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Good. Morning. Good. Morning. Good. Morning and, welcome. To. Our event today and, special, welcome to all the surface fans who are joining us right here in New York City as well as everyone online. You. Know it's, just been a fantastic, I would say multiple. Months preparing for this event in fact just the other day when I was in the lab looking, at all of the things that you're going to see today I was, reflecting, and I was reminded, of my very first computer, a ZX. Spectrum a Sinclair ZX Spectrum and. I. Got it in 1982. I. So. Distinctly, remember, it was an 8-bit computer, had I think 16, K or ROM, the. Basic interpreter was on it it had, six you know 48k. Of memory. And, I. Ruined. That blinking, cursor, even. Today when I first hooked it on to. My TV. And and then the, rest is sort, of just what I am. So thankful for that sense, of wonder. Is. What, and the, empowerment I felt is what. I always, go back to that's what computing, is always, meant, to me and today's. Event is about, continuing. That journey in some sense in our case we started, this journey seven years ago with the launch of. Surface, now. With the surface, we focused, on three. Very. Distinct. Big ambitions, the. First was in a world where computing, was going to get embedded, in every place in everything we wanted, to put people, at the center of, every. Device experience. And. Second. We. Wanted, to innovate, across. Form. And function. Especially. With a focus, on how. Can we drive that next level of creation, that, next level of productivity, that was sort of the unique thing that we wanted to make sure computing. Stood, for. That's. Sort of what led to the, first surface, pro, 2 in one. The. Surface hub we created, that ultimate, computing, machine, for, teamwork, the. Surface studio, was. Created, so that the desktop could, transform. Itself, into a canvas for, creativity. And with, hololens we. Created that first mixed, reality headset, that could bridge the digital. And the physical worlds. The. Third ambition, we had perhaps. Is, the most critical one, we. Didn't just want to build an. Experience. And. One. Device but. We wanted, to build. Experiences. That span all the devices, in our lives, to. Us we, wanted to ensure that we could even, have. All the senses, that. We want to use to. Interact with computers. Span. That experience. Whether it was ink whether starch, whether, their speech gestures, gaze. We. Wanted to have that natural instinct. Rural UI across. All of the experiences, and today. We'll share the next chapter of this journey if. The, last decade. Of, personal. Computing, was focused, on. Consumption. More. Browsing more shopping more binge watching which, all have a place under the Sun that's all fantastic but we, believe. That. The next decade. Will. Be about. Creation. And amplifying. What we can do as humans. It's. That ambition, that grounds. Us in, our mission to empower every person, in every organization, on the planet to, achieve more, it. Underlies, the approach to surface, it, underlies, everything we'll. Talk about today so help. Me welcome Panos, to the stage to show you what, we've been working on lately thank you very much. Yeah, that's. Cool. That's. Why this, is why I love coming to New York honestly. It's. Pretty fun it's, pretty funs Danny out here. Thanks. For coming you kind, of hear, Satya. Talked about so many elegant, elegant things and before, I get started and jump in I want to first kind, of talk about how. Humbled and blessed, I feel to be up here representing. So many teams back in Redmond, and India in China the windows team the office team the devices team I'm I am. Grateful. To work with you every day to bring these products, and and just. Make the creations, that you've created so thank you I, thought. You talked about, thought. You talked about. What. We want to do what we continue to do what we always think about is putting people at the center. Putting. People at the center of everything we do in. Surface. We. Do that by supporting our customers, and what they need. It's. Actually incredible, to see what our customers are doing with products today, hi. It's magnificent. Actually I wouldn't have dreamed of it I remember, about five and a half years ago. There's. A Super Bowl there was an empowering us all campaign, that Microsoft, had put together it, was it. Was inspiring, to me at every level and that's, when we were introduced, in many ways to Steve Gleason and what he was doing with a surface.

And. The way he used it and the way he transformed. The way people think about using products, to me is the inspiration, that we always talk about and. Whether you're Michaela who's, also super, inspiring as a teenager, CEO, and what she's able to accomplish, or, Colette racecar, driver but then using surface to enhance, the. Details of what she's accomplishing, that's, the sort of thing that inspires, us as a team. That's. What it feels like to, us put, people at the center now. Each one of them inspires me but you know who also inspires, me and you all know this because I share it every, year it's. These little girls that's. Anna Sophie, and Bella they are the light of my life no no offense kosis you are too. And. Mary I are I got a whole list but these, girls. They're. Special, for sure and last, year we, talked about my daughter we talked about Sophie, and. We talked about how she plays the piano and. Here. She is a year later. In. An, order for Sophie, to play her best. That. Piano, it. Has to be ready for her. It. Has to be tuned. Perfect. The. Bench the right height. Her. Sheet music at eye level. Everything's. Stable. Balanced. And the. Instrument, she's playing. That's. The technology. Now. Sophia she. Needs the right instrument, she. Needs the right instrument, to, be creative, just like, each of us, need. The right instrument. Each. Of us. We. Need the right device. So. When all the pieces line up, you. Can stop thinking. You're. Just inspired to, play better, like. Sophie here. You. Can see it just watch her. Watch. How her body sways. Watch. How she feels the music. Her. Fingers are fast. They're sure on, every, single, key. She's. Just. Feeling. Everything, else disappear. It's. Just her and her. Music. She's. In her flow, right. Now she's creating, you. Can see that she. Harnessed all the, energy all the, advice the inspiration. The teachings, into a creation, and for, her into beautiful music. Look, that's. A 13, year old girl smiling, you know how hard that is - do you. Have any idea. How hard it is side first I don't smile and worse I can't get her to smile, she's. Amazing. Do, you know what that is that's. A great moment for. Her. She. Was in her flow and. Then. It, wasn't just about being in her flow it. Was about what she accomplished, when she was in it. And. It. Was, how she felt, when she, accomplished, it, now.

We All have those moments not. Just, thinking, but. Feeling, see. The piano here magnifies, Sophia's musical, mind. Just. As surface, can. Magnify your mind. Okay. Look around this room. Each. Of you how I'll help you here you go. Each. Of you is using devices and some of you actually are using more than one right now that I saw back there which. Is impressive by the way this room this. Room is a symphony. Telling. A collective, story of today and. What. You'll hear today is. About new platforms. New. Silicon, and. New form factors a. New. Opportunity, for. Each of you, to. Pick the instrument, that's best for you the. Instrument that will get you into your flow. An. Entirely, new set of devices to. Move, this collective, symphony forward. Now. I'm pretty pumped to get into the product so let me jump in I want. To start with one of our most beloved in, the surface family actually this, laptop surface, laptop is the, highest, customer satisfaction, of. Any. Laptop on, the planet. We're. Proud of that for sure and. It's, only getting better, take. A look. Let's, go. That's. Thank. You but. Buckle, up we got a long way to go. This. Is surface laptop three, you. Can see its craftsmanship its meticulously. Crafted. It's. Beautiful. It's beautiful but what makes it so beautiful, on, a product like this is the details you can't see. It's. The feeling you get when. You're. Using this product there's, no reference, on this product to how it came together there's, no lines it's soft on the eyes we talked about what the first read is and how that draws you into the product when, you open it it's instantly, on it's, always, available for you you can see that me opening it with one finger and how good that feels just get in and get what you want done. Now. There's parts of the laptop you could never compromise. And. So let's talk about them for just a sec. The. Keyboard. Think. Of this as the piano keys under Sofia's, fingers. The. Critical, nature when you put your hand down to. Think. We. Deliver 1.3, millimeters, of perfect. Travel. About. A 19, millimeter pitch, between keys, in this ever so subtle dish on the keys so. When you put your finger on it your, finger just floats right in and then it brings this perfectly, silent typing. Experience which is so important, we've also increased, the trackpad, by. 20% from, surface pro to surface, pro 3 this is important, because that precision pointing, is also. Critical, don't miss that I know, it's a mouse it's been around for a while so first piece of hardware that I made but I will tell you. It's. Pretty critical if you're using a product without a mouse it gets pretty tough to be productive. Now, I want to take you inside the device for just one second, with me. Now. I want to show you a few other changes, when we say we design a product from the inside, out and a product like this which is so. Now. We continue to focus on the purity of this design which was critical. But. We also for our commercial customers. We. Wanted to add the elements, of serviceability.

Repairability. Things that matter for customers. When you put people, at the center what do we need I need. To change the key wording to change the screen but, you don't, want to affect the beauty you, can't all. That elegance goes away most of the time when you make a product that's serviceable, there's. Lines there's, extra weight there's extra thickness you. Can you'll. See what I call trapdoors, I can't look at them they drive me crazy but on, this product we've done none of that I just want to show you really quick we have the same perfect design on the. Product, but just. Like that the talk can simply come off. And. You can still feel and see the beauty of this device I have a disclaimer so let me just do that really quick don't. Try that okay. Don't. Do that like don't call me or send me the tweet that says I tried to rip the top off and now it's broken and it's your fault so do not do that there, actually is some tools to make that happen but the point being able. To repair and service a product without, without. At all, impacting. Any of the beauty of that and the elegance is critical, okay. I. Now. Want to show you the new surface laptop, and this beautiful sandstone, finish with. A fully integrated. Aluminum. Chassis. Now. This this, product it takes on a beauty all its own there is no question. When. You take a first read of aluminum, that is this clean, it is inspiring. There's. No finger, scoop. There's. No there's. No speaker, holes. There's. No rubber bumper, around the screen. If. You're using a non surface, device any one of them in its metal right now you can look at it I won't pick on you too much because I have to go to the back of the room what, by the way good jobs. And. Then if you look and there's a few back here you'll look around between the screen and I just want to make this you understand this point between the screen and the metal, there's always a rubber bumper here on any metal laptop you've picked up and the, reason is because when you close it you want to protect the screen, but. Really. With that relentless, that relentless. Nature in the surface team to make sure every single detail is thought through to make sure that the product all the way through and through gives, you that first read and perfect elegance it still comes to truth there's, no rubber bumper when I say, and said earlier. That it's the details you can't see that as a perfect example it's exactly what you can't see on this product that draws you in it, is what pushes it to. That level of beauty, but. The other thing that pushes this product and that people love is performance, so let's take a minute on that. So. Surface laptop, three. Is. Incredibly. Powerful. We're. Using a. Quad-core. 10th, Gen, Intel, part. And. This is in the ten nanometer, isolate family from Intel which means you're. Getting incredible, performance. In that same, thinness, and beauty of the product. It's. Pretty, impressive what Intel did here in. Partnering, with us to make it happen it. Is two times faster than the product that's already the, highest customer satisfaction rated. Product on the planet which is awesome. This we're, very proud of and to put it in context, it's good to put it in context, if you're using a MacBook Air right now this product is three times more powerful, than the MacBook Air I.

Really. Think you'd clap for that customers, love this laptop they love it they, really do but. Some. Want more screen real estate and we've heard it we've. Heard it, now. We're excited to announce to you the new. Surface. 15. Inch laptop three. Glass. Screen, there's. Nothing, there is nothing out here that compares to it nothing. This. Is a product that feels almost weightless relative, to its size you, throw this product in your bag and you move full speed you want more real estate more screen, because that's what pushes you to more productivity because. That's your piano keys fantastic. Fantastic. And the display itself is so vibrant you can feel the colors popping off of it it's virtually pixel, free you. Can't see a pixel, on it which makes it beauty come. To life because you see the things you want to see and it's so easy on the eyes and, part. Of our contrast, ratio, and the color calibration we, do it, all comes out on a beautiful screen like this, now. We talked about how we obsess, on every. Single part in this product. And. The. Team has been working with AMD for, quite some time to build you a custom, experience on this product specifically. I'd. Like to introduce you the AMD, risin Michael's Microsoft, Surface Edition, processor. This. Is the most powerful mobile, processor, AMD has ever created BarNone. It. Is incredible. It's. Actually. The. Fastest, processor, for any laptop, in its. Class today, we. Co engineer this entire platform, alongside AMD, from, the silicon, to hardware and through. Windows every, single detail thought through to bring you that perfect experience, that you love with surface and I know I'm pushing the boundary but. It's all there. Now. We also created. Unique cores on the GPU for surface, because we wanted to push the performance, to levels that brought, people like me able, to play Fortnight and try and keep up with my nine-year-old daughter but I can't but I try, but. Boy does the device work great now in this case I can't, get into my flow because I'm terrible at it but. But. It's pretty amazing how performant, the product is now, with all that performance, and beauty with all of it I want. To talk to you about another important, feature of the product and its battery life you still get all day battery life but I also want to introduce you to, fast charging across the entire surface product, line you'll see today fast.

Charging Is important, yeah, I heard the wow what. You see there is 80 percent charge on a full powered PC, in less than an hour that's what you get in your mobile phone today. Let's. Talk about putting people at the center why did we go push the boundary here it's not just because it's cool and it is a great feature but, it's what you've come to expect every, day you charge your phone and it, charges about at that rate that's, a mobile processor, being charged very fast but. Working with Intel and AMD, to. Solve these challenges that, say let's push, the boundary, here and let's. Give our customers, a consistent, experience on. How you have to think about adding, battery, life to your products, or adding a charge to your products this is a very cool feature I'm pretty, excited about it I can see you are too and I'm grateful for that thank you now, I hope, you love this laptop. We. Hope you love both of them. The. 13-inch, laptop is. On pre-order right, now as is. The 15-inch, laptop with the 13-inch starting at $9.99 and the, 15 is starting at an amazing 1199, we're pretty excited for you to get it it'll be in your hands on October 22nd. What, do you think. Okay, with, all that performance and beauty with all that performance and beauty you know, we're, pretty proud of it but I want to switch from, what. We call the most loved laptop, to the best-selling two-in-one on the planet, let's. Talk about surface pro I also. Happen to believe that this is the sexiest, form factor out there that's my opinion you. Can see the generations, here of the. Product that come to life and we're pretty proud of that and we're. Currently in, our sixth, generation of, this, product and Robin. Siler the, CVP, of devices, has been with us on this journey since, the absolute beginning. Refining. Perfecting. This product for our customers and driving. The product forward. She's. Absolutely, the best person, here to, tell you about the next iteration of surface. Pro. You. Know that I have to start with one sentence, I'm so, pumped to be here. I'm. Holding the new surface pro 7 redesigned. From the inside out surface. Pro is the most popular, 2 + 1 on the market over, 75%. Of, our fortune 500, companies, purchase. Surface, devices and. Today. We're, introducing the next generation, we've. Seen our customers, embrace, this form factor and do incredible things. Customers. Like Connie an artist. Whose instrument, is her paint in her, words her. Creativity, comes, to life on her surface pro take, a look. I've. Always been a part of my life it, really was my, survival. Tool and it was my best communication. Tool when. I was first paralyzed, I really didn't think I would make art again one. Day my husband and my occupational. Therapist were saying there and you. Know he seemed to really just what from a car, in. Anticipation. With. Knowing, the progression, of this disease and, how it was happening, I had, gone looking for a computer, that, would, kind of grow with, me and that's, where I found the surface the. Pro is, so. Lightweight I don't leave home without it I can be at a doctor's, appointment I can be sketching I can be writing and you know I love a pin it even works like a pencil because it has tilt, and in one mote I found that there's a setting on there for paper, yeah. And now I completely, I have multiple notebooks so I have all my journaling, all my writing everything goes into there my life is on that surface right now and the nice thing is is that the friction. From graphite. And paper or charcoal. It makes my muscles tire, faster, at on that glassy, surface there's, no friction, so I actually have longer, working time before, my muscles tire out which is beautiful. That's like my new love I guess. I'm having a fair on paper. Every. Time I see that video. Every. Time I see that video I'm so inspired you watch her bringing her creativity, to life with a pen in each hand, simultaneously. Drawing and I'm, pretty sure my entire life is stored in OneNote at this point so I can completely, relate it's, people, like Connie that, drive us to look at every detail again, and again and with, the new surface pro 7 we wanted to continue to deliver the. Innovation, while maintaining consistency. And the features our customers, love and with. That target, in mind, our design and engineering, focus, has been on power performance. And, better, experiences oh. And. Adding. USBC. At. Microsoft, we build products, that are designed the work that to, work the way that you want to in the most natural way and for, different people that means different things it's. A combination of mouse keyboard.

Pen. Voice, all made, so simple, let, me show you. For. Those that know me I'm. An avid hiker this is my family. I. Hike. My, kids call it a forced march but. That's, just them. So, that let me show you how I plan my hikes the the way that I start, is with edge this. Is the new edge browser, great. Browsing, experience, optimized. For battery life so, it's fantastic and I'm using one of our type covers fantastic. Typing experience, 1.3. Millimeter, ki travel and a precision trackpad, so, everything, that you need to be productive I'm going, to pull some information from across the web and you see the number of tabs that I have open I'm a pretty big planner and so making sure that I know exactly, what I'm doing on my hike is important, to me. The. Edge browser allows. You to pull information from, all of those sources, into. Collections I'm, starting, with all trails all trails is the website that I use to plan every single hike. It has all of the miles all of the elevation, and every map that you need and while. I was doing some research I didn't realize that the Appalachian, Trail covers. Nearly 90 miles in New York and so. I thought I'd go take a look with, collections I can simply pull over a list, of all of the popular, day hikes and. This. One here looks interesting, Anthony's, nose might be a little bit difficult but it'll be ok I can, pull over text, that describes that, hike. Rated. As difficult, maybe maybe, not, and I. Always like to know where I'm going and so I'll pull over a map now. The power of this is not just pulling together the information, and you can see that I have whether I'm, driving, instructions, but. The ability to share, it is even more important, and. So. I can go over here and I, can simply send to word or send to excel so let's. Do that, and. With. That I'm. Going. To switch to pen and I. Am a big fan of the pro because of its flexibility, when you want to use the pen. Today. The surface pen works across all surface, products, and the, office team has done some amazing work, so, that you can work however you want to across. The products, now. Let's see here's my document, all. Of this stuff with all of the sources and. You. Know there's this little lake here and so I think it would be great to just take a detour. With. A few, simple lines I, can communicate much. More simply. Than if I had to write the text behind that and. So you can see how powerful pen, is the. Other thing that word can do is. It. Can now do, inline. Editing which, means you can literally. Delete. Or add with. Your pen in the document. But. I talked about personalization. And so I'm going to use comments, to. Personalize, this communication, I. Am. NOT the best artist but my husband knows well what my art looks like and he, burns pretty easily and so, I'm gonna make sure he knows that, what's most important, is he remembers, sunscreen, for this hike. When. He opens that document, he sees something, that is clearly, from me, and that's, pretty cool. The. Other thing that I can do. This. Is going to be a great hike. That's. Even, faster, than I could have typed it I love the ability to do voice to text across the platforms, and that, sound was captured, by the new studio mics which are also in surface laptop, studio. Mics are optimized, for your voice they're. Placed perfectly and, tuned, so. That we captured, what's coming from your mouth rather than all the background, sounds, around you and. When we say we build our products, as a company, this, is really what we mean the, sound is crisp and clear but. There's another product that uses the, studio mics and that's, the your phone app. That's. My husband he doesn't have the best timing. So. Your, phone app gently, prompts, you and this is a new feature that is coming available in the next few weeks where. Your phone calls are integrated, right into the surface where you're working so.

My Samsung phone can stay in my pocket, and I kind of either accept, this call or or, I'll just reject it and it will send a text message right now. That. Integration is so incredible. Let. Me show you one more. You know whenever we bring out the pen, the. Excel people, always. Get a little bit upset. When. Are you going to bring pen to Excel and so, let me show you this new feature this is my hiking tracker, and I'm, gonna I'm gonna do Anthony's nose. Sorry. I have to turn on editor. Anthony's. Nose. And. That. 7.6. Miles. And. What's even better is, you. Can simply update it whenever you need to. So. Imagine, yourself up, and about holding, your surface, in your arm bringing, your pen to the glass and, letting, us do the rest it's, incredibly, powerful, its. Magic. This. Is the surface pro 7 and some amazing, features of office it's. Available for pre-order today, and it starts at only 749. So. Just as we integrate, all of our devices with office we, wanted to do the same with our audio, products, too last. Year we entered a new category with surface headphones, and, we, saw how important, Comfort battery. Life and great sound are to the audio category. Today. I want, to talk about our latest addition, to the surface audio lineup we, designed these with office to. Bring your best productivity, experience. To your ears take. A look. These. Are, the new surface earbuds. Sure. Wireless, earbuds with, amazing sound comfortable. To use all day with, long battery life and a little bit of magic the. Sound is beautifully, tuned both for your voice and your ear each, earbud, has two mics per ear and filters. For better noise reduction. Letting. Us pick up your voice rather, than the sounds around you they work on any platform and, have 24 hours of battery life we. Know with an earbud comfort. Is critical and so, we applied the same relentless, nature we use with all surface, devices we. Looked at many options, for ergonomics, and weight and with. The human factors lab we. Created a simple design that balances. Against two points in your ear creating. All-day comfort and stability, but. What else could we do. We. Talked earlier about natural, interaction, and we, wanted to bring that to this there. Are touch sensors, on each earbud, to, help you navigate music. And calls, you. Never have to take out your phone I know. That what I'm hiking if I take out my phone I'm done I'll, get lost in work and so. We added an intuitive feature to help you stay focused on. Android. With a few simple taps you. Can open Spotify, and it, will start to play the right music for, you in that moment there's. No screen required, you. Can play pause, skip, or, change the volume with just gestures. So. Let's talk about the magic, how. Do you take earbuds and make them more productive, you. Had office let's, take a look. Think. About voice and the, power of it the, simplest thing is really what I'm doing now using. My voice and some, incredible imagery, to, share some ideas with each of you but. Not everyone. Can hear your voice and so. With this new capability and, power point. The. Captions, you see on the screen are created, by the earbud in my ear, Microsoft. Office and Azure cognitive, services coming, together to. Create captions in real time. That's. Really, powerful. We. Can also change, the language, so. If you aren't presenting. And speaking, the language of your audience we, support, over 60, languages and, it, will translate, as you speak just, as it did here.

Surface. Earbuds will be available, later this year starting. At 2:49, we. Hope you love them thank, you. That. Was amazing Robin's amazing, those products, I love them I love them I can't wait till you get your hands on I'm team did some amazing work on him now, it's been nine years since we made this next prototype. Nine. Years. Satya. Said we introduced the product seven years ago and nine years ago this is what we had this is what it looked like it was literally, there's. A string, that creates a kickstand, there's some duct tape there's. And. It's not really the product you using today at all is it and, fundamentally. It was this idea that hey could we think about what the next form, factor could be and. You just saw surface pro seven and that. Is the evolution but today I want. To show you what's next for the two in one, and. As the world becomes more mobile cloud-based. As. We all focus and think about what is the intelligent, edge going. To push the boundaries on. We. Wanted to push the boundaries, create. A product that's this perfect, intersection, of. Mobility, productivity. And speed, and. The. Dream was let's, take a mobile architecture. Same. Architecture, you finding your phone, but. Then let's push that to a fully functioning. Powerful. PC. Take. A look. So. This is service pro-x it's. A cutting-edge two-in-one we push the boundaries here we. Believe this moves this category, forward, it's 5.3. Millimeters, thin at its thinnest point it's worth looking at if you can see that I'll, give you a view right here. It's. A pretty thin it's. Incredibly, light. Incredibly. Light it's one point six eight pounds, you can see how easy it is to hold it's got these gorgeous chain four edges so when you put it in your hand doesn't feel wonky, if, you hold another 13-inch device like this or a 15 or 14, you can catch a little out of balance but in this case the, most important, thing was to bring that same balance, it. Also comes with this unmatched modern design which is a pretty interesting sense. For this product line it's very different and. When. You look at a product like this it for us it's about craftsmanship. It's. About pushing technology, to that boundary, and. For those customers who love. To. Push the boundary this is a perfect product. Start. With the display on this product this still has that same 12 inch chassis, that, people that use surface pro love they love we know that size matters we don't want to mess with that however we. Have a 13 inch diagonal so from corner to corner on this screen we, did this by, making, the thinnest bezels, possible, on a 2 in 1 and that are out there today and so when you do that you get all that screen real estate it, gets bigger it's pretty incredible but, you also keep the same size in the product that matters the, beautiful, high contrast, on this screen with, the high readability that comes with it this is about staying in your flow on a product like this what, do you want to do get in stay.

In It's soft on the eyes 28, 80 by 1920. Resolution, with 267. Dpi I know I geek out on stuff like that but it is and it is really really. Really. Powerful screen, and it's worth talking. About just a little bit how do you create a combination, how. Do you create a combination of pixels performance, thinness, battery. Life how. Does that all come together with. Constant. LTE connectivity. Let. Me introduce you to the. Custom, Microsoft. SQL. Set. So. This is a chip that, we're super proud of of course but it brings together. The. Snapdragon, mobile DNA. Alongside. An integrated, AI accelerator. Now. ARM chips, yeah. They normally, run at about the, 2 watt range so. If. You're using a phone today it's probably pushing around 2 watts maybe a little bit more but not much. But. We also know how important performance is to our customers so we wanted to push power on this product and with, the design of Qualcomm, is engineering team they are amazing, and what they can do. With. Sq1 we push the boundary and the ARM based platform. Is driving starting. At a 7 watt chipset, which then. Changing. The chip itself re-engineering. All the tools the architecture, to an incredibly fast powerful experience, you will not find this anywhere else anywhere else out there and. Together with Qualcomm we also redesigned the GPU. And. Other, pieces of silicon IP which I want to say but I'm not allowed to and. All. That creates, I want to just get this I want to hear this data point it's an important one because it kind of grounds it, this. Product, has. Three, times more performance, per watt than. The surface pro 6. All. Right. What. The heck does all that mean let me just tell you in plain terms how about that better, battery life lighter faster. Unprecedent. Performance that's, what this category is all about that's. What you need in this product better. Battery life faster. Thinner. Lighter. Unprecedented. Performance, all. While. Running the full power of windows full. Power of office the. Apps you love edge and. Chrome it's. A very powerful product we're excited about it now service Pro X is also. The. First Windows PC, ever to. Have an integrated AI engine now, the team is pretty excited about these possibilities, and so I want to show you an example of what would you do with an AI engine in a PC, this hasn't been done before what.

Does It mean what is the intelligent, edge where does it connect let's, talk about people. So. Of all the things I'm gonna tell you about performance, today which pretty much that's, what we say a lot, probably. The. Most powerful thing. You, will hear today is the, power of human connection. That. Fundamentally. Is. Powerful, now. It, turns out I, contact. That's. One of the drivers of human connection now. Your face has a language all its own you've. Been looking at somebody and they look down at their watch are. You looking at somebody look down at their phone but, you were just looking them in the eyes and that disconnect, have you been there. Hmm. Me, too it, happens a lot to me as it turns out, that's. Happening right now I can point at four or five of you. And. Tells me I should probably speed up. There's. A lot of information you can get when you're making eye contact and, there's a lot of information you can get when you're not, so. When somebody gives you their, eyes you can you can really feel that connection, but, when they don't you can feel that too. Now. Today when you look at your screen and, you. Make a call a video. Call or use a webcam that's. What happens you're, looking at your. Screen and, so. When you're looking across the ocean, at each other or a cross state or in different conference rooms or in different parts of the house depending on that happens to me believe it or not. You're. Not looking each other in the eyes. So. How do we get to that point, where. We can connect even deeper where we can have that conversation where, we can co, engineer products deeper where we can work together as humans and continue. To push things forward. Okay. Take a look at this video this is Stevie he's, got a massive head in this picture I'm sorry we tried to make it smaller he's, on teams you can't make a smaller cuz his brains in the way basically. But, Stevie's, brilliant now watch this line watch his eyes he's looking at the screen now now watch has the line crosses look how his eye subtly, ever so subtly come up and now he's looking right at your eyes. Duh. It's. Super, subtle. But. Stevie he talks more than me and believe it or not and he will talk for a while here but here's the deal when. You see that demo. Normally. That demo on a regular, PC, on a surface, even or a discrete GPU, it, would pull about 15, watts from the product which basically means your product slows down you can't do much else that's why it doesn't happen today but with the new sq1 chip and the work with Qualcomm and, the incredible engineering. That. Small. Moment that usually, pushes 15, Watts off your GPU. Uses. 50, times less power and doesn't. Even touch the, GPU which means if you're using Microsoft teams, and jarana call and you're pushing power point and you're trying to understand things you can still stay connected just, like we are right now as I look at you and you look at me, that's. Powerful, this, is the example of, power on the intelligent, edge when. It comes down to it when we can compute through the cloud and also connect as humans, it's. A pretty powerful scenario, what, you think it's pretty cool. Okay. Here. You go let. Me just get to this cuz it's absolutely my favorite feature watch this if you can get this Holli take this shot right here do you see this I'm, gonna open the type cover and, I'm. Gonna pull out the pen that's stored right in it this is, the. Surface slim pen, now. What did I do I just pulled out a pen that's constantly, recharging, that's always there for you and if you want to be in your flow the, minute I pull it out if. You look here on the screen the whiteboard app opens this is incredible work by the windows team by, the shell team right, when I pull the pen out what you end up seeing is you, want a full-screen snip this page you want to get into your notes what was your thought how do you write it down I write every night at 2:00 a.m. 2:00, a.m. every night maybe three Mary we are we argue about this but fundamentally, I do write and that's how I create and that's where I do my creating and thoughts that is my piano moment, for. Sure and. Now with service Pro X I just pulled a pen out right there I start, writing I don't to look for it it's there forever I put it in once. I put it in it finds a spot it starts charging I close it I take it with me it is a very very, very powerful scenario, what do you think that cool like, that's a scenario look I know.

It's Small I know. I, know it's small but sometimes the smallest things have the biggest, impact and this is one where you know when I was a kid this is if we talked about this analogy Ralph and I all the time in the lab we put analogies to every product so in this in the, inside, of product making the way we talked about this was pretty simple you, have a pencil pouch when you were a kid do you remember that or a pen pouch you, do write oh my gosh yes sorry so I'll. Explain, this sorry later there's a three-ring, binder do you remember those yeah, I don't think they exist anymore but there's a three-ring binder and then there's this pencil pouch and you would unzip it when your teacher told you to get something out you take that oh my gosh is so nostalgics and so when you can get back to that just, like this you know what this is that's that pen case or pencil Caltrain pouch when you were a kid and you need your pen it's right there for you it's pretty powerful now. The other thing about the type cover that's important, is the typing. It. Turns out that. Typing on a product like this matters it. Also turns out, that pointing, on a product like this matters. If. You want to be productive on a two-in-one you need a mouse I know. Again, I said that for the laptop it just also happens. To be true for. The two and one we're, pretty proud of this product. Now. Super. Pro suit sorry, surface products is a super powerful product, we. Got that the, GPU pushes over to teraflops, and, that's incredible, work with that custom design with. The qualcomm team it's. Combined with LTE it has this fantastic, screen, and it, has an incredible, pen experience, robin, talked about the pen experience but the new pen even drives it further better, latency, better till four and a thousand 96 points of pressure all, that's real and the, best way to bring it together. Is. By showing you the app that maybe you're gonna go create on yourself, an. App that I'm inspired by and a company that inspires me, Scott. Belsky who's a great friend of mine and the, chief product officer over, at Adobe liked to come out here and show you the newest addition of their Creative Cloud four surface pro x scott. So. I'm, very, happy to be here on behalf of Adobe at this exciting. Surface event a service. Is an important platform for Creative Cloud and will become even more important. In the future largely. Because, creativity, has, never been more important as, artificial. Intelligence, and machines take. Over so many mundane, everyday tasks. And even jobs, creativity. Becomes, essential, more. And more we, won't be judged on how quickly we, can complete tasks, rather, we'll succeed with our ideas, and our ability to present these, ideas and. Compelling, and creative ways. Creativity. Is the, most uniquely, human trait there, is and it. Is how we will all make our mark know, as creativity. Becomes more important, it must, not be constrained, to the desktop people. Need to create, where and when inspiration, strikes on the plane, during, their commute in. Bed late at night wherever it is and that's why we're reimagining, many of our flagship, creative cloud products. To, extend them from the desktop to, mobile platforms, like the surface, these. Devices, are perfect, for creating on-the-go. They are slim they're, always connected fast, and we've, worked closely with Microsoft, to make pen and touch a natural.

And Expressive, way to, create on the surface, we. Know that. Millions of our customers, use Creative, Cloud on Windows and more, than half of surface, book customers. Today, our Creative Cloud customers, so. We're excited and committed, to doing the work to bring much a creative cloud to, the surface platform, now. We, want to show you one, of the first great, creative tools optimized, for the surface Adobe, fresco, our new painting, and drawing app now. As you'll see fresco. Recreates, the feeling, of painting. And drawing with natural, materials, especially, with our live brushes, that, we reproduce, the behavior the, actual behavior of oil, and watercolor, paints, so. Please welcome my, colleague Jin Jin Sun will demonstrate, Adobe, fresco. Hi. I'm Jin Jin I'm an illustrator and a senior experience designer at Adobe and I'm so excited to show you Adobe, fresco on the surface pro X today. I'm going to be drawing a quick portrait of a woman in profile. So. I'll just come over here and get set up. And. I'm ready to start sketching so, I'm gonna start by just blocking, in a sketch. Getting. The rough shapes in there. And. Then I'll refine the silhouette, get the nose. Lips. And. I. And. I think I'm ready for line work now so I, will lighten this and go. In with lines, so, for the lines I'm going to use Fresco's vector, brushes, which. Are really, nice for lines because, they remain super, crisp and clear no matter how far you're zoomed in or out. They're. Also responsive, to pressure. Which. Creates a really nice natural, feeling, line. So. I'll get the lips here. The. Eye eyebrow. Get. The shoulder and the hair. Great. So I don't need my sketch anymore it's time for color and all I think I'll start with the lips so I'll make sure the pencil brush is selected, and I'll. Pick a pink and I'll. Just start coloring, in there. You. Can see I've gone outside the lines I need to clean that up so I'll zoom in, you can see those vector, lines stay super crisp even at 400%, and, all I need to do is turn this pen around, and use the back of it to just start erasing just. Like with a real pencil. That's. Done and I can add some more shading, so I think I will add, some, teal eyeshadow here, again with the pencil brush and this, pen when. I'm using the tip I get a nice fine, sharp line but. If I lay the pen on its side and use light pressure I can, get this nice, blended. Soft effect, just, like with a real pencil again. So. I'll just finish out a little bit more shading. Maybe. A bit of highlight, and yellow. And. Then. Go to another one of our pixel brushes, for, maybe some more texture so I think I'll try the block staying, here, use. Some pink, get. That in and then. Use dark blue for the shirt. So. For the hair I'd like to use our live, oil, brushes, and. These are really exciting because they, blend, just like real oils so, I'll just start by laying in some of that dark blue and then, I will add green, so. With that and you can see we get a really beautiful blending. And smearing just like with real oils. I. Love. Doing this, it's. So much so, much fun so. I'll finish out with some yellow. The. Highlight in there and to. Close this out I'll just round out the background with some texture, so I'll go back to my trusty pixel brushes, choose. A spatter, texture. And just start going in to round out that background. And. All that's left is to sign it so I'll, go ahead put my signature on that. And. Just finish, out. And. There we go. Thank. You Tianjin huh. It's awesome, thanks again Susan all right it's, amazing to see technology. Like that with algorithms that took years to develop to, determine, how these oils and water colors behave into into. A demo like that it's awesome so so, fresco is powerful, enough for creative professionals but it's accessible to everyone, kids adults, the Creator and all of us we, are really excited to say that fresco, launched on the surface very soon a number.

Of Other creative, cloud applications, are already, available throughout, the surface platform, so Acrobat. Adobe. Acrobat and, Acrobat Reader and we're working hard to bring other key parts of Creative Cloud to the surface Pro X as soon, as possible thank you. That. Was incredible, right I, mean that is Talent holy cow, talking about getting in your flow that was amazing. That. Was cool that was cool all right. Surface. Pro X is gonna be available early. November. You can pre-order it right now I suggest, if you want it you should probably preorder it so get, on that, now. Here are all the products you saw today. Surface. Laptop, 13. Inch, with. Fabric and metal surface. Laptop 15 inch with. AMD and Intel you. Saw those, come. Together surface. Pro 7 and its powerhouse. You. Saw the new surface earbuds, which I'm so proud of and the way they connect, in that translation feature for me when, I speak with my father it's, going to be magical. You. Also saw surface pro X. We're. Pretty proud of this lineup. It's. Our largest lineup, we've ever shipped. We. Believe, this. Helps, this symphony forward. What. Did you think of this lineup we're pretty proud of it. Okay. So. I want to do something we've not done before. And. I, want to take a few minutes with you. To. Talk a little bit about. The. Future of our, products. And. Really over the last few weeks I have been debating, how to do this this is not my thing like what how do we show you our. Products, before they're finished like your mind for me it's pins and rattles I was backstage with Satya, and I told him I'm more nervous and nor I don't know there. Was these moments of like wait a minute and he, kind of looked at me like what you can't, be nervous. We. Don't, just. Totally fair feedback. That. Was our one-on-one. We're. Gonna show you a product that's ready next holiday there's. A reason for that. We. Want to bring our fans on the journey we're glad you're here. But. We also want to bring developers, on this journey with us, there. Are people across windows working tirelessly right, now on these products, and how. Our developers, fans and customers come along I think is pretty powerful and while, we have an incredible. Lineup coming this, holiday you just saw it pre-order, it right now, I'm. Pumped about it I am super, pumped that's, also important, we transition, here, and. When we started surface. We. Had this vision. And. It was a vision to remove the conflict. Between. A laptop, and a, tablet. We. Thought we were creating the two-in-one. But. It was a lot more than just that. We. Developed a line of products, that. Are more versatile, more. Adaptable and personal. Than. We thought we would get to. We. Took a tablet. We. Added a keyboard, you. Would click in and you, did more. We. Then made a laptop. And. We removed, the. Screen, to. Create with, the person next, to you. We. Then took this thing called a desktop. With. A floating sheet of pixels that you would pull towards, you so. You had a creative canvas as Satya talked about earlier. We. Invested, in things at the time, that. So many people, challenged. And really. Didn't understand, but. All of it was there to empower, your ideas just to flow. That. Flow is from your mind. To. Your heart and out your hand onto these canvases. Now. Over the years. These. Technologies, and this. Company, has, come together as one, they. Come together to create unique, and amazing, products, and like. The ones you saw today, they're. All designed to help you achieve more. But. As we think about the future of Microsoft. In. A world that's more mobile, more, cloud based or. The. Line blurs more, between, home life work. We. Wanted to make you a product that felt smaller a product.

That Fit your lifestyle, but. Also in. A big. Way. Make. You more productive and creative, and. Today we want to introduce you to a new product that I. Believe is the next category. Fact. Is the product, that's made to adapt to you in both form and function. Not. Just in two postures. But. Every posture, creating. Limitless, flow uninterrupted. Building. On our past with. Windows office edge teams. A sure. While. Continuing, to, innovate for. The future, in. A way that only, this. Company can do this. This. Is. Surface Neal. Right. Like. Should I even talk. Higher. To be by doubt. Look. It's it's. It's. Hard to tell, people your kids are beautiful but this product is beautiful. There's. Truly nothing, else. Like this out there nothing. Every. Single, detail of this design is thought through each. Material. Individually. Selected, and brought to. You. The. Device was created to be light and thin so you can hold it in all its postures, each side, of this product is five point six millimeters. Thin. Five. Point six. It's. The thinnest LCD that's ever been created it's one musi, it's incredible, how small it is I got to be careful I'm not you know it's this is the whole thing you give away all this information, a year before your product launches you start to get, a little paranoid. 655, grams so when you carry it it feels incredibly, light it's surrounded by Gorilla Glass it's unbelievably. Robust, easy, to carry with you anywhere you go and we designed a product that you would be proud to pull out of your bag that's, what this product is. The. Premium, feel you've come to expect from us the, quality reliability, synonymous. With surface part. Of this device the. 360. Degree hinge that you see here and what this product can do and as, you feel it it feels incredible. It's a combination of micro gears adding a torque system that create this perfect feel when opening and closing. There's over 60, micro. Coax cables that run between these two hinges to, create perfect synergy bringing, these two 9-inch screens, together those coax cables are thinner than a human air and they run through to create that perfection, between, two screens it's amazing, when, you put two screens side-by-side, to see how the brain lights up I've. Not seen anything like it. It, enables. These unlimited, postures. That idea. Of limitless flow, in any position you want to put this product in your, pens on the back magnetically. Charging, so. When you just want to put it to the screen and create the way we just showed you on Pro X it's, easy to do, and. It gets you right there for me it's a dream when I use this device now. For. Each of the products that we make we talk as a team about the one thing what is the one thing, about this product and, there's so many things but to. Make a great product you have to focus on, one. Thing, and. Everything, else comes around and that one thing generally is the thing that invokes emotion, it's the thing that, gets you into, your flow it's the thing that matters most on the device now, the keyboard also magnetically.

Seals To the back of the product and integrates perfectly and, when you fold it the, transition, that happens in the perfect, flow between, Windows, software. The. Hardware of this device coming to life it almost feels like you're using the force when the keyboard comes you go whoa that's, exactly, what I expected, to happen it's. Incredible. And then, when you're done you just close it and. You take it with you. It's. Very powerful, what, this device can do as it adapts, to what you want to do. When. You see people using two EPs at the same time, and. We measure brains believe it or not I know that's kind of weird what we do, we. Can see how easy a task is to complete when we see people expanding, a single app across two screens what. Can happen when that app is enlightened, it is powerful. This. Is that combination of, hardware software and cloud-based work, at. Microsoft, coming, to life, through. A device. It. Provides, the ultimate mobile productivity. Now. This. Thing is designed through and through with a brand new a. Continuation. And expression, you can pick your words of. Windows. 10 built for dual screens, and. The. Best way to understand, it and, actually. The best way to feel it I'm. Gonna introduce you to a person, who I work with daily and. We, push this device to its limit, we push it with the hardware and software coming together. Carmen's. Lattice is one of our partner program managers, from the windows team she. Leads the software experience on this product Carmen hi. How are you. Thank. You Panos I'm excited, to be here today to talk about what's powering, surface, neo it's. A new expression, of Windows 10 that we've been designing and building for, the last couple of years with, hundreds, of engineers, and designers at Microsoft, our. Goal is to fuel, a new era of mobile, productivity. And creativity. Across. Two screens. Today. I am proud to introduce Windows. 10 X it. Was designed, and optimized, for dual screen devices just. Like surface, neo keeping. You in your flow no. Matter how you work create. And learn. Windows. Has always been. About productivity, and now. We, take that to another level on dual, screens. First. We're. Very familiar here, we've, got search I've got my apps my websites and all, my stuff I can. Get going quickly anywhere. When. I launch an app, it.

Launches, On the side of the device in which I invoked it and, inviting. Me to launch another application, on the right side of the device so I can cross-reference information. Or even, multitask. But. There are moments in my flow where, I want to be focused exclusively on, one, experience, in. Most, cases it's. Very simple, to take this using. An interaction, we call spanning, and I, can span the application, across the two screens. Neah. Reflows. The app across the two screens and, optimizes. The layout giving, me the focus I need, also. To note Windows. 10x running, on neo supports. The breadth of Windows applications, including. Office so, that I always have, the apps that I rely on. Okay. So. As I'm. Going through my mail I come, across a link. Watch. What happens as, I. Tap this you. Will notice that it, launches on a second screen keeping. Me in my flow I can, now view that website, or continue. To go through my mail. Postures. Or the different, postures, and the different positions that we're in during the day really. Do matter as you, transition throughout your day with neo your. Experiences, follow you and intuitive, ways and help, you stay in flow. There. Are many times in my day where I need to send a longer reply or edit a word document and. For. That I need a real keyboard. Panos. Talk to you about the elegance, of the hardware keyboard it. Magnetically, attaches, it's wirelessly. Charging, and it's, always there when, I need it but. Watch this, the, magic is really when we marry that with, the software. Look. At what neo does did you see that it recognized, the keyboard, and it. Revealed the, wunderbar, the. Wunderbar is another powerful, tool that, helps you be even more creative and more productive, it, gives you rich expressive, input it. Even gives me a full trackpad, for. Mouse and cursor input and it. Gives me the ability to ink right, on there. Neo. Delivers, the widest, range of flexible, postures. Helps. You to be productive wherever, you are go. Ahead and pick up the pen and take notes in the book posture, add. The keyboard, for full laptop, capabilities. Including. A mouse need. Even more screen, pull. Off the Bluetooth keyboard set, it in front of you and use, the power of those two screens neo, is ready for you now. Let's. Be honest I think. We all love to watch binge, watch our Netflix shows. So. I'm gonna get one playing here for us. When. We're in the middle of watching these shows sometimes. Inspiration. Strikes or we reminded, that we have something we need to get done. You. Can do that here. What. I'm gonna do with. The pet with the ease of interactions. In Windows 10 X and the, presence, of the second screen on surface neo I. Can. Move my content, to, the second screen. This. Allows me to stay in full productivity, and get my work done. Neo. Keeps you in your flow no. Matter how you work create. And learn, I hope. You've all enjoyed this first look at, a. Few of the new experiences. All powered, by Windows 10x on surface, neo which, is coming to you holiday, 2020, thank, you very much. Thank. You Karmen it is amazing, to see the company coming together to create new experiences now, you saw the hardware evolve you saw the software evolve let's. Take a minute and talk about how the silicon has to evolve to make a product like this to come together in. This product is a brand new processor, created, by Intel called the Intel Lakefield processor, it's. A hybrid, CPU it's the first of its kind with an 11th gen graphics engine design specifically. For this product, for dual screens, and. They. Reduce the silicon footprint, so. Much that we only have to use half the, size of a regular PCB, so how do you get a product that thin 5.3. Millimeters on each side or 5.4, it's, the work that the teams do together between the hardware the silicon and all the way through Windows that comes together to make something like this come together it, all supports not only the thinness of the device but, the weight of it and the power, of it it's, incredible, work that the teams all do together to bring products like this to life. Now. Neo is not only the next new surface it's the next category. Now. With 2 gorgeous screens. Bringing. Together the best of Microsoft, from windows office to teams through. Azure and. It all comes together on this single beautiful device, it's. The device that puts you at the center it adapts to who you are I really. Can't wait I can't wait for you to experience it and, showed you kind of early but I can't wait but. We do need to get it into developers, hands as soon as possible, we know that we. Know that magical, experiences, are to come off this products and when you can get it next holiday it will, be perfect. What. Do you think of what you saw today. I like, that I liked. It too. The. Way I think about what you saw today was a symphony, of devices, coming together. Connecting. Us connecting, each other even, connecting the devices. Really. Felt like it was that I, want. To say thank you.

So. Thank you. Alright. We're. Not done. If. This was a symphony. It'd. Be missing one. Instrument. That's. What will be happening. And. I read your tweets and I saw the leaks and I read. The websites I got that good job you guys did your job everyone in here did their job you, got it all right except for one thing, take. A look. Oh. Sometimes. I. Get a good feeling yeah. I get. A fit that I'm, and I never, never happy, phone don't, know. Hello. Tell. You right now I. Really. Do believe that. Something's. Got a hold on me here. Southern's, home. Let. Me turn now I've. Got, a feeling, it's, so strange. Everything. Seems. To have changed. Got. A brand new wall, I even, saw later. When, I talk. Oh. I. Am. Pretty. Excited to show this to you. Yeah, this is me excited there. This. Is surface 2. I'm. Super clear I'm. Super clear you're gonna talk about this you're gonna talk about as a phone and and, I get that and you're gonna talk about it as a communication device and it does, both. Those things incredibly, well for sure for. Sure you can text you can write you can do what you want. But. Make no mistake. This. Product is a surface. How. Beautiful, how beautiful is, this product not. Just cuz of the hardware not just cuz of the hardware nope no no no but. Because I'm productive you can be on it the. Premium, fit finish. The. Thinness. Pretty. Incredible. All. The adaptable, postures, you. Saw on surface, neo enabled right here by that same 362. 5c, 365. Degree hinge, the. Two side by side. 5.6. Inch displays, come together in, an incredibly. Powerful, way enabling. Every, single, one, of the postures, you see there. And. This. Product brings together the, absolute, best of Microsoft. And. We're partnering with Google. To. Bring together the absolute. Best of Android, into, one product. That. Unique, design, ethos and innovation. That, surface, brings. With, every, single app in the Android ecosystem, this. This. Is. Industry. Pushing technology. And, its. Technology. Pushing. Possibilities. People. Need to use their phones to be more productive. But. Phones have their limits. Think. About starting a mail, an. Important. Mail. And. Then. Finishing, it on your PC. Ever done that. What. About when you're on a video call, and. Your. Ass to question, maybe what time's the game what. Time are you gonna be home for dinner what is your schedule say when's, the next meeting. What's. The score and your fantasy, matchup. What. Do you do. You. Get out of the video call. You. Lose the thing we talked about that might be the most powerful thing on the planet which is human connection, you. Blur your screen, and you, go get the information, you're. Also context. Switching your. Working memory is flushing your, right out of your flow. Or. Sometimes you pull data from one app and. Yet, to put it in another you. Switch between those apps maybe, a frequent flyer number or an address, or. Maybe just trying to get an address into your maps. But. What if you could just push a button and two screens would light up with the two apps you wanted. We. Absolutely, know, scientifically. That you will be more productive on two, screens. Much. More than one screen ever could, do. But. It has to be elegant it. Has to fit in your pop it. Has to be robust it, has to fit in your bag and, it's. Not just more real estate you need it's, not it's. Defined, real estate its. Structure, and the way the mind takes it that. Seam down the middle lights, the product up in ways that. Are almost impossible to. Explain because you have to, feel it and that. Space drives. You into flow and. The. Opportunity, that I'm most excited about. Announcing. This product early is.

Fundamentally. Bringing. Developers, along with us, creating. Api's that. Create magical, experiences, it, cost dual screens. The. Idea that you can do two tasks, in context, switch with ease without losing focus. This. This. Is a powerful product. This. Will come, holiday. 2020. We. Are excited, to see what you will do with dual screen devices both across, windows and. Across. Android. And. We're, even more excited of how developers. Will. Create in lighten apps and, experiences. Across. Both dual in neo, on any. Platform. We. Showed you today where. Surface and Microsoft, are. We're. Also showing, you. Where. We're going. But. There is one person who, can bring all this together. Beautifully. It. Wou

2019-10-05 09:35

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that an event deserve a title "driven by innovation " ;)

Steve is turning in his grave and I'm loving it.


If was very doubtful about the new product line from Microsoft but... What i saw here at this event took me back to the Steve Jobs’s days of presentation! The personality, the involvement, the going into the public ...and really showing your products centimetres away from the crowd! Well...take that Apple! Not only are the products much more attractive, the details and “feel” is so special! Also the presentation from all the speakers is so much more professional and personal compared to the “robot” speeches from the last Apple event in September (except for Phil Schiller who also brings the presentations to life!). My conclusion: I really hope that Microsoft succeeds with their newest product line and I also hope that Tim Cook learns from this! If Apple does not react promptly with “really” new products I guess Microsoft will beat them In the long run!

Robin Seiler has thicc thighs

I dunno, 16Gb of memory, and an i7 cost to me 2999Euros, like a Ford Fiesta. I can-t afford a Wall Piano, i only have a guitar with 2 cords. If i have to pay that price to be able to work, i better learn to play the flute. Wot is that bevel in the center of the dual screen device? Wowow LTE ? 5G ? Why i have to open my device to know who is calling? I have more questions than answers. Specs = 0 The feeelingggggs the feeelling the feeellinggggggs and the flow = IGN 11/10

1:12:46 that dude with a yellow phone doesn’t deserve a front-row seat. Such a rude!

I am amazed on how advanced everythig sounds and I just look here into my Country (Germany) and see how far behind we seem to be

Panos Panay next Steve Jobs...

Not perfect, maybe I will elaborate later.

23:14 -> "3x powerful than Macbook air ? I don't think you'd clap for that". I don't understand, comparing with the weakest member of the Apple lineup ?

This man has mastered the skills of presentation. I am fascinated. The presentation is so captivating.

Get Panos a million dollar raise, best tech presenter of this generation.

That Microsoft duo came out of nowhere. Great job Microsoft. Where is the main camera for the Surface Duo.

Is it possible to have surface in the Philippines?

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