5G Is The Future And That Is Frightening!

5G Is The Future And That Is Frightening!

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Welcome. Back beautiful and amazing human beings this is Ogonowski oh we are changed alert here in Acapulco, Mexico and today we are joined by the one and only philosopher. Researcher, max. Egan, and we're, gonna be getting into a lot of very interesting, topics, in this, video with regarding 5g, regarding, people's emotional, states and pretty much as you told me yesterday how life. Is just pretty much a big old emotional, mirror and. So. A bit a hippie a bit of technological. Technocratic, talk but I think the most important aspect that I think we could get into and you're very eloquent, when you describe, this you've been talking about this for a number of years now you're very kind of clairvoyant, you've been right on the money so, many times but the bigger issue that I want to talk to you about is of course 5g, 5g. Of course is being subsidized, by many governments out there it's a new kind of faster, technological. Advancement, of Internet out there there's 20,000, satellites going up into space to provide it but what. All that convenience, there. Of course is always a double. Cache there's always a catch 22 because government, doesn't give you something. For free for. A reason. It's. Never really free anyway but the, reason the government subsidizing, us and the bigger issue is max I think you've been warning. About for a very long time tell us what do people need to know about 5 g 5g. Is military-grade, technology that's. The problem folks is anything. That you can think of any electromagnetic. Weapons system, any Active Denial system, all. You've got to do is go and look at the DARPA website, look at their own patents, and you'll find all the stuff they can do with this any military, application, you can think of it it piggy backs off 5 G that's the signal that they used to do it you, know so they're presenting this to the world as being you, know faster, bandwidth and all that would sure will give us faster bandwidth but underlying it, is the, ability to put military-grade. Technology in. Place and it target anybody they want you can target people individually. Set, up people for Active Denial actives. And all these things like microwave, cannons, laser cannons all this all no laser cannons but microwave cannons they've. Got stuff like you. Know it can change your emotional, state they can put voices in your head put visions in your head everything, they did in the first Gulf War when they put the voice of God in the minds of the Iraqi, soldiers, so they all gave up their arms I admitted. That they did this all of this is 5g capable, so that's, the problem you know and also, wither with the an end of things and the massive violence and the social crediting, and everything that goes with it it, gives you the ability to track you in real time and to penalize you in real time and to target you for active denial in real time you, know so Lou Thesz raluca radowski's said something wrong is down on his Social Credit points will just disable, him until the police arrive to pick him up and put him in the smart prison this is what they can do with it so it's very very dangerous a pump in the health aspects as well I mean just the fact that it is this heavy millimeter. Wave radiation, it's it's a whole new ballgame than. The the third and fourth generation. Of Internet that we've had you, know when you think of you, know the G behind, all this 1g 2g 3G. 4G this, is fourth and fifth generation but. With, this it isn't an evolution, of the same technology, to shift over into a new military-grade. Technology that. Just on all the testing on with, all these wars for the last 10 years they know it works and as, I said all you gotta do is go to the DARPA website, read their own patents, all of that stuff is run by 5g of, course there's gonna be some critics being like no this, would never happen we got a whole, bunch of peacocks here too I'm gonna put the camera on them there, but there's gonna be a whole bunch of people saying no, this is not gonna happen this is so convenient is gonna make life so much easier but people need to understand people's. IPhones are keeping the social credit score on you rating your phone calls and your text messages and your interactions, without you even knowing or having access to it look what's happening in China right, now a total, dystopian, system that's going throughout, the entire countries population controlling. People's. Ability. To have. High speed internet have, a job put their kids into a good school be able to travel even, based. On a social credit score if they're critical, of the government of course journalists, are already being hit with this now this is you, brought up an interesting point with, the conversation.

From God that the Iraqi people. The Iraqi war, soldiers. Heard can you tell us more about that and as well as the documents, that you, talked about yesterday on our live stream that. Was also, surrounding. And discovered around 5g, yeah, well this is called the voice of God is what they put in the Iraqi soldiers you can find their own report so this is what we did you know and you can do stuff there was tests they did in Japan, a couple of years ago they could put Holograms in front of the shops in Japan and, there were certain shops that will put a voice in your head telling you to go in and shop and the pee walking past complained, about it because I thought this is an invasion of privacy this is way out in the mainstream that's, what they did in the Iraqi soldiers just told them look Allah, tells you you must lay down your weapons and go and surrender to the friendly allies you know and know about fire bombs so they can do this stuff but not only that when you look at you, know what we are where electrical, beings and all that the way this stuff affects us you know how hard would it be to get, a targeted, population who. May be a population. Of dissidents, or perhaps an anarchist community, or whatever and just targer them and perhaps induce, alzheimer's, in that entire community so they all have dementia, and they don't know what they're doing what a great way to take over a country so, this is what's possible with all this and, I could you know they can do everything you can think of like I said go look at the DARPA websites, yourself, and look, at some of the tests they've done MKULTRA. Is all these scientific, experiments, and and neurological. Experiments, they do what's it all for you, know and I've done all the tests and now they're putting this blanket, system out across everybody, for our convenience you. Know and even, people who eat organic food and stuff like this with this this radiation, that is going on from this it's changing, the cell structure of us so, it's also changing, the cell structure of all the food we're eating you, having you know bees and wildlife and all insects. Falling, off everywhere people, noticing, that you're not seeing any bugs on your windscreen anymore, folks you go out driving at dusk there's no bugs on your windscreen used, to be thousands, of Bo she's terrible, time to go driving cuz you had to clean your windscreen so much we don't see that anymore and people just don't notice you, know once this food chain breaks down yeah. We're heading into really really dangerous waters, so people need to pay attention to it and the government doesn't subsidize, something and give you these 5g, devices, if they didn't want you to have this and if, they want you to have it and they're able to induce certain waves, and carrier waves through it and affect your biology affect. Your neurology. This is very dangerous and of course this is why they're doing it people, need to be aware of all these. Surrounding. Factors around it because for me it's not a matter. Of if but when we, look at historical. Record it's, been predominantly, governments. And mobs and mafias that I've been ruining, the human experience on this planet causing, a lot of suffering. The kind of valper, power and with, this new, technological, advancements. They're going to have the ability to have unlimited power and do really really crazy, sinister. Things and why wouldn't a state or a private corporation that profits, off usually. Predominantly, your own misery won't, do that the question is is it's foolish not to be skeptical muscle look into these things and and the way that this discussion, is not even happening with this just being implemented, especially. In the United States just absolutely, terrifying, but. Anything. Else you want to say specifically about 5g before we get into the the other topic anything, else specifically you think people should know or or can do even something about this larger topic, other, than just move to Peru well. It's. Happening everywhere I think but you know people have to become aware of it but they're gonna stop complying with the system stop pulling away from it realize, that what's. Happening is this being a digital barrier has been constructed, between us and nature basically you, know and they're removing, our excess soon you need a mobile phone to get into the park you, know what I mean like you need a mobile finder to everything there you're removing landlines. They're removing newspapers, magazines all.

Information, Is becoming digital which means they can change it anytime they want rewrite it anytime they want and you need that you're getting meeting passwords, and biometric scans and things to enter buildings so. It's going in a really really scary direction, if you put all of that in place and you've got this whole digital barrier between us and reality, with the ability to target and disable anybody you want for Active Denial this. Is a very dangerous place yeah and you have it based on social accrediting, system suddenly you get home and you find that you can't enter, your home because of what you set in the park that day and, it's pretty scary stuff so people who really need to look at what this is the best thing we can do is just not use, it not comply with it don't shop at Amazon, folks don't. Shop at all these places I don't I don't own a credit card I don't have a cell phone you know I've never bought anything with a plastic card I draw money out of the bank and I use cash cash is bad enough but hey, it's better than leaving a paper trail and it's, better than having this device on you the tracks you every where you'd go listens to everything you'd do and realize. The messages back to people because every third cell tower you see is not a transmitter. It's a data Harvester, I harvest, all your stuff from your cell phones every time you go past every third tower that's, the way it works so you know and I've got tabs on everybody already, they're just putting in this system now where they can just pull. The net out and just drag in those people they want you know I mean, we have the cell towers, they're you know spread. Out but the 5g towers are going to be very closely located of, course in one central kind, of location a long, major kind. Of light poles as well very close to each other so a lot, of room for concern. Here, I'm always on a very skeptical, side and people need to understand, here the, reality of the situation is, this. Is encroaching all around us and it's really our compliance, our, kind of laziness our foolishness, that's allowing this to happen Amazon, is one of them it's. Been hard for me not to use that one I'll be honest because it's so convenient Oh one day I'll just be here but I'm forcing myself to. Not use. Them because of just the larger, implications this, is a company that's working on artificial intelligence you. Know this is a company artificial. Intelligence extremely, terrifying when, you look at the bigger ramifications, they're working. On facial recognition AI, systems, that they give to governments, that they give to local police departments, that they gave to ice this. Is a total, GameChanger, laws. And France were just passed where you can't cover up your face anymore because the bigger revolution, that's happening there it's all encroaching, towards less and less and less rights, as people are just being inundated with, just, their comfort, zones it's just sitting down being, like oh it's, so convenient one click of a button I got my tiny slave made goods right here. And. I, think the bigger thing that. We. Could get into and I think would be very important, for me, you to discuss, is of, course the bigger deeper.

Psychological. Emotional aspects, of this because as you were talking about a lot of people usually. Tried to fill in a lot of empty voids that, are usually placed into my society, on purpose through, consumerism. Through. The. Want of money. And and and, the kind of greed of trying, to be rich you, have a totally. Different perspective on this which I appreciate, I utilize. It in my own ways but one. Thing you told me and I want you to go from here is you. Try to spend money and you can't yeah. It's a difficult thing like, how. Much said. I want anything you know I don't place any value on money I mean it's something we need because we all have to pay to be alive but there's, nothing I really want a boy if I had a lot of money I don't know what I'd spend it on you know so I tend to give a lot away you. Know I I help people I build water towers at people and stuff like this so as much as I try to spend it just it just seems to come back to me all the time, it's a freaky thing and, a couple of years ago I left Australia with $5,000. In my pocket and I don't use credit cards and. I went away for about three months so I ended up being away for 19, months I went, around the world two and a half times and. I ended up in Virginia and, I had 130, dollars left in my pocket so I gone around the world for you, know 19 months two and a half times on five thousand dollars you, know and then, right, when I decided, well I've only got 130, dollars left in my pocket, it's. Time for me to book a ticket home as soon as I booked the ticket a woman. Came out to me and said last, you changed my life you saved my life last, year my husband died and I was. In a really really dark place and you, saved, my life and she handed me an envelope with $5,000. In it to go home with so, go home with exactly the same amount of money they left for I'm saying are you sure this is a hell of a donation and she was like I know please please take it and I can't I took it home and I didn't, spend it I just said let it sit in an envelope and I just, didn't spend it I just thought this is just too much of a donation that someone gave me and, I sent her an email months later to see like how a is it all good I mean I've still got this, money here and she was like no no please have it you know but that's, the thing you know you lose attachment, to a people who who. Are always worried, about having no money will find they've never got any money people, who are worried about their health all the time will find it they're always having health problems you know if you have no stake in the outcome and, you lose attachment, to it life, is an emotional, mirror and, that's the how it works and I've often spoken about the laws of Dharma you know the laws of Dhamma find find your path of Dharma you do the right thing in the right way at the right time for the right reason, and what is right well, if you follow the one law of creation, which is unconditional.

Love And service, to creation. Which, doesn't mean you serve yourself at the expense of others but you don't serve others at the expense of yourself, you put yourself on an even keel so. I finish every radio show within like cash I'm another yourself, you, know and I just give all that I can everything on my website is for free all. My films I've made for free the book I wrote I gave away for free and since, I started giving, everything for free and any time I've got anything spare, I give it to someone for free who needs it. I just, live in a state of where everything I need is always there for me it just works we're, gonna have a lot of money at all but but, if I need it it just comes the way that beautiful, woman came and just gave me everything that I just spent on the, last 19. Months I'd spent going around the world trying to wake the world up and, I just got that given straight back to me and now you can go home rest in peace and then, you've got the you've got the funding to go ahead and do it again next time you want it and, that's how it works you know it's an emotional mirror, so people need to lose stake in the outcome you, know if you follow, the rules. Of Dharma, and that, our. Inner state of unconditional love if you throw yourself to the wind you can write it and I'm living proof that it works and. The more you resisted the more difficult it gets and I could tell you in my own personal life every time I try to control a specific, aspect or start worrying and stressing out like oh crap, I'm broke I have no money or crap I'm having this problem this medical issue it, only gets worse from here and I had so many times in my life where I'm, just like work, out it'll be fine and just the same thing alternative, media especially early on I didn't have much money random, person came to me right as I had zero and I was like you know what it'll be fine it'll be okay person comes up to me he's like here's, you, know 100 bucks you, know allows me to eat for the next day which was you know incredible. And, I had so many moments like that not only with money but like random, places like being, up the g-20 not having a place to stay and then, being. Like no it's gonna be okay it's gonna be fine and literally a hotel, manager coming up to me in the hotel that I'm just having a drink in because I don't know what else to do telling, me hey you want anything you need anything here's the hotel the magic kind of synchronicity, and magic. People. Call it magic people call it all different things but really life gets so much easier once you release, you. Just like let go and you're like I'll, be fine don't work out and the less stress you put on yourself the easier it is if, you want to say anything cut me off anytime because I could talk about this for a while. Like. People need to have have no stake in the outcome of what they're doing you know if you throw yourself to win you can write it you really can. You know and people you, know if you're having a hard time like asleep you're stressing out about something universe is just gonna go I really have, a little bit more oh you just don't have a little bit more you're getting it yet you, know so you got to lose attachment, to all that you know it's a beautiful world full of beautiful people and everybody.

Really Wants to help each other you know they really do and if you don't have a stake in the outcome if you can give to people unconditionally, and. You'll find the universe gives back to you you know it's when we give and we expect, something in return it doesn't work you, know if I give something to you I'm not giving you a debt you never asked for I'm really. Actually, giving you a gift there's nothing attached to that you, know and people need to be able to do that and realize that time is not money you, know and and, if we can just open up your heart to yourself and see the beauty and turn us of yourself then you'll want to give to others it's a beautiful thing you know and that's how I live my life that's why I give everything there's nothing to buy on my website it's all free I give it all away and the universe just guides me and it works you know if we if we can adopt that attitude I believe we could change the world so quickly we really, could you know but, we, let away from now we'll just let away from nature let away from what we are and the. Fact that we've got to pay to be alive there's always that stress dripping. In the back of everyone's mind so matter how much they try to let go and, I can tell them all this and they just say well it's okay, for you but I can't do it I've got kids about this you, know I was never part of that I walked away from the system in early, in school and became, a musician so I've never been part of it so in a way it's easy for me and, I can see that but, I can still see that other people can do this and I've met other people that have done it I mean you're doing it I mean is it works folks it really works I mean I mean no one's perfect we all have our negative you know negative sides and we all have our negative traits that we have to fight through and it's not an easy fight one, of the things you said to me that I really spoke to me is like when you're giving, a gift you're not giving someone debt that they never wanted because. That's what do people do they're like oh I gave you this now you better do this in this and this and I used to conduct my relationships, like this before until I actually did some introspection so. Meditation had some third party professional work, work. With me and be like hey you're. Kind, of a not. A good person here sometimes I'm like wow. Like, I wasn't sometimes especially, earlier on in my life especially in my teenage years of my early 20s I wasn't, you know I you, know I see, the kind of detrimental, behaviors, and we're, all you, know possible of making, mistakes but it's about recognizing. Them admitting, them to to them and making sure you never do, them again because. The. Way in the philosophies, that you speak about are very very important and a lot of people are adverse. To a lot of this a lot of people are adverse to. This, because they don't hear it in the mainstream media they don't hear it in the schools they don't hear it in society, and this is an important message that needs to be spread around because, a lot of people are so uncomfortable but even just having free time to think as individuals, themselves, that they have to drown this out with TVs being, on in their rooms all the times they have to drown this out with radios being on they have to drown this out with constant, constant noise that's a jaundice out which constantly being on their phone and never having a free moment to even freely, think because, of all the horrible thoughts because of the fear they have in themselves to even critically. Analyze the, truth of this world which are difficult to swallow, and. That's why the the, 5g, industry, is becoming as prevalent as they are because, people are like well. I get faster internet I could faster, distract myself from life and the realities, of life and the harder truths of this life and and the harder emotions, that I haven't processed and I could just get out of those but, just more, bullcrap. And you're. Not a part of that system you're not part of that paradigm and I always appreciate you, max, and I always appreciate the time we spend I appreciate, everything you say just, want to say thank you and deep, down appreciate, you and your energy and just, the person you are because this is a message that people need to hear and I had. My own faults I was one of those people people need to understand I was literally. So. Traumatized. Before I had a hard time not. Having the TV on constantly. Because when I was left with my thoughts I used to think about traumas, or the bigger darker. Horrible. Aspects, of this world that I didn't want to process and I just kept, medicating.

Myself With, the subconscious propaganda. That's being thrown at me by them that makes me be like oh but. I get it in the day ship to me oh but it's gonna be so quick to download, all my movies, and and everything else in a matter of seconds, now with this 5g it's gonna be so great that kind of ideology, is perpetrated. By this larger, ecosystem by this larger problem sorry I'm going on around I know I'm supposed to be interviewing you but, I feel so emotionally, attached to this because I was, at fault and your, words are. Our, kind of medicine they're, very medical. Therapeutic. In nature so just, again appreciate you wanted, to leave you with the last words you guys appreciated, this video share it with your friends and family members but last, words Max and, again appreciate you very much thank, you thank you very much Leah you got to believe in yourself folks and as I was saying you know if you give a gift to someone and you do it because you want favors from that person, you, haven't given them a gift you've given them a debt they never asked for that's, not a gift that's poison, you know you've given something to yourself if you can give unconditionally. No stake in the outcome now, sometimes I just even pay for the person, shopping next to me just because they look like they need some money so I'll just run this stuff through the checkout and walk away if I can before they even see me do it you know and that, sort of stuff it just attracts, good when you do good it attracts good so do, good folks and believe in yourself because we can all get through this you, know this whole this whole thing is just an idea that somebody had and it's, time for a new idea I think it's it's about to be born.

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Excuse me but... as someone who doesn't watch this channel a lot... this just sounds nut.

Just because you anecdotally got lucky someone gave you £5,000 is not living proof my friend. For every one person that the universe magically Gifted wealth there are hundreds jumping off Bridges or alcoholics on the city streets. You're the one who needs to wake up sir.

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If you want to follow someone follow Jesus

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7:13 Moving to Peru would give you maybe 5-10 more years. 5G over there is just a matter of time. Unless you move into the highlands, then there is only spotty 3G coverage :)

luke you're blaming verizon's customers for 5g as well. as though we're demanding 5g from verizon. as though verizon isn't deploying this without anyone's consent. are you gonna blame the soldiers who sprayed agent orange in vietnam instead of monstersanto too?

max. you make your living a little differently than most of us. what you're insisting we do is blaming the victim in advance of the fact. how and why do you suppose this worked on the chinese population? do you think no one resisted stalin? or mao?

btw max, what you're talking about with the mirror and the rules of dharma - uh yeh, don't you think the powers who think they'll be won't use the internet of things to provide or not provide for you just the same way you're describing? as long as what you're saying at the time works for their agenda?

oh STFU , it's the military frequency , you moron , it's the phone that's able to process data faster , the G stands for Gigabyte.... the only thing new is china trying to get spyware in the newer American technology , so everyone can spy on us. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR MISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN ... the real problem is peoples privacy , and that is perfectly screwed with 4G , only difference is ... assholes can spy faster

12:50 "serve creation" 20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: 21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. 22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, 23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things. 24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: 25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. -Romans 1

I need a tin foil hat.

This guys so full of shit my toilet is jealous

President Trump said he wants to Roll it out ASAP. I at the White House & in Israel with all his cronies First. Can u say Us Trumpers have been fooled once again. Yellow Vest Time!

YES , Max Igan is the man ! Also Trump came out today on Breitbart saying u s must dominate 5g mirroring the same rhetoric as the FCC chairman. They are coming and I recommend destroying the mini towers at every opportunity.

Sounds like the 5g will be put up in, A Shotgun's Range!!!!Get your goose shot out!!!

.... "this whole thing is just an idea and its time for a new idea to be born." Profound! Upon some deeper reflection of the experience that is the reality we live in, these words ring true. It may be that Alan Watts finally influenced me enough, or meditation or just enough experience to see how words and ideas are not real, but become real when our energetic beings influence this projection of our collective selves. Long story short: Some things are only intuitively known and can't be described.

PLEASE COVER THE YELLOW VEST MOVEMENT. Literally THE most important thing to address today. It is purely about taking down the globalist elite. More specifically the criminal bankers!

WeAreChange now what ? You gona promote esoterical , mystical , magical beliefs ? Why not go to Maroco and behave like this old man's telling you and see what happens, oh wait there were two girls that just did that got killed by those animals the muslims. Look people this old man's religion is dangerious don't think that when you do good unconditionally you will be ok. This old man is a deciever he never said anything about God or His son Jesus Christ , he only speaks about mystical energies and how good it is when you do good , but is it realy good what he is doing, saying that the people are good when they are not, is he promoting the good when he never speaks of God. What good it is that you are doing if in the end you never say "thank you God". And remember these two Sweeden girls also believed that the world is a nice place and went to explore it in Maroco , they too had this old man's belief and paid with their lives. Also 5G is not brain control but it is micro-waves simillar to the micro-wave oven and that is the danger not some voices in your head but getting fried that is the danger! It is almost the time when Jesus will return to us , stop believing in some mystical bullshit but turn to Jesus Christ for His day is almost upon us. Don't you get it the mark of the beast is almost here the time when we won't be able to buy and sell without the mark is almost here. satan's servents will try any thing to decieve the people , they will throw at us all kinds of lies and will try to twist the truth , but only the elect will stay true to the Lord God and all the rest will fall pray to the deceptions.

Thank you.

I've had 4 debit cards and 3 credit cards in 2 years due to hacking....what a lot if trouble! The clever rascals scan them at gas stations, charge $100 of gas down the road in Florida...filling up 5 gallons drums. Then they sell them at cost on Interstate 95. The last time I called VISA fraud the fellow told me to use cash. I said, laughing, so the Monopoly Guy is telling me to use cash? He said...yes. The scans are getting really good. I wish Verison would tell everybody to only use old fashioned phones. That's a voice I wish would go in everyone's heads!!

I clean rental vans and there are definitely bugs everywhere.....

Luke! Can you talk more about Peru & it’s Benefits ;) Please! :)

As long as people don't have the mental courage to say "No!" to more technology, the machine will keep spinning faster and faster.

Great interview......love Max

There was a time when they would abduct people (MILABS) and put them into one of their mkultra mind control labs. Now their philosophy is completely different, now they're deploying their technology into society, meaning they're turning the entire world into one huge mkultra lab. Basically you're being brainwashed in real time exactly where you are. With the help of 5G systems the art of organized gangstalking shall be perfected. They will be beaming voices into the heads of political dissidents. When you're asking for help, they will claim you to be insane, and this will then give them an excuse for locking you up in a lunatic asylum. In the former USSR it was quite the norm to dispose of political dissidents in this manner. GOD knows what they will to to you in such an asylum, basically converting you into a demented zombie, incapable of any political activism. I wonder how many of those asylums are being run by the CIA.

thank you

What's with all of the tech fear? With respect, most of this is speculation. Evidence is needed.

If is military grade then we are safe. Anyone who has served or knows something about the military knows military grade is just garbage.

It’s true most people lose most of their free time watching tv instead of thinking, doing good things for themselves or others, looking up at the beautiful blue sky, etc.

I think I will wait for 7G just to be on the safe side

Jesse Ventura's conspiracy show investigated that voice of God weapon... It was that mind control episode

Two good guys. like them a lot. Nathan from uk

It will only be real, for those that accept it into their lives. Just say no, and it will not be in your life.

Love what he said at the end, this whole thing (scarcity) was born out of someone's idea. Abundance could be born out of ours.

Another Brit psycho spewing wild nonsense about things he doesn't bother to actually analyze. Nothing like Electromagnetic waves can influence brain cells. There are Ultrasound waves that carry Human hearing waves to the inner ear you Hippie kook. If you knew anything about Electrical devices - you wouldn't fall for this idiots BS. 5G will permit the ability to know exactly where your 6 inch peephole into paradise is located. If most you lazy idiots stay as stupid as you appear to be - you will fall for all the scams and loss of freedoms.

Throughly enjoyed thank you

What's wrong with our current cell phone networks? I am just fine with the bandwidth I have.

22,000 satellites

I love this Mans Philosophy, I do wish he realized that Gods laws of sewing and reaping are what is actually in effect regarding his story on money, giving, etc. To credit the creation, ie nature, the universe, etc rather than the creator who created them is self deceiving. That said, if more athiest, (what I am guessing he is, though I hope I am completely wrong in my opinion), but if more athiest took on this mans philosophy AND THE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY TOOK ON THIS MINDSET AS WELL, the world would be a much better, richer place. Give and it will be given back to you, pressed down and oveflowing (Probably Paraphrasing a bit, my apologies.) God Bless the Words of God... what would be the purpose of life without God?

What did this guy say about 4G ?LOL, stay away from these nuts.

I'll admit when you leave electronics alone for awhile and observe the world you do feel a sense of peace.

Are those peacocks in the background? I'll have a ball down there.

I watched an old Seaquest DSV today from between 1993/6 where a female pilot was espousing the great things about being enhanced with a microchip ffs

Peacock symbolism in the background; Peacocks symbolize awakening, protection, and watchfulness!

Great show, maxwell knows his stuff!

My God is in charge of my soul. I don’t fear trans humanism, 5G or anything man can do. Be informed, obey Him and there is nothing to fear. He cares for the sparrows. How much more does He care for His children?

This guy does talk some b.s.

Look up what happened when the Netherlands turned on their 5g! No joke 297 birds fell dead out of the sky as soon as they turned it on!

5G is a wavelength of LIGHT. Flashlights beam a wavelength of light. The sun beams ALL wavelengths. A 5G router is a flash light for that specific wavelength. No more harmful at it's very low power than a flashlight. All I hear is OMG this flashlight is burning me!!!

max has many good things to say, until he interjects eastern darmha and new age type spirituality. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. this other stuff, as groovy as it may seem are lies from the evil one.

Ron Arts, I beg to differ. A friend & new to YouTube, Nobody Special, has done a great job documenting the 5G that has been installed here in Oakland County Michigan as well as parts of southern U.S. By the time a corporation tells you they are rolling out something, it is already done. Once you start to pay attention, you will be amazed by what the Wizards have been doing.

I think Max Igan is a little full of shite.

This is a bunch of untruths about 5G. Definitely not the truth.

wow, that got more real than I was expecting. Here I am drowning myself in my YouTube feed video's.

Satan WILL have his NWO. Most people here are obsessed with trying to physically fight a battle that is actually spiritual. Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places A lot of people in the truther movement, which I've been into myself for over 10 yrs now, are under the delusion that they can fix things by voting in better politicians etc but none of that matters. As long as this nation embraces adultery, divorce, abortion and sodomy then this country DESERVES and will continue to receive the wicked leaders. Those who think we as a people can contribute to embrace those wicked lifestyles and fight against rubber NWO are fooling themselves.

Being an Engineer and working for a telecoms operator, I know all about 5G. It is nothing new just a lot of hype. 5G will not be able to do anything more than the current technology. It is just slightly faster, AND the signal penetration is much lower, even Tree’s heavy rain can stop it! It is all a distraction, if you have your Location Services enabled, they can track you in real-time today! Even if you turn off your Location Services, they can still get a rough idea of where you are from the network information, Google and been caught doing this. If you put all your personal information into social media, they have all that as well. It is a sad fact that the surveillance state is here, it is just a matter of time before we all also have a Social Credit Score, and like China they will be able to stop you travelling, getting a loan, and anything else they want. People have volunteered all this data, and they are surprised when it is misused??? Turn off your phone when you are not using it (not sleep mode), or remove the SIM, delete your Facebook account, and use Cash or BitCoin to buy things.

Czy ty kurwa musisz tak się drzec jak zaczynasz te videos? Obudziłeś mi rodzinę tym twoim welcome

Try education . . .its such a waste of life living dumb in the darkness . . .

Love the pheasants in the background

Does anyone have a link to that video where they are in court asking for an investigation into 5G EMF levels? It was deleted from Twitter.

The guy basically is making living out of scamming people for money...

5g aka the beast, these towers have nothing to do with cell phones etc. Isreal don’t have them, Mexico, India, Saudi Arabia don’t have them bit they can still use computers and cell phones. So called Cell towers are for a whole other agenda.

What an idiot.... each BTS is a data harvester regarding location of the handset - it’s necessary to forward incoming calls!

We're all beings of frequency, and can that frequency can be disrupted or altered via another outside frequency to various effects.

This guy knows shit... 4G, 3 G as well as the whole GSM used to be military technology. There is nothing new or different from previous technologies used - it’s just faster. Social score system was possible to implement with previous versions - it’s like with weapons - you can use them to defend yourself or to murder others. Stop spreading fake conspiracy theories.

We are not separate, we are ONE. We need to focus on how to take down the 5G towers. Our Governments are not going to do anything to stop this movement.

Boycott all 5G devices. That is the only way.

I remember seeing a documentary on that shit on the Iraqi soldiers. Just never heard that we did it. The story told is they just seen God and laid down their arms..

Igan denies Jesus! He is a false teacher!

People are already starting to get the Black Shakes from all this wireless technology and EMR everywhere.

Voice of god and microwave cannons?

Good Good stuff

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." - Nikola Tesla

20,000 satellites going up to provide internet? Nah.. *Thousands of miles of under-ocean cables are required to provide the internet* Also, calling it "5g" is criminal. Its not "fifth generation", its microwave. Its no longer in the same group of tech as "4g"..

Thank you both. Interestingly peacocks seem to be following Max...

i never liked this weAreChange guy. too much conspiracy oriented bull. about 5g, that old guy, didn't tell us exactly how the tech can be used as military weapon. I looked over wikipedia, except being much shorter wave length (that's how it can be 100 times faster than 4g), i don't see it's massively different from 4g with respect to gov sinisterness.

Putting voices in your head, putting visions in your head. if you are going to lead with that, then I'm going to call you a crazy and send you a tinfoil hat so you stop hearing and seeing things.

You only have to read the statistics about the demise of the world insect population starting from 1992 on ! Resonant microwaves killing the bees ! With g5 we are achieving our goal - When the Bees vanish, Men will follow soon !! (A. Einstein).

People really need to pay attention to what he said about the bugs. And look up Dane Wigington on Youtube, and listen to his lectures on Geo-Engineering. I live in a condominium in Texas. I have not seen a SINGLE bug, splattered on anyone's windshield in years. There are no longer flies hanging around the garbage dumpsters. Not a single one, when the trash people are late to pick it up. There used to be wasps that came around every year and the maintenance crew would have to get rid of their nests. No more. Hasn't been any in the last 3 years. We haven't had to put on deet to protect from mosquitos in the last 3 years. There's nothing, anymore. I've seen one bee. And a couple of dragonflies a year ago. The bugs are GONE. Consequently, so are the birds. We're in serious trouble.

yep, dane is the man.

Lol voices.. Voices which people consider as themselves is just delusion

What good is faster Internet if what we want to watch and hear is being censored?

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