Boom Beach: Warships Launch Tournament!

Boom Beach: Warships Launch Tournament!

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Hello. Guys and welcome to, the boom beach warship. Launch tournament, my name is Rick your community, manager and we are just one day away from you, guys having warships, in your hands, we are currently in the studio with some amazing. Youtubers, that are going to be showcasing warships, to you and also, find out which, of them has the skills to take home the, golden, warship, trophies. Let's. See who they are so. Here we are with some of our favorite boom, troopers, so let's go around the room introduce, yourself, and where you're from start, with you I suppose what's going on I'm Zed mark and I'm from the west coast of Canada. Crazy. Turtle, in the house coming. At you guys from Alberta. In Canada, hey. Off destroy, guys come from the great old USA, California. To be exact I'm bringing the heat guys the chicken is here plate in Ontario checking in and I'm ready to get into some warships. Listen. You could've actually been like you know playing some warships why should be here what's the feeling what's the vibe it's. A new game yeah. It's a new great game it's like part 2 boobies, I'm, an ass yet maybe a lot of learning we lost for the first bit for sure definitely made quite a few mistakes. That's. Exciting it's a new way of progression, new way to play the game yeah it actually feels like a whole, new world I'm, gonna crush all of you turtles. Are slow my friend I want you to do alright. So actually the first two people up news. That's not an obvious story right so, let's get to it. Okay. Guys so round one we got Opie destroyer going up against Zed Mont now turtle, here is the self-proclaimed, best. Warships, player so turtle, what do you see here in terms of tech, tree and break. Down some of the bases for us yeah so right now we're looking at Opie. Destroy if you guys look at Opie destroy screen it, looks like he's wherever, you see those gold rings that's what he's fully upgraded, on his tech tree so that whole thing is his tech tree he's looks. Like he's, got how many cores I think five Corzo, or five engine. Rooms without they're called engine rooms, yeah and he's maxed his rocket launchers his, medics, his shock launchers, he's, got that full 50% troop, health bonus. So. What. Do you think the priority should be offense, or defense then. I don't know cuz it you know see here's the thing if if if players take down all the engine cores then. The like, if if both as Edmond and Opie destroy take down all, of each other's engine, cores then, it's all gonna be about the time yeah its rate right so, you got to think like what's is it more important to make sure your troops are super powered so they get through way faster, I've, always done that I've always done a balance but I've been playing this by. Having avid a mixture of offense defense against otherwise. Yeah just definitely, a lot different from the main base yeah yeah big time I mean I have to actually think about time. And speed like so for example shock launchers shock mines things, that'll slow down the opponent are so much more important in there a little bit yeah then they would be in like you, know it necessarily. In like a your regular base right because in this if you could slow them down that, actually might make that, might be the difference between beating them and, losing. I, supposed, to go straight into the first battle then if you're ready right let's. Do it guys. Let's do it good luck good, luck milk. I'm. Pretty sure hope he's doing like our zcm or a version of ours ECM yeah of course is oh no he's not using any lupus he's got two books of crying years.

What's. That I think my mind is gonna be on open for this one sound like Zed was having some have, some texture issues, is. That using three. Boats of rifleman two boats of zookas two medics and one crime here and, if you guys look at the gunboat abilities if you haven't unlocked the, certain gun you actually can't even use it yeah, so, my. Problem is is that all of my troops are very very low level. I. Spent, a lot of resources. On my, defenses, and then realized that I was in a world before all world. And. They, search me they. Landed. They dropped their boats on the right beach so, there's a little bit unorthodox s that are going from the main landing. Area are there how many other lining areas total - these, are really expensive they can change a bit different seasons as well so Wow yeah like like the tech tree would be, different, each season the the layout, as well which which branch you can have as well so right now it says they both destroyed one engine room right for the hour for if you look at the top ten alike the, old-school arcade, games you can see the hell part do, you like that yeah this is also alright yeah and it's a it's super smooth it looks like this, is amazing life so, for what we've like played around with so far it seems like some, form of. We're. Going. To be here we go best options so far it, looks like Opie is getting crushed right now where's all the groups that's. OB right yeah oh. The. Defensive, build coming, through I cannot believe that is, Wow. Did you hear what that mutt said that, mutt said that he didn't even upgrade his troops, very good they upgraded my rifleman, your max my medicines, are crushing me so I gotta I gotta I gotta bring something else Wow. I. Took. Out one engine, room this is gonna be really tough and I knew you were gonna use rifles so you went all machine guns and flamethrowers, no room cannons no cannons, this, is gonna be really tough because they, don't they don't get to change around their tech tree between battles, like between matches just they just get to switch around their troops and maybe rearrange their base layout well, on the thing we use they're, so slow so I mean even, if you do upgrade them and use them like we're still kind of at a disadvantage it's cuz they're they're slower yeah tiebreaker. Though chicken yeah. But. Right now is that mas gonna crush you didn't have to worry about time. So. Time only comes into play when they both have they put this for the same or when there's the same number of remaining cores, yeah yeah so, if they both left one Corps for example then you look at time and. The, amount the story then then they would go into tonight mm-hmm, oh I. Guess, cuz then if you destroy other buildings they lie right okay right. And. This map the design super nice yeah I gotta give you guys credit for this it looks so nice yeah and, the layout can change each time as well like the expansion, so this this seasons, are opening up on the left hand side first for example but the next time you could do start on the back you, know it could be we, can change anything great. Went. On the defense, I cannot, believe that said my crush I think. He. Has like these like level like you know HQ, five level troops, level. One cryin ears coming at I could not. Just. Retreat, it oh no we're doing stable according same, in the core, saving. The engine room. Yeah. That. Was a buzzkill online ya tinkin, if you think we have a little bit of upper hand because we've seen their bases and we haven't built ours yet that's true, so. We know like what the pit thank you yeah. I don't mind chicken. Needs an extra help yeah. Level. One flare level one smoke. Wow. This is it the final bit the. Last engine room what. To get it poppin again we had a pound townn out man Opie, destroy you just got like correct, I got I got destroyed. Yeah. I need more commanders, taking out those boom cannons, and machine guns and everything yes. We. Just watched said destroy. Me destroy Alfie destroy he, just like owned him so, you, have any idea of what hope you can do to try to counteract that I I. Don't know I think maybe focus on more. Splash defenses, cuz you, know like said you can't change his offenses though yeah we, may focus on offensively, I think the only thing that open may be do is change his troop type to try to counteract, the defense right, yeah sorry. Yeah cuz he said the dead won't put it mostly focused. On their machine guns of flame tours and things like that so like more splash time and stuff yeah I don't think anything I said might have like one boom cannon out there, just.

Like He just set up his layout just just to try to go. Against someone that focus on riflemen so it worked out really well. You. Guys ready to go I'm, ready to go, I gotta redeem myself here. Do. You change Shay, can you introduce traitors. I. Think he's he's. Got something for us here he's gonna change it let's eat um I'll see if you did something different no I just wasted a, similar. Landing but is you using, a smoke okay, because. Before I think he just landed right and and then just like now he's trying to just got announced by those machine guns oh. You. See how he's using a second wind already yeah. Those. Rocket launches it's like there's like three rocket oh just pummeling his troops this. Might even be worse than last time. He's. Been pull it out you can pull it out right. Now Opie's in the lead. You. Know I was worried when I first saw warships that it might be like it might not be challenging, enough this is awesome, this is nice. Everybody. Inside the office has been like having so much fun with this this is so, it's, so, different. Yeah that's the biggest thing it's not just straight cut like zookas and operations, or whatever it's just a different style of gameplay if you think about it if Opie had like tanks loaded or Scorchers, and tanks he would have like ran or zat whot space yeah probably. Wouldn't why I brought I brought when I played earlier and it killed, me here there's Marty, we all that defensive, and that's what that's. What took me down I didn't I didn't see that coming, so, job well played, zenn-la. Zookas, coming and I hit. Him in the back pocket I. Think he's doing that much faster this time he's. Just letting scratch yeah I actually. Why it might ended the fastest why getting for that. So. Is, that much gonna get a star. He. Got, one star for beating him the first one then he got a bonus star for the first win of the day and then he's gonna get some resources or Awards after I'm gonna leave so from the phone yeah because like he's on a win streak so yes. So. Yes. You're losing. Here's. A question for EXO how, long will it take to, progress, through and, unlock the whole tech, tree like throughout the season I thought we've already don't know that the current minute because we haven't got it into the hands of everybody but it's gonna be interesting we sit washes off and, everybody's, gonna hands up we're guys tomorrow. And. You. Can't use diamonds to try to speed up your progression, tonight, that's. Awesome, yeah so it's gonna be fair for everyone yes that just I would spend someone when I said I was bringing the heat I wasn't meant to my own troops. Finally. Asian. Job. Well damages admire you you can you hit my weak spot well. Let's let's bring them back in this have a like quick conversation, you guys should set up your tech tree and your defensive, are you ready for it yeah, BBQ. Chicken. Hey, guys welcome back to the seats and it's. Really big sorry for you, when. I said when I said I'm bringing the heat I meant to myself what. Happened I got, I got I got destroyed Optus you probably always do you brought the destroy it, was I'd rather destroy button on my own self so job, well done mr. Zed mon-sol well I what, went right and what went wrong bad what. What went right, for him was, the fact that he, knew what, I was doing earlier and, I was gonna probably run that meta again right and so. That was what how, he won my loss, was I should have thought, something different so, he.

Had, The he. Just he's, you. You haven't done, well. Here, your he, was using rifles earlier, I figured. If. He brings tanks I'm done but I didn't. Figure do you working to do the tanks left. The boom cannons at home in the closet and. Brought. Like thirty five machine, guns or something ridiculous and doubled up my minds I was. I'm. Sorry I'm laughing but it was. It was III that's. What's so good about this, is because like. It's, gonna be different as, we play this game as the warships like you're gonna see different bases that are gonna be more defensive, you, know boosted. And more, that or not and then if your troops you know you go in you can't undo your troops when you're looking so it's. Really it opens up a Pandora's box of just randomness. And you don't know what you're gonna run into which is not just what's so good about this I mean I was not balanced, at all I was a hundred percent defensive. With. And so right if, someone comes in with grenadiers, Zoar they had tanks I was done but, that's what's gonna happen I didn't have grenadiers or tanks actually that's what's gonna happen in this game is people are gonna be someone's, gonna be able to crush your base no matter what because someone's gonna go all tanks. Or all granted ears with no defenses, and just try I mean time doesn't matter unless it's a tiebreaker yeah right so. So. There you go, listen. The the other guys are all set up I think they've got their stuff ready so to. Each other bracket yeah, listen this show than what the leaderboard, looks like right now so currently is that well obviously up you're out. Let's. Bring that down right, yeah so said most going into the finals but now we, have the chicken and crazy, so so how are you guys doing do, you. Guys. Know me I'm really slow and deliberate, with what I do so here this is like this is so intricate, there's so much nuance, to this you have to like. Plan, and make sure you know what you're doing because this no I'm feeling, good. I think, all, the pressure here is on Turtles so I mean. If he loses today I don't see you. Know I don't see how you could really come. Back from that but. Well. I'm feeling great I think my base is as, good as it can be so we're gonna see now, you can talk about their bases now right cuz they've already done the tech trees looking. Forward boys I see. That that their engine, rooms are. Similar. Very. Similar now one thing we did a actual, point. Neither. You or I use, the shock mines turtles got some shock mines go in there yeah I don't think you got my shock there gotta use shock mines gonna slow him down a little bit yeah that's. Extra shock therapy, right there notice, JC how many keep unlocked tokens took chicken the husband used yet like he's only he's got 99 he hasn't used so I that's, I think, I had like 10 and, turtles. Got like 11 so his, tech tree is gonna be vastly, different than what we did alright. Guys so look I think you guys are looking really really cool why don't we kick into the battle, are you ready dude, I got a little luck guys. So. Wait there's chicken on the right he, has. He's. Using RM, I think. That's chicken on the rice Dan rifles. One medic and we got tanks. And I met T men on the what is how can you can. Just dropped, all his troops right into, I. Think. Those flags are already on top of one this, is okay, all. That it is not looking, I don't like barbecue, hey. Guys. Yeah but you know what though I see a lot of sniper towers, up there you know those are one shot and, he has the he has Kevon, with. The so. Until he gets those machine guns he's actually you. Know he's tearing through well, let's do it okay well. I didn't realize that you. Know that's gonna be installed oh. One. Of the engines are gone thank, my money's on your eternal right now I. Mean. Look he doesn't want the truth. I love, you haddock he went for the armored units gentle look, at that well he's only got two boom cannons to stop a minute that thing he's it's done, I need a bet I was like yo if he just thinks I'm gonna take rifleman only I'm gonna max my tank so what. Don't. Really nicely snore but it's gonna be a you. Know what is. Gonna come down to time I don't, know I don't know. Well. How many turtle. You have no engines right now Wow oh it's gonna be very, close yeah, all the paid how. Much TV you can give me some TV here. One. Ninja move down. I'm. Not sure the turtle. Nice. Nice. Shocking, on that jungle I think we're gonna. Miss. Ya, oh, this. Is. I. Don't know yeah. All. The time. Because. First. You're. Talking about before your oh. Yeah. Chicken you drop slower so you go, oh. Come, on. BBQ, that's.

Not. Free oh there's. Another match. Now. It just a, matter of the chicken can actually. Better. His his. Last attacked by a few seconds right - maybe counter turtle because the tanks are slower it's, just. That's a better job I can't I mean it's kind of surprised that Turtles using medics. Here I don't think I was just thinking that right now. Nice. You talk just thanks might have been a good idea that's a way better drop, by the chicken. You. Got Kevon and you got the medics there chicken the Turtles, just coming in your you are us you are you live up to your name sir. This. Is looking good for chicken yeah that's a much better job. How. Because. Medics. Are gonna run to try to protect, me oh yeah he's, dead did a double beach drop I trust a gangster, and it just was not a good idea, for. Your medics receiving the medics were staying put them through. At. Some point that's kind of changing. He. Has one left but. Turtle. Dropped like a minute, after him so yes so he could even if he does this if it's across the time now, is chicken gonna flare it Lindsay and a flare this. Is a good question. Learn. That rocket. This, is looking good yeah it's gonna be tough for time to break that we might need a breaker you got any shocks just, need. Shocks what's it nice there, is fine medic Serena with that shot was a shock launch of their shocking no, school. Building, chicken built now as we're talking the Tokyo think chicken actually unlock the shelf launcher did you across there turtle I lost some tanks ah. Is. Gonna be a problem. I'm. So sad right now. But. Just not by much though do you think about it it wasn't that much. But. I will this, time the first time was two minutes eight seven eight right it was only like five seconds I think but it was so I mean it's, gonna be close switching. Up the draw up seemed to help quite a bit right, I think that's all the only problem wasn't the first time. Turtles. Going for the flare he's going for the final push. Chickens. Pizza's about - I think. This. Have a look at it. Well. Chicken at least chicken only 34. Seconds cuz I started a lot later but chicken shave only shave 25 seconds, off yeah. What. Do they call this. Yeah. You, ready chicken. Chicken. That flame bullet you placed those baby flamethrowers, that's just freaky you know that's. Why I moved it further away. Chickens. Into it didn't, do the same drop, yeah oh that's. A nine that's a nice shock actually have the shock launcher and the rocket launcher same shock. That's. Going really well. Turtle, did one one, beach I thought for sure you're gonna go to beach with all the tanks yeah. I was thinking about it thanks, let's. See how this goes hotel house drops I didn't even know oh. I'm. Gonna say though I'm gonna say to the turtle that those three inch rooms alright there is not a good idea because.

Those. Riflemen gonna swarm them quick well once you get one you get three yeah that's right Steve that's a bit right. There's. Some logic I promise. What's. The hello Jake what's the locate it's just like the. Thing is it's, almost like where the, engine, room clusters, are is more important than how many there are so, for example I kept one on each far, side and then even there's three together in the middle or two together in the middle or one on their own then there Eska separated, doesn't matter it's like when he still gets to that spot he's still gonna just clear the fence. Well. This has gone down that's very very quick that's, it oh. No. Turtle is ural did drop late though yeah. It's. A matter if you can do a Hail Mary and throw it that last one and get it down and just bypass, I almost feel pretty, you're. Gonna need to yeah, too close too, close, machine. Until, medics. There. Wasn't another yo medics there was a value shock see that no medics required I ran out of flare. I. Took. A huge risk what. Was all that you're saying before barbecue. Let's. Bring you guys over, here. Anyone. All, right guys welcome back and what, happened. In that previous master, as a field turtle tell, us yeah I'm so depressed I'm the biggest failure, I don't want my parents to ever see this video like, my mom is just so that's the best she's gonna do everyone, everyone will see. Like. I'm actually traumatized, I'm gonna need to see a doctor when I get back I cannot, believe that you just beat me so hard right now could've been worse than mine man, it was seconds, that I was yours, life was over I was over within seconds was that there, was no victory laughs I. Can't really run or lap I'm not a nun vegetable but yeah, he. Beat me I mean I just didn't I. Planned properly, with my troops because, they he didn't plan for me to use tanks but I didn't plan for his troops he. Just went way too fast it, wasn't even close either I mean on the. I. Didn't. Think it would be that easy I guess Wow Wow. Like a hot spoon. Cry. This will be the end of it you think it's all like he's gonna bug you but listen the future yeah. I mean I wouldn't do that, he's. Gonna make fun of me until the day I die like I'm gonna be a senior citizen and there's gonna be a video on YouTube just, please. Remember. Turtle. Wow, that's good that feels good I have these two bad boys right here one gold one silver for the finals, and who's going to the finals.

Yeah. So, I don't, know who's gonna get which but I think it's time for you guys to make your way over, there and start, this final, tournament, this loose. Checking. Time for the final let's see yeah. So. We got we got a base that's more like a corner. Base and we got one that's a little bit more spread. Out I like the spread on ideas yeah. Look. At that open area their. Base. They're almost opposite you can make this Basin find sit in the back I think that nots basic leather the back Virginia's he's. Actually using a gun, boat energy yeah barrage. When. Was he talking tanks, he's using crank Matt I think so. For boats of tanks three books of grins phonetic. And bullet. And. Chiclets. Using what is that ours ECM or just. Riflemen, Zuka medic no crying yes. I'm. Not sure oh no well it is not last very long. Wow. Go strongly defensive, this. Is crazy might not even get down one core did, you guys max out all your defenses. So. This way and if you kind of looked lasting this, is gonna be like what a max warships battle looks like almost like almost max like they might not even go give. Oh. You're. Working on one it looks like on the top right look. What chicka-chicka put on a hot fire betting. That you would use wrestling's ago something. It's. Gonna be, down. The court or an engine room chicken. Got one looks like I just, flared into the middle is that, get one no it looks like is that okay at least one but that dude cannon on that on, chicken space is gonna be a nightmare here yeah you, can't really move to the left at all I would have had to his. Bullet dead already, very. Yeah wow yeah. Love. That one, one. Engine room. All right no check it has like no troops left no, I'm done this, cease ever I could get one more, you. Know he flared back down I think he's he gonna try to go get more damage maybe or gonna try to go all the way around to the other engine yeah, what's. The strategy head we're trying to get that second engine room on the left-hand side.

Did. You max upgrade your flares yes oh yeah. See. Look at the health of the. Rocket. Launcher it's. Gonna be very close. Very. Close cuz there I think the Canada the, cannons gonna hold him there the. Rocket was so stressful think. It's. Gonna be arranged I don't, think I don't think you have time with to Greg that engine, room out, I don't like oh. My. God I think, you might get it Wow. Wait, a second but cuz. It overthrow. Yeah. I. Can't really see it's moving if, you beat me because it did snow. But. He might destroy more buildings he might destroy like the sniper tower behind or something Navy, and then get more percentage that's right and. For what did not do well I say no you. Think he's gonna spray anything I it's just well it's gonna be the closest that cannon may be but I just don't think it's gonna happen if that cannon goes down I look for you can't look at my Eagle Eye oh yeah do you know how you like. How much percent do you think chicken did on Zed Mont space because. It's gonna be able percentage, isn't it yeah they're going if they both only get one engine unless they get the same percentage then it goes to the time and, then obviously I come. On do you know how much of his, base how, much of his Ed's base chicken cleared, it. Was like three percent. Okay. Took. A one engine room each that's how hard to go oh is it stuff. I'm. Super excited for the next day, get. You guys way. More fun and just like take it out an easy base well, I'm trying to take out like. Think about it zedd mom one of the best players easily. One of the best players he's having that hard time just getting to, end rooms oh you guys get set up and we will see you in the next, match. Right. Now Zed's painting, is troupe type. Chicken. Used, three. Rifles three. No, three rifled, two Zucca. A-cryin. Ear and two medics that's really weird, okay. I already, dropped yeah and you drop the troops always already dropped. So. Well it is way harder this max, level yeah. It's. Gonna be more best you, know strategy at the end of the endgame. Yeah definitely. Cuz I mean, you, know when you see this when I first saw it I was like you gotta find a way to get all the engines engine, now it's like I gotta, find a way to maybe get two. You. Get the best percentage, and, that's way better I like it when it should be more challenging. Yeah. Some. Of the playerbase is now they it's, almost like it. Was monotonous, now it's like this. Is so much more creative there's.

So Much more substance, and it's good. So. Does that went on the left side this time he put all its troops over there chicken, is dancing. On the right up there. Maybe. I think I got one in here already for chicken that. Was really smart what's that my dad by putting that one in your room in the corner yeah cuz it just makes them waste way more time to go to that corner and then have to go back to the rest of the base right I just. Gone down so I reckon anybody, has three, of them just kind of like sitting there is, bullets still alive for Zed mom oh yeah just, barely though bullet, is all. So. This time chicken already, got two cores two engine rooms down all right it's, doing well so far I still. Got a lot of his troops left -. The chicken good. Focus, oh. That. Must have big trouble oh. He. Lost bullet oh he. Did yeah oh yeah, there. Was a doom Ken there you got it down so that's good. Gone. Though that. Was the first thing. I'm. Shakin. But. All of his edgy rooms are in one spot so if you could get back there yeah that is that's that's probably the that's. It yeah that, can hurt with the Grand Funk Railroad, he's in big trouble yeah chicken, murdered, and. Smokes. I. Didn't, want you gonna win this like this. One. Is performance to be this. That. Would be the most hype. Yeah. Well chicken, means just one more engine room it, looks like what do you think turtle. Watching. Chicken. Awesome. Is. That how do you feel about this. Where's. The other Oh all but you. Got them all it is amazing. That's amazing. I 100% through, Wow. Did that just happen it really just happened. I'm. Telling you our zcm. It. It's, it's, it can be great I cannot, believe that just happened you just gotta make sure you know where splashes, like Rockets if you can Bart the Rockets out and get your troop up there you can you can do so much so. Ours ECM is your own one hotter meta how is it that much different from the first match I. Think it's the way he didn't I think, some.

Of His he, didn't move some of his stuffs but chicken must've just approached it better like, the start I didn't watch the start of chickens first attack closely, but, his second attack I mean he must have done it must. Approached it so much better than you guys feeling up for it the last last, one for the actual crowning. Of one of these trophies, are you ready for it. See. I think oh. You. See how you put one of his engine rooms down at the bottom now instead before, he died in the back corner now he moved at the bottom corner well, that's a change way smarter Wow. Nice. Going guys changing his troops out yeah we went winner, one-eighty he, Wow. Is he actually. Johnson. Take out the boom cannon his equal to all riflemen I don't know man that might be suicide no, medics. There. We go okay, look. At chickens so he's using second, wind like crazy he's, got tons of extra troops out. And. I won't. See it said months actually gonna use it he doesn't have much time left he only has 12 seconds left before he has a present that started. One. Automatics, 170, minutes but he only has bullet well it's the worst hero for that type of report. With. That. Hold, those rockets together two massive scary. Oh, because they're all in the back oh, I. Do see that that. Might actually, work I don't know I don't, know if the upgraded smokes enough though totally, deal do you think this is. Gonna. Look like a bloodbath already, already lost one, chicken chicken still mowing down easily. I'm surprised. By that oh man, all right let's see him said months he already lost half his rifleman, that month and look at chicken he's like ripping food right now, it. Didn't have any short time. Chicken. Just own. The, tech tree what the secretary, is not forgiving. It oh. I. Bet. You said mind he didn't even have another dealing could he use I didn't I didn't unlock brick I didn't unlock Sparky, I didn't unlock come on dad you didn't unlock zookas. This. Is amazing. I come, to this smile off my face, Wow. There. Is one after this no no we're doing our differences, yeah he's, still going yeah. Remember, one bullet never hit Oh. What. Come. On buddy, at least is that much base design was better this time like he stopped him from getting all, the engines I think no. That's it right there that's. All done. Chicken. Warships. I mean did anyone expect a different result.

Hell. Is freezing over. Want. To get spanked. This. Amazing, shadow grappler, not, the right choice. You. Need to say the victory screen. That. Was actually crazy big, shadow all right. Good. Job Chiclets like, never. Haven't played that before bullet. Got rekt yeah, Wow, let's, bring you guys over and let's have a little talk about this well done alright, guys how. Did that feel it was good it's great I was a little nervous going in going against someone with a little bit more skill than my last opponent but, it's. Definitely happy, with the with the results and how things worked out and good. Day intro to warships I think. Did. You, that. Was the tech tree is not. Forgiving, at all though, so. How are you feeling like with wood because to it now if you thought of any other strategies, that you might may, have done differently I would. Have probably unlocked, zookas, yeah. At. One point there ahead and 13 keys left I was like there's. Nothing left it unlocks is like heavies and then I saw zookas right boil them yeah, well it's a gamble right it's like you build your base for. Like. Against one thing or you're kind of weak to to something else so it's yeah, it's a bit of a risk depending, on what how you said it though yeah, it's gonna be interesting cuz there's, not it's gonna be changing constantly which is fantastic because it's gonna be every season it's gonna be you're, gonna make a mistake and you're gonna kick yourself you're gonna have to think about the tech tree and I clearly, didn't think of with the tech tree enough this time wow. Guys look DS, right. Here. Silver. To you my friend first loser. Third. Loser. And. For you sir well, done look big round of applause guys. Honestly. Guys thank you so much for, you guys coming over and doing this I'm really much appreciate, and thank you for everybody at home is too then don't, forget the warships will be launching, tomorrow, so you can get your hands on it and whilst, you're here don't forget to smash that subscribe button to, stay up to date with everything booming, on those beaches and we will see you guys in, the, next video.

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Let's celebrate the Warships Launch, that arrives on April 15th! Who do you think will win the tournament? Let us know below!

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Mini Me they’re on a dev build you moron

Where is the update

Ciao ollo Ma ti e arrivato aggiornamento? A me ancora nulla

Why are the colors weird or is it just me..?

Hey, its already 15th , but there is no something new...

متئ التحديث

I m excited now

+iman mim l want know too.

Thanx for new update

لوسمحتم حاولوا تخلو الترجمه العربيه في كل الفيديوهات علشان في كتير ناس عربين بتلعب اللعبه ومش بتفهم ااانجليزي

Mega Crab Anniversary is Apr 19-21 (Good Friday to Easter Sunday)


op destroy

15 april....

My finals started yesterday just before warships


Boom Beach I think chicken well win

Zmot for the win!

Boom Beach @fritz army gonna win

Boom Beach I don’t care who wins! This has been a challenge from you developers to us players that have long waited this upgrade! So burned out but now we’re being revived!!! Ty so much for catching the bug before the release and ty for your hard work to ensure all of us players a stable platform!!!! Awesome job to you all Supercell!!!!

Boom Beach

where Drew on Art ??? Who saw what on art are all , but Drew ???Where he

+iman mim in your ass

Where is cosmic duo ? He is like the best boomtuber , I’m not hating

I want to strengthen soldier Bulit as he was before with all his abilities as well as the ability to provoke and others, please respond and work on it

See I know Warships gonna fix the bug


blackguard base builder does not work on chromebook- thought yall might wann know. hyped for WARSHIPS!!!

Team Opdestroy!


I think shiskabober is ganna win and also invite him

I played in years ago

YES! FINALLY a major update! Ive played this game since i was practically a kid!

I love you boom beach beach rules

Finally I hope you believe this time and download the ❤️❤️❤️ update

Make sure bug doesn't come again

April 15:we foung even bigger bug in game so we have to delay the update untill then trader will bring something special again

2 more days, you guys must be sure, ok? No more setback.

Finalmente grazie per l’aggiornamento.Ma quali erano i problemi CRITICI?

Where's the mega crab ???

Love you supercell ...ur the best just love u ,love u ,love u

Finally! my Magma Masterpices is ready!

Where the hell is the update? You have to upload like 10 mbs of data

hola alguen abla español

Can’t play boom beach... not interested about this damn Tournament. Ugh makes me wanted to delete boom beach smh.

Whay boom beach not work now.

it's says u have to update it I don't see the update do u see it

Congrats to whole team of supercell for the update... Really appreciate it.. Thanks a lot for this


When you updated the game, wanted to play and now must wait 45 minutes lmao

no update

so, you guys gonna keep this thing for your self. Or we would get a chance anyway. Urgh!!

Only US and Canadians are playing this game?

Ciumpalacul no

I can't get into my boom beach profile it says unable to connect what happen


dreamleague legends update

+dreamleague legends It's coming, i promise

+SweRidersTV I dont see the update


It’s my bday today!!!

It's coming guys, log in on Boom Beach now


This is amazing

This looks soooo STUPID!!!


OMG Brawl Stars Update got realised (just a moment ago)faster than Boom Beach Warship update.

Is april 15th. Where is the update?

VINNI VINODH it’s under maintenance atm

Yeah I m checking my boom beach app nd there is no signs of update. Very annoying

well theres only 11 1/2 hours left of april 15th in helinski finland (boom beach HQ) so should be soon

A k hora sale la actualizacion,alguien lo sabe?

Hi Everyone, Our TF is an Australian Based Task force with a Melbourne mentality. hehe. That being said if you're from another country and want to play with some pretty funny Aussies, we are more than happy to have you join us. We lost a lot of long term players last year and we need to rebuild our numbers. We are looking for players Level 60 and above to help us with Curtain Call. We not a particularly strict TF but we do expect participations in the ops. We understand that sometimes life can get in the way of our Boom Beach play time and thus if you miss some ops. Thats fine. If it becomes a habit (usually two weeks of missing ops) then we will probably kick ya out. i hope to hear from you shortly. Auusie Raver Leader of Melbourne AU

I m lv 52 shall I join??? Plzzz snd ur TF tag

Tomorrow is update my name is CJ on boom beach

Dont worry its gonna be out on April 15th. 2022


Boom beach team where is the so called update!!!!!!!!???? Losers booooo

April 10 no warships April 15 10h no warships hey warships where are you ? April 2020 no warships yet … sad moment

1 year for update...

When update?

No update?

Where This war of ships? It Was supposed to be updated today???

April 15th is finishing Not giving the update

Well April 15 is nearly over and no boom beach. Yes I know it's just a timezone thing but maybe you should have been specific. Been waiting all day and it's pissing me off

Why does the guy that got beat have no shoes ???

Looks cool

15th of April yet still no warship you talk shit

It's probably a time zone thing.

they so humble sweet guys especially zmot and chicken

Well it’s April 15 in Australia still No War Ship Yet !

Its 11:43 in Finland and still not out -_-

+Rayan en amir it hasn't launched yet...

Aussie Norman yes

Rayan en amir , so I have to wait other day !

Aussie Norman it Will launch in Finland at 10:00

It’s really annoying to have to keep waiting

winner winner chicken dinner

Sooo amazing ❤️❤️

Where is the update it's 15th April

Where is the update now you said it was releasing on the 15 April ????????

+Speedrun Singed ok for a short Moment I trust you

+Clasher I am joking.

+Nicholas Leonard no problem man

+Speedrun Singed no that's a fake news

Coming out on 16 April.

Clasher OK thanks any way

+Nicholas Leonard have enough friends thx

Clasher hey do you wanna be YouTube friends

Clasher OK I will

+Nicholas Leonard wait a few hours

Clasher why should I chill


I just finished downloading the Warships update! Looks great so far!!!

Barnett Gaming29 Which one do you want?

Gotcha! Everyone just needs to chill... I have 3 maxed level accounts and a level 54 account that I started 9 months ago so NO ONE is more excited than me for the update! The update is on the way and will be here sometime in the next 24 hours (Monday the 15th) so no need to get worked up about it. We will all be battling head to head soon!


U using an Apple product?

Wait what????

airdog99 don’t joke I got excited

Please do a video devoted only to the tech tree, its levels etc.

Lol they want to keep it for themselves. Can’t everyone see that!? Look at it.

It's been April 15th for about 13 minutes and I still don't have WARSHIPS what's going on?!

+Hunter Jackson update isn't coming today

+Speedrun Singed Not yet it's 11:15.... :/

+Hunter Jackson now in my timezone it is 7:47 do you get your update?

So do I.

Different time zones.

Where is christian :D

If you mean cosmic duo, they're not part of the A team.....

This looks dope!!

Are we still going to have our island and base, or is this replacing our regular base.

It will be separate

I am say you boom beach is dead you said in 2018 war ship launch then in December say launch in 2019 then say in February in March then in April then 10 april now 15 april

Why is everyone in the comments of this video so salty? Enjoy the damn video.


Damnn i wish bentimm1 still playing boom beach

New trops pleace!!

Zmot is the best on bb

pablo IA thx bro!

Warriors wuold be so baaaadd here

they put warships in the game because they want to make more money, i mean everyone who starts playing warships they should need instant training, otherwise it's going to be pain in the ass

that's why i am not going to play warships(only standard op hits and daily warrior map clear)

اير يخلعكن خلع كرهتو بخشنا باللعبة وصارت مملة جدا

التحديث بكرا

It’s good to see you guys decided to lose the hair products and look like real people in your videos.

ZMOT, no longer Anon Moose. Nice to finally meet you . All good guys on that panel


Amanhã eu jogo essa bagaça mais vou tomar um pal

The tech tree giveth; the tech tree taketh away.

hey ryan i thought u were dead

Hey Ryan! I hope you can find the time to play this....You will be a beast if so...Miss your vids man! Best wishes!


Warships+Mega Crab=Crazy Loot

But what happens if the time left is exactly the same? Does it go into very small units of time, or just a tie?

U will know it 2day

I was so hoping dude on the right was zmot

Paul Roux thx bro!

Where’s cosmicduo

Getting ready for Mardi gras

Team Op!


Jacob Thompson

So you had a tournament instead of releasing the game like yesterday,how long have you had this ready for launch?

Shout out to Zmots face

Haha hi!

Feels very good to see some new Content in Boom Beach! Great tournament and congrats to the Chicken for winning it


Do you remove critical errors from last info

Mega Crab Anniversary is on Good Friday to Easter Sunday (Apr 19-21)

I remember getting a trophy like the ones in the video when I was in the fifth grade

Great stuff guys. Lots of bragging rights and lots of spankings

So cool to see these guys get together to play some Warships. Thanks for doing this.

Exactly what I was thinking! It's really great to see Boom Beach presented in this way! I can't sleep....waiting for Warships lol!

What's funny is the community director looks more excited about the battles than the youtubers

Oh yay so you delayed our update just so the youtubers could play it first. What a joke supercell as a whole has become a mega company that doesn't care about customer relations anymore. I mean really they lied to us saying it was a bug causing delay then theres a tournament for youtubers.

+The PSC Life That's the word on the beach!

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