2019 Toyota Tacoma: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | The Mid-Size Off-Road King!

2019 Toyota Tacoma: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | The Mid-Size Off-Road King!

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What's. Going on YouTube. The. Toyota tacoma has dominated, the midsize truck market for many years, but, each year there, are more and more rivals, showing up twitter. However is very confident, in the package they've created so. For 2019, there are only a couple of changes, of. Course we do want to thank our friends at Frankfort Toyota for giving us access to this Tacoma and if, you're in the market for any new Toyota be sure to stop by their dealership, or check them out via their website, which we provided a link to in the video description so, with, the new Ranger just now hitting dealer Lots, let's see if the Tacoma can continue, to hold off the rivals. So. Getting started with the exterior, the, girl designs were just changed out last year, so those new designs carry over for 2019. This. Year we've got the TRD off road trim, which, has the dark gray mesh interior, like the TRD sport, just, - the hood scoop, the. SR trims and limited, share the same shape but, you've got different finishes, of black, dark. Gray and then chrome. Turn. Into the headlights they continue to be projector-beam, halogens, on all models but with LED daytime running lights, for the TRD models, and up and. Below. That on all but the base sr you have halogen, fog lamps. Now. Of course the taco is very off-road, worthy so, you'll always have this nine point four inches of ground clearance, but, the excellent, 32, degree approach angle is reserved, for the off-road, trim. Moving. On to the side you've got the classic truck look which, is made to look even more rugged on the offroad with black trim around the wheel wells as. Far. As the cab and bed configurations. You have access cap and this, double, cap and then. There is a short, five foot bed or this six, foot long bed. Like. The front the rear is unchanged, this year however. We do have the optional, black badging, which i think looks particularly, good on this models quick sand exterior. The. Taillights would have clear lenses on the limited, and you can also get an optional chrome, exhaust tip. But. Overall the tacoma continues, to be a handsome truck, even. Though it is only a mid-sized ER it has a big presence that hints at all its capability. Now. Heading up to the wheels each trim, gets their own of. Course as the off road oriented, model of the lineup we've, got 16, inch alloys wrapped, in thick Goodyear, Wrangler tires. The. TRD sport on the other hand has 17-inch machine finish alloys, and then, the top-end Limited, brings that up to 18 inch polished alloys. One. New thing dimension, for 2019 is the STX package, which, adds black alloy wheels black, mirrors and a few other accents, to the base SR, shrimp. Moving. On up to the mirrors they are always power adjusting, and on most models they are also heated. Additionally. Limited, models will see standard, blind spot monitoring, or like, this model it can be added with the tech package for TR DS. Now. As far as all the other safety equipment the Tacoma was updated, last year to include the entire suite of active safety technologies, like all other Toyotas, this. Includes automatic emergency braking with, pedestrian detection, lane. Departure alert, with sway warning, adaptive cruise, control and auto high beam headlights. None. Of the rivals including, the new Ranger have these things standard, on all shrimp's.

Heading. To the back again the Tacoma actually, comes with a more well equipped bed than a lot of the big pickup trucks since. You've got an EZ lowering, tailgate, standard. Bed liner standard. Sliding tie-downs. A couple, cargo hooks lighting. And then. If you get the TRD or limited, trim you'll also have a household outlet to power all your tools and. Then. Of course one of the other most important, things about trucks, is towing, and here, you've got at least 3,500. Pounds on all models but. It can be increased to sixty seven hundred pounds by going for the v6 with towing prep package and, all. Models do also include a full-size spare tire. Finally. To end things on the outside all, Tacomas, have 21 point 1 gallon fuel tanks now, I won't go through every variety but, this specific model with the v6 and four-wheel, drive can, go 422. Miles on a tank of fuel. Well. That pretty much covers the exterior, so, now let's head on to the cabin. So. On the Tacoma you will find smart entry standard, on the TRD trims, and up however. If you do get the manual, equip moderate erd then you will sacrifice this. Course. Getting inside the vehicle is super simple all you have to do is just grab the handle. So. Checking out the cabin, of the 2019. Tacoma. Pretty. Much nothing has changed, but of course that's not necessary, since this is a pretty fresh model, now. As far as your materials, and colors are concerned most. Akuma's will come with a black interior but. Is cloth until you get too loaded limit to trim where it becomes leather and, then. On the limits of trim you do also have an exclusive, color choice of Hickory. Turning. Over to the door trim has the same kind of materials, so, you will find a kind of rubber texture, on most of the trims however, this is replaced by a leatherette material. On your limited. Officially. You do have one. Touch automatic windows, for your driver and passenger. Now, one interesting thing, that continues, this year is that. You cannot get a power seat on this Tacoma no matter what trim you choose it's always gonna be a 4-way. Manual adjusting, seat with manual lumbar. And. Then as far as the cloth itself, it, is very nice at high quality has a pretty attractive stitching. Design as well. Now. We do have the optional predator steps as you can see it's just about the size of your foot. However, there is no driver's side assist, grip. So, checking out the cabin like I said there's no changes in here for 2019. So. You continue to have the same pretty, masculine, looking cabin. Now. For the materials, they are relatively, nice is you have a hard touch upper - portion, and, then moving down here to the middle you'll, see that rubberized, texture repeated, or once again it would be leather on the limited, as. Far as your other materials, there, are very solid feeling have, a nice blocky, design and, like I said everything fits together very well feels very durable.

And. Then to start most of Comus you'll just press this button. When. The electronics, fire up you will find a touch display, standard, on every trim. Is. 7 inches on the TRD trims and up however, it is a little bit smaller on the SR trims. Now, checking out the gauges they continue to have the same really cool look and, on, most of the trims except for the basic ones you will find this large 4.2. Inch multifunction, display in the middle, now, you can just control it with these buttons on the steering wheel and. Of course you can cycle through all the standard affair of things you expect. Compass. Radio sources, as well, as your safety systems, here at the end. Now. Coming back to the steering wheel you will nicely find, this leather wrap wheel on all but the very base model, and as, far as your buttons you have your standard affair of your audio phone a voice commands this. Side like I says for the multifunction. Display as well as your safety systems, and then. You do have standard, adaptive, cruise control. The. Wheel itself is manually, tilt and telescoping. Then. Off to the side here you have your controls, for your, outlet. In the bed as well as your bed lighting. Now. Moving on to interior storage the Tacoma does very well for a result. So. Starting out with your center console here as. You can see it, is very deep and you do have a nice felt lining down here at the bottom which is removable, if it gets dirty. This. Also brings me to the only 2019. Interior, change, I don't. Know if you can see it but there are now two charging. USB ports down there. Versus. Only, just having this one last. Year so now you've got two additional, USB ports. Now, coming back to the storage again you, do have some more stuff right here a cup, holder two more cup holders up. Here and then another big, nice area, which. Toyota nicely includes, qi wireless charging on, for, all but the base, sr, trims that's really nice usually, reserved as options, on all, cars no matter what the price point is while, I'm here I do also want to mention the rear window it, is power controlled, on the TRD and up and so long as you got the double. Now coming over here to the shifter it is nicely leather wrapped on all models, of. Course it is very simple to use you just pull back your drive then, you bump over here to the left to shift me. When. You go into reverse you, will find a standard, backup camera. Parking. Sensors are reserved for only the limited trim however we have them optioned on to our model but. The trajectory. Is, not active, on any of the trims. And. Then you also got your traditional hand drink. Moving. On up you do have your knob for your four-wheel drive controls. And. Then next to it you've got your very traditional.

Climate Controls. Now. The limited. Trim would get a dual zone automatic setup. And that is available on both the TRD trims, however we've got the traditional, manual setup of. Course it's very easy to use you just got your fan speeds and temperatures and. If. You did get that automatic, option, you would also have three-stage heated seats for both the driver and passenger. Anyways. That brings us up to the audio system so, let's go ahead and sample the base six speaker sound system. Some. Party is actually, pretty good for a basic, system however. If you go for the limited trim you can get the more powerful JBL. System. Anyways. That brings us to our in tune system so let's go ahead and take a quick look so. Checking out the in tune system, this is not the newest, in tune 3.0, but. The features are more or less the same just the graphics a little bit different, and. What you're looking at is the home screen you can, change these tiles to be whatever you want and you can click into these different things to go straight to it so. This start bluetooth audio which I'm paired to right now and I can play and pause the music straight from here as well as change the source, to. Our different, available things including. XM, radio and Bluetooth the, feature I do want to point out is that all but the very base SR, trims are, going to come with standard, integrated, navigation. This. Is typic this is Toyota's typical, matte display. And. Having this does kind of make up for the fact that you still do not have Android. Auto or apple carplay on the Tacoma at all as. Far as other features you do have a phone section, where your contacts, automatically, sync over and you. Do also have text message support as well if you have a supported, phone that's. Pretty much all I'm going to talk about with the system, however we do have a detailed, technical video, available, if you want to learn more a link, to that will be provided, in the video description. Now. Moving on up all got your very base sr, trims come with an auto dimming mirror however, you will have to get the limited to get the home link universal, remotes. Up. Above that we've, actually got our multi-terrain. Select controller. This is exclusive. To the TRD off road and, what it does it just basically give you a whole bunch of different modes. And. Then, obviously we, don't have a moonroof one. Is available, on both of the TRD trims, and it's standard on the limited. Put. Overall I continue to really like the jus comas cabin. There's. Really just not a lot of trucks that feel trucking, nowadays, and this definitely, just has that real nice Truckee masculine, vibe and. I think that's why it appeals to so many people. But. Anyways now go ahead and hand it off to Mason, who will finish up the rest of the cabin. So, in the rear seat of the Tacoma double cab you're, going to find a pretty good amount of space its. Technical rating, is around thirty three inches of rear legroom and thirty, eight inches of rear headroom that. Does place it behind the Chevy Colorado but, most of you probably won't notice the difference. Now. Heading over here to the door trim it is finished pretty good so, you do have a padded, lip area right here with that same rubberized material this. Was a silver door handle and a, power window, and down. Below that we do have some cup holders as well as some door storage. Now. Let's eat itself is a little bit on the firm side but, it does have a nice, design, through here and it can't fold up which I'll show you in just a minute now. To get in our, model does have the optional predator step so you just step on that I'm not really going to tell it's pretty icy but you. Can do that and then just grab together. Now, here in the center Toyota does keep it pretty simple so all we do have is some cup holders right here and that's in addition to the ones that are in the door you. Won't find any outlets or anything and you also would not find a rear armrest back here, up. Top though we do have some lighting so, we have Center dome lighting as well as a nice headliner and an assist grip. And. Sitting. Behind your seating position I do have about an inch of real light brown and my feet can't easily slide up under the seat and. Sliding. Over here with. The seat scoot it all the way back it's, pretty much the same story with about an inch of legwork. Summed. Up the Tacoma has a very spacious and nice rear seat. Now. Like I said on the other side the seats do fold up so, just grab this little strap, and. Fold them up and they do fold vertically, so you can store stuff right back here and you do, also have a little bit of a little.

Storage Compartment back, here that is completely hidden so, if you want to hide stuff this is a great spot to do that. Now. The seat backs can also fold if you grab this little strap. They. Do fold right down and, back. Behind the seat you do have another hidden storage area so, Toyota really has knocked it out of the park with hidden, storage areas here in the rear. We will talk about the pricing, here in just a minute. Over. Here on the passenger, see it is manually, adjusting, but it does have that same nice design, and. It is manually adjusting on all models even the limited truck. Now. In front of the passenger we do have some more of that rubberized, material, and. Then below that we do have a good sized glovebox it. Is nicely dampened, and there's, actually quite a bit of space. Now. Cuff we do have a Sun Visor with, lighting in a mirror and you, can also detach, it and extend it. But. Anyway guys that pretty much sums up all the rear areas of the Tacoma double cab so, now let's go ahead and talk about the powertrain. All. Righty so let's go ahead and talk about the power trains, now. The Coma does have two different engine choices and those both carry over for 2019. So. The vast majority of models you're gonna have the atkinson, cycle 3.5. Liter v6 which. Produces 278. Horsepower and. 265. Pound feet of torque, even. The trims it's not standard on it is optional. Now. There is a lower engine option that stated are only the SR and sr5, and that, is your 2.7. Liter four-cylinder. Producing. 159. Horsepower, and 180. Pound feet of torque, of. Course, both 2 and four-wheel drive versions are available and. You've. Also got the choice between a 6-speed, manual or, a 6-speed, automatic, transmission, now. Of course there are tons of different fuel economies, as in any pickup truck and on, this particular, model with the 3.5, liter v6 and, four-wheel drive it's, right at an 18 City 22. Highway 20, combined. So, taking, off in the Tacoma. Power. Is pretty good this, is like I said carryover, from last. Year and the year before that so, it very much drives, the same way as it always has. The, Tacoma is a really, good car for it's a truckie, feel. But, like Mason was saying one of the big. Characteristics, of. This, vehicle, is that. Truckee feel. So. This is not. As. Refined, as perhaps like these, big luxurious, trucks, that we've been driving recently, like an f-150 platinum or something like that this does have a different feel this does have, that off-roading. Feel that masculine. Type. Of feel and that's exactly the exact you look. Yeah. This v6, it may be a three and a half liter v6, from Toyota but it's definitely not the same one. Is like what's in the Highland or anything like that it doesn't have that same level refinement. But it definitely has that truck you feel that really the owners are gonna want. And. With that you won't find any type of auto start/stop, system or, anything like that. Which. Judging by everyone's, comments, you guys say most of you guys probably not something we're gonna miss. And. Of course on a snowy day like today this. Car is very capable it does have four wheel drive so you're definitely not gonna have any issues as far as like driving. In some snow or anything like that this car has a lot of ground clearance so, I think that you would be more than fine to drive this in any type of really snowy situation. And then the, last main thing that I, want to talk about is just the right quality, of this truck. It, rides really smooth, this. Is definitely comfortable. It. Absorbs, the bumps pretty well it's, not too bouncy I know a lot of trucks especially tall, ones can be kind, of jarring, and, have, that rebound effect I don't feel that too much in this, it. Seems like it's pretty comfortable to. Live with for sure yeah. And it definitely like. You said it does ride high, so. You get, that Truckee, visibility. You have plenty of visibility and you feel like you're riding on top of the road and you, have a very commanding presence. Yep. Still with me good ride quality. But. Overall there's. A good reason why the Tacoma, is, then, has been a best-seller for so many years and continues, to be today. And, that's, just because it's. A great all-round truck, it's. The right size for a lot of people and it's got that the right personality.

That A lot of people want they, a, lot. Of trucks are like I said becoming more and more luxurious, and. Refined. And not. That this one isn't, but. It does give you enough of that feel, just to feel more like a traditional truck, that a lot of people crave. Well. Guys we've enjoyed watching one of the first in-depth look at the 2019. Toyota, Tacoma TRD off-road, stay. Watching for a quick overview of the pricing, and don't, forget to those like and subscribe buttons below we'll. Catch you next time as we see more of the latest automotive delicacies.

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Enjoy our review of the Tacoma TRD Off-Road!! Be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed!!

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+Twostones00 There's nothing wrong with the automatic transmission in these trucks. I guarantee you they will run 250k and + with no issues. You are just parroting what other people are saying online and on forums. You are wrong about the manual transmission too. They are offered in literally every trim package in the Tacoma minus the Limited. You are an idiot.

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@Armand Couture Or that retro infotainment unit they have too.

@Shakerhood69 the manual is only available in the TRD. It is not available in the SR, SR5.

@Chris L I'm 68 and I want a manual. I have a 2019 Tacoma with the POS 6 speed automatic. I'm speaking from experience.

@Twostones00 If they are so bad, then why are they selling hundreds of thousands of these things? There are 20 autos on the lot for every 1 manual. Fact is, most people don't want a manual dude. It isn't a sports car. Trucks are being sold to guys of many whom are in their 40s, 50s, 60s... The average person doesn't wanna drive a stick as they get older.

@Chris L I own one. They are terrible. The transmission may last but time will tell. My concern is the extra wear the constantly shifting transmission places on the engine when the engine RPM's exceed 5000 when down shifting on hills using cruise control. The manual transmission is a much better system. I discourage buyers from this transmission.

@Twostones00 There's nothing wrong with the automatic transmission in these trucks. I guarantee you they will run 250k and + with no issues. You are just parroting what other people are saying online and on forums. You are wrong about the manual transmission too. They are offered in literally every trim package in the Tacoma minus the Limited. You are an idiot.

@Andy's Shop Not with my 2019!

@Eric D Wrong! You can only get a manual transmission in one trim level.

@Twostones00 Ok I was wrong about the 5 speed with the 4 banger. They discontinued that last year. But you can still get a 6 speed in every V6 trim level but the limited. You should've bought a V6. Or a used 4 cylinder.

@Eric D Wrong! I bought new Tacoma this summer. The manual is Not an option except in one model. It is not available with the four cylinder engine.

@Car Confections great!

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