8 Failed Federation Experiments

8 Failed Federation Experiments

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The. United, Federation of, Planets stands, for the progress of all its member worlds, through unity, and the pushing of boundaries both scientific, and exploratory. For. This reason, and common, good the many research, arms of Starfleet, in the Federation have experimented. With all sorts of technologies, and created, many marvellous, feats such as the warp drive transporters. And replicators. But. There is also a long, list of failed, experiments. And creations. Too dangerous, to ever be used again. Hi. Rick here and I thought I'd put together a list of eight of the Federation's, failed, experiments. Whether, through folly ignorance, or misguided ethics, first, off some ground rules these. Experiments, have to have been conducted, by a federation, world, Starfleet's. Or at the very least have, a Starfleet, blessing, secondly. They have to have failed or been suspended, so, for this reason the USS, excelsior great. Experiment. Of transwarp, in, 2285. Will, not be on this list as we, never get official, confirmation that. It failed entirely. And I, will be ranking these in order of fatalities. Cause. This. May, not be a complete list, but, these are the ones that stood out to me the most so. Starting, off at number eight with. A great, outcome, of zero casualties but. A potential, for exploration, matched, only by its potential, for disaster we. Have the transwarp, experiments. Often. 2364. Where. The USS, Enterprise NCC, won 701 D is catapulted. Across the universe, to, the m33. Triangulum. Galaxy and, then, to a realm where thought and physics are one the. Experiment, itself was led by specialists kasinski whose, antimatter, equations, had improved the warp, factor of several Starfleet, vessels in. Reality. This increase, in propulsion, was achieved by the influence, of a mysterious, entity known, simply as the traveler, who could seemingly, manipulate, space-time with his thoughts alone though. It required a great deal of effort on his part, he could even explore other realities. Thankfully. The traveler, seems, benign, and simply wished to, aid or, maybe simply observe Starfleet, personnel, eventually. Singling, out a young Wesley Crusher as a being with a mind capable of Sunday understanding. How the traveler, operated, this, project, was shelved with the reveal of the travelers true nature, and the realization, that Kaczynski's, alterations, only ever produced, a marginal, increase in efficiency guy. Was an ass anyway. Starfleet's. Obsession, with faster. And faster speeds, is understandable. As arguably. The majority, of its purpose is to boldly, go where no one has gone before. And you, can boldly go a lot more places if it gets done faster, so. The number, seven spot on this list goes, to lieutenant Tom Paris, and that, episode of Star Trek Voyager, you. Know the. One that upsets the entire warp scale and what do we know of evolution, in one fell swoop in 2372. The. Crew of the USS Voyager, in CC seven four six five six discovers. A new form of dilithium that's, allowed for higher and higher warp, velocities, inching. Ever closer, to the elusive warp 10 threshold, the theoretical, maximum, warp speed of infinite. Velocity as the ship, was stranded in the Delta Quadrant and facing a 70 year journey back to earth, Harry slept, at the chance to test this new dilithium after. Several promising, simulations, he was given the go-ahead from Captain Janeway to perform a manned test in a class two shuttle named, Cochrane, he. Seemingly, achieves, the unobtainable. Velocity. Of something like it as the shuttles that senses logs were filled to capacity with, readings from all over the galaxy, Paris himself, was rendered, unconscious, by the experiment, but seems to have suffered no ill effects, soon, after, we get a glimpse into treks version of body horror as Paris, begins to slowly mutate, sorry.

Hyper, Evolved, into. A potential. Future human form this, form ends, up resembling, a land. Catfish. And fibia sting but, not before he steals away Captain, Janeway in a delirium, and takes the Cochrane out for another spin, eventually. The, missing, two officers, were located. Both having, fully mutated, and had, even. Reproduced, but, fortunately, this experiment. Resulted, in no casualties, and the process was reversible, with the two restored, humans, having no recollection of the events, well. No, casualties, except. The three lizard babies who are probably going to die without their parents on some forgotten world, lost in the Delta Quadrant Paris's, warp ten program was shelved for the unavoidable mute, if effects, it seems to have and this episode, often. Cited, as one of the worst offenders, to continuity, and pre-existing, Canon I'd, scrapped it for the second part alone hyper. Evolved, my ass moving. On often. It's the best of intentions. That can breed the worst outcomes, one, such device was designed to bring life to barren. Worlds, but in the wrong hands would lay waste to, a world even, destroying, it entirely, the. Genesis device was, the shake-and-bake. Of terraforming, with a lifeless, planet's components. Broken, down and utilized, in a complex, matrix to, form the building blocks of a habitable Class, M world, the. Project was headed by a dr. Carol Marcus and assisted, by her and James Kirk's son David, Marcus this. Is the first project on the list to be kept secret from the general public and with. Good reason the concern, comes pretty. Much from, the first part of this Genesis, you see the probe will destroy, whatever environment was present on the planet before, it was deployed in its runaway, reaction before. Replacing it with a new one the, device was stolen, and used, by Khan Noonien Singh, where, it utilized, the components, of the guitar and nebula to form a whole new world and a whole new Fantastic. Point of view. The. Planet dubbed, the Genesis planets was completely. Unstable, attributed. To the protomatter, used that the devices call and although. Life teamed across its surface the planet eventually. Tore itself apart the, federation had set out to create an engine. Of life and, ultimately just. Built a new way to destroy, a planet this. Is how the Klingons, saw it too which led to several, war, in the attempted, procurement, of the research, the, death of David Marcus and indirectly, the destruction, of the USS Enterprise. Unsurprisingly. This project, was cancelled, after these events but, in apocryphal, content, some of the technologies, were salvaged, and used, in watered-down. Versions. Of terraforming, programs, so, not a complete, waste, still, it ranks higher on my list for the sheer destructive, potential. At. Number 5 we have another classified, one and the, first on the list with, direct, casualties. In. 2311. The United, Federation of Planets and, the Romulan, Star Empire signed. The Treaty of Alderaan, which, officially, established, new neutral zone territories, between the two powers and effectively, established, a peace between, the two enemies States one. Of its directives, stated, the United, Federation of Planets was, not to pursue the development of starship, cloaking, technology a, means. By which a vessel could hide from senses, and view to conduct, reconnaissance, in. 2358, Starfleet. Seemed to bend if, not downright break. This article, by attempting to create a phasing cloaking. Device I've, done a video on interphase. Before, but, suffice to say a phase, cloak and a regular, cloak are different, technologies but produce similar effects, this, project, was headed by a Starfleet, intelligence and, tested. On the research vessel the USS Pegasus, under, the command of Captain, Pressman, the, cloak would produce a phase effect to, bring the ship out of phase with the solid matter both, leading to light outside of, the field passing, through it and more, impressively, solid. Matter the device was field tested aboard.

The Oberth class vessel, and the, crew unaware. Of the experiment, until that moment mutiny. Against, Pressman, led by the XO, during. The ensuing skirmish, seven, crew members including the captain and, an, ensign, William Riker escaped. However, a malfunction, caused, the ship to lose control, and it was seemingly destroyed along, with all hands, in. 2370. Admiral, Pressman, took the USS, Enterprise, c17, o1d, on a mission to locate the remains of the USS Pegasus, and the clandestine, experiment. Was revealed, to the dismay of Captain, Picard and the Romulan Star Empire the. Project officially, canceled 12 years earlier was made public along, with the political fallout from the violation of the treaty on the Federation's, end and the. Oberth ship has a crew, complement, of up to 80 personnel. And only, seven survived, we. Can estimate the death toll at around 73. Starfleet, officers, honestly. The Treaty of all Garron is a sucky, deal for the Federation but it did maintain, the peace, despite, the Romulans, constantly. Looking for a justification, to break it the. Next one on my list is, actually, a bit of an odd one and you may wish to drop, it a rung as technically. It has a death count of zero or. Approximately. 124, 240. O Voyager, what did you do this time in. 2374. The USS, Voyager was making, its way lazily, back home when, it encountered, the dogless a fictional, Starfleet vessel that was equipped with the quantum, slipstream drive. Another. Method of faster, than warp travel, the. Ship turned out to be too good to be true but Voyager. Did escape with some pretty detailed scans, of the drive and later, that year they managed to replicate, the technology, this. Form, of travel allows, for greater speeds, than traditional, warp drive and brings, a ship into a slipstream of quantum, energy I have, no, idea. What that means but it makes them go. Testing. Of the device seemed of promising, but necessitated. The use of a shuttlecraft, to fly in front of the intrepid starship, to relay phase variants, calculations, back, to the mothership failing. To do so would drop these ships out of the slipstream, or violently. Explode, the drive this. Is exactly, what comes to pass leading, to, Voyager crashing, on an icy planet in the Takara sector, on the border of the Alpha Quadrant all aboard. Are killed the, shuttle piloted, by ensign Harry Kim and Commander Chakotay make, it back to Starfleet with the bad news and. Spent the remainder of their life trying to undo, the mistake caused by, an incorrect calculation. They, fix the issue and drop the voyager out of slipstream, moments, before the accident occurs thereby, changing, history so, this project was put on ice for the. Near-death it caused for the crew of the USS Voyager, a crew, complement, of around 120 for, 240. Ish, depending. On the amount of Maquis, recruited, still a lot of people and technically, it did fail before. It didn't, look my. Point is when you have the results to tie in travel to get a project to work you, goofed up somewhere this. Technology, is still far, too valuable to, abandon altogether. However and here's. Hoping that after the return of the Voyager to the Alpha Quadrant it, was one of the many intriguing technologies, that Starfleet, got to play with still. Due, to a lack of resources to perfect, and the potential, for catastrophe. The, quantum, slipstream project. Was, mothballed for, now. Next. Up is that, what. My, screen. Damn. It, look. Not now task. Manager and, process. There the. Omega directive, the. Omega particle, is a subatomic little, bubble of energy, with enough power to fuel a starship, a single molecule has, the power of a warp core and, some, even theorize that this, little ball of energy was responsible, for the Big Bang however. The particle is nearly impossible to synthesize and, even. When it is created, it is unstable, and detonates. Starfleet. Was researching, this potential, energy source, around. 2268. At, a classified, research facility. In an entire sector, a team, of 127. Scientists. And researchers led, by dr., ben des cataract, were able to synthesize, a molecule after. Decades of theorizing and attempts, it, immediately. Destabilized. And exploded. The, Omega effect rips, through subspace, destroying. It as well, as the very physical, effects of destruction. That rippled across the system seven. Light-years. Of space or. A by the blast and due to the damage to subspace, no. Warp travel is possible in the system, nor. FTL, communications. A single. Molecule did, this so. Starfleet. Classified, all knowledge, of the Omega particle, and placed a standing, order to all captains that any Omega. Molecule, was detected, were, to be disposed, of by a specialized, team, this. Single, incident, created, a directive. That surpassed, all others, and is, kept a complete, secret, from, anyone below the rank of captain, even. The prime directive can. Be overruled. So great is the potential, danger, of Omega.

The. Irony, is that Omega. Molecules, can, be stabilized. But it seems to only do, so in large quantities. Meaning. That the amount needed to create a stable energy source would, likely, be a galaxy. Spanning, explosion. If it went bad, within. The Federation however. Cataracts. Experiment, cost, 127. Lives but. It was the knowledge of such, a tantalizing. Prize that. Was the real lasting, damage at, number. Two based. Solely, on the number of deaths it directly, caused, is. The infamous, displacement. Activated, spore hub drive this. Frankly. Insane sounding, technology, attempts, to utilize a form, of interphasic, proto. Taxi tease a celebratory, to, connect a ship to the mycelial, network that spans out, of phase throughout the galaxy this, drive, was the brainchild of doctors. Paul Stamets, and Justin. Strahl - Astro mycologists. In Starfleet, who, are where to begin I've. Delved into why these spore drive was shelved before, but here's a summary, first. Off the drive required, the creation of a whole new class of vessel with the Crossfield class and only, two were made the USS, Glenn in CC 1030. And the USS discovery 1031. This, is already, a massive, resource investment, for Starfleet then. It becomes apparent that a ship's computer, no matter how advanced, cannot. Process, the information required, to navigate, to the mycelial, Network so an organic pilot is necessary, this. In, turn means that you either have to genetically. Modify a human, to be able to do this which goes against, Federation, law or, enslave, a possibly, sentient space tardigrade, to do the work for you also, not very Federation, on top. Of this multiple, instances, of temporal, and spatial anomalies, the, destruction. Of another life-forms, native habitat and the, accidental. Dimension-hopping, all, contribute, to this project being halted despite, working. Oh. And. The. Deaths the. USS Glen's entire, crew complement, of 136. Was completely. Wiped out when, they exited, a jump into, a Hawking radiation firewall. Which, created, the dimension, braking engine to spin. Out as statments, puts it basically. The ship was spun around really, really fast and it splattered, the crew everywhere, along, with twisting, them on a dimensional. Level this on its own puts the fatality count at, higher than, the Omega, experiment. But. Then, it was officially. Reported to, Starfleet that the USS, discovery, and CEC, 1:03. 1 had suffered, a spore, drive related. Explosion. So, at that point official, records list about. 272. Spore. Drive related, deaths, dwarfing. All but one other on this list. At. Number one, we, have the creation of the, marshmallow dispenser. From Star Trek 5 not joking at number, one we, have the first, simulated. Wargame, test of the m5, computer. Oh, Dickey. Days from what did you do. The. Multitronic, unit, version, 5 was created, by dr. richard, dave strim and field. Tested in 2268. Aboard the USS Enterprise NCC, 1 701, the. Aim was to produce an, advanced. Computer system, that could react logically, and command a starship, in lieu of a crew the. M5, was the first working prototype and modeled, on the memory engrams, of its creator the. Crew of the enterprise was. Joost to 20 personnel, and the tests began, pitting it against, multiple, situations, culminating. In a wargames simulation. Against four other constitution. Class vessels, each with, a full crew complement, things. Started. Going wrong when the m5. Accidentally. Killed, one of the Enterprise, crew though this was dismissed, by, de strim as, unintentional. And that, the crewmen simply got in the way however. All, notion, of continuing. With the multitronic, computer, project, was dropped when, the m5, completely. Usurped, control, of the USS Enterprise and, engaged, the other Constitution. Vessels at full power while, they were prepared, for simulated. Combat, taking. The USS, Excalibur, by surprise. The m5, killed, all aboard the vessel around. 400, to 430. Souls based, on Kirk's estimates, and the, full complement, of a constitution. Class. Unsurprisingly. This. Led to the termination of the program the, m5, and de strim himself, was committed, to a mental facility, to recover, from the experience. It. Was seen, by many as an, attempt from a renowned programmer, to capture. Lightning in the bottle twice and he, was given so much operational. Leniency, as he, was the man who effectively. Pioneered, Federation, starship computers, as we, know them this. Project, as far as I can tell has seen the single, greatest direct. Loss of life due, to a failed Federation, founded experiment. So. Can you think of any others, that I missed I can, think of a few but. These are the ones that had the plug pulled for, their failures. There. Were many transporter. Accidents, and the like but, transporters. For the most part are, a successful. Technology employed, by hundreds, of species warp. Drive too is, damaging. To subspace, but, Starfleet, has been taking steps to combat the damage ever since it was discovered and warp.

Drive Never failed. As, a concept, so. What do you think disagree. With my list or think that the Omega, directive should be at the top. Let, me know below, and, thank. You for watching I've. Been, Rick and until. Next up the whole K G's, fine, oh you. Know what one of you guys can take care of it I've I got the last one goodbye.

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Shouldn't the pilot wave be on this list?

The ultimate computer is my favourite episode of Star Trek the original series

Number two is part of Star Trek Discovery and thus is not Star Trek ... nothing in STD is Cannon and should not be counted.... Stupid decision ..... STD is not Star Trek

Remember kids, red ones go faster.

I love that you mention the spore hub drive from Discovery........ that was def so against Starfleet regulations.....squandering resources and even enslaving species.......and this was the reason why I didnt like the new Star Trek - Kelvin universe

Spore drive? Why have I never heard of this? Oh, it's from that non-cannon series! Nevermind!

Those are Rookie numbers

There are a few more from TNG, like Wesley's nanites, and the experiment by the guy who spent his whole life working and waiting for his one moment to do the experiment - there were deaths I the latter at least. ( There was a DS9 episode with a terriformer who then... but despite his death it was not a failure.. and TNG with the terriforming experiment that killed the local micro brain, and several scientists but that was not a technology that failed, just bad choice of planet...), it was mentioned above, but the Equinox experiment definitely should count.

Number 8 wasn't an experiment by the Federation.... It was an accident..... Yes that dude was a complete ass

"Transwarp" actually means several things in star trek, it can mean transwarp conduits, it can mean faster than warp 10 outside a conduit, but in the case of the Excelsior, it was meant as the ability to directly jump to a warp factor rather than having to accelerate through lower factors.

If you allow for some philosophical arguments, the common transporter techically kills everyone who uses it and generates a faximile (a la Thomas Riker) on the other end. So potentially, everyone from every civilization in Star Trek has been killed (multiple times).

there was that TNG episode during the Dr. Pulaski era where a bunch of scientists genetically engineered their children into super-humans that became deadly to ordinary humans

#2: Not canon. Besides, how can they be Crossfield-class starships? Neither of them is named "Crossfield". They should be Glenn-class starships. A class of starships (like regular ships) is named after the first vessel of the class that is commissioned even if that boat is not first off the launch. This is how bad STD is. They've made it unacceptable at almost every level.

Man star trek onlines ships are crisp as fuuk looking.

Wouldn't the crew of USS Grissom count as casualities for the Genesis device as well seeing as they wouldn't have been killed if not for the device existing (granted they weren't directly killed by the device but rather killed by someone wanting the device).


8. Transwarp experiments: Scotty was right about the "bucket of bolts." 7. U.S.S. Voyager's Warp 10 trials: Evolution gone wild. 6. Project Genesis: Protomatter mess. 5. Phasic cloaking device allows a Starship to hide inside a planet: Unstable device. 4. Quantum Slipstream drive: Can destroy a ship if it falls out of the slipstream. 3. The Omega Project: Unstable particle renders FTL travel/communication impossible in a given area. 2. Spore-Hub drive: Human or Alien pilot required. Unexpected events and deaths. 1. Mulritronic war game computer: A computer malfunction killed a ship's crew.

Why are you using garbage from faketrek?

And what about the computer of Section 31?I mean this AI wanted to rule the galaxy,started a war and destroyed many vessels of the Federation and the discovery must use time travel to escape??!?!

Just a correction ... warp drive was invented before the Federation existed ... etc.

That's crazy the computer killed allot of people.

The only thing hotter in the Kelvin timeline was Dr. Marcus and a lot of motion blur.

Did I miss something? No. 6, the Genesis Device, the Reliant was destroyed, not the Enterprise.

insta like for the omega part :)))

Could the transphasic torpedoes be fired when phase-cloaked to hit normal object?

I feel like section 31 would definitely try this one out

You forgot for #6 the destruction of the science vessel USS Grissom and it's crew as casualties in the Genesis experiment when The klingons attacked and destroyed the vessel. ..

There were some short story anthologies with each story set in a different timeline that was based off a major event related to one of the TV series changing. The Original Series story was set in a timeline where Spock died as a child, a timeline we actually saw briefly in an episode to The Animated Series. In that timeline it was eventually discovered that Genesis would have worked fine if the device had been deployed on a moon or planet rather then a cloud of dust and gas. The amount of protomatter would have proportionately small enough that it would have rendered the world class M then gone inert if memory serves.

Bio-tech experiments should be counted here too, so I nominate the genetic engineering experiments carried out at Darwin station to create a group of perfect psychic children with super-immune systems, but ended up accidentally creating a virus that rapidly aged people to death. Aside from the loss of life when said age virus killed the entire crew of a Miranda class starship, the whole experiment should have been illegal from the start, since it broke Federation Law on eugenics and genetic engineering.

Wouldn't Section 31's Control fall under this list?

the omega particle should be at the top it wiped out a entire planet in voyager.

Though it was only a moon with a research base.

not that I'm well-versed in ST lore to actually have a proper shot at this, but out of the top of my head, I'm going to guess few things on this list: - transwarp - long-range transporter - spore drive (even though they have it in a different timeline, but fuck me if I have any idea how all of those STDisease timelines fit with the proper ones) - some Bashir's experimental one-time-used treatment for something that ocurred in DS9 ...and that's all I've got, probably. EDIT at 1:00 ... DAMMIT, MUH TRANSWARP! =D EDIT 2: Oh yeah, when I wrote transwarp, I actually meant that phase cloak... =D

The federation didn’t invent the warp drive. Cmon man. They even made an entire movie centered around it.

#6 you forgot to mention the loss of the transport, and the USS Grissolm

+Jeff Housen The Transport aka Freighter at the beginning of ST 3 that Capt. Krugh's spy was on that he destroyed

transport? there was only Reliant Enterprise Grissom the Klingon bird of prey as the main contenders, am I missing a ship here

There more than likely are scenarios that are not on film and are in books that have a greater toll. I don't know if you would consider the Metaphasic Particle Project from Star Trek Insurrection to be on your list, it was the project that had the Federation having a joint task force with the Son'a which had to potential to destroy all life on planets surface by extracting the metaphasic particles from the planets rings by causing a thermolytic reaction making the planet uninhabitable for decades. Without interference from the USS Enterprise E or Commander Data, this project had the blessing of the Federation to violate the Prime Directive and to only relocate the humanoid inhabitants of the planet, this is also the only case of the Federation willing cause the destruction of a planet.

Considering Prime is completely different canon, the true Star Trek is safe from dragon ball level of power progressing and stupidity.

There's only 1 canon (called Star Trek) but there are different continuities within it.


It's phasing, not phasic.

Discovery isn't star trek.

FUUUUUUCK this dumbdumb and anyone who tries to tell you that DIS isn't 'canon' or 'prime', it absolutely is. This is the same asshole who would've told you not to watch Enterprise in 01 or TNG in 87. It's ALL canon, and they literally showed Pike's clips from TOS to show it was the same timeline. Love and enjoy ALL Trek.

What about the Trans-wave experiment that came close to destroying an entire planet

+Bernard Gilbert No, there is an episode of ST: TNG where The Enterprise participates in an experiment that involves an instillation generating a "trans-wave". This wave pushes a vessel to warp without the need for a Warp Drive the idea being that the wave dissipates, the ship drops out of warp, and coasts to it's destination under impulse. However things go sideways and instead of dissipating the wave begins growing exponentially (insert technobable here) threatening to destroy a planet The Enterprise was supposed to travel to as part of the test.

Are you talking about the _Genesis Wave_ books?

What game?

Discovery doesn't count as a star trek series.

Failed? How so? Seriously! I saw the thumbnail and figured I HAAVE TO out my two sense in. I will wait to see, dahh! There it is! Failed because Starfleet chicken shitted out! Nevrrmind! LMAO!

ahem, control ?

Do the augmented humans not count due to being too early in history?

I think it would be too early. This seems to be a list more geared towards Federation experiments, and the "original" augments would be Earth-specific, even though it did give us the smooth-forehead Klingons and the banning of genetically-engineered individuals from serving in Starfleet (as established in the DS9 episode "Dr. Bashir, I Presume?").

Spinning until you are splattered like a bug is a bad way to go.

#2 should just be deleted, as it was RIPPED off from another author. In fact ALL of STD should just be never spoken of ever again.

What about coaxial warp???

Seems stupid to prepare for simulations against an AI without boosting your shields and being very careful.

This was impressive. The time it took alone!

DSC: Section 31's Threat Assessment System Control could have made this list... If only we had a better idea of the scope of it's murderous rampage at the end of season 2.

even if they where a advanced civilisation, the federation would never abandon a potential project, because in that time, the amount of people and resources they can push towards developing sad project, is far greater then ever before, so the federation just abandons projects, because a few people die, yeh right.

Don't forget "Data's Dildo" (hundreds died)...

In surprised no-one mentioned doctor Mannheim yet. We'll always have Paris? rift causing time jumps,loops and skips for several light years?

What about control? The section 31 AI was responsible for a lot of deaths.

That wasnt an experiment.

The Marshmallow dispenser is the worst. One accidentally was dropped when they came back for the whales. It was found in Golden Gate Park by some filthy hippie in 2023. He reversed engineered it and mass produced it. Allowing people to have an endless supply of marshmallows created an obesity and diabetes worldwide epidemic. People started just putting them on everything, burgers, tacos, steak, fish. Then they just started to just eat nothing but the marshmallows. Humanity almost was wiped out. The death toll by 2030 was over 4 billion. Finally there was a global accord to outlaw the device and make it punishable by death to possess or try to sell one. Scientists then figured out how to make the device produce cocaine, and then the rest of humanity was wiped out. Genocide. 6 billion lives lost. The marshmallow dispenser.

15:15 Actually The Data there is a bit faulty Only 2 Vessels of the Crossfield Class carried the Spore drive EquipmentThe Glen and Discovery, But Those Weren’t the only 2 Starships of the Class, The USS Crossfield NCC-1026 and The USS Andromeda NCC-1047 were also Crossfield Class. The Glenn and Discovery Were the Only 2 Ships of the Class Lost Unfortunately, and Besides The Crossfield The Glenn and Discovery had 1 Older Sister ship,

At the end you mentioned that warp drive damaged subspace, but the Omega Particle episode of Voyager had Janeway admitting that was a clever bit of Federation propaganda to provide cover for the true nature of the Omega Particle experiments. In truth, warp travel faster than warp 5 shouldn't have any damaging effect on subspace, just where it was already scarred by the Omega Particle.

The Spore Drive really didn't feel like a failure at all though, Since the pretty much did perfect it with the Discovery. I feel like what's more likely is that Q just showed up and said "This is going to ruin all the fun I have with Janeway >:( Shut it down now"

Number one on your list actually gets revisited with the creation of "Control" which seized control of all Section 31 ships and threatened to destroy all life in the universe. Starfleet agreed to never use that level of A.I. ever again.

With the regular one thing the other boffins were killed by Khan.

You've forgot Metaphasic shielding, even though discovered by a Ferengi. Who was subsequently murdered(one death). Plus Beverly Crusher killed the murderer (two death). Later Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge "rediscovered(took it) the technology to lure and destroy some Borg. Let's put those death in tens of thousands. :)

The technology worked though and the deaths were not related to a failure of the experiment

The 2260’s seemed like a boon year for mad scientist.

Hey does anybody else I think that the sphere from Star Trek Disco was a super Advanced Borg sphere that was trying to share its accomplishments with the past Borg? Also imagine if the Borg ever found out and gained access to the mycelium Network. 100% they were try to assimilate it

Nope. that thing was a Brethren Moon...

Was there not, presumably, a USS Crossfield?

I would really like an A-canon explanation at some point as to what it was the Romulans had to give up in order to get that cloaking ban into the treaty. Not even the Federation of TNG Seasons 1 and 2 would've been stupid enough to just offer that on their own or give it up without a fight.

To this day Klingons sing cautionary songs about the sheer devastation caused by the automated marshmellow dispenser.

Science is the idea that worked, also I think that the Exelsiors "transwarp" drive eventually became TNG era warp drive, and the Genesis device went wayyy above and beyond its original intent temporarily making a habitable planet from nebula gas and never got to be tested on an actual planet.

With the Genesis device, later non-canon works would indicate that the only reason it failed was because it tried to do too much and create an entire planet, instead of simply terrraforming the surface of an already-existing planet or moon.

Give that Daystrom was mentally unsound at the time he build the M5, doesn't that represent its only major flaw? that if someone one more sable, say the star-ship captains it was intended to replace, were used as a programming template, it would have worked? Aside it wanting to screw every alien woman it came across. If they used Kirk that is.

12:58 Dr. Bendes Ketteract & her daughter Tess.

Omega should be the number 1 failed Federation experiment project. It was a better episode than the Ultimate Computer

Yes, in some ways the Omega particle should be higher. Even though it (to the best of our knowledge) didn't produce the highest body count of items on this list, it did have the farthest-reaching consequences, since the item itself not only can have devastating effects, but the Omega Directive (the rule put in place to handle any future contact with it; no other item on the list caused the creation of any sort of rule to address future contacts with said item) supersedes virtually every other rule and law on the Federation's books, even the Prime Directive itself.

Quantum Slipstream Omega Particle Transphasic Genesis Tardigrade Drive. Destroys entire universe. Uh, oh...

The expanded universe suggests that it was the Genesis Device being used in a nebula rather than an existing planet that ultimately caused the break down rather than the protomatter itself.

Though in Trek most novels have always been considered non-canon, so that's why I imagine that such info wasn't listed here.

Does Spock's using of red matter to stop a supernova and destroying Romulus in the process count?

But the red matter works (it can create a black hole). Romulus was destroyed because Spock was too late.

Number 5 was also responsible for ruining the last episode of Enterprise.

On number 7, I mean TNG said that Barclay descended from spiders.

Amusing that you list the Slipstream drive as failed, then show STO ships using it all over the place. :-)

Voyager's slipstream experiment failed due to the lack of proper supervision and facilities available to conduct such experiments safely. That doesn't mean the technology failed and development could never be attempted in future. Just that it had to wait for Voyager to get in touch with Starfleet to pass their scans on to someone in a position to investigate the technology in a controlled and safe environment. Which STO seems to imply they did.

Marshmallow dispenser lol Yes millions of fans were harmed

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