2019 Toyota RAV4: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | Toyota Has a Winner on Their Hands!

2019 Toyota RAV4: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | Toyota Has a Winner on Their Hands!

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Good. Morning YouTube. It's. Hard to overstate the, significance of. The rav4 to Toyota since. It has not only passed up the Camry sales-wise but. It has become the best-selling, vehicle in the US outside, of the three American, pickup trucks but. Toyota thinks, they can do even better now that they are introducing, the all-new and, very, competitive, 2019. Rav4, of. Course, we do want to give a special thanks, and shout out to our friends at Toyota, on nicholasville, for providing us with this fully loaded rav4. Limited, and if. You're in the market for any new Toyota be sure to stop by their dealership, or visit, them on their website which we provided a link to in the video description, so with, all that said let's go ahead and see if the all new rav4 will, gain even more ground over its rivals. So. Starting out with the exterior, design this. Is such a big shift from the outgoing, rav4, where. That model is kind of soft and rounded, this, 2019, introduces. A muscular, and aggressive, stains the. Grill itself is basically, three different layers and while. The center parts texture, stays the same across the trims the limited does use a special, metallic gray finish instead, of the plain black on the other trims. Additionally. Limited, adds the silver accent, on the bumper. Now. Turning our attention to the headlights, the rav4 joins, several other Toyotas and giving you standard, full LED headlights. Both. The low and high beams, are LED and the only thing that changes between the trims is a black bezel on the le and. Then. Finally there are fog lights on all but the base model. Moving. To the side it continues, its rugged look with, squared off wheel arches trimmed, in black and it. Looks more imposing because, it actually rides significantly, higher with, eight point six inches of ground clearance, instead of the old six point one. Around. Back there is more black trim on the bumper but our limited, adds in some luxury, touches like, the grey piece above the dual exhaust and the, chrome that connects the taillights as. Far. As the taillights themselves, they remind me strongly of Lexus since they have a 3d, look with black accents, and. While we're back here the tow rating remains, at 1500. Pounds that, is until the adventure trim comes out with a rating of 3500, pounds. But, overall Toyota, has done an excellent, job with this exterior, it's. Got more of a macho look than most of the rivals, but, at the same time they didn't overdo, it and ruin the classiness. Now. The wheels also play an important, role in the design. These. Are the biggest ones available 19-inch. Alloys. With the super chrome finish standard, on limited, and excel, a premium. Dropping. Down a rung to xle, will get you 17-inch alloys, and then, the base le will have 17-inch steel wheels with hubcaps. Coming. Up to the mirrors they are finished in black on the le only, and all, the other terms also nicely include, heating and blind, spot monitoring.

Now. As far as all the rest of the safety systems, Toyota, continues, to be a leader here by giving you safety since 2.0, as standard. Equipment on all grades. So. Just like the last gen adaptive, cruise control Lane, Keeping Assist, Ford emergency braking with pedestrian detection, and, auto, high beam headlights are all standard. And. Since, this is version 2.0. For, 2019, you now have better pedestrian detection Lane. Tracing, Assist and road sign assist none, of the rivals give you this much stuff as standard, equipment for. The, last thing we'll take a look at the fuel tank it. Is 14, and a half gallons, so, without getting into every possible, combination the. Most efficient, front wheel drive models, can achieve 435. Miles of range and, of. Course it does use regular, unleaded fuel. What, anyways that's everything, for the brand-new exterior, so now let's see if the cabin has taken just as big of a leap forward. So. For the new rav4 you're, actually going to find the Toyota smart entry system, on all that the very base elite rim and. As you can see it does have a nice key fob with special rav4, branding. Now. You get inside the vehicle itself. All you have to do is grab behind the door handle since there is a sensor. All. Righty so looking inside, the all new rav4 limited, as you, can tell it's a really big change from the old generation. So. As far as the different color schemes and materials, you can get it's pretty simple to follow, you've. Got three colors across all the trims that's gonna be black gray. Or nutmeg, and then. On your le and xle, the, seating is going to be cloth and then. On the limited, and xle premium, you're gonna get this soft tex faux leather ette. And, then turning over here to your drawer trim it is very nice we've. Got a leather trim over every, part of it you could touch as well some stitching across the top. Surprisingly. You will find all four of your windows are one touch automatic up and down and then. Here on the limited you'll find two person memory seating. Turning. Over here to the seat these. Are 8 way power adjusting. With 2-way lumbar, and that's standard on your xle premium. And limited. Otherwise. You're going to get a six-way manual. Now. Like I was mentioning here just, a second ago this is a synthetic, leather however, it does feel very soft, and have a very attractive stitching. Design. So. The cabin of the OL new rav4 makes, a really good first impression and like. I said it is very different from the outgoing model including. In the material, quality. So. On this new rav4 all of your materials, even on the upper dash are soft touch and then. Down here you, do have a leatherette texture, with some more stitching. Dropping. Down lower the, materials, are hard touch but everything really feels solid, and well put together and. Then. To start the vehicle on all but the Le just press the button to start. When. We power up the electronics, here on the limited you're going to find this eight inch display however. The standard screen on all the other trims is a smaller, seven inch display. Now. In addition to the bigger central, display here, on the limited you're also going to find the 7-inch digital, gauges. Now. In the other models you're going to have a smaller 4.2 inch display but, on here as you can see the speedo is digitally, rendered and then, in the middle you can, customize. And reconfigure, the way this is set up and. It's got all of your different systems that you expect, including four, different. Power, settings, for all the various. Standard safety systems, that this vehicle has. Now. Moving back to the steering wheel itself is, electric power assistant, and you will find leather wrapping, on all the models with leather seating. Now. As far as your buttons this is your standard affair of Toyota buttons so, these buttons are concerning, your multifunction, display as well as your phone and audio and. Then. Over here you've got controls for your adaptive cruise control safety, systems, and more audio controls. Now. In this particular tester, we do not have rain sensing wipers, however, they are available. Via the weather package on XLE and up. The. Steering wheel itself is manually tilt and telescoping. And again. It is heated, if you choose that weather package. All. Right so moving on to what may be one of the most important, parts of a compact crossover, let's. Talk about the storage. Now. Rav4, may actually be, the best in the class, so starting out with your center console, this. Is, significantly. Larger, than last year as you can see very wide very deep and you do have a nice felt lining at the bottom.

Additionally. This is also where you'll find two of your dedicated, charging USB ports. I've. Confirmed that you've got to generously, sized cupholders, and then. Another massive. Place. To store things right here and you can also option, for a Qi wireless charging pad, to go right here and. Then. In the back you've got another, USB and aux jack and a 12-volt outlet. But. One of the things that really sets the rav4 apart, is. The fact that you've got storage here this, is your storage shelf just like last year, and it really just gives you the extra place to stick different, small items, and things, that normally you don't have a place to put. No. Toy was able to give you all of this storage while, still sticking with a traditional. Shifter, instead of an electronic, one so. Use of this is super simple all you have to do is pull back for drive then you can bump over to the left is shift manually, like, this now. On the current crop of trims there are no powell shifters, however, i would expect, that there will be once. The xse trim comes out later on in the year. When, we go into reverse you, will see a standard, backup camera up here and then, here on the limited, you will have dynamic guidelines. Additionally. Limited, has an option, to get the Advanced Technology Package, which, includes, these 360-degree. Bird's-eye, camera, and that, includes the same perimeter scan feature as it did last year. And then off to the side of the shifter you will find your electronic, parking brake which as you can see automatically. Engages when you put the vehicle into park as well as, your auto brake hold feature. Now. Backing up a little bit more you'll find a console, of buttons here that will look pretty, unfamiliar, if you have a previous generation rav4. Now. Here. On the limited I'll, talk about this a little bit later but we have the torque vectoring, all-wheel drive system so that gives us a bunch. Of different drive, modes so we got three drive modes as well as different modes for the all-wheel-drive system you've. Got mud and sand. Dirt. And rock and. Different things like that as. Well as a hill descent control and, a dedicated snow mode. I'm moving up here to the climate, controls these, are dual zone automatic and, this, comes standard on every term except the Le where they're manual, I. Really. Like this setup it's so organized, sound, you've. Got just, two big, giant, controls for your temperature and then. Everything, else is represented, by physical, controls down here so you don't have to bounce in between like. Physical. Buttons and then digital buttons up in the display or anything like that. Additionally. You will find two stage heated seats standard, are only limited though they are optional on the xle, trims and then. Additionally, on the limited, you, can get that after mentioned, a weather package and that will also throw in ventilation. Alrighty. So now that brings us up to our. Models, optional, 11, speaker JBL. Premium, audio system, so. Let's go ahead and take a sample. The. Cell system has excellent, sound quality and it really feels the cabin, up. Now. Let's go ahead and take a look at the new into 3.0, system, which is new to the rav4, so. I could just said this is the in tune 3.0, system, where the previous generation, had the older version and this. Does give you all the new graphics, and new features. On. This particular model this is paired with the 8 inch display, and we do have shortcut buttons as well as physical, tune and power buttons. Now. Looking at your home screen this is reconfigurable, and you can just click on any of these sections, to expand, them so. Clicking into the audio I can play and pause straight from here and. Then I can also click the source button to change between all my available sources including. Applications, like slacker and Pandora. Now, only the limited comes standard with dynamic, navigation. So. This is Toyota's newest, system. It does update. Automatically. For several years and. As you can see the graphics are very nice and everything is very responsive. Now. If you don't have the. Integrated navigation system. Twitter has now made apple carplay, a standard. Across all of the trims. And. Roy Otto is still not available however, it will probably, become available, as an, update in a year or two and, then.

Real Quick the last thing I want to look at is your. Wi-Fi. Hotspot, this. Is newly standard, across all the trips even the le and. You get two gigabytes, in six months to try it out it is powered by Verizon, and then after that you could add it to your bill and pay extra for it but. Anyways that's, a real quick summary of the Intune 3.0, system however, we do have a really, detailed tech help video available for those of you want to learn more link. To that video is provided in the description. Now. Another really cool tech feature that the rav4 is got is this, rear-view mirror now. It looks like your normal mirror but, as we've seen in us some other brands, recently, if you flipped that switch. Then. All of a sudden we now have a rear camera mirror. So. As you can see basically all this does is cut, out all the obstructions in the back and give you a really clear view of what's behind you, man. This is the first Toyota product, to have a feature like this and. Additionally, it does also come with your home link universal, remotes. Now, moving on up here to the moonroof Toyota, nicely includes this standard, on all, but the very base le model. As. You see this particular one is the standard, size unit, however, on the limited we could get an optional, panoramic, one if we wanted. But. Overall it's hard to say enough nice things about the cabin of the new rav4. This. Is not just, a nice-looking, cabin, but, also one that is extremely, economically. Sound and very, high-tech, I'd. Honestly say this has got to be one of the best cabins, in the class. But. Anyways now go ahead and hand it off to Mason, who will show off all the important, stuff in the back areas. All. Right so looking in the back of the all-new, 2019. Toyota rav4 you're, going to find a class competitive, amount of space you'll. Find 37.8. Inches of rear legroom and thirty, nine and a half inches of rear headroom, that. Does place it below the Honda CRV but, it's right on par with the Nissan Rogue. And. Turning over here to the door trim it is really nicely appointed, because, you do have leather trim, all the way through here and it, does even have a stitching, material, on the top, just. So you do have a silver door handle, and your, rear windows are Auto bend, down. Down. Below that you do have a bottle holder. Now. The seat itself is a very soft design it's very comfortable, and, it does also have a nice stitching detail. Now, in the middle of the all new rav4 you're going to find a lot of nice features so. You will find vents on all but the very base le and in, addition to that you will also find these two charging, USB ports on all but the very base model also we do have an option of heated rear seats on the limited trim although, we do not have that option. In. Addition, to that we do have an armrest, it. Is nicely sized and it does have two cupholders in the end. Now. Top we do have some lighting. The. Headliner is an upgrade over last year and you. Do also have an assist grip and cut hook. Now. Like I said this car is class competitive, when it comes to space and that, shows behind your seating position, I have. Probably six to eight inches of rear legroom and, my feet can't easily slide up under the seat. And. Scooting, over, even. With the seat scooted all the way back I still, have several inches of rear legroom and, my feet are once again very happy up under the seat. Overall. I really liked the whole new rav4 through seat it serves.

This Purpose really, well for hauling around family members since, it's very spacious and comfortable and you can't even have a lot of luxury amenities. Now. The seats themselves do fold 6040, split so, just grab this handle and walk fold right now. Now, the tailgate, on the rav4 is power on the xle premium, and limited and, it's optionally, hands-free, on the limited travel so. To open it just grab this button under the lid or use your flight a few of the hands-free on. Now. Inside the cargo department of the rf4 you are going to find a slight reduction from, the outgoing model it's. Rated at a 37, and a half cubic feet behind the second row seats expanding. To 70 cubic feet with them folded, that. Does also make it less than the Honda CRV a Nissan Road. However. It is really nicely appointed back here you do have a cargo cover and its end up and you do, also have some lighting. Now. Down below the floor, you. Will find a spare tire and, overall. It's very nicely pointed. Rear truck. We. Will talk about the pricing here in a minute. The. Passenger, seat is that same beautiful design and, it is also manually adjusting, even on this limited trip. Now. In front of the passenger we do have really nice materials, so you have a padded dashboard, with stitching, to tail as was, a little storage area in front the passenger, and down, below that you do have a good sized glovebox. Now. A cup, we do have a Sun Visor with. A mirror and light and, it, can also detach, and. It does have an extension. Well. Guys that pretty much wraps up all I have to talk about up here so now let's go ahead and look at the powertrain, and do a quick test drive. All. Right so let's go ahead and talk a little bit about the powertrain. Now. It's very simple you continue to just have one option for now because the hybrid will not be available until March but. For now you're gonna get a two and a half liter four-cylinder, engine that, now makes, 203, horsepower and 184, pound-feet, of torque which. Of course is more than last year. Additionally. The 6-speed automatic, has now been replaced with an 8-speed automatic, transmission and, a front. Wheel drive is standard across all of the trims, however. There are two optional.

All-wheel Drive systems. So. On the LE through. The xle premium, you're. Gonna have an optional, traditional. All-wheel drive system. However. On be, limited, and eventually, the adventure trim once that it makes it out you're. Gonna have the segment, first torque, vectoring, all-wheel drive system now. What's special about that is that it can send 50%, of the power to the rear wheels and then, further distribute. Which, rear wheel gets the power left to right that. Of course is something usually, reserved for more expensive vehicles, and. Finally we have the fuel economy which is also very competitive, so. For your front wheel drive models it's gonna be twenty six city thirty, five highway, thirty combined, and then. When if you choose all-wheel drive you're gonna lose two mpg combined so. It's gonna be 25 City 33. Highway 28. But. Anyways that. Pretty much sums up the powertrain, so let's go ahead and go for a quick test drive. All right so getting up to speed and the all-new rav4. Power, feels pretty good, you, know this is the base engine this, is what the vast majority of people will get and power, feels pretty good it. Gets up to speed nicely, 203. Horsepower is definitely, above. Actually most in the class and the 8-speed automatic is, very, responsive, feeling right off the line. Yeah. It definitely has a lot. More of a traditional, feel than the CRV, where the, CRV, and a lot of the rivals do have CVT, s so, that kind of sets the rav4 part, that has the traditional, transmission. And it's definitely the option that I prefer. Coming. From more, traditional type. Of standpoint, because it makes it feel a lot more powerful. Now, I want to go ahead and talk about the steering because I'm. Really impressed when. I get on a compact crossover I'm, pretty much expecting. I don't. Know if I want to say just to be disappointed, but I'm. Not expecting much let's just say it's usually extremely disconnected. You, know, white. This. Steering feels really, good. First. Of all it's fix extremely, fast but it. Also it's. Really corresponds. With where the wheel is like I can actually tell the placement, of the vehicle, it.

Is A, heavier. Than I expect as well. Now. We've got some Drive modes here, I'm. Gonna put it in a sport mode and see if that makes any difference I, imagine. Not but, we'll. Go ahead and give it a try the gauge is did turn red so that is a good indication of what mode Rev. I. Couldn't. Really tell much of a difference. The, steering actually, might be a little, bit tighter. A little, bit heavier and the, throttle I've got my Asian gears, a little bit more as well yeah. Let's, see as far as your other important, stuff. Definitely. Your riot quality is very important, and this. Feels. Extremely, comfortable. You. Know in a car like this this is a family. Hauling, vehicle. You know these compact, crossovers, have really replaced the midsize sedan in terms of hauling your family around so this is a family. Oriented vehicle, and it's supposed to be comfortable and the rav4 definitely, is just. Going through a couple bumps here in the road and in the parking lot you can just tell it's, dampened, very smoothly. And. It's. Just a very comfortable car the seats are comfortable and, it's, very quiet inside, the cabin as well. Now, we have no place to really sample, out this view torque vectoring all-wheel drive system but. Of course like I just mentioned talking, about the powertrain this is class exclusive and it's something you really don't expect to see in a. Vehicle, in this class. Definitely. Usually reserved for more expensive, vehicles, so, it's nice for Toyota to include that I don't, know if people are gonna go, off-road per se but it also, helps, union with stability and, bad weather and stuff like that so just, always an extra feature to have is good. It's nice and tight turning, diameter. It was surprisingly, agile. It's, definitely that Toyota's. New chassis, all, their new models, to have that sporty, feel that they previously did it so. As. A splash I came right in it yeah. But. Overall we're, really impressed with the all-new rav4. It, really kind of injected, like a sporty. Feel into, the car that a lot of the rivals don't have so. If you're coming from a previous, gen rav4, maybe even a Camry. I think, you're going to be really impressed with the new rav4 because, it drives nice it's, nice and comfortable and it really is a great, hauling, family car. Well. Guys we've enjoyed watching one of the first in-depth, looks at, the 2019. Toyota, rav4 limited, stay. Watching for a quick look at the pricing, and don't, forget to those like and subscribe buttons below, we'll. Catch you next time as we sample more of the latest automotive delicacies.

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Just like your mother imo

Aside from the 70 bhp difference, I wonder how well the RAV4 compares to the Acura RDX? While I don't think Toyota/Acura see each car as competition, a loaded RAV4 w/ AWD is $7,000+ less then a loaded RDX.

Tully3674 RDX interior and powetrain are much nicer and more refined. You’ll find high quality materials across the interior of the RDX. The RDX also has a more refined 2.0L turbo paired to a 10-spd automatic. Even better when you pair it with SH-AWD. The new RAV4 however, is probably a better buy than the Lexus NX.

490th view and 71st like!! Finally!!

+Car Confections Thank You!!!

Merry Christmas!

I test drove the 2019 XLE RAV4.....HUGE disappointment and way overpriced at each trim level for what's included. The engine noise is AWFUL, acceleration mediocre, the interior is minimalist, the large amount of plastic on the vehicle body make it look like a toy truck. OH! And how can I forget... The passenger seat is so high and the roof line so low that two members of my family who came with me for the test drive smashed their heads getting into the car, just like one of the reviewers online said happened to him. The long-awaited 2019 RAV4 was a lot of hype over nothing.

+Mitul Jariwala mitul that's the first thing I noticed. Cheap plastic everywhere

Mitul Jariwala I totally agree.Looks great on the outside but the inside cabin is cheap and noisy.I test drive one and was totally diaappponted.

Ave Crux a

The XLE premium is going to be a hot seller!

Look a Subaru RAV4.

Crv vs RAV4 comparison!!

Absolutely! Have a great Christmas!

Been waiting for this, thank you!!!

Us too! Merry Christmas!

My aunt has a 2013 Toyota Rav4 Limited and I think the 2019 has a much better design and I believe the interior is so much better.

I like this new design (looks much better than the previous gen)

Great Job and because of ur reviews u r Pushing these car manufacturers 2 step there game up.

Thanks, we hope so! Merry Christmas!

Excellent review the new rav4 looks good completely redesign Merry Christmas :-) :-) :-)

Merry Christmas to you also!

I really like that car, great review!

only engine sound lets it down..

I am not a fan of, so-called, cross-overs, but I appreciate the RAV-4 brand, but this latest model looks too much like the Jeep Cherokee, especially from the side.

Great video guys!!! I love the 2019 Toyota RAV4 Limited!!!! It's very sexy and sharp and fast, I may lease a 2019 Toyota RAV4 or Toyota Camry or Toyota Corolla for my first car!!! Merry Christmas!!! EAT too much Turkey and dressing and sweets!!! Lol! I can't wait for y'all next video.

+Car Confections thanks!!!

Merry Christmas Darrion! Have a great one!


Looks really nice bro, maybe that will be my first car

"Toyota Has a Winner on Their Hands!" Well, Toyota has been having winners since the new Camry was out. (hell, the new Avalon was a near-perfect home run from Toyota in my book)

+Toyota Soarer I know. It was surprisingly impressive, and I know the sedan version will be as great.

I'mJustFarhan The Corolla hatchback is also a good successor

Why still use a fuel cap,seriously?!

Merry Chrysler!

Roger Williams You missed the joke retard.

Exactly. It looks like a Jeep Cherokee. Eww. Lol.

I'm not first, but I'm here to watch! Edit: Thanks for the heart!

Awesome!!! I can't wait!!! I love the 2019 Toyota RAV4!!!!!!

+Car Confections thanks

We can't wait either! Merry Christmas Darrion!!

Man just came across your channel and I must say your videos are very well laid out. Great detail and knowledge on your vehicle presentation. Definitely subscribing.

Thank you so much Ricky! That's what we like to hear! We appreciate it!

I’m 6’3 do you think that’s enough leg room for me and the person sitting behind?

Honda better make a more manly looking crv or I might go Toyota lol.

Exactly right. When I saw this I bought an 18 RAV4 XLE Hybrid. very happy!

Yeah thxs! Merry Christmas! And hope you got an amazing present


You may have missed it, but we talk about the safety systems at 3:40

Unfortunately it is not HD. It is WVGA :(

+Howie Loso I guess honda never breaks espetially with their incredible transmissions


Wouldn't that be dangerous if the steering is disconnected?

Esta horrible, el modelo anterior era mucho mas bonito, y los aros deberian ser bitono, lo que si me gusta es la altura sobre todo para Peru , por dentro sigue siendo fea pero tiene ahora un mejor sistema de entretenimiento

We're nowhere near that tall but even if you had to put the seat all the way back, it still would be fine

Best selling, no, the CRV is

Not too much of a fan of the styling. Looks too much like a Jeep. At this price point there’s no excuse not to have LED turn signals. Judging by how the interior and exterior looks, the car looks cheap but I can’t say much about that since I haven’t been in one yet. But with Toyota’s track record the interior may feel cheap and and sound noisy. After looking at the comparison, it looks like it offers more than the current CR-V which desperately needs a redesign. But based on RAV4 sales in the past, it looks like a top- seller again for Toyota.

Waiting for the 2020 Highlander redesign. V6 Hybrid should be a winner.

+1rcproductions oh gotcha haha. This is why I shouldn't reply to comments early in the morning lol

+Car Confections Sorry......an attempt at humour. In the review you say the steering feels disconnected.


No hybrid? lol

The aglier the better

We are interested with he trail edition. are you able to review one?

Since the RAV4 is just rolling out to dealers, there are not any Adventure trim models at our Kentucky dealers. But we are definitely wanting to film it when they do come! Thanks for watching!

Toyota, if you review these comments, please redesign the infotainment screen. It looks like you glued a tablet to the dash. I own the 2016 Rav 4 and my infotainment screen does not look like an afterthought.

Кто понял, что за кнопка на климате, возле крутилки пассажира, рядом с циркуляцией по салону?

toyota design the suv pretty well but materials they used its pretty cheap , out body metal sheet body frame and interior materials

Shahed Hasnat You nailed it. I test drove the XLE yesterday and the acceleration is much improved, but the engine noise makes upgrading the sound system pointless. I will also add the 8 speed transmission constantly changed gears and each time the gear changed it was very pronounced. I am looking forward to test driving the hybrid to see if the engine noise is reduced and obviously the ECVT will eliminate the hard shifts

It may be a top seller, but after test driving I have two big deal breakers. 1) Engine Noise Toyota needs to address the engine noise. There is no point springing for the sound system when the engine roars like a sick lion. 2). 8 Speed Choppy Shifting Transmission. The transmission is constantly shifting and each time it changes gears I thought the transmission was going to drop to the ground.

I know to some people it’s a deal breaker, but Toyota’s synthetic leather is so comfortable! I love how soft it is, and how well it supports you!

I know some people may have a different opinion but the 2017 and 2018 Toyota RAV4 looks so much better than then 2019 the new one looks ugly for some reason

Best video I've seen so far about the Rav 4 I like how you explain how to use all the buttons. My last car was a car from 2000! I don't need know how to use all those new buttons!

ya ur right

Great job guys!!!!!


Checked out the pricing on the new '19 Rav4. I think Toyota has lost their mind. You can buy a '19 Highlander equipped the same as a '19 Rav4 XLE premium for almost the same price! I know the Rav4 is a brand new redesign but Jesus, seriously? No thanks. I own a '14 Highlander now and have had NO issues.

Best video I've seen so far about the Rav 4 I like how you explain how to use all the buttons. My last car was a car from 2000! I don't know how to use all those new buttons!

Awesome! Glad we could help!

+Paul MacFarland yea man not a fan of Toyota, although they make good cars.

You won't like it after you drive it. Your lawn mower is quieter. I know they tweaked 27 more horse power out of the 2.5 liter engine but whatever they did it sounds god awful. I decided on the CR-V and am glad I did.

The engine noise on the new '19 Rav4 is a big take away. Under throttle it sounds like a cement mixer. I drove one and it was a deal breaker. No thanks. They could have done better.

+Car Confections I've done it and bought a CR-V. The 1.5 turbo and CVT are silky smooth and it gets 29 mpg around town. It's loaded and only cost me $28500. (2018). Similar Rav4 would have cost about $34k. There's been a lot of chatter about oil dilution issue on the Honda 1.5 turbo. The fix is out there now and Honda dealers have been installing it on the cars. It amounts to a new climate control module and software update to the ECM. It basically allows the engine to reach operating temperature faster thereby negating the condensing fuel vapors into the crankcase. I have a late model 2018 that was retrofitted at the factory so I don't have a problem. Car is awesome. The Toyota was a huge disappointment.

Same from you, I didn't happen to see any car reviews on your channel at all, I "would like to see better"

Could not have said it better!

+Paul MacFarland it just came out. Give it time for price drop

Shahed and Ave, EXACTLY! The engine sounds like a cement mixer when you step on the gas! And the pricing is way out of line for a compact SUV. You can buy a new Highlander for almost the same price.

I drove one and the engine sounds like a sewing machine coming apart when you step on the gas. My lawn tractor is quieter. Toyota could have done a lot better. I decided on the CR-V. Smoother, quieter, more room and $5K less for the same equipment. I currently also own '14 Highlander which has been awesome. You can keep the Rav4.

Here is the upgraded headlight for Rav4 t.co/2yDQOnetbT

Gotta wonder if car dealers sell anything other than fully loaded cars. Not interested in them.

+Paul MacFarland What do you think about people claiming it's not fixing the problem? And the ones that get the fuel dilution even in hotter climates and long distance driving? Honda is fixing the issue by trying to burn the fuel after the fact instead of reducing it from getting to the crankcase from the beginning. IMO that's a bandage.

Your point is debatable

+Paul MacFarland Key too is get the dealer on hold back incentives. They know darn well they get kick backs when the car is sold. Many hidden incentives they don't tell you.

+Paul MacFarland oh and also regarding your price increase theory, we all have options to walk if we cannot justify the deal. It's pretty simple.

+Paul MacFarland Great point Paul. I worked for Toyota. It was noticeable in the previous Gen too. That's a huge deal breaker.Also you have to keep an eye on the 8 speed tranny which I heard Camry has had some updates. Some reporting hesitation. This is the same tranny in the new Rav. So there ya go.. All the more reason to see what they do concerning that noise. It's in Toyota's best interest to maintain their sales lead in that category. So caveat emptor and patience regarding decisions.

+Paul MacFarland ok Paul, the price of cars have increase first of all. Second, there are ways to save cost if you know the right people or know what you are talking about in negotiation. So for me I guarantee I would take a 4000 dollar decrease, it's my bargaining chip but I also know right now is not the time to buy because the rates are high.. You never mentioned once how long a wait is. For all I know it could be month to 5 months or more.. Again smart shoppers may wait to give time for bugs, that is not up for debate. So Iam not quite sure your argument. But let me leave you with an old wise tale. Patience is a virtue. Live by that, good things will happen to you. Happy new year my friend.

+Moe Anthony - Ok, I work for a Car dealer so I know how the game is played. IMO the engine noise on the new RAV4 is a deal breaker. Some may not find it objectionable, but it has definitely been noticed by all the online road test reviews. Just saying.

+Moe Anthony -Point taken Moe, but when compared to a '18 Rav4 Limited for $34200 the same equipped '19 Rav4 Limited was $38,700. He , I'm not a novice and have had plenty of practice buying cars, but a $4K price difference? That's right upi there with what I paid for my Highlander. And here again, if someone is chomping at the bit to buy the new'19 Rav4, try telling them that they should just wait a while for the price to drop. Seriously? Every salesman said on the XLE premium for example there is only a $1400 mark up. Sorry, no thanks.

+Paul MacFarland Come on its obvious a sales guy or any encourager with brains is not going to say that but if you have enough common sense not to listen to people spending what seems your money, you know over time cost to you will drop. You just said it new product pay more. New product from competitor price comes down with incentives to compete and yes it does happen with the number one selling cuv or by the sounds of it, you have a big fat wallet and price is not an issue to you. Good luck with that. I rest my case. Mic drop

+Paul MacFarland Paul. Yes if you are a good researcher more so in price yes wait. First off apart from price. Never buy in the first year, I shouldn't have to explain myself why. Second, for those who have to finance, interest rates are always higher on a new release. They drop over time. Lastly if you know how pricing works. Many don't know the hidden incentives that are not even revealed. Is that enough valid reasons to either shop around or wait? Trust me I been there and watch early adopters get burned not only in software glitches, recalls etc and Iam not saying this will happen but over cost out the door. I will await your rebuttle kind sir. Car shopping is also about being patient since this is the second highest common purchase anyone will make. Want an example Paul? Research Toyota chr last year vs this year in options, model, and price and internal changes. Then you tell me. Last year folks are spinning mad right now. They salivated ran out and purchased because of unique styling as one of the reasons. . Toyota Upgraded the vehicle for less cost this year..Hmm

+Moe Anthony - No disrespect Moe but WHAT? Wait till the price drops? That's like when LED TV's came out and costed a fortune. "Just wait, the price will come down - - - eventually". When people want to buy a car, they don't want to be told that.

+A Commentator thx

+Paul MacFarland They may not be even aware of the issue. Honda didn't send a product update to all of the CR-V drivers so many of these drivers probably never knew. The folks that have "no issues" change their oil at oil change chains or the dealerships and not aware of the issues at all. And the dealerships don't want to deal with this issue whether a problem or not.

+Volatile Memory - don't have an answer to that and it would concern me. What's strange as well as the thousands of people who may drive no different then anyone else who have NO issues?????????

+Paul MacFarland It's called research.. Average person is getting clouted if they don't. Yes walk away

+Paul MacFarland most cars here have standard heated seats in all trims. Never an option.

+Moe Anthony - what trim level? Not down here it isn't. Even on the XLE premium it's a $1000 option pkg.

+Paul MacFarland I live in Canada. Msrp is same as last year. Heated seats is standard.

+Moe Anthony I really wanted the'19 Rav4. What I did notice as well was although the pricing was only a few hundred $$$ more in the trim levels they offered you fewer standard features that were standard on the previous years model. IE: Power heated seats are now a Cold Weather option ad on to the price of an XLE Premium. I have a Highlander AWD XLE that came with power heated seats as standard. I know it's a different model but really? They could have done better with the interior also. A lot of cheap black plastic and not much ambiance . Granted the Limited is really nice inside but then again for 38-39K it should be.

+Moe Anthony -we both understand the dynamics of pricing probably better than most people. My point is simply this - how is any of this conducive to the average buyer who simply can turn and walk away. In anyone's book it is a lost sale. if I were a car maker it would concern me.

Very interesting and informative. I like seeing the dash as you drove. I would have like to see what the nav screen looked like with the full map, would like to see the engine compartment, and would like to have heard what the engine noise sounded like in the cabin when the rpm go above 4000. Having test driven one recently I found that when the "pedal hits the medal" - like when you are entering the freeway and there is a semi coming up quickly behind you - it was REALLY noisy. In most of your driving you were very conservative with the rpms. I would have liked to have seen the sticker also. Nice job with the video, Thanks for sharing.

My ear is bleeding ur horrible music

What part?

+J. C Very noisy. When the gas was pressed hard the sound was deafening loud. I told that to the salesperson and drove another trim and it was loud as well. I also test drove the Hyundai Tucson which was much quieter.

how was the cabin noise on the highway?

Test drove XLE also, same noise. The salesman told me to test the sport mode, lol, I felt the extra kick but felt the 4 cylinders were forced n louder. With that body style, a V6 should be an option.

Volatile Memory : I think I may have an answer.... buy a rav 4

Test drove it... same experience


Hood hook and no noise insolation material in 2019?cheap as fuck.Germans might not have the same reliability but the build quality and options are light years away

+Paul MacFarland I have the 2.4 litre one full option. Id rather have the longevity of an NA engine especially if im keep the car 10 plus years.

+chang Kim Happy new year Chang

To be honest the crv doesnt look bad, its a bit feminine though. I find it more creative than the rav4.


I’m absolutely luving the iPad on the dash!!

No sound dampening under the hood ! Sad story

dannyboy1984 engine noise is fine in regular driving. If you go speed racer style it’s loud but the average RAV4 owner is gonna be easy on the throttle.

Engine noise is a killer to jeez

We need a v6 rav4 again!. It would be nice.

Top speed is 140kmph.....

Бомба, ждем в Рф.

Cx5 is shit, small bootspace is the biggest letdown

really toyota, not even a light for the glove box?

+dannyboy1984 its another option ;)

+randomrazr no why?

+dannyboy1984 have u guys ever tried thehighlander

During all your research for this car did you happen to find out if it will support Wireless Apple Car Play?

#網路第一銷售平台Toyota,lexus 全台最有行動,熱情親和完整說明 一個競賽沒有休假,只為了一台台業績而努力 一個做事永不放棄,最少話術成交

It does not. Only a select few vehicles have that right now, BMW's and Audi's mainly

It is very convenient to use while driving!

some people want a smaller car with all the extra features

It is actually easy to see without looking down when you are driving which is the most important thing for me

It is actually very convenient to use while driving

I am driving one for two weeks. The engine noise and shifting are only prominent at lower speeds and you get used to it. It does not affect performance. There is no noise while cruising on highways. It is great for passing. This car has everything else going for it. I would rather have a little engine noise than deal with engine oil problems on the CRV or CVT/turbo issues in the mazda CX-5.

the adventure trim has 3500 towing capacity if that is important for you. A lot of people love the jeep like square wheel wells and it goes with rugged looks!

too feminine for me

+Russell Condie somewhat true. Engine noise can be reduced with dampeners (aftermarket or toyota's) on the hood. The transmission issues can be fixed with technical service update like the camry. btw, all of these 'issues' are non-existent at speeds over 20mph.

whiterockrunner Typical Toyota shortchanging the customer... Exactly.....spend thousands and thousands more just to get a trim level without plastic in the same car model. And the outside plastic wheel and liftgate trim is still there, looking low quality. A HUGE disappointment in value vs. price.

​+Mitul Jariwala but honda crv has engine oil issues that they cannot fix! So that is a big deal breaker. Who knows how much longer the turbo engine is going to last.

+Paul MacFarland You cannot compare the price of the 18 and 19 because they are totally different cars inside and outside. The transmission, suspension, interior, driving systems, styling, trims are all completely different. This is like saying one does not want to pay $800 for iPhone 10 because you can get the iPhone 6 for $300!

+Moe Anthony One buys a car when you need it. I am enjoying my awesome new model. Maybe I would pay a thousand less in a 6 months and more in a year but what about the joy of driving the latest model the whole time.

what plastic are you talking about. The higher trims (adventure/limited) are rubberized inside and look very upmarket.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are not available (yet) in the UK and Europe, but CarPlay is available on US models.

+YellowJacket530 True that. Coming from Merc W204 , I can relate to this. Interior should not be the only option to buy a car. What matters most to me is , Navigation. A better sound system. Safety features and space if you have family. And big plus, Hybrid fuel economy. Saves you money in the long run. I ordered Hybrid Rav4 2019.

This car will sell incredibly well, and here’s why: It has character and personality. Look at the new Honda CR-V. It’s so boring and has no personality. It blends in with the crowd. But this will stand out.

Sounds better loud

The design is much better than the previous model

It may look cheap but it has a use, when you drive you don’t have to be looking down, instead it’s built high to be more convenient when you drive :)

Very informative vid. Keep it up!

How much in Canada?

How tall are you? Just for information on how much space is in the back seat

This car is loud and raspy sounding off the line, and leatherette feels pretty cheap. Don't know why they don't put real leather even in the Limited. And where the hell is the CD player. I use bluetooth, but I want to play CDs. Satellite radio sound quality sucks in comparison, and even Bluetooth Spotify is a downgrade in sound. I test drove this but ended up with a Subaru Ascent which is a much better buy for similar money. Way more space, and higher quality materials AND even a CD player! It really sucks that they didn't do a better job on engine feel and tuning, because exterior is well executed.

4 banger lawnmower engines never sound good and always under so much stress. Especially for a vehicle like this weight and size wise. Should have added a V6 and I would be sold.



Wow - you are RIGHT. Listening to the engine in this video makes the Subaru Forester sound almost quiet in comparison, and that SUV has a lot of engine noise in the cabin under acceleration.

No thanks! The CRV is also cheap - no seat height adjustment on the passenger side so you can barely see over the dash, infotainment system is a disaster, and the gasoline-in-the-oil problem will soon become a major class action lawsuit. TRUST ME on THAT one!

Getting the same vehicle shown, with the gray interior for my first vehicle!

Car Confections but I’m getting one with the birds eye view camera!


Does it have CD player on limited?

miserable gloomy day makes the car look gloomy... wait for the sun to come out at least. Good looking car, but ugly digital colorful dash display, the AWD or 4WD looks pretty good.... keep it classic. Also wondering if that stitching will leave a mark on someones forehead if they happen to not be wearing a seat belt, also the extra storage spaces another nightmare to keep clean and sticking a rag in there to clean it... why? just keep it simple. Thank you for the traditional transmission and to heck with the CVT. I saw a Tacoma double cab in the background, and realized why I am even here, I need that... bye

With all due respect, if we waited for the sun to come out then we would just have to shut down our entire YouTube channel...

Refrigerant is 1234YF. Transmission appears to be closed.

Very comfortable seating. Noisy on the road. Much better value with a Subaru!

Test drove one,,, engine noise , expensive now, under powered Ended up buying a Mazda CX5 2.5 TURBO (for less) -PLEASURE to drive!

Just not a man's car no matter how reliable.

Like my o6

Toucan Sam very noisy


Everyone needs to just stop with the fake manual stick. Its stupid and doesn't even work

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