Dressing Like Disney Characters For A Day

Dressing Like Disney Characters For A Day

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Hello. Friends. And welcome to another video, this, week I'm gonna be putting together a, Disney, character inspired. Outfit, and Disney. Bounding, now if you don't know what Disney bounding is it's essentially, using, normal, / modern, clothes to, dress up like a Disney character without, looking, like you're wearing a costume so using the same color palette that the character wears zeroing. In on specific accessories. Or just generally, capturing, the essence, of the character in, an outfit, the term Disney, bounding, comes from the blogger lesli Kay who created a general, Disney, fan blog called Disney, bound back, in 2011 basically, because she was going to Disney World and was excited that she was Disney, bound then, one day she created. A few Polyvore, sets of contemporary. Outfits, based on some of her favorite Disney characters, and the response was so positive that she made this the entire, focus, of her blog as a result, creating. A modern outfit, in the style of a Disney character became. Known as Disney, bounding the trend also caught on because, people over the age of 14 are not allowed to wear costumes, to the Disney parks I think because Disney doesn't want kids mistaking. Non-park, employees, for, the character, actors that they hire to roam the parks, probably, both because, you don't want kids just running up to random people and also because Disney is very particular, about the way they train their character, actors, to stay on brand, so Disney bounding allows adults to dress up as Disney characters, without, getting kicked out of the park and over the last eight years Disney. Founders have grown into a robust, community of fans who embrace the style challenge, of dressing, up like different, Disney characters, and even Disney rides in creative, ways, now I remember seeing, some of these Polyvore, edits on tumblr years, ago and they always really interested, me even, before I lived in Southern California and, went to Disneyland pretty, regularly, but the trend popped back into my head up full of weeks ago when I saw refinery29. Had, done a video called, why adults aren't allowed to wear costumes to Disneyland, so what I thought it would be fun to try and to give Disney, bounding, a go myself and then take our attempt to Disneyland. Alright, so. Let's see what we can do so the first step to Disney, bounding, is to choose the character that, one wants to bound, as, now, because if the Disney bounding community, is pretty big and has been around for like ten years people have bounded. As literally, anyone, and anything, it's so nothing is off-limits as long as it's Disney I personally. Enjoy the classic, 2d, animation, movies the best preferably, ones that came out before 2000. Just so it has some nostalgia, element for me so that whittles down our list right off of that I'm also hoping, for a character that has a clear, romantic, interest, slash friend slash, sidekick, so I can make Tyler, dress up with me and that narrows it down even, further, I think the first idea I had was to do Snow White I think we've established a, bit of a meme around, Snow White or at least her well and she's definitely my favorite, classic, princess, unfortunately.

Snow, White's clear, second, character, would be Prince, Charming who is probably of all of the Disney princes, the, one with the least personality. I mean he doesn't even have a name and he makes the questionable, decision, to kiss a dead body as matpat, says number, one corpse, germs and number, two corpse. Germs Snow White's other pair options would probably, be one of the dwarves or maybe the Huntsman, which I'm not super, jazzed about because, of that whole he, might murder you thing I mean he lets her go but, he thinks about it so there's not a great Tyler. Option, with Snow White in my opinion, my second, thought was to do a villain, character since, most a villain outfits, are more in my preferred color palette, my first instinct, there was Maleficent, of all of the Disney characters, she's, probably the one I would want to dress like the most I mean she's got the Cape the, eyeliner, the bold lip the collar and she transforms, into a dragon, she's definitely petty, but she enacts, her pettiness in, style however there, really isn't a companion. Character, to Maleficent, her only friend, is the little crow who hangs out with her and unlike other Disney, birds he isn't really a character himself other options, for a second, character, could be the. Spindle and I think that's about it so, my third idea for a Disney bound was to do Jafar, from Aladdin. Aka, a Disney, villain with, a clear companion, now from just some cursory, research, the, Jafar, Disney, bound seems, like a decently unsaturated. Space he's been done but not a ton which is ideal Jafar, is also pretty underrated, ly stylish, he's got a good color palette some, pointy shoulder pad action, a long sweeping, cape a golden, cane and some, seriously, villainous, facial, hair snidely, whiplash who, his, sidekick, the parrot Iago, is also, very brightly, colored and has a lot of character, so he would be a great Disney bound for Tyler as long as he's down for it I think he still the show so I'm okay with it it's also kind of topical. Because the live-action remake, of Aladdin is coming out like this month and apparently, Jafar.

Is Hot now just. Saying so I think Jafar, and Iago, should, be our choice says okay, so we have to put together two, outfits, that aren't costumes and, also. Don't include any accessories. That would get us kicked out of the park they say anything that drags in the ground is a no-no, for masks, now I've noticed, in other Disney, bounds, some people will stick with like a contemporary. Casual. Wear look and some people will go for a more mid-century vibe, I think because Disneyland, opened in 1955. They're sort of a 50s, nostalgia. Wrapped up with the park and Disney itself has also started selling, Disney bound issue dresses, in a kind of mid-century, silhouette. It's like a decade, bound Disney. Bound now as a decade, enthusiasts, I think the idea of doing a retro, Disney bound seems really fun but I feel like Jafar, as aesthetic, does not really lend, itself to this look I mean the shoulder, pads say no so I'm thinking, why, not pick a different, decade to focus on and since, and the movie came out in 1992. The, early 90s, seemed like an obvious choice the shoulder pads say yes so taking a look online, it seems, like a direction. We could go in for Jafar is like a fancy, blazer, look, this is something that in my head is kind of late 80s like the Working Girl Power Blazer but it looks like there were still a lot of Blazers, around in the early 90s, like at these high fashion, runway shows, so, something, like this, could. Be a good base for like, a non costume. Jafar walk now for Tyler's, outfit, Iago, is a parrot, or to be more specific a scarlet, macaw whose, tropical, color palette fits well with the 90s theme as like bright and neon, colors were pretty present, early in the decade Iago's. Look is more rounded and feathered, when you compare it to Jafar's like very severe, angular. Look so we can maybe ditch, the Blazer for this one and go for something a little more casual, something, that incorporates kind, of like a color-block, or pattern, in Iago's, general, color palette, sort of as seen on Zack, Morris from Saved, by the Bell, and also very, notably, on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air himself. Will Smith will also wears a lot of these flat, brim hats in fresh prints which could function well as a sort of beak now here's an interesting thing, Hillary from, Fresh Prince of bel-air kind, of wears the blazer style, that I'm going for with my Jafar look like all the time so it's kind of like we're will and Hillary from Fresh Prince of bel-air now here's an even more interesting, thing Will Smith, is now, playing the genie in the live-action Aladdin. In 2019. So it's all coming, full circle this feels right. Well. Our outfits, at least so, we went out shopping to, a few different stores vintage. And non to search for our outfits, beginning, with our blazer quest. Not, zero yeah they'd be more flip I don't, know be able to find a true flip yeah but we need like something we decided pretty early on that we were gonna go for a black, blazer partially. Because there just weren't that many red options, it's not quite right it's more Cruella but also because, Jafar's, outer layers, are black and then the inside, of his cape slash robe thingy is red this proved to be more difficult than, we thought the shape of it isn't quite right now yeah this is more like, ringmaster. But. Then we found this, mannequin, kind of decked out in like exactly. The silhouette, we were looking for the Blazer itself, is pretty plain but, it has the right boxy. Look so we decided, to go with it as for what to put under it we needed something red, so we found this high-necked. Plain, t-shirt, dress to represent his, under, cape and with the base of my outfit, now accounted, for it, was time to embark, on an accessories, quest the attorneys, originally, I'm, stuck so one of the defining, elements. Of Jafar's getup, is his golden, snake, staff he's pretty into snakes I mean he turns into a snake so we were definitely on the hunt for some snake stuff we sort of like quickly, stumbled, upon this, golden, snake belt that looks right that's, pretty cool it's not a Cobra but it is a snake, we rattlesnake.

A, Garter. Snake which, besides, being sneaky, could also serve to cinch our blazer at the waist like with this mannequin so we snagged it in addition to that we also ordered this hand wrap bracelet, thingy just for even, more snake right now I am, too snake as that guy is - cowbell the other prominent, accessory, that Jafar wears is his headpiece which, is mostly black but includes, a red feather and a red jewel on it now there were a lot of hats in the early 90s, that people seem to have worn with Blazers but, they don't all look great on me this can't be right no yeah this can't be right it's almost like a Cyndi Lauper from hell look what's, happening where am I luckily we, happen to have this black bowler hat that we used in our 1987. Fashion video that seemed kind of like the right look and we found this red hair scarf that we could tie around it to represent Jafar's, red feather we should just try it out here we should just test it out to stand in for the jewel on his hat we found this kind of like a dangly, brooch online that seemed like it would pair well with a blazer and also looks a lot like his thing so we ordered that too so with some progress, made on my outfit, it was time to take on Tyler's. Look which started, with our hunt for a color-block, top and luckily, for us this, sort of casual, 90s style is pretty in right, now so we were able to find quite a few options to try on that's, not bad it's just like - can Sam Vimes, like windbreaker, combos. It's, not quite red enough isn't it no isn't really what. I would describe as Chandler. Bing asked button downs like, a polo shirt and, this pretty promising hoodie oh that's. Great, that, blue looks really good it does have like the wings 5 it's very yellow and blue yeah, but if the rest of your outfit is red I feel like it would work so we decided to go with this as our top the other main features, we had to shop for or his beak and his talons, we had mentioned earlier that we would probably want a hat to stand in for his beak I don't know there's so much yellow, on this like hoodie I feel like you should Renne his beak is orange, but his head is red so he figured that the shape of the Hat was enough to like suggest, his pecking, abilities, like that's kind of the vibe as, for his feet we found a pair of vans that could work, could be a talent, maybe and with those we were pretty much done with Tyler's. Outfit, especially, since we had ruled out any other accessories. Early, on yoga, Keanu Reeves yeah. Well, you leave Vanilli so with our outfits chosen, we were bound to, Disney bound I'm sticking by that all right so, we are here now at Disneyland, ready, to vlog our outfits, we did come in the afternoon a little bit just because it's a little hot out and, there's a roller coaster going by and, our outfits, are pretty young too, steep. Voice. Crack, really bad frosty. Oh a. Parrot we had gotten into the park without a hitch so I think that our Disney bounds, had passed the not, a costume test, so we've got a couple of hours of wandering, around taking. Some, pictures, and then seeing how we look it seems like a popular, move to take a photo either with the Disney, character, actor that you are disney bounding, as or, to go to a portion, of the park that has some theming, associated. With your character, for Disneyland in, LA Adventureland. Is the spot that has a little bit of that Aladdin, Agrabah. Bizarre feel but there's not a lot of it they use them in a lion themed restaurant, but it's gone now. But here all we've got as the bazaar and it was also very, crowded, your party town is a madhouse. This. Is a busy area everyone. Wants a piece of it even, crying, child so, for our all-important. To Instagram, we went somewhere else so, we're actually right now filming by, like where Star, Wars land is gonna be just because they've gotten good like desert, arid, looking rocks yeah and with a sufficiently, desert.

II Background, chosen, it was time to review our final. Outfits, so for my Jafar look I ended up with a black bowler hat and red sash our shoulder-padded, black blazer a red dress black, tights red shiny loafers, -, golden snakes a golden, bag not a lamp but it's quilted and a few red and gold vintage, jewelry pieces, one, good thing is that the sideburns, are on-brand unfortunately. While my sideburns, are pretty thick my other facial, hair could, have been better I've noticed you trying to stroke your beard several times. You. Had a long one recently, right, that. Was a mistake I wasn't thinking about the video lack, of beard aside I also put together a Jafar, inspired, makeup, look that included, some purple, eyeshadow and some heavy, eyeliner, to both cement, my villainy, and also, to protect my eyes from the Desert Sun so, the eyeliner serves, both a fashion, purpose and a practical, purpose he's like an evil football, player in the desert always. Exactly. So as for Tyler's, final, Iago look we ended up with a red flat brim hat our red yellow, and blue hoodie our red sweatpants and, orange, sneakers I didn't shave because I feel like Iago, is the kind of guy that has a 5 o'clock shadow or, in my case like a five day shadow, I don't, grow facial hair very fast but I thought it fit the personality, now I will say that though Tyler's, outfit, had fewer elements than, mine I think he embraced, his character, with a lot of gusto, as. Well as the 90s vibes feel like I'm ready. Like, try, it there. You go there you go yep. You're going so fast, those, are you want to go out of frame all right go for it, further. Further you're not out nope further further, are you out though unfortunately I think all of his dancing, made him get pretty hot pretty fast. After. Our individual, shots we needed a few pictures of Jafar and Iago together, starring, mary-kate, and Ashley Olsen in, that pursuit of power and. World, domination, and after a few different attempts including a, couple where Tyler almost, injured himself we finally, had a few photos that were suitable for the Graham now although Disney, bounds like don't have to be super obvious to other people, I was curious to see what, you guys would think of our attempt, specifically, if you guys could guess who we were trying to be and also if you thought we pulled, it off so I uploaded, these three photos to Instagram, to get a few opinions now based on your guys's comments I would actually say that a majority of you were able to identify that we were trying to be Jafar, and Iago I think that Tyler's posed in the third picture is a little bit of a hint but regardless, I feel like it's a positive indicator, for our efforts that you all were able to guess I was also very excited, to see a lot of people guessing our like late 80s Early, 90s inspo. Like Will and Hilary from Fresh Prince Lisa, and screech, from Saved by, the Bell Dionne and Murray from clueless the, Heather's just generally. And also, the, Backstreet, Boys in, Paris, gone wrong which is a thing I guess there were also a few less, accurate, guesses that I enjoyed like, Caillou, Carmen. Sandiego and, Alvin, the chipmunk, Cruella Deville and Snow White the Pixar ball and my, last two brain cells deciding. What I should wear so I guess all in all I would say this was a successfully. Conveyed, Disney, bound mostly. Now with the social, media portion, of the Disney bounding experience, complete, it was time for us to explore, the park in character. Watch out. Mind control uh. Back. Off buster do we get some churros you. Will buy, churros. And. Marry, me to the princess, so, we headed back to our little slice of Agrabah, in Adventureland, or we did find a magic, carpet mosaic. To pose next to but disappointingly, not, much else here's another Aladdin. Themed attraction. It's. A penny flattening, machine that is prime content, right there they're really going light on the Aladdin TV especially for having a movie coming out yeah also because all three of the designs are Milano looms in fact I was pretty shocked at how few Aladdin, products, they had for sale where's the Jafar merch where's the Iago March we're both getting us right in the stick here listen I'm hot now don't. You know so, I had to settle for some rubber snakes, say hello to my little friend. Do you need more snakes. Jafar.

Meets Britney. And. Then Tyler. For, his part found like a yellow and red macaw, that could have been Iago, or could have just been a Rando, bird from the Tiki Room are you in a stare-off with an acrylic parrot, like that Birdman, that's. A mating dance are you, trying to mate with the acrylic parrot. Should. I be jealous, this, is bizarre after. We had thoroughly exhausted all, of the Aladdin, themed stuff we could find, we continued, exploring, though I would say that the heat of the multiple, layers of my outfit, and Tyler's, sweatshirt, were increasingly. Taxing, all right Tyler's feeling pretty hot feeling, pretty. Steamy pretty sweaty I knew, okay my, back's a little sweaty, just under the blazer and, the belt and, the tights but, my feet are doing okay for now which is a big win I feel like part of the challenge of Disney bounding is that you have to wear your outfit around Disneyland, and I'm, doing okay so far so, after bouncing, around the park riding the carousel eating, some dinner and trying, to steal a giant torch. I think. It was time to end our, Disney bounding, day all right are you ready to go home yes, my. Feet have finally, started to hurt I'm sweaty. Fresh. Prince of bel-air more, like swamp prince of bel-air am. I right about to get a caramel so that was our Disney bounding, experience. Overall, I very much enjoyed, the process, of putting together these, outfits, from, choosing, the characters, to figuring out how to represent, different components. Of their look with modern clothing in our case including. A 90s inspired, vibe made, it a little more challenging but you know I love me some decades, so I'm always down, besides, that I also thought it was fun to try and straddle, the line between like, outfit, and costume, and I think there is a possibility, that we will try his knee bounding again in the future come to think of it Maleficent, and the spindle, could be an interesting choice I mean maybe we could get Tyler into one of those spiky, punk hairstyles, that sticks straight up it's not necessarily, decade appropriate, for 1959.

But, It could be fun thank you guys so much for watching if you liked that video make sure to smash, that like button and if you want to see more videos like this make sure to share, mash that subscribe button here are my social media handles and a big shout out to Carter. For watching, thanks, for watching Carter, and I will see you guys next. Time.

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