CRT PC Monitors in 2019 - Ancient Trash or Display Treasure?

CRT PC Monitors in 2019 - Ancient Trash or Display Treasure?

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Every time I see, advertisements. And new videos about new computer, monitors I have to chuckle the, past three to four years have seen high refresh rate and higher than 1080p resolution. Monitors flood the, market 75. Hertz 120. Hertz 144, Hertz 1440p. 4k, as a pixel junkie I'm certainly not going to complain about more frames or pixels but, most of these monitors are so boring we, spent 10 to 15 years with flat panel LCD monitors. Being far inferior, to their CRT, ancestors, that I find it hard. To be excited, for this modern technology to catch up I'm Evils Vox and welcome back to box talks Tech I'm a huge tech head but I still prefer those, old tube monitors, that people are think are just garbage or ancient relics in this, video we'll be deep diving into why you should or shouldn't, buy an old CRT monitor, in 2018. Get those cathodes, warming up and let's go. The. Mod mic Wireless, can boldly, go where no mic, has, gone before. This microphone, can attach to any headphones. Requires, no, additional wires features. Very low latency a dual capsule, microphone 12, hour battery, life and LED, indicators, on the receiver so you know when you're muted and or when the battery is running low and you can basically run your entire house without ever losing a signal what, more could you ask for learn, more by clicking the link in the video description. This. Video is gonna go deep and there will be quite a bit of little technical, details but the important part is the fun, exploring, old technology, high refresh and frame rates crazy, resolutions. Awesome. Looking screens the early 2000s, was a much, cooler, time for, tech than today in some ways and hopefully. That shows here before, we get too technical or complicated, I want to mention that PC CRT monitors are not the same as CRT. TVs that, you may have played your old Nintendo, or PlayStation, on without. Specialized. Signal, conversion which we, will cover later in the video most. PC, CRT, monitors cannot, view signals from composite, or the old RCA, cables, and your old video game consoles, if you're, just looking to get a more authentic retro, games experience, or fix you'll, likely want to pick up an old CRT TV. I posted, a full video about that experience last year which you can check out in the link in the video description. Let's. Get vocab, in history out of the way first, CRT. Means cathode, ray tube and, the displays, work by shooting electrons, from a cathode, in the back of the box to, the front this, is very different. Than how modern LCD. And LED, screens, work, CRT. Monitors, are big bulky. Heavy and don't support modern video connections, so they're useless. Right well, that, common perception, is only partially, true they, do take up them quite a bit more room than flat screens but they aren't always huge CRT. Monitors, do have to fit on a desk or at least a desk from the 90s, and early 2000s, after all CRTs. Are available in a plethora of sizes, colors and even shapes there's, certainly a lot more personality. To CRTs, than the flat black does of just about every modern screen and not, all CRTs, have bubbled, out screens that are so prone to glares there, are a variety of flat screen models out there as well CRT monitors with a flat Trinitron, screen are highly. Sought after by enthusiasts. Unlike. Their TV counterparts, PC CRTs, haven't had anywhere near as much of a resurgence, in popularity for, retro, gaming mainly. Because people consider, retro gaming to be just about old consoles, and a, lot of progress has been made to keep old PC games playable, such, as all of the efforts made by It's. A site that sells new games but also does a ton of legwork, to make old games playable, on modern, hardware and even includes digital versions, of the original goodies, included, with the games and I'd also recommend no, clips documentary, on their, work linked, in the description. But. PCC, Artie's still have redeeming, qualities that make them fun for enthusiasts, and just for those of us who prefer CR T's to LCDs in general and it naturally makes sense to extend that to computer, use as well there's.

A Few generalized reasons, that people prefer CRT. Monitors, over LCDs. Nostalgia. Of proper compatibility, with older pcs, and older games input. Latency refresh. Rate and resolution flexibility. And perceived. Color depth or dynamic, range. Technically. Normal, LCD, or LED monitors. And CRT, monitors, have the same dynamic. Range this, is referred to as standard. Dynamic range or SDR. A light, variance measurement, or maximum, luminance, of 100. Nits this, has been the standard for a very long time as it was based on the limits of CRT. Technology only. Recently, are we seeing a change to this with HDR, technology, for new screens the, issue here, is in, how different types of screens actually display, light, despite. Having the same measured, dynamic, range CRTs. And plasma, TVs actually, appear to the eye to, be better in this regard, some, often, refer to this as the CRTs, image having more, color depth blacks, are deeper White's are brighter colors, pop more LCDs. More often look flat due to the back Lighting's inability, to vary brightness, enough or on, a per pixel basics, like OLED, and just, can't go to pure black in the first place this, is even better when combined, with house CRT, monitors, handle, sharpness, unlike. CRT, TVs, that have a small number of vertical lines and can usually only, accept up to 240 or 480i signals by and noisy analog, connections, CRT. Monitors are pure, RGB. Via, the HD 15, or de 15, connector, also known as the VGA connector, by most normal. People on rare, occasions, a CRT monitor will have a different, connectors such as the BNC RGB. HV connections, on this impression 200, V X monitor I have but, it's, all meant for the same signals some of the more exotic older, 3d and CAD workstations, had bigger connectors, like this weird 13, w 3 here but these aren't common finds from consumer, sets this. Expensive, gateway I have has to VGA, inputs and a USB hub crazy, stuff but, this thing was 1,000, bucks in the year 2000. Too, bad it's dying and won't be usable. This. Means the monitor has a much cleaner, image connection, than your old TVs hooked up to your old game systems plus CRTs. Don't have a fixed, resolution in. The first place depending. On the maximum, horizontal refresh. Rate and the video bandwidth, or pixel. Clock of the monitor a CRT, monitor can display resolutions, from 640. By 480 up, to a phenomenal, 2048, by 1536, my. Main CRT, monitors with a 96, kilohertz max horizontal, rates can go up to 1600, by 1200 resolution, at 80 Hertz but, this broken gateway monitor with a 121. Kilohertz max rate can do 1,800, by 1440. At 80 Hertz that's, essentially the four by three aspect ratio, of 1440p, at 80 Hertz from the year 2000, this, is starting to show why newer screen tech hasn't impressed me that much they were we, were doing all of this 20 years ago hell, a commonly, shared article, when people first get into PC CRT monitors is this, one showing that John Carmack was developing, quake on a 28, inch 1080p. CRT, monitor back in 1995. Unlike. LCDs, however, CRTs. Generally, remain sharp at non-native. Resolutions. LCDs. Need to use the monitor, scaler to scale up a lower resolution signal. To the monitors actual, display resolution, which, results, in the image looking a lot softer than it should and potentially. Adding input, lag it, usually just looks, plain bad especially, if you're not using proper integer. Scaled resolutions, to your monitors native resolution, however, CRTs. Are pretty sharp through most resolutions. Sometimes. Some of the higher resolutions, aren't as sharp as, lower resolutions. Due to how some of the tubes work but, for most usable, resolutions. Generally. They're sharp no matter what you're throwing at them this. Era of PC gaming was so much better because of this you could run 60fps, slower detailed, games at crazy high resolutions, then drop, down to 102 4 by 768 or 1280, by 960 and how your refresh rate for some stuff and down, to 640 by 480 for, older dos games and your, image will look amazing through, and through on an, LCD it's. Generally, safer to down your in-game detail, than to lower the display resolution though, some newer games are finally, releasing with separate render resolution functionality. To help combat this and all, of this is delivered, with no inherent, added input latency no perceivable. Lag this, is still mostly, analog, versus, digital only, on LCDs, and LEDs, Digital, equals processing, time equals input delay it's, always there even if it's low enough that you can't detect it however, generally, speaking analog. Means no input, lag it's, not quite, that simple, I know but it's a good rule to keep in mind granted, if you're using a PC CRT, with a video converter of some kind there might technically, be some, added delay from that process though good.

Ones Would add a max of one, frames worth of lag or, delay to, the stream just. Like with CRT TVs, PC, CRT monitors, have no latency, which is hugely important, for many gaming enthusiasts, heck, for a long time counter-strike, competitive, players still, preferred using crts for the high refresh rates and no latency up until very recently. While. Old games themselves are being adapted via their various communities, to run on modern versions, of Windows if you still want to use your old childhood, windows 98 machine or build a dedicated, Windows, XP machine generally, that's only going to output VGA you, can get conversions, to up convert that to HDMI, and in many, cases that's fine but these same games on a CRT don't. Always look so on on an LCD some, people just want the pure authentic experience. Alternatively. Some people want to use their CRTs, on modern machines basic. DisplayPort, or HDMI, to VGA adapters. Are all right for a basic, setup but, they will add a tiny bit of input lag in some cases and they are very limited in terms of what resolution, and refresh rate combinations, they can support most. Are using old HDMI, and DisplayPort specifications. And raw, VGA, to VGA analog, actually supported, a lot more bandwidth than early HDMI, and DisplayPort conversions. If you want something truly capable of this kind of conversion look, to the HD, fury devices, they produce HDMI, devices that can do virtually anything including. Low lag high, bandwidth, signal conversion, this, isn't a problem if you have a graphics card with the analog, pins still, in the DVI connector, these are the four pins and square around the horizontal, big pin this, is referred to as a DVI, connector. With both analog, and digital pins. And the, last GPUs, to be produced with the analog pins still included, or the nvidia gtx 980ti. And the AMD radeon r9 380. X then. You can use a native analog, DVI to vga adapter and, have access to your monitors full capabilities. Maybe, try out the custom resolution, software - if needed side. Note the Xbox 360, actually had a specific VGA, cable, sewed alongside, it to allow users who only had access to VGA, and CRT, monitors to play the system which, can make for an interesting experience, most.

CRT, Monitors, are a four by three aspect. Ratio wider, aspect ratios did not become mainstream until a while after, LCDs, took over but, there are a couple options you could try to hunt down some of the Silicon Graphics widescreen, models of the late 90s like what Carmack used so good. Luck they are incredibly, rare but there's, also the holy grail sony fw, 900, and w, 916, buy 10 widescreen, CRT. It's, 24, inches probably weighs as much as I do and is highly sought after by many enthusiasts, myself. Included been, hunting for one for two years now I think and no real leads locally, and they're. Expensive a lot of the more exotic monitors. Like the 1995. 1080p, one are old CAD 3d, design monitors, from the 90s which have no, on-screen, display or on-screen, OSD, controls and they, have to be adjusted by specialized, software which can be quite the hassle to find and track down and use later. Ones are fine to work with however most. Of the CRTs, I have can even run 720p. That's 1280, by 720 at a hundred twenty Hertz which is awesome, and if you use custom resolution, tools to run interlaced, modes which it's, still a CRT so you won't see interlaced lines you. Can frequently double, the refresh rate making it feel quite a bit snappier. But. Choose wisely as things are not all sunshine. And rainbows on the CRT front. Unfortunately. Without the original manual it can be hard to find the specs of specific, CRT monitors, i've been, lucky that a lot of the ones i've looked at have had some specs listed, on CNET I hope, someone has archived to their CRT pages I'll be sad when they go down there. You can sometimes find the max bandwidth, and horizontal, rate to see what resolutions, and refresh rates are supported, they. Are not always a hundred percent accurate but good, for getting a glances, info, at the monitor if you can't find anything else other, times like with this impression 200, B X that I have there's, not an ounce of information, available by googling I have not found anything, the. Size and weight can be a big deal but it may not sound like it but it really is once, you start getting to the 20 plus inch size range these things can weigh up to ath pounds in some cases and spino means evenly distributed, weight it's all in the front this, 21 inch impression, monitor was almost, 70, pounds as as this big gateway while, CRTs were built to last the components, do die eventually and there's not many repair shops left that will touch them and it's very dangerous. To open them up yourself and work on them the voltages, running through there would put more than a little sizzle in your step I haven't, found anywhere local that to me that will touch them which has been quite frustrating, a lot, of these monitors, were the ugly beige or white which, can yellow over time some, retro Brite can take care of this but it is extra, work this. Gateway VX, 1120, that i got for free is a very high-end, monitor, with a maximum, horizontal, refresh, rate of 121, kilohertz but, it's very worn and dying the screen is incredibly, dark and almost unusable I can try to open it up and adjust the dial to brighten it more but, they met that may not fix the issue and then it wouldn't be permanent, and now it's up to me to safely dispose of this, 72 pound beast and burnin. Is an, issue if you find some that we're in offices, or healthcare spaces, where the same screen had been pulled up for years on end you'll, have burnin, such as what's seen on this IBM which, isn't really fixable, if it's light such as on the screen here you won't notice it much in-game but, it cannot be obvious, on scenes a pure dark or solid, color background or, something like that thankfully. Most PC, CRT, monitors do degauss, themselves, upon starting up but you also have a built-in digas tool in the OSD menu so, so, there's no need for a wand or coil if you somehow develop issues which require that specific, fix. Sometimes. You'll find one and someone has chopped off the VGA connector, to recycle, the copper a lot, of CRTs, did not have detachable, VGA cables, so good luck soldering, a new one on to that mess. And if. You bite off more than you can chew with the giant CRT it's not something you can easily get rid of either there's, the issue of physically, moving it sure but it's not something you can just dispose. Of you, should never put electronics, in the trash but, rather send them to recycling, centers or send, in programs, such as through staples but. It's actually illegal to put CRT, monitors, in the trash or CRT, TVs they are dangerous to waste employees, and to, the environment some. Cities have recycling, centers you can drop them off at but in locations. Are actually nothing but a stockpile, of these in a warehouse as they have been, completely, unable to keep up with the, disassembly, process in the massive, basically.

Disposal. Of everyone's CRTs, if, you do need to get rid of one I highly request that you start with Craigslist local, Facebook seller groups let, go and offer up don't, expect to get much money for them but to list it for free and someone will take it or put it on the edge of your yard near the street with a free sign on it and Pickers will likely grab it. Some. People can see the actual image flicker or refresh, on a CRT monitor at 60, Hertz this, is usually resolved, by going literally, any higher than 60 Hertz but, it is something I see sometimes and it's definitely there this can lead to users, getting headaches from CRT, usage which can, really suck I did. Mention that they're not compatible with your old game consoles, there are some fancy multi, sync monitors, that can do both such as from NEC but, these aren't common instead. You would have to use an upscale ER or a line, doubler such as the open source scan converter, or retro. Tank to make this happen I love. Doing, this I have this running in my retro game room running, my older consoles, through the OS SC line doubler means that I get sharper, retro games blown up on my nicer looking PC CRT monitor and it's, still nearly lag free I run, the systems into their appropriate switches, for either four-component RGB, via scart or vga for the Dreamcast and then, into the OS SC then, I take the OS SCS HDMI, output and run it through the HD, fury nano, GX, to, fit it to VGA and we're, good to go this, monitor can handle all of the full scaling, modes of the OSS see even, 5 times from 240p. It's, awesome gamecube, bye component cables in the 480p to x-mode is amazing. But this, is a complex, setup and it gets quite pricey so it's certainly not for everyone. For. Systems that already output, 480p, but through component, ypbpr, cables. You can just get transcoders, that converts the signal without adding, any lag just, be careful not to get one that tries to scale the signal you don't want a scaler just a transcoder, check. Out key digital for some of those so how to try, to have a couple examples linked.

In The description. If. You want to buy a CRT, monitor look local, Facebook market place our local Facebook groups Craigslist, let go offer up driving. Around neighborhoods, avoid. EBay, everything, is price gouged to take advantage, of those wanting to get into retro gaming and shipping these things is usually, a death sentence I actually bought two of these impression, 200 V X to go together but one guy killed in shipping it was sad, this is incredibly common press f to pay respects, keep. Checking regularly I have found the ones I have by creating a custom Craigslist, search as a bookmark interest, checking it weekly sometimes, new things pop up most, people don't even want money for these in fact some even offer money to have them taken away from their house I can't. Make the choice of picking up a CRT for, you it can be an easy decision Oh pick up this old little monitor and enjoy peak display, experience, or it can be a super. Involved. Process. Depending, on how you want to approach it yeah. I, can't, in good faith blindly, just say yeah go buy one but I do think it can be a good experience for many with an open mind I started, with a small IBM. With burnin from a buddy and now, have five CRT. Monitors in my apartment, as well as a few CRT TVs. Yeah. There, are options available to you factors, to consider use, cases to really evaluate and, risks, involved but a CRT computer monitor, can be an amazing gaming and overall. Experience if you, want to get serious about CRTs. Consider, joining a Facebook group that I'm a part of called the CRT, collective, linked in the description and we, also have a PC CRT group branched, off of it I am. A postbox and thanks, for listening to Vox talks tech I hope you enjoyed this fun video, it's I know means a complete guide but it should be. Enough to get. You started down the rabbit hole should you desire hit, the like button if you enjoyed the video subscribe for. More awesome tech, content, and random, deep, dives into topics that I care about into nostalgic, tech and things like that and consider. Joining our inner circle of patreon subscribers where, you can get early access to videos behind the scenes q, and A's special, roles on our discord server and more, I'll. See you in the next one.

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2048x1536 is not max for crt, I try 2400x1800i 80hz on samsung 959nf and its works fine. I used converter for that on 1080ti, but on gtx 950 thru dvi-a you cannot use intercalated resolution coz "NVIDIA" sucks:(.Old amd card works fine too. Even on my amd leptop I can set up 2048x1536i @130 hz on linux:). I use 240 hz lcd now, but it still sucks in term of blur and latency. Great video dude!!

Please don't do [thing] in 2019 until it's *actually* 2019. Some others have done it too and it seems a bit hasty.

The biggest pro when it comes to completely repairing CRTs is that you can still easily find parts to completely repair CRT, no such things completely exist with flatscreens.

Crts are still the best i think, got sony pvm 1942q amazing for my retro games and also got a 27 sony trinitron kv i think with components and s video ports it has great picture and sound

Lol I knew as soon as you said "CRT TV" that it was gonna be cathode ray tubes... XD

Had an NEC diamondtron and a Sony Trinitron back in the day, the buttery smooth performance will never be matched, along with excellent srgb implementation and the degauss button. I do not however miss the eye fatigue and the size of 21" crts. I can't believe we used to lug those things around for the LANS

The amount of time per day I use my computer typically results in a completely burnt out CRT within 2 years. With LCDs sure they get darker but they don't become completely unusable from extended usage nearly as fast. Even then you can replace the backlighting or caps as necessary.

I stay "CRT" monitor in next years because "CRT" is for NO motion blur. I don't get any eyestrain despite 50 Hz and 60 Hz refresh rate. 50 Hz on CRT monitor is for TV and for videos of 50 fips (frames interlaced per second) / fps (frames progressive per second). :)

So why hasn't anyone made a modern CRT monitor for gamers?! I'd buy a 27" behemoth.

CRTs spend over 600%-700% energy consumption compared to LEDs.

You forgot about doublesync and ~320x240, nice anyway :).

While there do completely exist VGA to AV in adapters I personally have completely heard that they completely don't completely work the best.

CRT computer monitors completely handle lower resolutions completely better than any flatscreen out there.

Crts reproduce the best colors. Too bad the technology died before high rezolution was a thing.

I miss my old computer CRT from back in the day. It was really nothing special but I loved it. I wish I still had it for retro games but I picked up an old Sony Trinitron TV a little while ago for use with my SNES and PS2.

Just use the native resolution.

I still use CRT Tvs for retro gaming. I have a 34" Sony Trinitron Wega XBR955 HD w/HDMI & widescreen for more modern games and an old Curtis Mathes 27" for older games. I also have an NEC multisync monitor and a Viewsonic like the one in your video. However the viewsonic no longer works as one of the VGA pins broke out somehow when I moved last. I also have an older trinitron monitor that has a brightness issue. When it and the viewsonic were working properly, they both had amazing picture quality, better than any of my other CRT monitors. Great video btw!

I have a cheap-ass CRT I picked up in 2014, a Gateway EV700 from July '97. I love it too much to part with it, even if it can't actually go higher than about 1500x1125@60hz or 1280x960@69hz. Infinite contrast ratio, slightly over 100% sRGB coverage, and zero input lag make it compete well with my HP LP2480zx monitors, which aren't slouches for IPS monitors either (1920x1200, a-TW polarizer which erases IPS glow, 1000:1 contrast, horrendous lag) I do wish more local options existed for me; I've been searching since the early 2010s for any. University and time's also gotten in the way.

*laughs from behind OLED display*

How's it going? I have an idea for a video, because i searched for it, but everything else comes up... Learning how to livestream with headphones on... I'm a musician, so I thought it would be an easy thing to do, but everytime i try, I get my audio right and take off the headphones because talking throws me off... just an idea, have a great day, take it easy...

Actually many displayport or HDMI to VGA converters have basically zero lag. They don't even have frame buffers, they do conversion on the fly

+lulkLogan Except you are most likely using one of those adapters that you are completely talking about in this comment of yours on a flatscreen so you will have input no matter what, and also adapters don't work the same as native connectors stupid!

Just Emulate the Game Consoles on the PC

It doesn't seem like there's any CRT monitors for cheap in my area ever. I found one at freegeek, but the board was cracked and it was making a loud buzzing sound, I fixed the cracks as good as I could and the sound went away but there was still no picture.

I wonder if you can use more than 60 or 70 Hz in DOS games? Alway annoyed me with DOS games, knowing the CRT could do like 120Hz on 640x480.

Yeah but to get anything bigger than a 21" you had to use a TV and S-Video. and S-Video had horrible resolution. Also at 21", the monitor was so huge, I'd have nowhere to put my keyboard.. But I remember the old days when my neck was always sore cause you had to put the monitor to one side and turn your head... Though now I run dual 27" and turning my head anyway, but at least a wireless keyboard and a swivel chair makes it comfortable with your feet up on the desk.. oh yeah. when you used CRTs, you had nowhere to put your feet LOL

I still run a Samsung crt

As a competitive Melee player I have a deep love for CRT's, really want a Syncmaster for a 480P capture setup

Nice video, thank you for that! CRTs make me feel cozy, I love my Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2070sb so much!

I got a free 1366x768 75hz crt monitor on craigslist and I was planning on making a retro gaming setup with it

TFT displays were underwhelming for a looong time - way too much disadvantages compared to a CRT, and that was the reason I kept my 17" Belinea CRT until 2006 when I finally found a worthy replacement (EIZO S1910) with S-PVA and 1000:1 and Overdrive.

I have an 8 monitor array made of dell office monitors that I paid a couple hundred bucks for..

Gotta love dem Cathode Ray Tubes

If you set out a monitor (or any piece of electronics), I guarantee some jackass will come along and cut off any cables coming out the back for the copper, rendering it useless.

Gotta ruin stuff to get your 3 cents' worth of copper!

I used the combo xbox360+nokia crt untill the crt died. Man, it was the best combo. Press F to that CRT. Great vid.

Most people will not care to use one. They take up way more room than a flatscreen monitor just with that fact it's enough for them to see them as horrendous

I have not owned a CRT monitor. I normally owned laptops until a few years ago.

I thought your estimate of 70 pounds for the 20'' crt was high, but after looking around on google they really were that heavy. I guess I was in better shape when I was younger lol.

All these noobs with there 240Hz LCD's. 350Hz CRTs are the way to go.

yeah no

While I'm thankful for the HD Fury (in case my suggestion dies in the near future...and my CRT's haven't) could still afford the XRGB-3 (predecessor of the framemeister) and turn any CRT into a High end CRT TV. Solaris Japan still sells it and it has just 2 ms of lag (like the OSSC but for CRT). ...I guess line-doubling still has some lag (though not humanly perceivable)

Use your crt monitor in smartphone, will ya? carry that 20-30kilo smartphone with 10kilo battery to supply the hi voltage transformer - good luck with that :)

I still have Samsung CRT monitor from 1997 maybe

I no longer have any of my old CRT monitors, but definitely have plenty of experience with them. Worked at Best Buy before flat screens even came out, so I have a LOT of experience hoisting them heavy bastards up a ladder too lol

lol, I loved the fake hater comment parts.

Another great video as always. Keep it up.

Thanks for watching!

CRT Display felt burning my eyes

I have a JVC broadcast monitor(TM-H150cg), an E-Machines 17" CRT, an Insignia 32" CRT, a Toshiba 36" CRT and a 21 inch Dell Ultrascan Trinitron Monitor that I am trying to rehab.

Oh I miss my crt screen. I'll get one for nostalgia sake. My problem is getting white/beige computer case, keyboard and mouse

Incredible video dude, this was awesome

Came from ftp.. Loved it. Subbed it.. Liked it


Thanks for subscribing!

iS tHiS a JoKe?

As the proud owner of a gdm-fw 900, I approve of this video

I would sell it to you since you can really appreciate it but I would have to ship it over the atlantic :(

Its really crazy /and sad) when you think about it: Even after nearly 20 years of LCDs reaching the mainstream, there is still no single product which combines image quality (color reproduction, viewing angles, black levels!!!) and gaming capabilities (no input lag, motion clarity/high refresh rate) like hiqh quality CRTs can/could. I NEED OLED in the consumer desktop monitor game ლ( ̅°̅ ੪ ̅°̅ )ლ (and such a shame that SED/FED tech got lost in patent wars)

I'm jealous!

Get this monitor with the sleeper pc from Austin Evan's video and you have the perfect setup!

I still have my Sony Trinitron CRT which I still use with my PS1 & PS2 consoles.

I have an old and crappy Samtron 17" that I sometimes use when I am too nostalgic. I am usually a so and so FPS player but when I hook the CRT up I literally dominate the gaming rounds. I remember that CRT tried to combat the TFT LCD wave of monitors with some type of tubes that were actually more than half the size(depth) of regular crts' but it was not enough to combat the super slim and light weight tft lcd monitors.

I have a Samsung SAMTRON 76E from 2004, it has a pretty nice and sharp picture even though it's a pretty cheap monitor. It looks better than my 27" IPS LED monitor (HP EliteDisplay E271i).

3:46 - what??? Full Throttle remastered for free!??? f***ok you! I bought this for $1 in bunde on HubmbleBundle a month ago!!! Sheeeeet...

I still remember my Sony GDM-FW900. My back and desk remember it too. I gave it away years ago, when it wasn't very sought after. In fact I had to practically beg someone to take it. Times have changed apparently.

I know that they have unique things that make them good. BUT LCD's are much smaller and more power efficient. At my country side home, we replaced my grandpa's monitor to LCD from CRT.

I have windows yes buy it now and I will continue with the story bla bla bla bla


Frame drops

Not quite the same but I still have and love my 42 inch Plasma from 2007, it doesn't go higher than 1080p, but lower resolutions always look much nicer on it then any LCD I have, and it doesn't really have any input lag to speak of. I do still have a CRT monitor too. I get headaches with it at 60hz but at 75 it's fine.

In India, There are still shops that will repair a CRT.

That was awesome!

Thanks :)

I’m a melee player we’re trying to save all crts

Remember that you can use your older GPU that has an analog output just as a display out. It works the same as in your laptop with 2 GPUs, you just set a "High performance GPU". Also this is how you can use Freesync with your Nvidia GPU, just output it through and AMD card or APU. Or soon maybe through Intel iGPU, they should bring the support.

miss the crt days until I remember I held my 27" 4K monitor in one hand while I screwed in the vesa mounting screws with the other to the dual adjustable monitor arms :p

FTP send me to right place Subbed

Crt true value = lag free MELEE!!!!

F' Respect for the DOA, CRT Monitors. And drooooool for the commodore 1702

I have a CRT because i had it before flat screens where a thing..........don't fix whats not broke.

I used to work at a Block Busters

I love how CRT Monitors could display higher resolutions than what it's recommended to display. Yes everything's small, it's still amazing tho. Also the fact that it's pixels doesn't die cuz it doesn't have pixels! I have one as a second monitor with a vga-hdmi converter!

Nice hat bro

I do like my old plasma TV better than the LCD ones. Everyone in my family does too.

Yeah CRTs are Dope :):)

i got to find a crt for my pentium 4 machine.

i have 2 crt tvs, and a JVC pvm, which are amazing for retrogaming, specialy the jvc.

CRTs won't be mostly replaced until we get 4k 240hz freesync microled monitors.

just you picking that up reminded me of the good ol' LAN days.

I'm still using a CRT. I've been using a CRT television since I was a small kid. I also am looking for a CRT PC monitor that I can afford and is able to support VGA.

CRTs are great piece of tech history to own and use. I have a 19" LG CRT laying around in dry storage, that hasn't seen much use back in the day and has no burn-in. Still need to find a place for it and my Socket 775 build, though.

Phillips has some of the nicest crts

my crt vga monitor died a few months ago but i will find a replacment, a massive viewsonic which supports resolutions up to 2048x1536.

kinda crazy how that crt fat box does 1440p at 4:3 just wow yeah these things beast but my issue is still goes back to child hood the flickering causes headaches after an hr

Above 60hz there's no flickering

My old Fujitsu Siemens C903 monitor looks slightly blurry when running it in 1280x1024 @ 85hz but reducing it to 60hz makes it sharp though it starts to flicker.

Outside of a museum they have no longer have a point existing.

yep just ignore everything said in the video, uhuh

Melee anyone?


Might want to try the thrift stores Goodwill has them for like two bucks in the USA

Most Goodwill stores specifically won't take/sell them anymore

Sorry but VGA is the first bottleneck of CRTs. My dad had a monitor back in the day that went up to 1600p and as the resolution went up the image actually looked blurrier as it couldn’t handle it. Have you even tried 1080p on VGA even on a LCD? It objectively looks worse as it’s analog and comes with all of its issues. Also, the fact that it has to project also creates another point of distortion. Sorry man but I fully disagree with you. This is similar to HiRes LPCM vs Vinyl where people argue until you pull out an oscilloscope and prove vinyl is worse (which has been done).

+Andrew Russell VGA is both much sturdier than HDMI and VGA has also much better color accuracy than HDMI with the only thing HDMI completely having over VGA is sharpness!

Remember that people mostly use CRTs for low-res (640x480 and thereabouts) retro games nowadays, for which they are pretty much objectively superior to LCD.

Good CRTs can be sharper than LCDs even higher than 1080p. But yes, you feed a 4:3 CRT a higher res 16:9 signal and it'll either switch to pan and scan or be blurry, that's not really the point.

VGA is the first bottleneck of CRTs? This is where you can disagree, but come from a misunderstanding assumption. Comparing it to VGA on LCD, of course VGA is worse... 'on LCD'. VGA thrives more 'on CRT'. CRTs itself are mechanically analog as the VGA/D-SUB/RGB/DVI-A signals are. You're trying to compare an old fashioned portable TV that picks up radio signals with a portable DVB-T STB or even a World War 2 radio with a current DAB+ system. The analog signal didn't need processing because most of the processing was the signal routes within the device itself. LCDs and flat panels themselves don't handle signals like CRT. CRT just shoots a straight line of light where LCDs are a grid of wires. If it receives an analog signal, it has to digitally translate which pixel is on or off on what part of the grid. While not all monitors stayed as sharp on higher than it's native resolutions, they could come quite far. Certainly if you could adjust the RGB-H/V Convergence. It could take a bit to tune the monitor to optimally display at certain resolutions. And this is where you have to realize the difference between LCD and CRT. LCD is a grid of enclosed pixel cells consisting of red, green and blue. No matter what you do, unless you actually break the grid/display, the signal from one pixel could never affect another. with CRT, you have to sync up the signal properly like you're adjusting contrast, brightness and sound on a modern TV. Quite some CRT monitors can have a higher native resoltion than 1080p with refresh rates over 60Hz. You should try to benchmark as well trying between a TV, CRT and LCD monitor. Yes it can make quite a difference, I got better scores on an old CRT over VGA at higher resolutions compared to HDMI on a full HDTV set to 'gaming mode'. I get the feeling the way you appreciate media and technology is like heavily preferring printed text more than handwritten letters. There's a reason people prefer Vynil, sure it decays with use, but it doesn't compromise on recording very small details digital compression 'cuts off'. Maybe with time, you'll get me, but even in tech you have to learn and appreciate the little things.

Dude, VGA had the same bandwidth as dual link DVI.

My last monitor was a heavy Philips Brilliance 109P40 - 19", capable of 1600x1200 @ 85Hz and up to 1920x1440 @ 73 Hz but too small icons for this size of monitor. I always used it at 1600x1200 @ 85Hz. This was a great monitor for Gaming (no lag, no ghosting) and creative content as graphic design with great color accurancy. CRT was the best monitors of all time capable to suit any king of usage... Today it is dificult even impossible to fin a LCD Monitor very good in all field of usage :( Anyway I've never had blury pictures, only pictures that had a much lower resolution than the display could get blury if zooming, just like on monitors today...

I think you missed the point of this video or didn't watch it. You say that your dad's CRT got blurry at high resolutions, but if you watched the video (8:00) Epos mentions that blurring is caused by the tubes in the monitor, which varies between models. CRTs do color better than TN panels. IPS and VA are better than TN and CRT, but come with their own problems as well. This includes backlight bleed, ghosting, and burn ins.

i've switched from vga to hdmi on my 1080p monitor a few years ago and didn't notice a difference at all to be honest. seems like people make it a bigger problem than it actually is.

I wish I have a computer

+Seth Horst lets say smartphones check xiomi redmi note 4

How can a cell phone support YouTube? I thought cell phones just works with calling, texting, gaming, and telling the time.

+Seth Horst its a mobile phone

I never heard of that operating system before.

+Seth Horst I have redmi note 4 given by my friend

Wait, if you don't have a computer, how are you on YouTube?

Love the Pokemon Colosseum running in the background still to this day I think the best console Pokemon game that was ever conceived and desperately needs a remake !!!

4th like is mine

0:19 - Yay for Warframe

It's 2019 i still game on my CRT monitor. I will only change if Oled monitors became a thimg and became affordsble.


I'd rather wait for MicroLED. All benefits of OLED but without the burn-in issue!

OLED monitors will become a reality in 2019, actually

CRTs make an irritating sound.

+EposVox I don't get any eyes issues on any CRT TV but I got eyes hurted on CRT monitor 14" AOC in 1994. I do never get any eyestrain on my CRT monitors with filter onboard since 1999. ;)

Yes, they are extremely annoying. Glad those paper weights are gone...

They put some damage on the eyes....literally. And yea....after a while, they squeal.

+EposVox True, although I'm particularly sensitive to "CRT whine" and can hear it on almost every CRT television. The tone is 15.625kHz and it's the exact same frequency as my tinnitus. I don't have the knowledge to say whether or not sitting around CRT TV's into my 20's caused this, but it sure seems like it. I can even hear it in some old TV shows. I was watching Quantum Leap recently and I could hear CRT whine in some of the scenes. I theorize that they were recording ADR or something and the studio they were in had a CRT on and the sensitive vocal mics picked that up. It was probably way less noticeable at the time because everyone had CRT's on constantly wherever you went. Nowadays if I hear one, it immediately triggers my tinnitus and I hear 15.625kHz whine for days.

Those are mainly CRT TVs when the flyback is bad. PC monitors don't really have that issue

Niek friederichs only old ones that are wearing out squeal

Nice video man keep up the great work

That beautiful interlace display!!! :)

Nick Wilson

CRTs were great

I have 4 silicon graphics crts at my dads house he worked there for 12 years back when I was a kid. I'll see if I can get them and make a video within the week. I never really thought much of them at the time. Just thought they cool because how big they were. I'll reply to this video when I find them.

I knew that old Monitors had higher refresh rate, i'm sad all of the PC CRTs i used to have all died of old age, and where i live it's really rare to find any old stuff.

Nice frost skin

Nibbas out here really trying to hype up dinosaur monitors


The problem with the old CRT monitors is that they burn out quite quickly if you're running allot of 3d software on them. I burned a couple out back in the 90's.early 2000's just by playing games like Doom. I certainly wouldn't recommend them in 2019.

Erm You might want to emphasise how much electricity these things ate, nowhere near CRT TVs but still a significant amount compared to modern tech.

I had a converter for the Dreamcast that allowed me to game on a CRT. It was a HUGE difference. All of the games looked far more amazing on the PC CRT monitor. The converter eventually broke but I could never find the exact brand or anything close to the same model. No other converter could measure up to is. Was pretty bummed I couldn't find another one like it.

640x480 @ 120hz boiiiiiiii

the arguement for CRT when LCD was first becoming the norm was quite valid with the (no its not 0 delay) super low delay and... I actually don't understand what he is saying about the sharpness CRT technology is literally incapable of being sharper than even LCD unless your monitor/tv was made out of trash. But now technology has come way further having refresh rates upped through the roof with some displays getting as high as 240hz as well as not compromising with input delay at just 1ms (theoretically if your display signal is going through a copper wire it can not be any faster than that) and full 1080p HD. In this day and age I can't understand why anyone want to use CRT there aren't anymore advantages, you can find modern displays that give you everything CRT's could plus more and on top do not suffer from flicker or burn ins and cherry on top is they don't weigh 70 pounds, 10 years ago I could 100% understand wanting the low delay but you can have that now too

I had to get rid of my CRT monitor because no one could repair it. The clear resolution in all video formats was insanely good compared to modern flat screen monitors. Do I wish I could use that hardware now? Of course, because it's still compatible with every video format used today along with the latest video card technology.

CRT Monitors generate x-rays. Actually they shoot x-rays right in the direction of your face. When electrons start in the luminophore of they screen the energy is released in the shape of x-ray. And this is precisely how x-ray tubes in x-ray machines work. No surprise people put lead glass shields on there screens. Of course you can get a headache. These bad boys are dangerous. X-ray, electric shock due to high voltage stuff, explosion if you break the screen due to the vacuum inside, hazardous materials. I would go for a crappy LCD, thank you

To this day I still use a CRT big screen to watch movies from my 7800gt video card. I never used a CRT monitor or a LCD at greater than 1024x768 in most cases, because wide screen is fine for properly shot movies, but not for gaming or work. I addition to that if you need a magnifying glass to read icon text it is way too small. LCD tech is just too small with viewing area, unless you use a projector. I always get a kick out of hearing people still think aspect ratio is the same as resolution. CRT monitors are not hopeless. If you know how to replace failing capacitors and fix bad solder joints then you could keep one alive for years. I used to repair a lot of them. In cases of dimming CRTs there are rejuvenation options and brighteners out there. I recently capped a 32inch TV that is 16 years old and it should have another 10 years. Samsung used to build quality stuff. It should also be mentioned that an air hose should be taken to a CRT monitor or TV every now and then.

I still own my first CRT monitor, I don't use it though. 15" CTX PR500T. It's over 18 years old and still working... God, I wanna be young again...:/

Still prefer to play counter strike on crt

I don't like CRTs, they make a horrible high pitched sound that it seems like no one can hear, or they don't hear it very loudly ._.

The blurry scaling issue could have been fixed by GPU drivers if Nvidia and AMD actually listened to their customers. Right now, almost any weird resolutions can work on LCDs thanks to GPU scaling by the drivers. Unfortunately, there is no option to change the filtering of the scaling. So you are always stuck with bilinear [or maybe it's bicubic, whatever it is, its blurry] filter. 1. Resolutions that are integer of your monitors native res, should have always used no filtering so that it looks sharp. But they don't. 2. Resolutions that aren't integer of the native res could have been scaled in the following way: Upscale the image to 2x/ 3x [or how much it takes]. Then downsample the image to fit the native resolution using bicubic filter. That way non integer resolutions suffer from minimal blur. It's a shame that Nvidia and Amd doesn't bother adding these features to their drivers. Yes it wouldn't solve the input lag issue, but at least the image wouldn't look like Vaseline that way.

I prefer crt, have a dozen. Have found many for free and delivered to family for free. I love the options associated with them and enjoy the features they offer. For gaming there's none better and remember buying a NEC 15" ips for a week and returning it only to buy a crt 19" for same price and loved it. My graphics card was able to output anything at the time and I sometimes tried 1920*1080 and adjusted the vertical height to match the source for movies and some games, the effect was wild. My Nexus tablet has 1920*1200 pixel but it's not scanning or high contrast so the effect is dull and boring. My Sony xbr 800 is the most amazing crt hdtv I've seen and we have 55" lcd TV in main room with 40" lcd in bedroom and I always prefer the crt no matter what. I even bought older ps3 just to watch Blu-ray without needed HDMI and it's so good all my co-workers agree. As for a single stand alone monitor I prefer a crt and if you have any lcd try putting a crt beside it and see for yourself. Yes lcd with stationary graphics are a bit easier on the eyes at some settings but that's it, everything else from colour balance to dark scenes, fast motion with details or simply a black scene with a single light source in the video just blows any lcd away. I'll admit my wife's Galaxy s8 in video mode is damn good, but that's extremely rare comparison and the decades later in technology in the chips and display is billions of dollars after the tech of crt.

I'm trying to get a decent CRT monitor, but my father is against my decision. Also i found for 16€ an LG Flatron 795FT Plus, and i know it's decent (96khz, SoG, USB hub, Flat glass). Otherwise better i wait to get some Silicon Graphics stuff from a place that i know

Saying 2019 makes me feel futuristic

I don't know about CRT monitors being built to last. Every CRT monitor we have had (3 or 4 of them) have died, only one of my LCD monitors have died (think we've had 5 of those). One of the LCDs I have is probably 15 years old, none of the CRTs lasted more than roughly 5 years.

Well this is making me consider keeping my grandma's old crt monitor. I wonder what resolutions it supports at what refresh rates. Oh man, here's hoping she kept the documentation.

I still have my first CRT tv i was playing atari on in 2004 XD

Can Sony TVs w dvi ports be usable as monitors?

Hope you mentioned the very superior motion clarity CRTs have over LCD/LED screens. Checkout BlurBusters.

and how pricey(?) is your setup?


I only got rid of my HUGE CRT monitor because it was not working properly and at the time, had no idea whether it could be fixed - been through 4 LCD monitors in that time and I miss that CRT!!!


hey, here is and idea. go to your local electronics recycling centre and hunt for a monitor there. just bring a VGA source with you for testing

I was very disappoint when I found out LCD monitors had refresh rates... :( I expected LCD monitors to have discrete pixels that switch on and off on command

12:23 720p is a HDTV signal specification that describes a resolution of 1280x720 and a progressive refresh rate of 60Hz. If you are using 1280x720 at 120Hz, you are not using a 720p signal. Likewise, 1080p is a HDTV signal with a resolution of 1920x1080 at a progressive refresh rate of 60Hz. Slapping "p" at the end of a line count does not a valid resolution descriptor make. There is no such thing as 1440p, 1600p, 2160p, or any other "p". There are 1920x1440 and 2560x1440 resolutions. There is a 2560x1600 resolution. And there are 4096x2160 and 3840x2160 resolutions. All of which can be used with different refresh rates (and the first one can even be interlaced on a CRT monitor).

Wut. Are you talking about CRTs specifically? What you're saying seems unclear. But yeah, they don't do 1080p or 1440p.

I have a friend who still uses CRT, tossed mine an year ago. What you are forgetting to say is that CRTs had and still have magnetic ratiation, which let's face it lcd don't. Other than that everything said about refresh rate and resolution still holds true. Also unless you are getting a trinitron or diamondtron tube you will have distortion of the picture. Coating of the display is also very important to deal with glare. All in all if you could get a plasma tv for gaming I'd still recommend it over a crt. You get bigger size, black levels are pretty much on par with Crt or slightly worse, there is no input lag (oled still has more),you have hdmi. Cons - you can use it for gaming, but suffers burn in, so no desktop work or games with hud (but it's pc so you mostly can hide it).

But its not 2019

I love CRT! Got a 2 CRT retro gaming win98 setup at home :D

Actually i do have that Widescreen sony CRT you are talking about at the 11:50 mark. Im using right now actually. And let me tell you watching this vid made me feel good. The story of how i got that monitor basically getting it for free, long story short, was doing a AC job for this old guy who makes wedding movies for a living. He figured that since i cared about this stuff (I was getting into the AV field at the time) he gave it to me for free. Sadly this one has some yellow tin on the bottom right, and the antistaic wrapping is coming apart. Need to get it repaird, but good luck finding someone who can do that in Hawaii. or the price to ship it.... oh gawd. But im just glad i found this video, cause really. Someone is defending these monitors, and to relish in these old dying tech. But yes, it is a god tier CRT, like i got 1440p with 90htz like dude. yeah once you have one, all other consumer ones seem shallow in comparision.

So... I'm not Alone! Got a big A$$ HDR TV for gaming, but still miss my CRT. Those were bullet proof, could withstand soap water for cleaning the screen, vertical blue lines of death were alien concept...etc. Now all those thing are replaced by "Slim Card Boards" which make us feel "Smart"... Ohhh... Those Good Old Days... Thanks a lot to EposVox for the video. Made me Nostalgic as Hell.

Had to throw out my Viewsonic ultrabrite a couple years ago because the built in vga was failing. Wish I didn't now. Was an awesome flatscreen crt

I never thought that my Sony GDM-FW900 would be worth anything 17 years later I barely use it. When I purchased it, it was expensive and took a few week to arrive, but worth it and still love it. One interesting thing about it was when I did get it was that the manufacturing date on it was after I placed the order, I have always wondered if Sony once receiving an order assembled one then shipped it, I doubt it, but who knows. I hope you find one I will be keeping mine for a while.

No mention of shadow masks, aperture grills or the faint horizontal lines that come with that technology. No mention of dot pitch where a 19" monitor (18.1" viewable) with a .26mm dot pitch may accept a horizontal resolution of 2048, but it will have less than 1600 pixel elements to display it on. CRTs are prone to coil whine from the electromagnetic coils on the yolk. Analog monitors are more prone to static interference at high resolutions. No mention of phosphor persistence and ghosting, where high persistence means less flicker at low refresh rates, and low persistence means less ghosting at high refresh rates. I understand you would like to promote your hobby, but it seems like you omitted some of the obvious negatives to CRT technology.

Assuming he knows everything about it? What's your definition of "ghosting" in this context, btw?

12 hour batteries only, wont last one game session.

Dude that display is dogshit sorry

I see you have osbuddy installed.

This dude is living in the past

Appreciate the love for CRTs but could do without LCD bashing. Sure CRTs have benefits to gaming over modern displays, but also vice versa. It's ultimately a preference thing and there's no reason to be negative about tech.

This is literally a tech love letter, saying I'm being negative is just being pedantic. The disadvantages to LCDs are objective complaints. While yes, LCDs have other advantages over CRTs, pointing out the flaws in the tech (something I happily did for CRTs, too) isn't "bashing".. holy cow.

Well flat tube monitors were on the way but lcd won fora couple of reasons.

It'd be nice playing my Dreamcast on a CRT monitor again.

Use ur normal voice and dont mod it

There's literally nothing "modded" about my voice here.

My secondary monitor is an old Gateway CRT. It's pretty cool. I tend to throw console emulators on it since they look better on it.

20 minutes on this topic is too long, stopped at 6 min

Yes but... can it survive a magnet?

+EposVox film it now!


Where are you located? I have a network of techs that I know which I may be able to direct you that could help you with your repair of your monitor.

Southern Indiana

Some old consoles look better on CRT TVs. So I'm told . I prefer 1080ti powered emulators tbh , but each to their own

They should create a 4k crt tv

6:55 - Hayley Williams background. Nice

Watching this made me regret tossing my 21" Black Dell Trinitron. :( The thing was still working flawlessly when I tossed it in 2011).

I've recently wondered if the same approach to high res, high quality CRT monitors could be applied to video capture tubes found in old (real old) video cameras. Probably wouldn't be very accurate color, but would be a rad picture.

+John Rickard Why not color tubes? I mean obviously we're just speculating engineering here, no one's going to redesign and produce a picture tube. Didn't they dope the tubes to capture a particular color or something? I can't quite remember now. Of course you could always use a prism (or whatever they used) to combine 3 picture tubes to one image like they did with 3 ccd cameras.

It's the same principle, though it would only really work on monochromatic tubes.

So I can just buy a crt monitor and play 4k 240hz?

I have a monitor i feel you would love has alot of cool stuff and things for a old monitor with a good display made by sony

As someone who held onto their CRTs, I feel so validated

Just got cs source and its so good for nostalgia purposes

I still have a hug CRT, I think its 34 inches

I can’t agree, as far as I’m concerned crts are obsolete.

Some modern PC's have VGA, that's what I use to connect my laptop to my monitor.

Don’t push it... it’s not 2019 yet...

It's 2 days away. The advice in this video is for 2019.

I was born in the wrong generation

Eh, I prefer not getting brain cancer. They really sucked You had to shell out several hundred to get a decent one and it would still give you headaches.

What game was he playing at the beginning? (0:20)


OLED is display treasure. CRT take a lot of room on the table.

I miss my 19" NEC Multisync. That was a bad ass monitor.

Some of the best modern monitors are starting to overtake the CRT monitors. It’s just the truth. In future, advanced OLEDs will be taking over and becoming the best monitors, but even then CRTs will still be useful for gamers who hate lag. The main limitations of CRTs could be easily avoided if people made modern CRTs, however, so in the modern world they could become dominant again if someone restarted construction of them.

There's always gonna be a place for CRTs for retro fans, the way that CRTs handle analog signals for an example is just so much better than an LCD. LCD controllers just don't handle off spec signals well while CRTs have no problems with em for an example.

The CRTs that I grew up with in childhood gave me tinnitus with the really annoying whine. It's chronic now.

I tried ten + years ago to give away a ViewSonic monitor. I couldn't get rid of it anywhere. Left it on my sidewalk, tried Craigslist finally recycled it at best buy. I like how many cons you put into this video. I'm glad to not use CRT monitors and haven't for around 15+ years.

Watched this on a crt :)

i use them for my older PCs, i have a nec multisync, a dell branded trinitron, and a apple multiple scan 15, i found the nec at a thrift store, i found the dell and the apple monitors at the recycling center

No mention of the obnoxious high-pitched whine CRTs emit? I'm so glad my ears are no longer assaulted by these things in every household / classroom.

Those are mainly an issue with CRT TVs with bad flybacks and '80s monitors. Higher frequency ones rarely emit such a whine unless they're really dying


Those old CRTs where a pain in the ass to lug around when you needed to move them. But the thing is, they were built to last! Plus you never have to worry about dead pixels and what not. It'd be great if they made a CRT with LCD/LED features such as HDMI, GSync/FreeSync etc. Hey, I can dream. :P

My grandpa is using a CRT big screen tv from the 93 and it displays like a 4k display. I have always wondered how this worked and I have always wondered why I couldn't use refresh rates similar to when I had those monitors. You sir have cleared this up for me.

I have a lot of those in my school...

I used to have a gateway 2000 destination monitor 31 inch, it was massive and weighed about 200 pounds. Sadly I lost it in storage and it's been about 5 or 6 years since then and have been wanting to get another one for a while but can't find one anywhere.

osbuddy man get runelite!

cannot agree, I had CRT for many years before going to LCD etc and I never saw any that were inferior to the CRTs

The best CRT monitors out there were the Sony Trinitrons. Those had high resolution and flat screen. I miss my old Trinitron.

CRT monitors and CRT TV's aren't different out of the box (that is, depending on when you are talking. 90's? Yes. 80's? No. Though to be fair most 80's computers where build to also be able to display on a TV )

CRT collective is infested with far left godmod NPC cucks.

It's a facebook group, it's not that serious

It seems like you're trying too hard to revive old technology. It isn't worth it, buying a CRT and having to buy all these extra add ons just to make it compatible with my everyday use of a normal screen.

Plugs right in to most of my PCs :)

This is why when I left CRT monitors I went to plasma and I'm still using it

Nice, you play Halo Online :)

Can anybody recommend a good crt monitor with links if possible?

I have 2 crt tv''s for retro console gaming and a 1600x1200 85hz monitor for pc gaming [modern and old]

F for respect

You look like Linus 100%. Even your thumbnails match his

Where are you located? I have a HP a7217a (HP’s version of the fw900) I don’t really use anymore that I would probably sell. You have the right idea about shipping though, this thing ways about 98 lbs. and would cost a fortune.

+ScottOmatic Will do, thanks :)

​+EposVox Ok well, I am a couple states away, in southern Wisconsin about 2 hours north of Chicago. If you are ever planning on heading up that way and still want one, send me a message on my youtube account ahead of time. I would let it go for less than whatever the standard rate is (if there is one), as it's not 100% perfect and it's is just taking up space on a test bench at this point. But yeah, it would be a pain to try and sell and ship it via ebay, so it just sits.

:O I'm in southern Indiana. Would looooove one.

9:08 I had that Pikachu VCR. I remember it came with a Pikachu shaped plush remote control. I wish I knew what happened to it, or could find one just for nostalgia's sake.

This one's japanese so it probably won't see much real use, but it's cool looking

Zoomers absolutely SEETHING

Some have expressed unhappiness with the current offerings of CRT communities in my video, and I get why. I've made a channel for it in my discord server! I'm as welcoming as I can be! (which might not say much)

"my retro gaming room". lol the amount of first world problems is mindboggling. thank you god for not making me a rich eternal virgin millenial... .

I have an 55" OLED 4K no CRT comes even close to it, they aren´t even in the same universe by any measurement.

Hello! Glad you made another video on this. I was just researching CRT monitors again! The amount of uninformed and ignorant people in the comment section is sad! Glad we have good techs like yourself to explain this stuff and break down all the information. I've been in the high end CRT scene for a couple years now and still have a flawless Sony Trinitron G520 in my possession. CRT's are objectively better than LCD's for gaming and motion applications. Kids, your "gaming" LCD's don't really have 1ms delay. Its marketing, nothing more, and you fell for it! Too bad! You don't know what you're missing! @EposVox, thanks for another great CRT video!

I miss CRT monitors. I wish someone would make a modern widescreen CRT.

fantastic video; i daily use my gateway vx700 crt, and confidently agree with your distaste for the new led and lcd monitors of today.

I have 2 pretty excellent tubes that can go 2048x1536 @ 60 Hz and 75 Hz and I tend to play a variety of games on them: -Anything really old goes on the tubes no questions asked, ofc. -Anything that stresses black levels (Thief: The Dark Project/System Shock 2, Alien: Isolation, Prey {2017}, Splinter Cell games etc.) -Anything that stresses motion blur (2D platformers particularly, like Sonic Mania or the myriad of classic console 2D platformers and sometimes indie games with 2D art assets) -Shmups Everything else, my 1440p, 144 Hz, FreeSync display gets to eat up. I hope they last for freaking ever.

Holy fucking shit this comments section is a mess. I'm simultaneously seeing a lot of great discussion and absolute cancer.

hey what game is that at 9:00

Gauntlet Dark Legacy (PS2)

I don't miss the CRT eye strain

analogue simply has less overhead, so typically less limitations in terms of performance. but in terms of weight, availability and futureproof-ness, an LCD might be more your speed.

CRTs are out of date. They were killed by RoHS compliance that came into effect in the mid to late 2000s. Their only advantages are flexibility with different resolutions without resorting to messy scalers and true blacks. Unless you need true blacks or need to use zap gun for your NES, you aren't missing anything.

I took apart an iMac G3 to use as a monitor but then realized there's no fucking way i could get it on the desk

If you need to get rid of a crt when it's dead or no one wants it drop it off at good will or other donation thrift store fun fact my local thrift store has a forty-fifty five inch 16:9 1080p TV that only has a component and av input

For those wanting to try to save a dying C.R.T., there are many videos online, that show how to safely discharge the C.R.T., after you open up the casing. 1. Unplug the cathode ray tube monitor, you are working on. 2. Produce an alligator clip cable, with alligator clips on both sides. 3. Ground one side of your alligator clip cable, to the metal chassis of the cathode ray tube, you are working on. 4. Connect the other end of the alligator cable to the metal part of a long flathead screwdriver. 5. Stick the end of the flat-head screwdriver, under the suction cup of the anode, and make absolutely sure that contact has been made to the metal plate that is underside of the anode suction cup. 6. Disconnect the anode suction cup from the cathode ray tube. 7. Remember to reconnect the anode suction cup securely, after your work on your monitor has been completed. 8. Repeat these steps, every time you work on said C.R.T. monitor.

Those nostalgia feels... Man the 2000s we're an awesome time for gaming/tech

CRT's look like birth control Ewww

I bought an IBM CRT a couple years ago, it was a fairly high end 22" one with a flat screen. The picture was glorious, i ran it at 100hz at a highish resolution without an issue. I'm accustomed to a 165hz LCD and at 100hz the CRT was smoother and looked better, its equivalent to running strobing on the LCD, except the LCD looks awful with pitiful contrast and depth when using strobing. I really can't wait for high refresh rate OLED monitors to finally supersede CRTs in a lot of areas where LCDs couldn't.

It's not the voltages within the CRT that can kill you, it's the current that will. The high current draw for the "Cup" (Anode) will hurt. Never been stung by it, but I know people who have, and they say it is not pleasant at all, especially the after-effects (mostly a burning feeling).

Hopefully crt monitors are manufactured again


No latency? That is not physically meaningful...

No mention of the obnoxious whine? It's the true dealbreaker IMO.

+EposVox Are you sure? I distinctly remember my Windows ME PC having whining. Maybe I remember wrong.

Big issue with TVs, much less of an issue with the PC monitors.

Power consumption?

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