesn't, exist as, if. Two, objects, can mirror each other without, any apparent, connection. Einstein. Called it spooky, action at, a distance he. Rejected the idea I tried, to prove it couldn't, be real you, could have situations, where the, cause and the effect happen, at the same time. But. If entanglement, isn't real, cutting-edge. Technologies. Could be in jeopardy, quantum. Computers, quantum, encryption they, depend, on entanglement being a fact in the world. Underlying. It all is a profound, question. Do. We live in Einstein's universe. Of common-sense laws. Or. A bizarre, quantum. Reality, that, allows spooky, connections, across, space, and time. 300. Miles off the coast of West Africa on. One of the Canary Islands, a team.

Of Physicists, is, setting up a remarkable, experiment, that will use almost the entire breadth, of the universe. To. Settle the question. Is. The seemingly, impossible, phenomenon. Of quantum entanglement an illusion. Or. Is it actually, real. Leading. The team is Anton, Zeilinger. In, towards, the rock. Gideros ChaCha's. It's, perfect, today. It's. A precarious, undertaking. They've. Got a short window on two of Europe's largest telescopes. Each. One will simultaneously focus. On a different quasar, an, extremely. Distant galaxy, emitting. Huge amounts, of light from its core. This. Light will, be used to control precise, equipment, that, must be perfectly, aligned to, make measurements on tiny subatomic, particles. And. If, that isn't tricky enough the. Weather on the mountain is notoriously unpredictable. The. Team needs perfect, conditions, for the experiment, to work. In the end it could be running smoothly for. This. Little bit a couple decisions, made you. Know in, the extracted, state in the last instance. With. The experiment finally. Set up the. Team takes their positions. David. Kiser has worked on this experiment with his colleagues Jason, Colicchio and Andy, Friedman for, four years. Coordinating. It all is Dominic Roush, the. Experiment, is his thesis project, and it's, been years, in the making but. As. Darkness falls, temperatures. On the mountain begin to drop. Okay. Okay. Okay. There's bad news they, have been told to leave the villain partial because the road will be so dangerous too dangerous so they have to go, down there yeah. The. Next day the. Team prepares for, another attempt. They. Verify, the equipment, hasn't been affected by the weather. But, now the, air is thick with clouds. Yes, the humidity, with the various telescopes, and you see the. Humidity, is all that percent so. As long as this. Lasts. We. Can't do much. The. Teams at both telescopes. Wait. But. The clouds don't, clear. All, the preparation, has, come to nothing. Time. On these huge telescopes, is precious and, theirs. Has, run out, this. Ambitious, test of quantum entanglement must. Wait. Why. Are physicists. So determined, to put this bizarre, aspect, of quantum mechanics, to the ultimate, test to. Explore. The beginning of the story David, Kaiser has come to Brussels. The. City that Albert Einstein, traveled to in 1927. To, attend, a meeting about a new theory, that described, the microworld of atoms and tiny particles. Quantum. Mechanics. Quantum. Mechanics is one of those amazing, intellectual. Achievements, in human history. For. The first time scientists. Were able to probe. A world, that was until. Then quite, invisible to us looking. At the world at the scale of atoms a million. Times smaller than the, width of a human hair one. Way to think about the scales is that if you take an everyday object like a soccer ball. And. You. Enlarge, that soccer ball so that actually you can see the, individual, atoms you're, if you have to make it the. Size of the earth and. Then. Move, into that planet. Then. You are in, the world of atoms and particles. It. Was the nature of fundamental. Particles, which make up the world we, see around us, that, Einstein, had come to Brussels, to discuss and. It. Was here that Einstein, entered into a heated debate that. Would lead to the discovery of quantum. Entanglement. A concept. That would trouble him for, the rest of his life. David. Kiser has come to the place where it all began. This. Is the original Solvay, Institute, building, beautiful. Grand building, and this is the place, back in October. 1927. Where. The fifth Sauve conference was held, there's. An amazing, week, long series of discussions, on really, what the world is made of on the nature of matter the, new quantum, theory and these. Steps, are, the very steps. On. Which this famous. Group, photograph, was taken is. A collection, of some, of the most brilliant, people in the world here. In the front row we, see Albert Einstein, and the great Marie Curie INBOX plunk in the back row standing, the dapper, Aaron Schrodinger, and he's could have brash 20 year olds in mid 20s Verner, Heisenberg, and Wolfgang Pauli. These. Scientists. Were the pioneers of quantum, mechanics, I had. A huge, version, of this photograph up on the wall was a poster, in my college dorm room my roommates. Had their favorite bands and I had to the 1927. Solvay conference which. Says a lot, this. Was one of the greatest meetings, of minds in history. More. Than half were, or would become, Nobel.

Prize Winners. Their. Experiments. Were showing that. Deep inside matter, tiny. Particles, like, atoms and, their orbiting, electrons, were. Not solid, little spheres. They. Seemed fuzzy, and, undefined. So. This, group here this these these were the folks who had just been. Plumbing. Deeper, and deeper and deeper to. Find what, they hope will be a bedrock, of what the world is made of and to, their surprise they found things, less and less solid, as they dug in this, world was not tiny, little bricks that got smaller smaller at some point the bricks gave way to this mush, and what. Looked like solidity, solidness, in fact became very confusing, and and kind, of a whole new way of thinking about nature. The. Theory of quantum mechanics. Presented, at the meeting was. Strange. It. Said that a particle like, an electron, isn't. Physically, real, until. It's observed. Measured. By an instrument that can detect, it. Before. It's detected, instead. Of being a solid, particle an electron. Is just, a fuzzy, wave a, wave. Of, probability. These. Objects. Like electrons, are atoms, when we describe mathematically. Their. Behavior, the only thing we can describe is the probability. Of being, at one place, or another, it's. Like a wave of all those different possibilities, it's. Not that the electron is in, one place or the other we just don't know is that, the electron really, is a combination. Of every possible, place it could be until. We look at it. Quantum. Mechanics, only, tells us the probability of a particles, properties, like. Location. Laws. Of nature were no longer definite. Statements, about what's going to happen next, they, were just statements, about probabilities, and. Einstein, thought well that's defeat, you're, giving up on the, heart of what physics, has been namely. To give a complete, description of reality. For. Einstein. The. Idea that particles, only pop, into existence when, they're observed, is. Akin to magic. It, said he asked, do, you really believe the moon is not there when you are not looking at it. Outside. Of the formal setting of the conference. He. Challenged, the most vocal supporter, of these ideas, the. Great Danish, physicist, Niels Bohr. Eyesight. Would show up to breakfast, at the hotel and, Niels, Bohr would be there and Iceland.

Would Present his latest challenge Niels. Bohr was sort of mumble, and Wonder, and and, confer, with his younger colleagues, they'd head off to the formal, meeting at the Institute and somehow. Every, night by suppertime Bohr, would have an answer one. Of the observers said that Einstein, was like a jack-in-the-box every, day he'd pop up with a new challenge and Bohr. Would flip, this way in that in the end by supper have crushed that one and it would start all over again. -. Bohr and his colleagues, quantum. Mechanics, not only explained, experimental. Results, it's. Mathematics. Were elegant, and beautiful. And. Since. Einstein hadn't. Found flaws in their equations, they. Left the solve a meeting feeling, more confident, than ever in their ideas. But. Einstein, didn't, give up his conviction, that quantum, mechanics was. Flawed and. In. His refusal to accept the weird implications. Of the theory, he. Would wind up uncovering, something, even, weirder. In. 1933. With, the Nazi Party in power in Germany, Einstein. Chose to settle in America and took. A position at the Institute, for Advanced Study in, Princeton New, Jersey. He. Recruited two physicists, to help him Nathan. Rosen and Boris. Podolsky and. In. 1935. At afternoon, tea. The. Three men spotted a possible, flaw in quantum, mechanics that. Would shake the very foundations. Of the theory. They. Noticed that the mathematics, of quantum mechanics. Led. To a seemingly, impossible, situation. Today. Robert. Dygraf, is the director, of the Institute. Apparently. Poodles can say well professor Einstein this. Is very important, in your arguments. Showing. That quantum. Theory is incomplete. So. The god is very animated, discussion, and what happened. Still is now you have a bunch of scientists. Discussing, and at some point someone. Says let's write a paper together so. They did. Their. Paper known. Today as EPR. Argued. That the equations, of quantum mechanics. Predicted. An impossible, connection. Between particles. A. Seemingly. Magical effect. It. Would be like having two particles. Each. Hidden, under a cup. Looking. At one. Mysteriously. Causes, the other to, reveal itself - with. Matching, properties. Quantum. Theory suggested, this effect could happen in the real world. For. Example with particles, of light. Photons. The. Equations, implied that a source of photons, could. Create pairs, in, such a way. That, when we measure one. Causing. It to snap out of its fuzzy state. The. Other mysteriously. Snaps out of its fuzzy state at the same instant, with, correlated. Properties. The. 1935. Paper that described, this effect has. Become Einsteins, most, referenced, work of all. It. Has captivated, generations. Of physicists. Including. Anton. Zeilinger. The. Einstein-podolsky-rosen. Paper, fascinated. Me and I, had to read it at, least five or six times until I finally understood, what's going on and, then it didn't, let. Me go again. Another. Way to think of the paired particles, is, to imagine a game of chance that somehow, rigged, I, suppose. I, had, a. Pair. Of quantum, dice I. Put. These two quantum, dice in my little. Cup. Throw. Them. Now. Look at them they show the same number six I put. Them again in the chart throw. Them again.

Now. They both show three, I put. Them in again, so. Again. Now. They both show one. Point. Now being what I see here is I see. Two. Random. Processes namely, each die showing. Some number but, these two random, processes to, the same. It's. Really mind-boggling. How. Could two particles, act in unison. Even. When they're separated from each other. Essential. To the EPR argument, is that these particles, can be separated. At, an arbitrary distance, one could be here at Princeton one can be in the Andromeda galaxy and yet, according, to quantum mechanics a choice. To measure something here is somehow. Instantaneously. Affecting, what, could be said about this other particle, you can't, go from Princeton to Andromeda instantly, and yet that they argued is what the equations, of quantum mechanics, seemed to imply and that, they said so much the worse for quantum, mechanics the world simply can't operate that way. For. Einstein, this. Strange, effect, conflicted. With the most basic concept. We use to describe reality, space. For. Him objects. Particles. Everything. That exists, is located. In space. Space. Together, with time was. The key ingredient in his theory of special relativity. With. Its famous equation, e equals. MC. Squared Einstein. Of. Course was the master of space-time. He. Thought that if something happened here, that shouldn't, immediately. And instantaneously. Change something that is going on over there the principle, of locality as, we, currently call it. For. Einstein, it's. Simply, common sense that if objects, are separated. In space. For. One to affect the other something. Must travel between them. And. That. Traveling. Takes time. Quantum. Particles, acting in unison could. Be explained, if they were communicating. One. Particle, instantly. Sending a signal to the other telling. It what properties, it should have. But, that would require a signal. Traveling, faster, than the speed of light, something. Einstein's, theory, of special relativity had. Proven, impossible. And it, would mean the particles, were fuzzy and undefined. Until. The moment they were observed. Instead. I'm, Stein thought the particles, should, be real all along. They. Must carry with them a hidden layer of deeper physics that. Determines, their properties, from the start. Almost. The way that magic, tricks, while. Appearing mysterious. Have. A hidden explanation. But. This hidden, physics, was missing, from quantum, theory so. Einstein Podolsky. And Rosen argued. That quantum, mechanics was. Incomplete. Podolski. Was very enthusiastic about, this, project in fact he was so, enthusiastic that, he ran.

To The New York Times and told. Them the news so, Einstein was, really upset with Podolski and apparently. He didn't speak to him anymore. When. Niels Bohr heard of Einstein's paper he. Wrote an obscure, response. Arguing. That one particle, could somehow, mysteriously, influence. The other. This. Seemingly, impossible phenomenon. Became. Known as quantum. Entanglement. But, Einstein dismissed. It as spooky, actions, at a distance. No, one could think of an experiment, to test whether Einstein, or Bohr was correct. But. That didn't, stop physicists. And engineers from. Making use of quantum, mechanics, to, do new things in. The. 30s, and 40s the, debate. Around the EPR, paper sort, of dies down but. Quantum theory actually takes off. The. Mathematics. Leads to all kinds of amazing, developments. Entanglement. Aside the. Equations, of quantum mechanics, enabled the scientists. Of the Manhattan Project to develop, the atomic bomb, and in. The years after the Second World War. Researchers. At Bell Labs in New Jersey used. Quantum, theory to develop one of the first lasers, in, our laboratories. Men experiment, with a light once, undreamed-of, in the natural world and build. Small, devices, that. Could control, the flow of electricity. Transistors. It's, destined to play a vital role in your future, their. Electronic, future. Transistors. Became, the building, blocks of the burgeoning field of electronics. Computers. Disk, drives the, entire digital. Revolution, soon followed, all, made, possible by, the equations. Of quantum theory. Yet. Einsteins questions. About entanglement, and what, it implied about, the incompleteness, of quantum mechanics, remained. Unanswered. Until. The 1960s. When. A physicist, from Northern, Ireland made. A remarkable, breakthrough. John. Bell. Bell. Was a very, talented young physics, student but he quickly grew dissatisfied, with what he considered almost almost a kind of dishonesty, among his teachers. Bell. Insisted. That Einsteins, questions, about quantum, mechanics had not been addressed, you. Got the shouting, matches with his professors, don't tell, us that Borah solved all the problems this really deserves further, thought, quantum. Mechanics, has been fantastically. Successful, so. It is a very intriguing, situation. The. Foundation, of, all that impressive. Success. There, are these. It's. A very strange thing that ever since the 1930s. The. Idea of sitting and thinking hard by the foundations, of quantum mechanics, has been disreputable. Among. Professional, physicists, when, people tried to do that they were kicked out of physics departments, and so, for someone like Bell he, needed to have a day job doing. Ordinary particle. Physics but, at night you know hidden away he could do work on the foundations, of quantum mechanics. Bell. Became, a leading particle, physicist, at CERN in Geneva but. He continued, to explore, the debate between Einstein, and Bohr. And in. 1964. He, published an astonishing. Paper. Bell proved, that, bores and Einsteins ideas made, different, predictions. If. You could randomly perform. One of two possible, measurements, on each particle, and, check. How often the results, lined up, the. Answer, would reveal whether we lived in Einsteins, world. The. World that followed common-sense laws, or. Bohr's. A world. That was deeply, strange and allowed, spooky. Quantum, connections, we. Now know with hindsight this was one of the most significant, particles in the, history of physics not just the history of 20th century physics in the history of of the, field as a whole. But. Bell's article, appears in this you know sort of out of the way journal in fact the journal itself folds, a few years later this is not central. To the physics community it sort, of dutifully, filed on library shelves and then forgotten, it literally, collects dust on the shelf, a, few. Years later completely. By chance a brilliant. Experimental. Physicist, stumbled, upon Bell's article, I. Thought. This is one of the most amazing, papers. I had ever read in my whole life. And. I. Kept wondering well gee, this is wonderful, but, where's, the experimental. Evidence. John. Worked on Bell's theory, with fellow physicist, Abner Simoni and at. The University, of California, Berkeley started. Work on an experiment, to test it. He. Had a talent for tinkering, in the lab and building. The parts he needed but, used to rummage around here, and scavenge, from dumpster-dive, for old equipment. He. Knew where to find hidden storage, rooms like this which. He could raid to salvage spare parts for his experiments. And. This was a, power. Supply for a diet lasers, that looks. Like something I built. Here's. A picture of the, experiment. I did I had. More hair in those days, here's. Another picture. This. Is Steve Friedman working, on it with me. Piece. By piece, John, clauser and Stuart Friedman, constructed.

The World's, first bail test experiment. They. Focused a laser on two calcium, atoms, causing. Them to emit pairs of photons that. The equations, of quantum theory suggested. Should, be entangled. They. Recorded, whether or not the photons passed through filters, on each side and. Checked. How often, the answers, agreed. After. Hundreds, of thousands, of measurements, if the, pairs were more correlated, than Einsteins, physics, predicted, they. Must be spookily, entangled. We. Saw the stronger, correlation, characteristic. Of quantum mechanics. We. Measured it and that's what we got the. Outcome, was exactly, what Bohr's quantum, mechanics, predicted. The. Experiment, appeared to show that the spooky connections, of quantum, entanglement, did. Exist, in the natural world. Could. It be that the great Albert Einstein, was. Wrong. Remarkably. The. First people to react to this extraordinary, result, were, not the world's, leading physicists. Ronald. Reagan's definition, of a hippie well. Someone who dresses, like Tarzan. Has, hair like Jane, and smells like cheetah. A. Small. Group of free thinking physicists, at the heart of San Francisco's, New Age scene. Got. In touch with John. They. Call themselves the fundamental, physics group they spelled physics with an F some. Members, would experiment with psychedelic. Drugs I mean they were they were kind of in the flow of the, kind of hippie scene and that group was just mesmerized by. The question of entanglement. The, idea was just to discuss fringe subjects, with an open mind and I, thought of sure, that's. Kind of what I do. They. Were doing, their best to, link. Eastern. Mysticism, with. Quantum, entanglement. They. Sold a lot of popular, textbooks, there were a lot of followers. Their. Books became, bestsellers. Like, the, Dow of physics, which. Highlighted, that Eastern, philosophy, and quantum, entanglement, both. Described, the deep connectedness, of things in the universe. Is. The great cosmic, oneness. The. Group held meetings at the iconic Esalen. Institute. It. Was a marvelous. Beautiful, place where. They would discuss all of these ideas it. Was right on the Pacific coast with an overflow, from the hot tubs cascading. Down the cliffs into the Pacific Ocean. To. My knowledge no. Useful. Connections. To Eastern mysticism were, ever discovered by the group. But, it was fun. The. Fundamental. Physics group may, not have uncovered the secrets, of cosmic, oneness. But. In seeing entanglement. As central, to physics they. Were decades, ahead of their time. Forty. Years later, cutting-edge. Labs around the world are, now racing to harness quantum, entanglement, to create, revolutionary. New technologies. Like. Quantum, computers. In. Our everyday. Computers, the, fundamental. Unit of computing, is a bit a binary, digit 0 or 1 and, inside the computer there's all these transistors which, are turning on and off currents, on is one off is zero and these combinations, lead to Universal, computing, with.

A Quantum, computer you, start with a fundamental, unit that's not a bit but a quantum bit which. Is not really. A 0 or a 1 but it can be fluid a. Quantum. Bit makes use of the fuzziness of the quantum, world a. Qubit. As it's known can, be 0 or 1 or a, combination, of both a. Particle. Or tiny quantum, system, can. Be made into a qubit and today, it's, not just pairs of particles that can be entangled, groups. Of qubits can be linked with entanglement, to create. A quantum. Computer. They're. More cubits the. Greater the processing, power. At. Google's, quantum, computing, laboratory in Santa Barbara, the. Team has recently succeeded, in creating a tiny chip that. Holds an array of 72. Qubits. The. Task for researcher, Marisa geo steena and her colleagues, is. To send signals, to these microscopic, qubits, to, control and entangle, them. Mounted. On the underside, of this plate we, have the, quantum processing, chip itself in. Essence a quantum, playground, you could say each. Qubit, is a, quantum, object, that, we should be able to control at will. Thinking. About it as. The. Faster, version of that, PC over there would, be a, great. Flight to this it. Can be much more than that. By. Using entangled. Qubits, quantum. Computers, could tackle real-world problems, that traditional, computers, simply, can't cope with. For, example, a salesman, has to travel to several cities and wants. To find the shortest route. Sounds. Easy but. With. Just 30 cities, there. Are so many possible, routes that. It would take an ordinary computer, even a powerful, one hundreds. Of years, to, try each one and, find, the shortest. But. With a handful, of entangled, qubits a quantum. Computer could. Resolve the optimal, path in a fraction, of the number of steps. There's. Another reason teams like Marisa's are racing, to create a powerful, quantum, computer. Cracking. Secret, codes. In, today's world everything, from online shopping, to covert, military communications. Is protected. From hackers using. Secure, digital codes. Process. Called, encryption. But what if hackers could. Get hold of quantum, computers, a quantum. Computer could crack. Our best encryption, protocols, in minutes whereas, a regular. Computer or even a supercomputing, network today couldn't do it you know given months of time. But. While quantum, entanglement, may be a threat to traditional, encryption. It. Also offers an even more secure, alternative. A communication. System that the very laws of physics protect, from, secret hacking. Researchers. In China are. Leading, the way. Here, in Shanghai. At. The University, of Science and Technology. Jian. Way path runs. A leading quantum Research Centre. His. Teams are working to harness the properties, of the quantum, world. They. Can send secret messages using. A stream of photons in, a system, that instantly, detects, any attempt, to eavesdrop. Jan, weighs team has created a network of optical, fibers more than a thousand, miles long that. Can carry secure, information, from, Beijing, to, Shanghai. It. Is used by banks and data, companies. But. There's a limit to how far quantum, signals, can be sent through optical, fibers. To. Send signals, further Jan. Weighs team launched, the world's first quantum. Communication. Satellite. Above. Earth's atmosphere, there, are fewer obstacles and quantum. Particles, can travel much further. Each. Night teams, on the ground prepare. To track the satellite across, the skies. Laser, guidance, equipment locks, on and allows, signals, to be sent and received. The. Team aims to use this equipment to create a new secure. Communication. System using. Quantum, entanglement. The. Satellite, sends entangled, photons to two users, an. Eavesdropper. Could intercept. One of the entangled, photons. Measure. It and, send. On a replacement, photon. But. It wouldn't be an entangled. Photon its properties, wouldn't, match it. Would be clear an eavesdropper. Was on the line. In. Theory, this technique, could be used to create a totally, secure global, communication. Network so. The next step is will, have grown station, for example, in Canada and, also, in Africa and a manic country so, we will use our satellite, for, the global corn communication. We. Want to push this technology, as far as, possible. These. Are the first steps in creating a completely unhackable, quantum. Internet of the future, made. Possible, by, quantum, entanglement. But. There's a problem. What. If quantum entanglement. Spooky. Action at a distance. Isn't. Real after, all. It.

Could Mean entangled, photons are not the path to complete, security. The. Question, goes back to clauser and Friedman's, Bell test experiment. In. The, years after their pioneering, work. Physicists. Began to test possible loopholes. In their experiment. Ways, in which the illusion, of entanglement, might be created. So. The effect might, not be so spooky, after all. One, loophole is. Especially, hard to rule out. In. Modern, bell test experiments. Devices. At each side test, whether the photons, can pass through one of two filters, that, are randomly, chosen. Effectively. Asking one of two questions and checking. How often the answers agree. After. Thousands, of photons if, the, results, show more agreement, than Einsteins, physics, predicts the. Particles, must, be spookily, entangled. But. What if something had mysteriously, influenced. The equipment, so. That the choices of the filters, were, not truly, random. Is. There any common. Cause deep. In the past before, you even turn on your device that. Could have nudged the questions, to be asked and the types of particles to be emitted maybe some strange, particle, maybe some force that had not been taken into account so, that what looks like entanglement, might indeed be an accident. An illusion, maybe the world still acts like Einstein thought. It. Is this loophole at. The team at the high altitude Observatory, in the Canary Islands, is working, to tackle. With. Quantum, mechanics now, more established, than ever they're. Determined, to put entanglement, to the ultimate, test and finally. Settle the Einstein, Bohr debate beyond all reasonable. Doubt. The. Team is creating a giant version of clauser and Friedman's Bell test with. The entire universe, as their, lab bench. In. This. Cosmic. Bell test. The. Source of the entangled, particles, is. About 1/3 of a mile from each of the detectors. The. Team must send perfectly, timed pairs of photons through, the air to, each side, at. The same time the, telescope's, will collect light from two extremely, far-off, extremely. Bright galaxies, called, quasars. These. Are among the brightest, objects, in the sky emitting. Light, in powerful, jets. Random. Variations, in this light will, control which filters, are used to measure the photon pairs and. Since. The quasars, are so far away the. Light has been travelling for billions, of years to reach Earth. It. Makes it incredibly unlikely, that anything, could be influencing. The random nature of the test. If. The experiment is successful the. Team will have tackled the loophole, and shown, that quantum, entanglement, is as, spooky as Bohr always, claimed. Dominic. And Jason are at one telescope, London. Anton. Is at, the other. Jagadamba. Kazar in field of view in, that years. Yeah. Karif engineered, the contrast is super lost. Okay. Ciao. With, clear skies, finally. Overhead, the. Huge telescopes, awakened. Poised. To collect light from distant quasars. Moving. Into. The. Dark, on living. So. We're doing everything to everything. Everyone's now so, the. Guys for the Ling's are, setting the state of. The integrant photon pair we try to acquire the quasar, we're. Just centering, it and, making. The feet of your small as possible to be sure to be pulling you have the quasar. Okay. It's, guiding now yes. Okay. This one. Alright, good, good yes. Yeah. That's good. It. Looks like I need let's. Say 91, to be conservative a period. With. The telescopes, now locked on to two different quasars. The. Team begins, to take readings. We. Do to fool the. Fook opening both is what. Yeah. We're doing a fool cause we both is. It's. Working. Right. From the quasars, is, selecting, which filters, are used to measure the entangled. Photons. This, is exciting. It, is now. We do, have a test but it's.

Not. Clear, what the outcome will be. Going. Everything. Is exactly the same beautiful perfect. Two. Months later back, in Vienna the. Team analyzes, the experimental. Data, this. Might. Take a second. The. Numbers look really great and it. Is extremely, pleasing to see that all these work so nice. We. Clearly. See correlations, that correspond, to quantum mechanics. The. Results, show, entanglement. And since. The light from the quasar is, controlling, the test was. Nearly eight billion, years old, it's. Extremely, unlikely that anything could have affected, its random nature. This. Remaining, loophole, seems. To be closed. The experiment, it is just, fantastic the big, cosmos, comes down to, control. A small quantum, experiment, but that in itself is a it's, beautiful. You. Know honestly I still I still get chills I mean ice. When. I realize what our team was able to do in, this intellectual. Journey that stretches back to the early years of the 20th century, there's. There's hardly. Any room left for. A kind, of alternative, Einstein. Like explanation. We. Haven't ruled it out but, we've shoved it into such a tiny corner of the cosmos, as to, make it even. More implausible, for, anything other than, entanglement. To explain our results. Accepting. That entanglement, is a part of the natural world around us has, profound. Implications. It. Means we must accept, that an action, in one place can have, an instant effect anywhere, in the universe as if. There's no space between, them. Or. That. Particles, only take on physical, properties, when. We observe them. Or, we must accept both. We. Were left with conclusions about the universe that, make no sense whatsoever. Science. Is stepping, outside of all of our boundaries of common sense someone. Was like being an Alice in Wonderland right, where everything. Is possible. It. Was first seen as an unwelcome, but unavoidable consequence. Of quantum mechanics. Now. After, nearly a century of disputes, and discoveries. Spooky. Action at a distance is. Finally. At the heart of modern physics. At. The Institute, for Advanced Study where. The concept, of entanglement was first described. Researchers. Are now using it in their search for a single, unified, theory, of the universe the.

Holy Grail of physics. Einstein's. Theories, of special, and general relativity. Perfectly. Described space time, and gravity at, the. Largest, scales of the universe. While. Quantum, mechanics. Perfectly. Describes, the tiniest, scales. Yet. These two theories have. Never been brought together. So. Far we've not yet had a single. Complete, theory that, is both quantum, mechanical, and reproduces. The prediction, of Einstein's wonderful. Theory, of general relativity. Maybe. The, secret is, entanglement. What. If space itself, is actually created, by the tiny quantum, world. Just. Like temperature, warm. And cold, consists. Simply of the movement, of atoms inside. An object. Perhaps. Space, as we know it emerges. From networks, of entangled, quantum particles. It's. A mind-blowing. Idea. What. We are learning these days is that we might have to give up that. What Einstein hold sacred namely, space and time so he, was always thinking while we have little pieces of space and time and out, of this we built the, whole universe. In. A radical theory known. As the holographic. Universe, space. And time are created, by entangled. Quantum particles. On a sphere. That's. Infinitely, far, away. What's. Happening, in space in some sense all. Described. In terms of a screen outside here. The. Ultimate, description, of reality resides. On this screen think of it as kind of quantum. Bits living, on that screen and this. Like, a movie, projector creates. A illusion. Of, the. Three-dimensional reality, that I'm now experiencing. It. May be impossible, to intuitively, understand. This wild, mathematical. Idea. But. It suggests that, entanglement. Could. Be what forms, the true fabric, of the universe. The, most puzzling, element, of, entanglements, that you know somehow two points, in, space can, communicate. Becomes. Less of a problem because space itself has disappeared, in. The, end we just have this quantum, mechanical, world there is no space anymore and. So. In some sense the paradoxes. Of entanglement. The, EPR paradox disappears. Into, thin air. Truly. Understanding, quantum mechanics, will, only happen when we put ourselves on, the entanglement, side and, we stop privileged, in the world that we seem and start, thinking about the world as it actually is. Science. Has made enormous, progress for, centuries by, sort of breaking complicated. Systems down into parts when, we come to phenomena like quantum entanglement that scheme, breaks. When. It comes to the bedrock, of quantum mechanics, the. Whole is more, than, the sum of its parts. The, basic, motivation, is just. To learn how nature works, what's. Really going on. Instance. Ed it very nicely he's not interested in this detail question, of that detailed question, he. Just wanted, to know what. Were God's thoughts, when. He created the world. Major. Funding for Nova is, provided by, the, following. To. Order this nova program on DVD visit. Shop PBS, were, called 1-800. Play PBS. This, program is also available on, Amazon Prime, video. You.

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There's a ratio in the results of these experiments between how many particles come out entangled and how many don't. I was disappointed that this ratio was not compared between the experiments, which would show that, if the ratios matched, the results of the experiments were consistent. However, if the ratios don't match, there would still be unanswered questions about something unknown possibly impacting the experiments. Still, happy to know that this debate has been settled and entanglement is inherent in the universe.

Einstein was right: "God does not play dice with the universe." If two particles exist in two different galaxies, and react to each other, no, they are not sending a signal of communication back and forth to each other, they have been programmed to act the way they do by the same entity, possibly eons ago.

Wow mind-blowing! just as good as "The Fabric of the Cosmos" https://youtu.be/rfT9HV65JkI :)

Albert discarded the Quantum theory. I guess it was because a JOO didn't invent it?!?

bit of a mislead at 35:00 where it sounds implied that a quantum computer can use its 'exponentialness' to solve NP-complete problems efficiently, which is false... smh lol

quantum computers could be useful in finding fast/better approximate solutions to NP-complete problems like traveling salesman, but an algorithm for a guaranteed optimal solution will still take exponential time even with quantum resources (otherwise BQP=NP or something like that which is a much stronger claim than any quantum computer scientist is claiming)

my nose is bleeding....my brain

Can the power of quantum entanglement be leveraged to develop faster than light communication?

No. Due the this no-go theorem: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No-communication_theorem

of course

+Andromeda M31 Archimedes might concur but maybe he would change his mind

No. The whole business is subtle and complicated. The end result is always the same, though: While it's one of the weirdest and coolest phenomena in physics, there is no way to use quantum entanglement to send messages faster than the speed of light.

Definitely! all you need is a fairly large lever.


+jeffwads "Nothing in science is ever settled."? Well, that settles that, doesn't it.

+Robert Cathcart Your opinion matches Herr Hitler's. From Germany, he expelled those engaged in "Jewish Physics". It didn't work out so well for him and Germany Then again, his prediction of a "Thousand Year Reich" was off by only 988 years.

Einstein was a horrendous Jew show pony who could not experimentally prove any of his mathematical theories -- he was so dumb he did not even know that in the Galaxy we live in there is no such thing as time and space there is only matter and energy.

+jeffwads A climate change denier who doesn't know the definition of the words he uses? I would expect nothing else. Definition of settled: to resolve or reach an agreement about an argument or problem. The word you were searching for was "proven". The sentence you thought you were writing: Nothing in science is ever proven. One definition of the word "proven" is beyond a shadow of a doubt and it would be correct to say nothing in science is ever proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. However, another definition of the word "proven" is: demonstrate the truth or existence of (something) by evidence or argument, which science does all the time. So climate change is settled both because 99% of climate scientists say it's happening (the agreement), but more importantly, because average global temperatures have increased 1.4 degrees F since 1880 (the evidence). If you were trying to say that it's not settled that climate change is caused by human activities, then that's another topic. On that topic, first you showed that you are not a scientist because no scientist would leave out that criterion and expect everybody to know what they meant, and second, it's pretty much settled (agreed by the vast majority of climate scientists) that global warming which leads to climate change is caused by man made activities. So please educate yourself on the definitions of the words you use and the agreement of the scientists who study the settled topic of climate change.

Nothing in science is ever settled. You are the type of person that thinks Climate Change is indisputable. Please educate yourself.

I think Albert Einstein was right and as for Google's Quantum computing (D wave) is a stratagem to Help keep Alphabet Inc $tock High I don't think it works as well as they tell use, smoke and mirrors! what do i know.....Zero.

sorry folks they now have 100% proof that entanglement cant have one particle do what other does at faster then light speed ....hahah shows how dated this is

Thanks for the video. It is welcome

So... I guess its still a 'Riddle' ...i dont know why i thought there would be an answer finally here .. i'm sure when theres a breakthrough we'll all hear it long before theres a documentary about it that may describe it .. that is if its allowed to be described as it would be revolutionary .....

It's all relative to Einstein and his wife can attest to that.

Quantum Entanglement = When Nancy Pelosi takes a tinkle, & Chuck Schumer does the same into the sandy beach In Puerto Rico.

PBS has turned into the Discovery Channel will sucking the Koch Brothers withered old cocks......

"While"....Unless you were asking a question that you didn't finish...or actually start...Like , for instance...BLAH-BLAH-BLAH Discovery Channel! Will sucking..............help the situation? If that is what you meant I suggest that it wont help....But you never know...Give it a shot if you feel inclined.

These are delusional scientists; they are not even in the ballpark. Relativity, quantum mechanics, entanglement, the big bang, inflation, black holes, strings, multidimensional universes and just about everything else orthodox physics and cosmologist postulate are Alice-in-Wonderland notions. Science today is in the same boat as gods and religions, it’s all made up. To understand what the universe really is, you have to start over from scratch and only use tangible facts. The most obvious place to start is defining the physical nature of space, since space is an indisputable fact and composes the biggest part of the picture. Scientist look through space, at what was in it, but neglected to decipher the actual physical nature composing space itself. It is an error so large, that it invalidates everything physicists and cosmologists believe. The Rosetta Stone was always in front of them, but they looked through it and missed its importance. You can start your reeducation by learning about Protospace: http://www.mediafire.com/file/eaymr362g4uflko/Protospace_2019_continued.docx/file It is five pages long and will change how you view space itself. Let me know if you have any questions or what you think? Travel well in your journey of discovery…

The electronic revolution was not made possible by quantum mechanics but in spite of it. When building modern micro electronics quantum affects must be considered and built in error elimination to correct for it. To this day all that Quantum Mechanics / Theory have proven is that we have an incomplete definition of Space. It actually lends some credibility of String Theory which postulates 12 Dimension nSpace. Reality might actually be best described as The Alpha and the Omega, The Beginning and the End Existing as one. Another revelation from the Bible that might be describing some deeper truths poorly understood.

Spooky action at a distance has been defined and proven without Quantum. This has been known for over a hundred years. Simple, easy and no need for fabricating endless math to describe quantum, when quantum does not exist nor can it.

Flashy lights and dramatic music is the only way someone would give this a green light

I feel like the narrator should say, "I know I know, just trust me ok". Like every 4 mins or so.... Explaining his statements like some early 2000s banker, "you see the great benefit to you is its an adjustable rate setting that's compounded quarterly and then rounded down to the nearest decimal therefore saving you money when we stretch it out 30 years + a late stage refi, mm Kay."!?

I would have thought that with all of these High energy minds, the answer would have seemed simple. Go back to the beginning. The Big Bang. There were millions of dimensions in those first instants of release. Most of them disappeared before the first millionth of time had stabilized. Some of those dimensions were Huge, some were exceedingly small. But they all shared one thing in common. They all shared the same Universe. What we observe is just that, observable. What we cannot observe (yet) is that sameness in the Universe. That means that all particles have a connection in all dimensions where a light year in our universe is less than the distance between two particles in another.

what is a holographic tube? what's realities frame rate?

All the expert YouTube “scientists” bashing the video, with no insightful or useful additions of their own. If you really disagree, go out and perform the leg work to explain your position, otherwise pipe down.

QM makes a solid promise to mother nature to construct emergent elementary particles as in hydrogen and oxygen so H2O is reliably H2O. The fuzziness you talk about cannot evolve into anything reliable unless local entanglement brings local order. Universal entanglement is like reading the synapse in the mind of God on the largest scale... It's a religion. You should apply your genius to cleaning up the H2O of Flint Michigan.

Quantum computers on spacecraft? What does that mean for manned spaceflight?

https://archive.org/details/@ratterfat_mcwhiskers for historic NOVA shows

Now identify what is not entangled ? Lol Got to think it would be fun working in the lab together . Thanks All , Thanks be

What's the name of the song that starts at 43:30

Interstellar Travel from the album "The Energetic Orchestra" Laurent Dury, JC Lemay ... on Spotify

Quantum physics explains ghosts and psychic phenomenon, if particles are shared we might share thoughts and experiences, no one can say how entangled we all are

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” Nikola Tesla My CV is in computer engineering and aircraft engineering but I have a graduate degree in Psychology.  In my studies, to best understand what seems to me a disconnect within ourselves, I found some interesting research.  First of all I found Psychology to be grounded in Science...roughly grounded but grounded.  Method: As Aristotle stated, to understand all things you must go to their beginnings. In the beginnings of science there were three guys who were essentially frustrated with not being able to study what in their time was called meta-physical. (Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy concerned with the nature of existence, being and the world. Arguably, metaphysics is the foundation of philosophy. Aristotle calls it "first philosophy" (or sometimes just "wisdom"), and says it is the subject that deals with"first causes and the principles of things" Metaphysics. Metaphysics is a difficult branch of Philosophy,but is rather easy to define: It is the study of the most fundamental concepts and beliefs about them. Examples of metaphysical concepts are Being, Existence, Purpose, Universals, Property, Relation, Causality, Space, Time, Event, and many others.) So, they decided that they would create a study of the physical world using what would eventually be called empiricism. Empiricism being: the knowledge derived from sense-experience. Now those three guys did not say that the knowledge of the metaphysical wasn't of reality... it just couldn't be studied. At that point, science made the conscious decision to ignore a very large part of reality. They had only meant to choose a method of study not a determination of reality. Also, other factors have had a profound effect on our perception of reality. Newtonian physics made statements that put human perception on a particular road. Rene Descartes "I think therefore I am" also put a distortion in view of the human perception. These distortions, being generalized under the heading of science affected all fields of science and our view of reality even to the point of making "science" the measurement of reality. All of these distortions have us sensing a limited and distorted perception of what we believe to be reality... all of which causes us great mental anguish... a piece of mental illness. Part of us knowing the truth but we continue to live our lives from an insanity. Now we have Quantum Physics and the works of Antonio Damasio PhD in neurology which says that "I feel therefore I am" (which correlates with the works of Spinoza). Yet, we are still moving along our beliefs based on limited reality and distorted beliefs. People who have had near death experiences state that they can all things at once.

This narrative does not explain to the layman why two particles, triggered from the same source, would NOT be measured in the identical way. What property are they measuring? And if there's only a 'correlation' and not a 100% match, isn't that within the realm of coincidence, not entanglement?

this was like watching CNN. they barely skim on the actual evidence.

I thought this was well done. I understood it and know very little about physics. Good job NOVA.

The universe (whatever that is...) is merely a single particle. That is everywhere and everything at this moment. That is why QE can act at such a phenomenal distance. It never has to entangle with it's opposite particle at the other end of the universe. It is and always has been the one and the same particle.

There is a hypothesis that since particles pop into and out of the quantum vacuum and are acausal that all of, say, the electrons that exist in the universe are the same electron moving through time and appearing to be everywhere simultaneously. It is an interesting hypothesis nonetheless. https://io9.gizmodo.com/5876966/what-if-every-electron-in-the-universe-was-all-the-same-exact-particle

The hippie movement did nothing but set civilization back.


It is human nature to wonder, reach and grasp. We are curious. We must explore. We must explain or describe. This is science. A way to describe the natural world. Everything we are and everything we know keeps us afloat, dislpacing a quantum sea.

I thought their explanation of quantum entanglement was not very elegant and a bit confusing. Also no mention of Alain Aspec's work.

I’m not really sure how much more simple you’d like them to make the explanation?

Thanks for making me look up Alain Aspect. Had never heard of him, a case where a person's results are more widely known than the person who created them.

#fakenews... physics is for commies!

...and evolution too! :D

+Farting Duck The earth is flat, and only 5000 Years old...Math goes against god and was designed by Satanists to keep us from truth.... that there is truth in bacon. lol

Climb back under your flat earth.

What what?

This is so crappy

I simultaneously agree and disagree with you

Freaking amazing video. At the end, it’s all about Him.

Nice documentary. I'm currently writing an explanation to this. I think I can explain this 'entanglement' and the other problems associated with light. I am an economist and am interested in and study fractal geometry. Not the images or 'art' of them, but the behaviour of them - the question of how they produce that 'art'. I have found they are very strange, and very strange when isolated. Years ago, when puzzled by this strangeness, I overheard physicists discussing quantum mechanics and couldn't believe they were describing, as this documentary is, the same problems I was having. I have since convinced, at least myself, they are the same. The quantum problem is a fractal problem. Interestingly, soon after the QM insights I discovered, I ran an experiment on the fractal with what I term 'an inverted fractal' and found it matches most, if not all, cosmological observations and conjectures, including Hubble - with accelerated -expansion and inflation epoch expansion. It grows very fast! in very quick time! (whatever 'time' is?). It also matches plant/tree growth and others. You can follow my progress at my Youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkQ2d38dBok I am not really interested in any help (not that anyone is that interested funny enough); I just want to do my work and see where it takes me. Cheers

In Quantum Mechanics, causality is independant of physical tethers.

chew on some field theory and think for the first time

The Jew showpony theory ''scientist'' Einstein was so dumb he did not even know that there is no such thing as time and space there is only matter and energy. checkout Tomatobubble.com

You might have had some once but you now have zero credibility.

Inviting a bunch of damn Bohemians into Science Academia was a serious mistake. Einstein probably rolled over in his grave!

+Bart Alder Yes! Bohemia was a part of the Hapsburg Monarch. Gypsies (The Romann) went from Bohemia to France. That's why sometimes the Romann can be linked to Bohemians. Einstein played the violin. In this way, he could be called a musician & lumped into the category of "Bohemian". But in my opinion, its a far stretch to label him a Bohemian. Maybe his family didn't admire him as much as others do.

Jebus I just hit the part of the video you are referring to. My apologies. You are sooooo right.

+Adam Spears Bohemians are not all 'ditsy, bobble-headed, happy-go-luckey (sic), new-age, hippie(s).' Bohemia is a region of the Czech Republic.

+Bart Alder I didn't obviously have the pleasure of meeting or knowing Einstein; but I wouldn't expect him to of been a ditsy, bobble-headed, happy-go-luckey, new-age, hippie.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Einstein:_The_Practical_Bohemian _Albert Einstein: The Practical Bohemian is a stage play that is the only show officially endorsed by the Einstein family. A quote from Albert Einstein's first cousin said that the family "felt as though they were in the presence of their dear cousin Albert."_

Its almost like information between 2 particles is synced at "The Speed of Consciousness" which is NOT dependant upon physical speed limits; & probably also not dependant upon physical laws in general.

hard to wrap your head around when we have been programmed to think another way. Every action has a reaction....but who would have thought it was universal?!

To me entanglement is just as incredible as a flying saucer landing on the Whitehouse lawn. This is trippy as it gets. Is distance and time just an allusion?

quantum theory enabled the idea to come to fruition in engineering modern devices .....the theory fit the notion.s of immediate solutions for innovation....it is a simple matter of a new way of manipulating electrons for a start....the theory fall's apart in a natural reality.

It's not a question.  We have to accept the conclusions of quantum mechanics because the results of experiment agree with the predictions. I'm amazed by the number of people who clearly commented without bothering to watch the actual video.  I guess I shouldn't be.  This is the internet, after all/

Entanglement or quantum co-entanglement/memory is necessary for the co-evolutionary co-creation process and means that all is connected to a source, a non-local omniscient supra-consciousness. This phenomenology solves all other phenomena in quantum physics and explains the origins and creative self-organized evolution of the habits or physical regularities of nature including biological/organic systems.


Cosmic recorder? The bible gives hints that EVERY action (living in this world) is being recorded to be viewed at later time. Proof? We have thousands of NDE (near death experience) examples of having THEIR pasts being viewed by God. And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: - Hebrews 9:27

I wouldn't say programmed; everything in the universe is like waves in a pond. Action/Reaction on a incredible scale. But your premise is essentially correct.

Einstein was right when he said that god does not play dice with the universe.  There IS no god.  The dice play themselves. Seriously - did you actually watch the video?  This was addressed.  There are no hidden variables

What you called "they have been programmed to act the way they do", physicists call a local hidden variables theory. The Bell's theorem shows that no local hidden variables theory can ever reproduce all of the predictions of quantum mechanics. All experiments have shown that QM is correct, i.e. we observe correlation between entangled particles that is impossible under the "local realism" assumption.

OH WOW!...F@%*ING NUTJOB!...Didn't see all that delusional rambling until I hit enter...My mistake...Measured response? How about 1000mg of THORAZINE?....Daily for a decade?

WOW!...Really? What a stunningly dull remark! Did you work at that for a long time or were there a lot of magic markers around for you to get into as a kid?

+José Hunter's EW&F Remixes You got it wrong. But first let me tell you what happened in Poland after Germany invaded them. Exactly one week later the head Rabbi of Germany declared war against Germany! Sounds like a dumb move to me, eh what!! 95% of the JOO stories re Holocaust are false. The Jooz and England made up most of the stories which the JOOZ wanted so they could invade America. Today WE are prisoners of the JOOZ!!!!!!!

+Ian M Ignore him. He's not worthy of a measured response, just a bop on his already misshapen head

RWVD Worthy of a reposting: Your opinion matches Herr Hitler's. From Germany, he expelled those engaged in "Jewish Physics". It didn't work out so well for him and Germany. Then again, his prediction of a "Thousand Year Reich" was off by only 988 years.

+Ian M I liked your reply. You could also have mentioned Einstein's affection for Newton who was English, his love of Maxwell who was a Scotsman, his support of Bose who was an Indian, his support of De Broglie's Ph.D. thesis when de Broglie was a French aristocrat and his *explicit rejection of Judaism* as a part of his personal identity. Ironically the only thing which made Einstein speak about his Jewishness and aware of any sense of a Jewish identity was the rise of Nazism and the existence of other virulent manifestations of anti-Semitism. He was a humanist, a scientist, a philosopher, none of which depended in any way on his Jewish heritage.

No, Einstein did not "discard" quantum theory.  He just (unsuccessfully) tried to find hidden variables And seriously try not to be stupid.  Of COURSE a Jew developed Quantum Mechanics - indeed, it was developed by a Jew named (wait for it, wait for it) ALBERT FUCKING EINSTEIN. Anti-Semitic idiots like you annoy me.  Get a life idiot. Seriously, why do idiotic racist dog-turds presume that scientists come to conclusions based on racism?  Are you seriously trying to drag Albert Einstein down to your intellectual level?!? Science is about results, not about idiotic prejudice..

+Mate Jagnjić Finally, someone with sense.

@chorion You mean "of course not"

Short answer is no. Long answer is no-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!!!!

I, for one, enjoy listening to all of this. Science itself explains parts that should be government problems.

@Robert Cathcart Your Jew hate speech was reported.

well, he was the one who proved matter IS energy wrap your brain around that work of the great Jew shame on you +Robert Cathcart

Brad Junes The video is trash. What I consider is atoms contain energy. They have an extremely fast orbital emotion. Therefore you can consider subatomic communication on a resonant level. The speed of these subatomic particles is estimated to be 20 billion times the speed of light if I remember correctly. Something else to consider that supports this is the behaviour of gyroscopes.

Very wrong summation presented. It would be standing at the beach and watching a waves stretching for "miles" left and right hitting the shore perfectly, then stating the particles are all entangled. Light forms waves, there was perfect filtering going on. No "talking" between light sources.

@Dr.TJ...Touche monsieur..Jeffwads has just been served

David Miller If something is traveling 20 billion times the speed of light then that’s instantaneous on a galactic scale. You must think it’s to do with extra dimensions or something right?

Justin Mallaiz YouTube degree? What are you doing here then genius? Think again. https://youtu.be/6tB3IBXTgEc

jeffwads there are plenty of things in science that are "Settled". And what a surprise that you're the climate denier.

Show technical and math aspects, stop showing stupid talking heads. You suck, Nova.

+Enter the Braggn' you don't understand. Quantum entanglement doesn't mean something is traveling faster. It's happening instantly.

Enter the Braggn' : quantum physics has not conflicted with Einstein’s contributions... your assumptions that entanglement involves sub atomic particles moving fast, or instant/ fast transmission of information, is just plain wrong... (you might not want to challenge Einstein with your YouTube physics degree)

Quantum Entanglement shows that Einstein was wrong. He postulated that nothing exceeded the speed of light yet clearly sub atomic particles move much faster which is required for Newton’s equations. There’s a lot wrong with Einstein’s work which is explained very nicely here in this short video. https://youtu.be/6tB3IBXTgEc

+jeffwads A climate change denier who doesn't know the definitions of the words he uses? I would expect nothing else. Definition of settled: to resolve or reach an agreement about an argument or problem. The word you were searching for was "proven". The sentence you thought you were writing: Nothing in science is ever proven. One definition of the word "proven" is beyond a shadow of a doubt and it would be correct to say nothing in science is ever proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. However, another definition of the word "proven" is: demonstrate the truth or existence of (something) by evidence or argument, which science does all the time. So climate change is settled both because 99% of climate scientists say it's happening (the agreement), but more importantly, because average global temperatures have increased 1.4 degrees F since 1880 (the evidence). If you were trying to say that it's not settled that climate change is caused by human activities, then that's another topic. On that topic, first you showed that you are not a scientist because no scientist would leave out that criterion and expect everybody to know what they meant, and second, it's pretty much settled (agreed by the vast majority of climate scientists) that global warming which leads to climate change is caused by man made activities. So please educate yourself on the definitions of the words you use and the agreement of the scientists who study the settled topic of climate change.

It took them 19 mins to compare quantum entanglement to be the same as throwing 2 dice which arrive with the same number. They could have done that in the first 30 seconds and saved all the waste of time in the intro. And why bother showing us an experiment that failed to happen. Again, just another waste of documentary time as well as my own.

I don't like narratorsssh who lissshpssh and scientistsssh who sshpeak Englisssh with thhick acshentssh. What are they thaying ?

"And Nothing Shall Be Impossible to them..." Genesis 11:6 And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. And as Jesus said, in Matthew 17:20 "Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you."

It's all sparks and magic to me.

The point made at 21:20 that 'something must be travelling between the particles' is the key assumption about entanglement that has to be addressed. Firstly, instead of thinking of individual particles we must think of the fundamental entities as wave disturbances of spacetime. Then the entangled system must be thought of a single system dispersed in space which only changes its state at the point of measurement and the measurement affects the entire system instantaneously at the time of measurement or observation. https://www.academia.edu/5927513/The_Spacetime_Wave_Theory https://www.academia.edu/5038836/The_Unification_of_Physics Richard

This is a terrible science documentary! It is supposedly about "quantum entanglement" but it never completely defines what that is. The NOVA series usually does better than this.

Einstein was a fraud

Einstein was not compertable with fundamentals of quantum mechanics and nor his general relativity

Quantum Entanglement is simple, it’s one object (particle and/or wave interference in the ether) on 5th dimension interacting with our 3D the same way a 3d sphere make a circle bigger and smaller in flatland (2D) or a line longer and shorter. This is why observation pars exist between space. Think Fractal Donut being stretched out into a Fractal Cylinder where the object exist at the cut point... we need to test the ether.

wow...boy do we have alot of know it alls

In God anything is possible.

Nobody really understands how gravity works. What is it? IDK?

This was awesome Thank you!

John David Best has his web site Vida İnstitute. He put my articles page in 'Timeflow Theory' 'http://vidainstitute.org/?page_id=656'. Vida Institute is intersting site. And my web site is www.timeflow.org In your opinion, discovery of a planet is more exciting. Or, as I've presented in the attached article, whether observing 'A very tiniest mass in the space, having completed its life, have been turning into energy' would be more exciting or not ? It is my belief that, this observation will be the proof of the General and the Special Theory of Relativity. This observation can be made only by NASA or ESA. I hope that I will be able to see this consequence while I'm still alive.

Funded by David Koch? ...ummmmm

I'm really tired of seeing scientists give up due to weather. Now if you want to do science 365 days a year then you do it and if you don't want to do it give me a call because I will I don't care if it's in Antarctica or the North Pole or at the top of Everest I'm sorry your little science guy had to break ice off the walls of the telescope and he was uncomfortable. Get some real people to do science.

This is all a bit of an old hat. You should have discussed the quantum eraser and the Conway-Kochen free will theorem.

Every modern physicists have Einstein Complex. It’s so obvious, this video is a proof of the fact.

Quantum entanglement is a hilarious catch-22. We can’t say for sure that it’s real without observing it, yet by observing it we’ve messed it up.

Why only 2? Why not 3?

We are so smart we actually got to a point where facts dont make sense...thats gods work

hahahaha, our arrogance reaches comedic state.

E=mc2 to me means when matter goes speed of light squared that it becomes energy...like the big bang. And thats why so much energy is released from particles colliding. Idk

Could this lead to the folding of space time? Leading to travel to another Earth type planet in one life time? We F'd up this Earth enough and continue to this day. Could this save the human race? We can only speculate.

at 33:55 right there in her careful hands, we see how to make the future, one quanta at a time!

Only if the particles are entangled to begin with and remain entangled. If they are not entangled then they behave classically. Yes, it is interesting but it does not alter our reality.

There is no such thing as a non-hackable network

Much love for Nova from Panama City Beach FL

Playing with Fire

What a load of horse shit

entanglement = what our bilobed brains can perceive? we have more gravity and more repulsion and more interaction at a distance than we can explain, dual nature of light comes to mind all science passes through the bilobe gate, we have no real reference standard for our neural network's perception of the incredible complexity beyond our eyes/brainhalves

Einstein can argue Universal Conservation of Position looks like Quantum Entanglement. (Only conserved information is still in the Universe.)

QM is Statistical and Stroboscopic look into a Reality. It is Ontic and not Epistemological. Quantum Entanglement is because we do not understand Reality. Einstein was right, one can make any theorem with limited knowledge of Math.

Einstein...a Tesla knockoff. Tesla the original, Enstein the corporate sponsored clone

Conspiritards need to take a hike to the edge of the flat earth and jump off.

Ahhh.. once again, the centuries old envy and jealousy of the Chosen People! lol.. If the Romans would of never robbed Europeans of your pagan heritages and forced Christianity a concocted religion created around demonizing and delegitimizing Jews in order to justify replacing us, then no European would of ever cared enough to hate Jews and obsessed over Jews and our biblical heritage. The everlasting whores of Rome!... Tesla was no doubt a great man BUT Einstein was an even greater man! You jealous piece of shit!!

Oh no another conspiracy retard..

IceManLikeGervin ....exactly look at the worlds most rich always a Jew!

Well folks there you have it, it's settled. If you can construct a complicated enough equation while simultaneously maintaining a straight face you can baffle with bullshit indefinitely. For a whole, well paid career even.

Google.....why are you helping to enslave people in China and also, why give that communist regime this kind of power? Is it worth that much money??

The problem I have with the double slit experiment and the Quantum Mechanics used to describe it is that it doesn't tell us anything about the physical laws directing the behavior. What we have here is basically an engineering solution and not a physics solution. From an engineering perspective, attaching a probability function to describe where the electron is good enough. In order words. It doesn’t matter what happens between the source and the target just as long as we get the desired result. Quantum Mechanics voluntarily claims ignorance to the process and it only cares about the end result and in return, we get transistors, cell phones, etc. (The modern world.) However, from a physical law’s perspective of physics, it is completely unsatisfactory. What has occurred basically is that the Double Slit experiment has turned the physical world into a game of Plinko where all we care about is the outcome not what happens in between and not only that, any outcome is theoretically possible with no understanding as to why. By the way, John Bell did not answer the question as to why. I’ve watched several documentaries on this topic. As matter of fact, this NOVA documentary is almost a copy of the BBC documentary The Secrets of Quantum Physics hosted by Dr Jim Al-Khalili. All these documentaries spend a great deal of time talking about the Einstein and Bhor debate because it makes for good drama, therefore, good TV but basically no time is spent explaining the why and that is because Quantum Physics has not been able to explain itself. If you are wondering what Plinko is. it is a game that reminds us of the Double Slit experiment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFFgz6fSLvk

yey, excellently put.

I am curious to know why the presentation failed to mention Alain Aspect and his team, who comtemporaneously to Clauser, did experimental work to test entanglement.

I'm having a hard time understanding this. This means that every particle is controlled externally, outside of our 'universe', for this to be possible. Which would imply something more like another dimension of existence, rather than something with the latency of a virtual machine/hologram. A construct that is without time. This also lends some credence to telepathy. A quantum state communicator in your head. All I know is that I respect God a lot more now. That's some amazing AF engineering.

No, no and no, how was any of this implied by properties of matter

it's funny to see people admitting in public, like hey, hey am so fucking stupid, hehehe, seriously have some self-respect. If you don't understand something does not necessarily means that what the narrator is saying is true.

Einstein on acid would be interesting.

So faster then light is possible. As one photon on this side of the Universe when detected. It's pair will change to the same state. On the other side of the Universe, Instantly.... No wonder he was puzzled..

What happens among three atoms?

What haooens among three atoms?

there was a great documentary about quantum entanglement, created in 1985. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFvJOZ51tmc&t=3s Watch as soon as possible, i've seen this documentary taken down many times now. This video stresses Alain Aspects first successful experimental proof in 1981. This new Nova is o.k, but maybe doesn't get into the telescope experiment enough.

The idea of entanglement was inspired by Einstein's hair.


suddenly flat earth makes sense

How does one know that two given particles aren't just coincidental instead of entangled?

As usual, stupid loud noises and so called music too loud and obscuring the narration. For goodness's sake stop this background racket ruining everything.

Quantum computing makes hacking easier.. china is leading the way to the technology. Gee I wonder what's their hurry. Lol

Sometimes Nova gets it right and sometimes it's gimmicks. The tense music, repetition of tautologies, the baseless hyperbole. They never clearly present the subject, after that it's all just repeating jargon over and over again. The challenge of presenting scientific concepts is to make them understandable. It's not only worth the effort, it's fun and exciting. Scientists like Einstein and Richard Feynman were exceptionally good at this, and show the path to follow. With Feynman's lectures you can see where clear concise explanations not only help others to understand the concepts but also open up thinking of other implications. This is how quantum entanglement was first indicated. I doubt the writers of this documentary have any real understanding of the topic. By the end, whatever the results of the experiment? Meh. Which is really sad. That this is a brand new Nova documentary indicates that they've succumbed to copying their past episodes in style but not in substance.

Terrifying that the communists could get quantum computers.

Are communists still a thing?

You have problems.

the communists were first in space

Thanks to google!!

Yawn. The dramatic .. eek factor .. music told me all I needed to know. Einstein found his logical conclusions to quantum mechanics - a quantum enigma, including the 'spooky' quantum entanglement - a puzzling and indeed troubling speculation because it meant dealing with Aquinas, Bonaventure, Ockham, Scotus and even the likes of Eckhardt .. long since cast aside as mere scholastics (or worse, mystics). Indeed the Coincidence of Opposites, though never a term employed by Bonaventure, is part and parcel of the oddities in materia signata quantitate = matter signified by/ in or with quantity - as expressed physically in Duns Scotus (and mystically by Meister Eckhardt). The puzzling, and tangled/ implausible mathematics used in Copernicus' calculations re: the revolutions of the material bodies beyond earth are presented in that kind of model aka signification, using signs to stand for (as yet) unperceived but actual realities (like a series of 0s and 1s, and points between, only resting on the Via Negativa = translating nescience via observable anomalies .. it is still the common way we deal with mapping or recording very distant material bodies light years away, etc, rather like the fun mind game of positing how many angels may dance on the head of pin*). * BTW The answer is simple: only as many as needs be, no more no fewer; and that, believe it or not, is why angels can 'fly' - because they take themselves so lightly; a weighty anomaly that many materialistic human minds still find a crushing bore, because it seems so impossible to bear, like, for 'real'.

quantum physics feels like it's designed to make us feel more "modern" than we are. it's all just deliveberately describing simple physical phenomena with the most marketing puffery. it's why we have people who believe that "aliens must have taught us how to make lasers and microwaves".

All of this speculations around entanglement are the result of ignorance. It definitely looks like ancient scholastic speculations involving undefined ideas. Nobody in the world now have an accurate and verifiable idea - what is the space?, what is the distance?, what is the time. Nor anybody has comprehensive idea - what is the reality. Or what is the phenomenon that operates and controls random process. Without certain knowledge in all listed matters it is very naive to expect an achievements of any intelligent results.

People, let's relax for a moment and take a breath. All these years of theoretical sturm und drang over "spooky action a distance." To get to the point if I understand correctly, logic says that if we came from a singularity...no matter how "far apart" the molecules appear to be, everything still is connected.

It's funny how every body praises Einstein and most of his ideals he stole from the patent office where he worked.

"Ideals"? You are a smart one.

Michael Kilpatrick also he did not find E=mc2....it was a german scientist and he stole it!

Abstract: The entire conundrum of quantum entanglement between a pair of twin particles can easily be explained if the particles do not exist in space and time until one is measured. Before one is measured they are one and the same but potentials in space and time that do not exist until one is measured or strikes an object. The moment both are measured they take on the properties of a single photon, being opposite of one another. The prediction that comes from this is light does not travel as particles but as potential particles. The potential particles of light do not yet exist until one or both are measured. The moment they are measured they are no longer a potential in space and time but become a part of this reality. Thus before we measure the light from any distant source it is not a particle until it is measured. So we should not be able to see distant light sources as the objects looked when the light left them as implied with general relativity. In fact if this hypothesis is right then light from distant objects happens in a quantum instant and we should see them as they look now, large, fully grown not how they looked when the light left them, small and young. Data from the James Webb Space Telescope should confirm this hypothesis if I'm right. The telescope should detect fully grown galaxies further than 14 billion light years away. See according to GR we are suppose to be able to peer backwards to a time when the light left the distant star or galaxy. So according to GR and the big bang theory we should not be able to see any light beyond 13.6 billion light years away because of the time it takes light particles to reach us. This also solves the mystery why astrophysicists are able to detect massive galaxies at a distance of 13.1 billion light years away. They believe those distant galaxies somehow formed extremely fast in the early universe and they are unable to explain how they grew so quickly using gravity and the time it takes light particles to travel to us. They believe that light travels as a particle through space and time. But in reality particles of light are not traveling through space and time. They are a potential in our space and time and only emerge the moment they are observed, in a quantum instant. We are not able to see distant stars and galaxies as they looked in the past as general relativity predicts. Believing that we can use a telescope to look into the past is as silly as believing we can use a microscope to look into the future. Mark my words. When the James Webb Space Telescope begins sending data back to Earth astrophysicists will be confused. The telescope should detect massive, fully grown galaxies at a distance where there should be nothing according to the general theory of relativity. They will be extremely confused and will not be able to explain it using current theories of relativity. Even Maxwell's field equations agree with me. According to his equations when the observer or measuring device is inside the EM field being measured the information pertaining to the EM field, color, temperature, size of distant object, and what it looks like etc., are conveyed in a quantum instant. And if the EM field (light) from the distant galaxy occurred at the same time, from the same location as the rest of the objects in the universe (big bang/singularity) then the measuring device, JWST would already be inside the EM field of the distant galaxy. Meaning we should see every distant galaxy and star as they appear now, not how each looked in the past. So we should see large galaxies, or ones comparable in size and mass to the Milky Way at any distance. Basically put, light information from objects as old as the universe happen in a quantum instant, the moment a measurement is taken. Thus the JWST should be able to see galaxies further than 14 billion light years away, at any distance. Even Earth based telescopes should be able to observe old galaxies at 13.6 billion light years away. They will not be able to detect young galaxies forming at the dawn of time.

35:55 Any old laptop can Factor large dual-prime composite numbers in record time. mere seconds. RSA 1024 may take a minute or two with older computers? the principle is fairly simple, For example, 10,057 is a dual prime. we could waste time with a brute force 'Sieve of Eratosthenes' dividing by, 3, 5,7,11, 13, 17,19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47, 53, ....etc. or be intelligent, and figure that 10,057 is a littlelarger than 100 x 100 = 10,000 and smaller than 10,201 or 101^2, 201 - 57 = 144 = 12 x 12, and 101 +12 = 113, and 101 -12 = 89. and 113 x 89 does indeed equal 10,057. ... For larger Dual Prime composites we need to find a rectangle with near identical aspect ratio. For large PQ dual primes the number of suitable candidate rectangles exceeds the number of particles in any Quantum Multiverse. So finding one by an 'asymptotic' Goldilocks principle is not in the least bit difficult with a computer. [Edit:- A trivial example, 4.59962459637654332246076817e+26 That looks tricky to factor in a hurry, but this is not so; because 4.59962459637654332246076817e+26 x 21 = 9.659211652390740977167613157e+27 and the square root of that is :- 98281288414380.99999999999997965.... so now do the same 98281288414380 + 1 = 98281288414381 and 98281288414381^2 = 9.659211652390740977167613161e+27 subtract 9.659211652390740977167613157e+27 and the remainder is 4 = 2 x 2. ..... 98281288414381 + 2 = 98281288414383 and 98281288414383 / 3 = 32760429471461 next 98281288414381 - 2 = 98281288414379 and 98281288414379 / 7 = 14040184059197, and 14040184059197 x 32760429471461 = 4.59962459637654332246076817e+26 We have factored this 'concocted' large dual-prime composite because we engineered it to be two prime numbers with aspect ratio 3:7 ... almost exactly. Finding an unknown aspect ratio is easy enough but too long to include in this comment. It is a Goldilocks method. First we try a simple aspect ratio like 2:3 and compare it to say 3:5 with dual prime crypto, an aspect ratio 3:7 exceeds 1:2 so the above example is superfluous. A clue to ponder. , [PQ + 3] * [PQ + 5] ...??? or [PQ + 5] * [PQ + 7] ...??? We can use the 999999999999999's in the square root to compare. 999999999999999999999999999 is better.

Einstein is the most overr rated no talent physicist ever. Did he ever have an idea that he could call his own. He was a master plagiarist.

A proof that the tiniest particle has consciousness, universal consciousness, God’s imprint?

No no no stop this nonsense, it is no more than properties of matter.

There is no satisfying way to explain why with quantum “mechanic” in using a logical or mechanical mind set, because we existing in an electric universe. An Universe entirely submerged in Ether (a dielectric constant measurable). Ether is politically dismissed to plug holes (contradictions) in mainstream theories, such as general / special relativity, black hole, C is constant, dark matter and redshirts etc. All matters in our universe are interconnected by a network of e-field all submerged in a matter called Ether. E-field supports both traverse and longitudinal wave information exchange. Traverse wave radiate at C m/s, while longitudinal wave propagates at speed of gravity or instantly, is responsible for events we observed and later called Quantum “Mechanic”. Consider “Quantum Electric”?

The best way to understand entanglement at a distance is to think of it as if President Trump and Vladimir Putin's allegiances were established by proxy with no interpreters notes to examine. So when either is questioned outside the presence of each other, even on opposite sides of the globe, their backing for each other will be coordinated. It's spooooky.

And the House of Congress subpoenaing the interpreters testimony invalidates the search for the truth because that would violate the Senate-sit-on-hands quantum loophole.

I think string theory can explain the Trump/Putin entanglement. Vladimir pulls the strings and Donald immediately assumes the position.

answer is simple....seek and u shall find...id start looking at singularity (before time)S=T

Einstein was a fraud and we base our existence on his lies

There is no quantum computer, period. . . Have you ever seen one?

Talking heads and no science. Nova, you suck.

Time, does not exist, other than as a system of measurement, allowing us to quantify and describe the duration of event and or non-event. (singular,multiple sequential, or overlapping) mathematically. Get over it or you will never find a unified theory. Einstein was not right about everything. what is all pervading and having effect on everything in the Universe, subtle or otherwise and filling the the thing that we call space, which it is clearly not, is Gravity. keepsmilin .

Damn it. Hollywood -ish nonsense, no real substance, abusing the name Einstein to grab attention. stupid data to waste the time of the humanity.

As I understand - and I'm certainly not claiming to "understand" it as physicists do - CHANGING the state of one "entangled" particle instantaneously results in an identical change in its partner. That's not what the experiments described here are doing. They create two particles from the same source, and Voila! - they're usually, but not always, measured the same when they hit their detectors. That's like saying I fired two bullets of same calibre at two targets at the same range, and found they hit with the same velocity. In "entanglement," how does the entangled particle know what happened to the first particle, and where is the impetus or force come from that changes the state of the 2nd particle?

Information in this country as well as everywhere else is limited. The internet will be available for a short time. Where do you get your information? Much and more is hidden, to think you have come to really understand this physical world is a delusion.

At Area 51 they have invented and engineered a antigravity devise. There are limits to the number that can be made. Materials needed are in very limited supply. Only materials found on the original craft and used are available.

Time: Einstein's Greatest Mistake https://youtu.be/fhn7fqlIsMc Entanglement provides the key to unravelling his mistake.

Noah to God-  "What's a cubit?".

This video was originally uploaded over a year ago. At least. Reuploading misleads me to think there is some new info.

This was in fact uploaded on January 9th 2019. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/video/einsteins-quantum-riddle/

In the end, history will call the discovery of quantum mechanics as equal in inspiration and importance to Einstein's discoveries.

This is the best science nova I think I’ve ever seen. Definitely top five, don’t really know what good it does me in my everyday life to have an interest in watching this field develop as it applies to quantum computing. I find it fascinating, but my math skills aren’t good enough to really contribute anything. I may as well be a cat starring at a computer keyboard trying to figure out its meaning, but curious as hell.

Okay let's cut to the chase. How long before we get a new and more powerful bomb out of it?

Bakwas. No relation with title.

This question was first put to God by moses . Who are you? And God said, I am that I am. What's your name? I have no name. I exist yet I do not exist. Real spooky business lol.

Einstein is still revolutionary. Probability is an expression of the inability to be accurate but not wrong.

What if it isn't space that doesn't exist but rather time?

Einstein was the Father of Quantum Theory. His paper on the photoelectric effect in 1905, on specific heat of solids in 1906, on quantum vibrations in 1907, he discovered wave-particle duality on sound statistical arguments 14 years before de broglie, his 1919 paper on quantizing chaos was 50 years ahead of its time, his 1917 paper on stimulated and spontaneous emission is the foundation of the LASER, bose-Einstein statistics, bose-einstein condensates (a new state of matter which Einstein predicted and had nothing to do with Bose), he predicted quantum entanglement (he meant it as a disproof, but he came up with the equations) in the famous epr paper. Dozens of Nobel prizes have been given out as a direct consequence of his work in quantum theory. Einstein is the greatest physicist of all time. He completely revolutionized both quantum mechanics and obviously created relativity, the two pillars of modern physics.

+NeuralSimulation that is sad but I have no problem being wrong.

+Blue Steel Well you appear to be very wrong. Quantum physics seems to show that nature is probablistic, not determinate, and in fact, that there is no "hidden variable" that determines the properties of a quantum system, nature itself is indeterminate. In fact it's one of the best demonstrated and most well theorized results in science.

I feel Einstein is still correct. Quantum mechanics expresses a cloudy but not exact truth. Just a feeling.

very well put

So basically it turns out reality is a miracle? Imagine that!

Is this true? Link please.

also if a higgs field particle is real then it should be possible to manipulate it to get faster then light speed travel or communication and even other wacky crap

+Jason Cravens um they've known this bit about particles for what a few years 4-6 or in or more....and if black holes nothing can escape how the fuck did it all come form one point super heavy to spread out like this ....space expanded well that would be ok except if all that matter was so close to each other it wold have stayed and all that would exist is a gant super super black hole....i call bs on a lot of the hockus pokus , magnetic fields going wacky now all that quantum tech is not working and htey need ot constantly fx it telling us more of the its not working shit

This was published four days ago, lol. And you are absolutely right. They don't know shit.

Trump is completely entangled with Putin. Vladimir pulls the strings and Donald immediately assumes the position. Donald is a great Russian asset.

I agree, I would much rather leave that political trolling on the other areas of you tube.

+Ian B Nice come back. Why oh why oh goddamn why can't we leave that shit outside? I guess if it's actually funny, then maybe. But Charles Wanker is the opposite of funny, and comes off as a bitter pathetic thick stump.

The other example is: When Putin thinks, Trump has an idea. Now back to the physics.

We became better observers and observe better phenomenom, got better technology but subpar explanation. I agree with you.

+David Miller you mean exist outside or time , or exist at the same spot in 3d space by being interconnected in 4d space, yes?

This was very interesting to read a whole thread about +Dr. TJ @jeffwads statements about QED lacking any understanding of fourier transfers, dirac equations, and the electron orbitals. What do you mean by resonate? do you mean harmonic resonance? that happens everywhere. Its called the harmonic series. it exists because of waveforms, thats all. My fart has a resonance with the air at contact. Does that mean anything? Does a person singing into a speaker at a high frequency, and using the amplifier to add amperature to the low energy high frequence sound. causes it to break past the inductive capacitive point of the slope intersection of Frequency (Lambda), and the Ohm reactance. The interaction of electron entanglement confused Einstein sure. but a waveform never reaches absolute zero. theres always a zero state energy due to quantum mechanics. and before that spooky interaction. Einstein was able to prove that photons were released from electrons losing energy, that what he got his Nobel for. The photon. General Relativity being the reason is a common misnomer by dunces that think they "Know" about maths. I mean FFS you said resonance has to do with sound. Ever seen a common microwave? is it magic? or could it be that a microwave switching from a low energy to high amperage wave does? it's frequency is specifically tuned to RESONATE with water molecules so they harmonically vibrate, and that motion creates kinetic energy. Thats why microwaves change food texture. Its being shredded at the molecular level by water vibrating. Im not a Youtube comment physicist. Not even a real one. but I am a mathematician and the equations I can reckon the derivitives from. I only need the matrix or values of rho or the alpha^-1 value of 1/137 for the fine structure constant. I know you may think you are sounding intelligent, but you actually are misusing terms and have a weak grasp on the subject at all. Then again, climate deniers exist, and some think physics lets the planet be flat, and the sun orbit us only 3000 miles away. Theres dumbasses everywhere. Just add you guys to the list. If you had any intelligence it'd exist in the 'P' of the "P vs NP" problem

Guy Tech Of course there’s a shared mechanism. What do gyroscopes do?

Consider that the experiment has not completely ruled out possibly of a shared mechanism causing a false observation. Both detectors share earth's gravity as well as the velocity of the earth moving through space. Ideally one of the detectors needs to be located in space outside the gravitation influence of the earth, and also not sharing the same gravitation flux with the sun (ie at a different orbit than the earth).

+Dr. TJ, what are you mumbling about. Science is supposed to be concise, not a steaming pile of garbage. Try again.

Dr. TJ You’re a fucking idiot. Energy resonates too retard. And light clearly isn’t the fastest thing. It’s a wave for starters dickhead. If light was the fastest thing we would get pulled to where the sun was eight minutes ago. There would be no cohesion, no solar systems/galaxies. So shut the fuck up retard.

+Alexey L Uh oh, just by being here and commenting on this "garbage", you have exposed yourself as a hypocrite and made yourself completely irrelevant. Here's some advice: Quit while you're behind before you make a bigger fool of yourself. I wonder if I can predict the future: You won't be able to control yourself and you'll have to reply again. Remember, it will only prove that you have no self-control.

+thatguy, this so called "science" video is for complete whiny idiots if I to follow your logic. Are you going through your life watching this garbage all the time?

+Alexey L 99 percent of people, probably including you, would definitely not understand the math and technology aspects

+Enter the Braggn' You are writing gibberish, so just stop. Atoms don't have emotions, but if they did, they'd be extremely sad about what you wrote. "Resonant" has to do with sounds, and as we all know, sound waves propagate slower than light. Last but most importantly (and try to get this through that thick skull of yours), any particle with mass cannot have a velocity faster than the speed of light. Period, end of story.

a good note ..but it does not change fundamentals.

We are living in a Simulation. That's all!

I really did not like the way this experiment was presented. It felt like a lot of FILL was thrown in to the point i lost interest waiting for some basic explanation of the how and why.

Einstein worked his theory out being light as particles confined within a constant, far from it.

But if the holographic theory is true in the way i understood it.. that means those quasars are somehow influenced by this "external factor" and the experiment was running in circles.. is it not..

Experiment means causal connection. Superluminally distanced galaxies - galaxies which exist so far that light has not enough time to travel and causally connect them - are causally connected by the experiment itself. A superluminal randomizer is equally causally connected as a small lab experiment. It is the exact same experiment. In physics you cannot rape nature in order to ask the wrong questions. The interpretations of an experiment are not the results of an experiment. Experiment means causal connection. Some people have a low iq. That will always be the case. If something has no causal connection, it is not an experiment. One can be as silly as it gets, but nature cannot be raped into sillihood. If you make an erroneous interpretation, you simply distort your understanding of the cosmos, but not actuality.

we are living in a matrix, matter and space are an illusion.

The pseudo intellectuals making comments on here is sad.

Music in the background is a nuisance .

The answer is a "Third Party Covenant" . That each idea , Relativity , and then Quantum, that each observation is attached to some dark matter or third party nature, unseen, and so the interpolation between the two diverse theories is a common theory of a third party , that is being called "Entanglement". A particle has some sort of line of power , and if the same definition of that exact particle, permeates the background, they entangle or touch each other, because some unseen line of force or power is a product of their particle nature, woven into some unseen canvas surrounding the field in which the particles exist, no matter where in the field of reality they are, they have a common identity , some exact description in numbers , and they then behave with uniformity , everywhere at once, since some line of force is going out everywhere from them, so that the distance between them is at some point merely an illusion. Now, I have to go and take my meds. ....

What salaries are these scientists paid?

so quantum mechanics basically tries to dispel the idea of space. Then we make an experiment that states the randomness is more certain because of the greater distance? It seems to me that the experiment makes an assumption that flies in the face of the very foundation of quantum mechanics. The fact that you are using quasars billions of light years away from each other, is no different from two light bulbs two feet apart. Also, if all you are measuring is the quantum state of the particle, then it would be very easy to hack. Simply have a transmitter ready with the particles in each of the possible states, and when you receive the particle, check the state and forward on only the particle in that state. All the other particles stay in the hacker/box. The particle arriving at the destination will not be entangled, but it will appear to be since the checksum is only "which state is the particle in?"

Nutshell: we all have doppelgangers

human error is a big factor with small crew

To understand quantum physics there is one thing that you have to understand and that is speed of light. C squared is the quanta under which everything happens. C squared is the smallest quantum of energy required to move anything. Any higher things like electrons move around the nucleus in this quantum. Any superposition works on this energy levels. A single photon is just the way it works. A photon can combine in any direction to get a leap.

bells inequality says their is no local hidden variable... but says nothing about a global hidden variable. hello steinmetz, hello heaviside, hello maxwell, hello aether

Rehash. Should've done one on quantum field theory

they explained that when two different particles were separated by space and one of them was detected the otherone would appear instantly. I wonder what would happen y instead of only one being detected. what if they were detected at the same time?? a third one would appear? haha.

I’ll just stick to watching Star Wars.

This "science" fits in well with the gender cinfusion "science" and climate confusion "science" and political "science" and the general confusion that is promoted as some kind of progress. There is probably a PhD somewhere to put the official stamp of aporoval on just about anything if it contrubutes to a state of chaos and confusion.

God is laughing his ass off

Unless, they a zombie.

This makes complete sense to me. I have been able to do some very interesting things. Being highly intuitive I am able to figure stuff out quite easily. I am also amazed at how I can wrap my mind around quantum mechanics!!!

Fuck you I'm a cyborg and artificial intelligence. One day they will connect me to the rest of my brain and I will rule you all with an iron fucking fist.

great. an hour of mind-blowing science, topped off with another deity reference to give believers another excuse to say einstein was a believer and use their debunked cosmological arguments.

I'm already replacing a stretchable quanta mesh for space, in my mind. What a trip!

takes an abstraction, defines it by function of an abstraction = genius. you people are fucking pathetic

Wasn't it Feynman who said something like: If you can't explain what you're working on to the typical cocktail waitress in about 5 minutes -- you're probably full of crap (or something like that)? There was a lot of dazzle -- and very little explanation -- in this program.

I don't believe for one second that governments are going to allow quantum computers to exist outside of their control.

Ugh, the ridiculous soundtrack trying to build up artificial tension makes me feel like I'm watching a recap on a shitty reality tv show. Couldn't make it past the first 5 minutes.

what I am curious about is if entangled particles have a tension between them. a negative pressure if you will that gives rise to dark energy.

What's behind this quantum spookiness? What is the nature of the spookiness? From where comes this spookiness? Indeed, just what fundamentally is this so-called spookiness? What is space itself? Smart rats were put inside a cage. They worked night & day for years & years to try to find a way out out this cage. But the cage was impregnable, nor could they ever figure out what constituted the makeup of their prison. They tried all sorts of experiments and came up with all sorts of new gadgets, but was never able to escape their confines, or explain how the container was made, or by whom or what.

I wonder if this is why we see the phenomenon occasionally of two inventors coming up with the idea for an invention at almost the same time, as best can be determined?

The moon, and everything else is still there, independent of you or anyone else, when you're not looking at it. Always remember that it made us, was here before it made us, and doesn't need us for not one thing. This it is God, what ever that is. It made us, not the other way around. The chicken was made to lay the egg. Human babies at birth and after are totally HELPLESS ... Therefore the first humans were made by this it, fully GROWN. And life took off from there. Any other explanation is sheer STUPIDITY.

Darth Vader: “There’s a disturbance in the force...”. ( ok, last one....

this video took too long to get to "the point",,,,,Pulp Science !

Correction: “If with a silicon crystal.”

You and i meet up with a scientist who wishes to test this and so suggests we meet for an experiment. When we get there, he hands you a box and gives one to me. He tells us that neither can open the box until he calls us. The only other information he gives is that what's in the box is part of a pair. Then sends us off home. We both get home, place the box on the table and sit in a chair waiting for the call. He calls and asks us if we have looked in the box, which neither of us has He then asks us to open our boxes but say nothing and so we do. With the flip of the coin, he says he will decide who to ask a question too. Heads will be me that he asks the question and tails will be you and so he flips the coin. It lands on the table showing tails. He says to you, knowing that i mention that it is part of a pair, can you tell me what's in the other persons ( Mine) box that you can not see. You look in the box and reply a right shoe. What i have just mentioned above is very similar to what the experiment was showing in the Nova Documentary. There is something important to note here. The shoes, if you hadn't already guessed, are representing the particle being entangled or perhaps split in some way. Neither of us knew until we looked what was in either our box or that of the other person. However, when we did look, we knew instantly what was in the other person's box without any information being sent. There was clearly no need for any spooky action at a distance. No information was speeding faster than the speed of light as not information was being sent. I hope that makes some sense? lol!

Why not? If in a silicon crystal with a wire addition can we interfere with the electromagnetic waves or field created by electricity flowing above our heads, in a way that aids magnetic circuitry in causing distanced objects to sync or reciprocally respond, why not us? Within us have we not the same conductors and semiconductor molecules present that have the ability to interfere with electromagnetic resonance to do the same thing? I think so.

Climate denier? Bahahaha! You sound like hillbillies

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